Angela Bassett: My Twins Are Friends and Foes

03/19/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Angela Bassett Twins Friends and Foes
Tiffany Rose/Wireimage

Angela Bassett is cool, calm and collected when the President is taken hostage in her new film, Olympus Has Fallen.

That may be because the actress has had plenty of experience: Back at her home base, the war rages on — between her 7-year-old twins Slater and Bronwyn!

“Oh gosh, they fight. They ask me constantly, ‘Mommy, are you happy?’ Well, he asks me that,” Bassett, 54, tells Access Hollywood.

“And I say, ‘If we are not bickering, punching or fighting, then yes, I’m happy. But every day we’re bickering, punching and fighting!'”

Despite the sibling squabbles, Bassett says Slater and Bronwyn’s true loyalties lie with each other.

“She’s big heart — she loves her brother — and he protects her in school … If she’s having some trouble he’s right in there for her, ‘Don’t you talk back to my sister!'” she shares. “But at home with mom it’s the safe place to just act a fool.”

— Anya Leon

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Showing 26 comments

Anonymous on

What a beautiful little girl.

veryblessedone@live.c0m on

she is so pretty 🙂

Limner Jade on

What a beautiful child.

Lilah on

So beautiful! I am so happy for Angela and Courtney. Blessings!!

Ogechi on

I adore her. Such a classy woman

Anonymous on

very attractive child, but why did the another commenter assume her sex? I didn’t know if that was the boy twin or girl twin. Great face, whichever. Great face and great hair! I love the name Bronwyn. Slater, not so much.

Monika on

Are you blind?

TV on

Anonymous, so the braided and curled hair, earrings and the fact the child was in the middle of getting a manicure was wrong for people to assume the picture is of the female twin? I find your comment strange since you happened to be the first comment on here saying “What a beautiful little girl” and then later admonish the second comment for assuming this is the daughter.

rockslikebob on

Because she has long braids, hoop earrings & is getting her nails done in the pic–all stereotypical female things. Why even comment on that? Adorable child, either way.

Anonymous on

OMG, her daugher is BEAUTIFUL!!!

jerseymom on

She’s adorable… She looks like her dad. Happy for Angela…

Anonymous on

Uh because she is a GIRL

Lyrak on

Beautiful child, and I love the names Slater and Bronwyn. Angela, more power to you if, at 54, you can keep up with two 7-year-olds. I had a child at the age of 40 and she nearly wore me out during her primary years. lol

sosideirish on

OMG! What a gorgeous child!

chinee on

She is so pretty.

Sylvia Q on

Beautiful child just like her mom and her handsome daddy.

angel west on

I love Angela Bassett still a beautiful woman. I can relate to having twins right now its 11:55pm and my baby girl used her nail polish and painted herself blue… twins are tuff tag teams

truthalwaysprevails on

Angel you made my morning! My twin girl & boy will be 5 months in a few days, but their older sister gave herself a marker pedicure when she was two. It was everywhere but her toes LOL. You reminded me of what to expect.

My twins have been fighting since the womb. My son (the younger one) kept kicking her sack & smacking her head during ultrasounds. He constantly pulls her hair & spits up on her. I have seen her smack him a few times really hard. I never thought I would have to tell newborns “no fighting” :-). Regardless they are the greatest joy.

Anonymous on

TV- The anonymous who posted the first commen probably isn’t the same one who posted the comment wondering why people were assuming it’s the female twin in the picture (just as I’m a different anonymous than either of those two!). 😉

Anyway, Bronwyn is adorable!

Deb on

Angie girlfriend I laughed the other day when I saw my security question was who is your fave actress?….Angela Bassett and What is your fave movie?…… Waiting to Exhale (Whats Love…)!!! These questions have been in place FOR YEARS!!! LOVE YOU GIRLFRIEND!!! Enjoy dem babies (Nick Cannon voice haha)!

Jenn on

What a pretty little girl!

Sherry on

What big, beautiful eyes she has! Such a pretty girl.

Carolyn on

Omg my twin girls are 2and they are killing me! I love it but I’m wrecked. I’m older also. It’s hard work. Twice the blessing though.

Sandy on

I never allowed my daughter and son to hurt each other. I told them I would not tolerate- EVER- hitting or saying mean-hurtful words. To this day- my kids never fights and are the best of friends.

B.J. (the girl) on

What a gorgeous little girl! Her lips are to die for, so perfectly shaped.

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