What’s on Kim and Jessica’s Bel Bambini Baby Registries?

03/18/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

It was a busy week for celebrity sightings at Bel Bambini‘s West Hollywood location — not only did Kim Kardashian stop in on Wednesday with her new bangs, but an expectant Jessica Simpson visited the high-end baby boutique Friday. And both star moms-to-be shopped with a purpose — they created their baby registries!

Along with sisters Khloé and Kourtney, Kim checked out everything from a Stokke Sleepi crib to designer duds from Baby Dior, Fendi, Chloé and Roberto Cavalli. “[She] mainly [looked] at simple clothing, nothing too girly,” said an onlooker.

The first-time mama, 32, was also overheard saying she wants to decorate her nursery in chic black and white, which was reflected in a lot of the pieces she selected. She also snapped some photos with her cell phone … presumably to share with boyfriend Kanye.

A few days later, Simpson, also 32, (and her very visible baby bump!) stopped by to set up her baby boy‘s registry. Clearly a pro (she registered daughter Maxwell at the same location as well), the expectant designer zoned in on essentials, toys and boy fashions from Splendid, Jean Bourget and Little Marc Jacobs.

Kim Kardashian Jessica Simpson Bel Bambini
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— Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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Also Jessica on

Why on Earth is Jessica registering for her 2nd baby?

Air Force on

Jessica had a girl the first time around. She is having a boy this time.

Mary on


Tara on

Cause it’s a boy, so need different items, plus I’m guessing her daughter still needs her crib.

Alysia on

Shes having a boy this time instead of a girl and boys stuff is ussually differnt. I would agree though why register unless ahe plans to hove it to charity cause ahea like a multi millionare and so is kim.

Guest. on

I thought the same thing because well, that’s what people usually say.., but why is baby number two less special than the first one? Specially after having a girl first, the baby will wear everything pink? To each his own.. I made my sister register because I did a baby shower for her boy too, just as I did for my niece… And it was a lot fun!!!

Momwithnohelp on

Why are they registering for gifts in the first place? Not only that, but etiquette dictates that if you do register for gifts, you don’t do it for your second child.

These women are so silly and frivolous.

Renee on

This is Kim’s first baby, so her registering is understandable but Jessica probably wants her son to be spoiled the same way her daughter was.

madamelizaking@aol.com on

You sound very bitter. Welcome to the 21st century where each baby deserves to be showered. I’m having my second after 4.5 years and my girlfriends want to throw me a shower and expect me to register. Just sounds like your upset because you don’t have the luxury of help these celebrities have.

MR on

I have 5 kids and i had a shower for each of them, my family is special!

Holly on

I find it disgusting that Jessica Simpson has the nerve to set up a baby registry for her second child. How tacky!

Rebecca on

Why is Jessica registering? It’s her second baby and her first isn’t even a year old.

myuntidydesk on

I don’t understand where rich people get off registering for expensive gifts… they can buy whatever they need.

Heidi M on

Because a shower is a celebration of a baby to come. It’s sole purpose is not to receive gifts, but to celebrate the coming of a new child. AND, every child should have one. I would think the subsequent children would not feel worthy as a party was not thrown for their arrival. In addition, there are always new, better things that might not have been developed when the first child was born. Just be because people have money does not mean that can’t enjoy all the steps of pregnancy and motherhood.

Kina on

Honestly,they should be ashamed to register for gifts. They have enough money to buy everything themselves.

guest on

Don’t you typically not register for your second baby? And why are these millionaire women registering? They have enough money to buy whatever they need on their own. Why beg for gifts from other people? Very strange.

Shbr on

Just because they are rich does not mean that their friends don’t want to buy stuff for the baby. Why not buy stuff they want rather tham a bunch of stuff they might already have or dont need. What the hell do you care anyways get a fricking life. I think it is wonderful new baby new things!!!!

Jahna on

I love that to you a baby shower is soley about receiving gifts. Because these women are celebrities and wealthy that this entitles them NOT to live a normal life and have a gathering to celebrate the birth of their babies? They are ladies excited about their children.. Relax a little bit. Welcome to the 21st century, where many woman celebrate all their births by having a shower, because every baby is special. It’s not just about gifts, so what if they register? The sole purpose of any shower is to celebrate having a child. How can you justify saying it’s a no no for wealthy celebrities to do just that. Get a life.

MommytoanE on

Maybe if we create a petition that we DO NOT WANT TO SEE ANYTHING ABOUT KIM, they will stop posting her ugly mug all over the place.

And I agree about the second baby….but now days its considered the “norm” to have baby showers for every single baby one has. So maybe she’s just hoping for another shower, or giving tips for people that want to buy. This baby IS a boy….which would require different clothing and accessories than a girl…so maybe she’s got a good thing going on.

miss jennifer on

Color me crazy but “designer duds” seem pretty silly. Thats a lot of money for something that will get barfed and pooped on. For how fast a baby grows wait a while to buy stuff like that…at least until the kids stays in the same size for a while. Idiots…both of them.

Stacey on

Why do they mention Kim’s bangs everytime they write about her? Is it that big of a deal that she has bangs?

nikabela on

I wouldn’t buy anything for Kim. She would probably enjoy being a mama for like 72 days.

Angie on

You don’t register for your second child? Why is that? These women have money but many many don’t and really depend on their baby showers to get the little extra things that make those first few weeks a little easier. I’ve never heard that before and I think it’s quite ridiculous, honestly.

Sally on

This is just vulgar – registering for a second child, and even registering at all when you have the ability to purchase any baby item you want? Gross. Well, the Kardashians throw showers for each other, so why should they follow etiquette with regard to registering for baby gifts. . .?

Attics on

both girls are very immature for their ages — unreal

Sun on

It’s totally tacky to register for a second baby within a year of having the first one, even if the gender is different. Does Jessica Simpson not have family or friends who can advise her on how to avoid being tasteless?

Pnut on

Why is Jessica registered for her 2nd child? Tacky tacky tacky!! And, seriously, when everyone in the world has LESS money than you, buy your own damn baby gifts. For real! That’s so obnoxious!

MR on

tacky your comment, silly person. This people can do whatever they want. Stop hating.

Sandy on

Black and white for a baby girls room???? How depressing!!

Heidi M on

Actually black and white is a good color scheme. It is a scientific fact that it promotes better mental facilities and later improves coordination.

amanda on

Why is Jessica Simpson registering for her 2nd baby?! She needs to register for an etiquette book.

Kim K- Really? Because you can’t afford to buy your own baby stuff?

Maybe they should take a cue from celebs like Melissa Joan Hart and Shakira and ask that people donate baby items to a charity to help out those less fortunate.

amanda on

Like they need to register, maybe they should be less selfish and just buy what they need.

Take a cue from celebs like Melissa Joan Hart and Shakira that asked for baby gifts to be donated to charity for those in need.

Ses on

Actually, it is not tacky if someone offers to throw you a baby shower for any subsequent child. So her friends and family want to celebrate the upcoming birth if her baby boy. Get over it.

Kristen on

Seriously?!?! Jessica had a baby less than a year ago.

D on

Why in the hell do these babies need Fendi, Dior etc., they will grow out of those clothes in a month, think ppl. n dont realy care if u can afford it or not

Sam on

What kind of a-hole registers for a second kid?! Oh, a rich a-hole.

Heidi M on

Having showers and registering for each child is becoming a common practice.

Yvonne on

I assume this is what rich people do, they buy gifts for each kid their friends pop. They probably have a baby shower type party for each kid they have.

lynda on

as if these people don’t have the money to buy these things themselves?

Sara on

Just because you are rich doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be entitled to have a baby shower like the rest of us. HOWEVER, having 2 makes me sick! But, I can’t fathom why stores like Target and Kohls (just examples) keep throwing showers for these people. Like, Tori Spelling … didn’t she have 4?!?!

Vanessa on

If Jessica was having another girl then yeah she shouldn’t register again but it’s a boy! I don’t see a problem with her registering again. But then again, i don’t see why they are registering period since they can literally afford the entire store and then some.

Jennifer on

@ above comments….I thought you could register for a second child if the sex is different than the first? Not sure, but that’s what I’ve heard

Anonymous on

It’s totally acceptable to register for gifts for a second child if the gender’s different! And just because they’re rich doesnt mean their friends and family won’t want to buy gifts for their precious babies!

Ralphie on

Can you register for class? Both these selfish women need a healthy dose.

More celebs should follow the example of gals like Nicole Richie, who created a registry only to gift everything on it to a women’s shelter with many pregnant residents.

Anonymous on

You can register for a second baby, especially if it is a different gender. A baby shower is a celebration of the life of a baby. I realize they have plenty of money, but they should celebrate their babies with their family and friends.

nadia on

Actually, a baby shower for the second child, especially if it’s the opposite sex, does not go against any kind of etiquette, so registering is not unheard of.

Ellen on

Well if the 2nd baby is the opposite sex it is considered acceptable in many circles.

TiGi on

@momwithnohelp…your name says all! typically if the 2nd baby is a different sex, you DO create a registry!

jamie on

these women make me sick. Take a que from Shakira, register for items a shelter or a charity can use to help the less fortunate. how the heck can two women so blessed with the world at their finger tips feel ok for asking for more?

mrsodell on

Ahhh…I wonder what a black and white nursery would look like-I hope they add a little accent color like red for unisex or blue or pink for baby sex. God bless both these beautiful baby mommas…=)

Jenny on

Omg I am so glad y’all agree with me! These are 2 of the wealthiest business women in America, they state how proud they are of their empires (whatever Kim’s is, I’ll never know). Their classless sicken me!!! GA-Ross!

2nd kids can have showers too on

Celebrities aside, it’s not a big deal to register for your second child when its an opposite sex from the first one.

CCex on

Why is Jessica registering or having a baby shower? It’s her second and it’s not even been a year since her last was born!

Roberto Cavalli, Dior, and Fendi for a baby?! Hahaha. That’s some expensive clothes just to get puked and pooped on.

Sarah S. on

I don’t consider a nursery with just black and white chic. I call it depressing and weird.

Heidi M on

I decorated on the black and white phase of Mickey Mouse. I did have red accents. Black and white are the first colors babies can identify, and it takes some time for them to distinguish other colors, especially pastels!

Limner Jade on

I thought only first time mothers registered for baby gifts. Same for baby showers. The ones that come after are meant to wear the hand-me-downs. Greedy women. Why should people clothe someone’s repeat births.

Trvlgrl712 on

My first thought was why are they registering, dont they have enought?? But their millionaire friends are going to want to buy them gifts, just like my poor friends wants to buy me gifts, so they mights as well register for what they want… Live and let live.

Sabrina on

Wow these two are pieces of work! Do they not have enough money to provide for their kids on their own???

How about not registering at all or maybe donating in lieu of…

Expecting a child is a blessing and I get they want to celebrate but geez…this is overkill.

Rachael on

Jessica just had a baby, what is she registering for?

Both these women have more money than most of us will ever have in our lifetimes… how about registering for those less fortunate?

Heidi M on

So because these woman have more money than you, their experience with child birth is less meaningful? Do you really think because they have money they won’t receive gifts from their circle of friends? You need to think this through a little. Celebrities are mothers too and can be just as any ordinary mother!!

Disgusted on

Ridiculous! Both women have more than enough money to purchase their nurseries and clothes for their children.

Chicago mama on

A really classy idea would have been a contribution to a children’s charity instead of a gift. But then look at who we are dealing with here. And registering for a second baby Jessica? That’s tacky even for you.

Emry on

how has cps NOT been called yet????? seriously.

Ang on

Ugh Who cares!

Blankita on

Jessica had a girl and now she’s having a boy so she can have a shower if she wants to. After all, what else is she supposed to do, deck him out on girly stuff ?!

Autumn on

Jessica is having a boy this time. Maybe she can’t afford all the boy stuff he’ll need.

Maddie on

Why are two of the richest “celebrity” women on the planet have a registry? I would sure hope if they do get gifts to donate them afterwards to some people who can’t afford themselves.

april on

Instead of registering they need to be buying for those in need. They both have enough money to buy whatever they may need. Others do not.

esymmons on

i thought ol’ Kim there would ask for a brain.

Emily on

To “Also Jessica”, because she’s having a boy.


To “Momwithnohelp”, because they have friends (just like us) that want to buy them gifts for the baby.

Lena on

Jeez, just because they are rich doesn’t mean that they don’t have friends and family who want to give the baby gifts and throw them a baby shower! Baby showers aren’t reserved only for us lowly commoners. Many women register for their second child and many have a baby shower for the second child; it’s not something that only haughty Hollywood moms do.

mistie on

Who cares about what is or is not acceptable for them. They can register all they want it is their choice just as its the choice for someone to buy something or not. Soo over women and their never ending need to cut down other women for choices they make about their life. I can say I’m pretty positive neither of their registeries will have any effect one your lives.

Amber on

This is so far the best comment I read. I don’t understand how people who hate Kim and Jessica spend time on writing.

If they have the money to do it who cares. They obviously don’t care what others have to say so why do we bother giving them the time of day. Maybe it’s because we have nothing else to do then judge other people. Makes me SICK!!!! Just live your lives! So mistie I agree with you on what you stated above.

Sigh on

They don’t need a registry!

keilanisma on

Every baby deserves to be showered with gifts regardless who the parents are and friends/family love to give gifts on such special occasions.

LHR on

From all etiquette I’ve read it’s ok to register for the second child as long as it is a different gender, which in Jessica Simpson’s case it is. I’m sure she went girl color galore so it seems natural to get her son some boy related items. Besides, we forget that these people are celebrities. That’s who attends the showers, that’s who they are friends with, this is who their children grow up with. It’s normalcy to them.


How ridiculous for either of the to register for baby gifts, when they they have such means to care for their children.

kim on

jessica needs to register for a brain and kim needs to register for an invisibility cloak so that we dont have to see her or deal w her anymore…oh, and a lifetime supply of birth control so that she may never reproduce EVER again….

Isabel on

Not to mention, Maxwell isn’t even a year yet. The fact that her children are a different sex doesn’t matter. Register for gender neutral items or don’t and be prepared to buy new items yourself.

E- Rock on

I don’t understand why anyone has a problem with them registering for gifts. Their babies are special and new to the world and deserve new gear just like anybody else’s new bundle of joy! Besides, its other rich people buying it! A baby shower is to shower the ones you love to celebrate the anticipated arrival of a new member of the family! Stop the hating! Who cares if Jessica is having another bay shower…its a boy this time. I can see if she was having another girl! You guys are something else I tell ya! Can’t just be happy for people…you wait for articles to get posted so you can bash people. #NOLIFE

Kate on

Black and white? For a baby’s nursery? That’s a little too “sophisticated.” It’s just my opinion but a baby’s room should be happy and light and playful, not dark and heavy with a black and white pallets.

teehee on

I don’t see how either of them need anything…they maybe could do a shower to celebrate and donate gifts/contributions to a charity; however in defense of “normal” women who have baby showers, when there is a second baby of the opposite gender etiquette actually does permit a second baby shower.. just sayin

Megan on

Maybe Jessica’s registering for her second baby because someone wants to throw her a shower since it’s a boy. My friends have 2 boys and we threw a small shower for the second baby without her asking for it because we were excited for them. We ended up doing stuff for their nursery instead of gifts since they had so many boy things already. I’ve had friends do one shower and not do a second but if someone is wanting to throw her a shower then I don’t see a problem with registering. A second shower for a baby of the same sex could also be thrown for diapers and things that you don’t have from the first baby. Could be many different reasons.

Kelly on

Registering for a 2nd baby is pretty darn tacky. Unless she can justify it because she’s having a boy, and her first was a girl?

Cole on

A registry for the second child – come on Jess!

Patti on

Why would it be wrong for these woman to register for gifts? Just because a person has money doesn’t mean that their friends and family wont want to give them a gift for such a special occasion! Also, there is nothing wrong with registering for a second pregnancy, especially when the baby is a different gender than the first.

Heather on

Seriously Jessica just gave birth 5 minutes ago, what does she possibly need to register for? Besides, I thought you only registered for gifts/had a shower for your first baby.

LMS on

I’ve never heard of someone registering for their 2nd child. I mean, I could see it if there were like 10+ years between them and she didn’t have anything but really, she doesn’t have ‘stuff’ to use and can’t afford diapers, clothes, etc?

And Kim – god help us your reflecting your boyfriends color choices on that poor child! Black and white ? Really? Why not add some color for the poor baby! Good grief…. I truly believe Kanye wears the pants, and then some, in this relationship! She threw out her entire wardrobe for him and let him choose her clothing, now she’s dictating those choices for the baby? Ewww….

Aly on

Since Jessica is having a boy, I can understand her registering for “boy items” though I would think it would be a short registry.

GivemeaBreak on

Forget the 2nd baby aspect, they have millions of dollars. It is just plain tacky for them to “register” for anything for their children since they have zero needs for anything. If they want to go through the motions, they should have their friends give gifts that can be donated to children who have absolutely nothing and no one to buy for them. A little could go a long way in that respect.

Marky on

That’s not necessarily true, Momwithnohelp; especially if your second child is a defferents sex. She has friends and family who want to buy gifts for her baby boy, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t know what she would like to have. No one said she’s demanding anything from anyone…..

Kayla on

Why are these women even registering for gifts? They have plenty of money to buy their own baby products…what a disgrace

Anonymous on

I have never heard in my life that you shouldn’t have gift registries for your second child especially if it’s a different sex. Just because their rich doesn’t mean they don’t have friends and family who would like to buy their kids things.

Jess on

With all the money these women have and they find it neccessary to have a registery? Take a cue from Shakira ladies…she asked people to donate to Unicef in the name of her baby!

ThinkPink on

@Momwithnohelp – Maybe Jessica is registering for Baby #2 because its Boy #1. Just a thought…. I have no idea what proper etiquette dictates.

Leslee on

You register for gifts to make it easy for someone to purchase something you would like, without having to guess or ask directly.

Anybody that is sending or bringing a gift is unlikely to be broke. Let people enjoy special times in their lives and their friend’s and loved one’s lives. When everyone is done with all their stuff, most of it will probably be handed down or given to charity.

Mary on

Really? They need gifts? Well, maybe they are not that rich…

Milky on

I didn’t know you’re not supposed to register for a 2nd baby shower! Is it not the done thing? Even if its a different gender?

olivia on

They should not even have registries. They’re both perfectly capable of buying their children anything they could want; millionaires like these women shouldn’t be asking of others, and in my opinion it’s a little tasteless.

Runnergrl on

Oh. Come. On. Why is Jessica registering?!?! How ridiculous to register for your second child when you’ve got millions and millions of dollars! I don’t care if she’s birthing ten boys, this is the most selfish woman I’ve ever seen. Don’t even get me started on the tacky Kim K.

susan tran on

like any of the babies need more stuff, It would be nice in lew of gifts they could register for a children’s charity.

Meg on

Cheap, superficial airheads who feel the need to spoil their children rotten with designer things are disgusting. Jessica is registering because she’s greedy. I’m sure she also doesn’t know etiquette about anything in life; she’s a complete idiot anyway.

Shannon on

Because Jessica is having a boy, maybe her family or a close friend asked her to because since she has a girl already and not a boy, they want to throw her another shower. Stop being so shallow people.

courtneyqj on

More important than what is on their registries is the question of why they need registries in the first place. They should be buying their own dang stuff!

anon on

I dont agree.. Why is the second child any less & not deserved of the same as the first. Is the second considered less than. Really people that is nonsense talk. They deserve a registery & baby shower & anything else the first received.

kristy on

It’s because she’s having a BOY!!!!! Duh!!!!

Joy on

Why shouldn’t they register? Kim is having her first baby and Jessica is having a boy! And yes they both have more money then they know what to do with BUT that doesn’t mean family and friends don’t wanna buy the baby something! And what does it matter if they register here or at Target? I’m sure all their family and friends can afford this place so why do you people have a problem with it? Get off your damn high horses and stop acting like you’re better then the two of them! Damn!

KJ on

Everyone needs to get over it!! All moms complain that they are so busy yet here you are arguing over a topics that has nothing to do with you!! Do something important and spend some quality time with your families!!!

Marsha on

LOL!!!! The hate in most of the comments below is pretty freakin funny!! Making comments about how they have money and should be able to buy their own stuff. Or how its Jessica’s 2nd baby?!?! STOP HATING PEOPLE!! That’s all you are doing and making YOURSELVES look like idiots. Making up the baby registry and/or having baby showers is just part of the fun for moms!!! They may or may not NEED these items to be purchased by other people but who says that they can’t take part in all the fun little things (new) moms do!! So stop hating people…..just be happy for them and pay attention to your own lives…..geeeeeezzzz 🙂

brittany brekelmans on

It is ok to register for your second baby as long as the sex of the baby is not the same as the first…

Anonymous on

Why register for your baby… as if they have nothing at home haha

Mega11 on

Regardless of 1st 2nd 3rd or how ever many kids you have and how much money you have people friends and family still want to buy gifts for the child. Registering makes sense to get what you want. The fact that Kim registered for “designer” clothes is pathetic!

Man in town on

I swear, all you women do is complain. They register for gifts because they want to. It is okay to be the center of attention for a minute. For those of you who have men, if you paid as much attention to him as you do this crap, you would have a much better life. Not as many reasons to complain. Get a grip!

Yula on

You’re not ALLOWED to register for gifts for a 2nd baby? So, let me get this straight – only a first-born child deserves to be celebrated? Any subsequent children should just have to live with old, spit-up stained hand-me-downs, because they weren’t lucky enough to be first?! When friends and family offer to buy gifts for a 2nd or 3rd baby, the mom is supposed to say “no thanks, I’ll just use the old broken toys from the first kid because it’s considered TACKY for my next kid to get new toys”……??? Do the siblings have to use the first-born’s used diapers, too? That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, and I am a 1st-born kid!! A baby shower is a celebration to help prepare for a new baby; ANY new baby! Why wouldn’t a 2nd baby deserve the same welcoming as the 1st? Totally old-fashioned idea (not to mention MEAN to all 2nd- and 3rd-born babies!!).

Yula on

Why because they’re rich are they not allowed to celebrate their new babies and accept special gifts from their families and friends? They’re not obligated to give everything to charity! This is still an important time for them they have a right to celebrate a baby like any other mom!

Megan on

Doesn’t etiquette dictate that you only receive a baby shower and full stock of gifts for your FIRST baby?

jennifer on

I don’t see anything tacky with making a registery 4 the 2nd child jessica is having a boy so she wants 2 get boy items or what is he suppose 2 wear his sister’s clothes…….every1 makes em 4 all their kids not just the 1st child

chels on

I don’t understand why being rich has anything to do with them registering. They should be able to enjoy having a baby shower like everyone. I’m sure they both have friends that are going to want to buy something for the baby. I’m sure Jessica was just registering for a few things because she’s having a boy this time.

Bitter much? on

Jeez people, calm down. How do you know how much either of them have donated to charity? Babies need stuff, and if their families want to get something to welcome their little ones into the world, so what? The funny thing is, if they made a big donation, and publicized it, it would be said they were only doing it for attention. Sometimes, they just can’t win.

Losa on

I live in a European country and we never heard about baby registry or wedding registry. We don’t have baby shower. If you want something for your baby you have to buy it .

irene on

They both have plenty of money to buy anything they want. Set up a realistic registry at a normal store and have your friends buy there and have your shower- then donate it to needy mothers. This would be a nice thing to do…

Ann on

This is Jessica’s 2nd baby so how tacky of her to register what she wants…..she needs to follow rules of etiquette which says not for second baby but she has always been clueless. Both go to all the high dollar shops which is to funny!!! Tacky!!!!

Mandy on

I don’t get buying babies designer clothes. To me that is just a huge waste of money. I try not to spend over $10 on most outfits for my baby, & definately hit clearance racks because they outgrow everthing so fast. Celebrities need to get some common sense.

Sally on

The breach in shower etiquette is having immediate family host it, whether it is a baby shower, wedding shower, whatever. This is the Karsadhian way. I like the post that says they should be registering for an etiquette book. No manners, no class.

Cooper on

When the crib you register for is more expensive than feeding a third world nation for a week, you know you’ve crossed the line.

Kristine on

Even though Jessica and Kim can afford to buy their own items for the babies, I’m sure their families and friends want to buy things as well and that’s what registries are for!! Plus, is Jessica supposed to put her little boy in pink? Who cares anyway? No one makes a big deal when other rich people have baby showers? It’s tradition, that’s what you do!!

Mama D on

I had 2 boys & had 2 baby showers. With both pregnancies being incredibly high risk, I was so blessed to have family and friends so willing to give gifts & offer help. In a typical circumstance, I think a shower for each child regardless of gender makes sense. If you have people asking you what to get as a gift, why not?! But celebrities!?? As rich as these 2, particularly Kim…. It’s disgusting to ask for gifts of that caliber. Take a page from Shakira’s book & help out those in need instead of being such an entitled snob. Other than your family, no one wants to waste their money on you, you have enough!

Anonymous on

I get that they live very different lives than I do. However, I agree that purchasing DESIGNER duds for a baby is a bit ridiculous. No matter how much money you are worth! The baby is going to grow out of those clothes in mere months, and they will have stains, holes, etc. Babies are messy and clumsy. That is their job. A mom’s job is to provide the best options for her child, not the most expensive. I truly hope that Kim grows up and fast. She really doesn’t seem ready for motherhood at all. She is worried about gaining weight and almost had a miscarriage. To someone is doing the right thing and has had two back to back miscarriages, I was disgusted with her! She needs to take this seriously or give that child to a family who will love it properly!

Ruth on

TACKY FILTHY RICH BITCHES, BOTH OF THEM! Shame on them for registering for baby gifts. when it’s so obvious they can afford to buy anything they want for their kids and then some! smh!

Mary on

I understand everyone’s disapproval of Jessica Simpson registering for gifts, but at the same time with my second child I registered for a number of reasons. The first being I want to be able to keep track of everything my husband and I were purchasing. Sure, I could have made a simple spreadsheet on my home computer, but it was just as easy to go to the store the day of the shopping trip and print it out and take things off the list as they were purchased.

Secondly, there may be people in Jessica Simpson’s life that WANT to purchase gifts for her new baby! I know that happened with me and my second child. No matter how many times you tell someone that you don’t need anything, they still insist on just getting A LITTLE SOMETHING, and it was much easier to simply send them over to Target to pull something off the registry (which had been compiled with both my husband and my input ahead of time) than to have them purchase something unnecessary or something you did not want.

Lastly, my husband and I opted to do a “Sprinkle” party (obviously not called a shower), which had the entire family come together to celebrate the birth. Just because you are having another child doesn’t mean their live shouldn’t be celebrated. We asked family members not to bring gifts, but sure enough within a week of sending out invites my mother was calling me with a dozen or so requests from other family members that wanted to get us JUST A LITTLE SOMETHING and I said that we had some things selected at Target. I plan on having another Sprinkle with my third when the time gets closer. All this “etiquette” talk is becoming a little bit antiquated as the years creep on and it’s really the whole concept of “different strokes for different folks” and you don’t have to like it, but you really should try not to get so upset over a celebrity you have never met.

Also, has anyone considered that this story may not be 100% accurate? So many times a celebrity looks at something or touches something and suddenly they own it, they’re endorsing it, they’re dissing it…Perhaps she went in to LOOK at a registry (her best friend IS expecting her FIRST child soon) and because she was seen holding a registry and selecting items it was just assumed it was for her?

And lastly, I really think all this hate and backlash that both Kim and Jessica receive is kind of unnecessary. If you don’t like them, then I would have to suggest steering clear of this page because they are pregnant, will have their babies, and will be featured nearly every single day. And I just don’t get all this hate with celebrities who register or throw parties…Yes, they have enough money to do it all themselves, but does that mean they lose the right to act like normal people? Can they not partake in normal activities (such as baby showers and bridal showers) without everyone saying that it is wrong and tacky? I’ve seen and read the same commenters complaining on a variety of celebrity mama’s posts and it just strikes me as odd that you choose to come here each and every day when you know you are going to see Kim K and Jessica Simpson…

heatherrsmith1985 on

Everyone needs to back off of them. They are pregnant and excited to be having babies! Who really cares if they are registering? If you don’t think they should be registering, then mind your on business and don’t buy them anything. Even if I had a really wealthy friend, I would still want to take them a baby gift at their shower. I don’t know why everyone gets so mad over these two. If you don’t care for them then don’t read about them. Finally, if someone offers to throw you a baby shower you can’t really tell them no. Everyone is so judgemental.

rusty on

I just knew that when Kimye announced the pregnancy and their wish for privacy, that People magazine was going to push this repulsive tripe down our throats for the entire 9 months… I’m so tired of crap like this. How about a story about celebrities giving back to the community, instead stories about wealthy people requesting expensive baubles and trinkets?

Tam on

Did anybody else first read that as Kim and Jessica Biel’s Bambini Baby Registry? I had to do a double take!

dickney on

Most women register when the sex of the child changes…I.e. boy and then a girl or vice versa. And I’m going to guess that she’s registering at expensive places BECAUSE she has rich friends. Just like those who are low income register at Wal-Mart or family dollar. Relax, she’s not expecting “people commenters” to buy Jeremy kid stuff.

kim on

i registered and had a baby shower for MY 2nd baby. i dont see why everyone is so upset. my 1st was a boy, then we had his sister almost 5 1/2 yrs later. so yes, registering was a must, as we did not have/keep anything from our son when he was little. why wouldnt someone have a shower for the 2nd baby?? is it still not a little blessing to be celebrated??

Julie on

Since when do you NOT register for your second, third or fourth child?? Jessica is having a SON not a DAUGHTER this time…she needs stuff for a boy not a girl now. *shakes head* You people need to realize she is just as human as us & likes to have get together’s w/her family & friends to celebrate the births of her children. GROW UP AND QUIT BEING JEALOUS!

Linda on

Come on people. They are both expectant mothers, and want to share the excitement with their friends and families. What difference does it make how much money they have for goodness sake let them have a happy pregnancy with all the trimmings. Who are we to say that they shouldn’t be able to have as many Baby Showers as anyone else!!!!! God Bless these women and May they have Happy Healthy Babies.

Jenn on

“Why is Jessica Simpson registering for her 2nd baby?! She needs to register for an etiquette book.

Kim K- Really? Because you can’t afford to buy your own baby stuff?

Maybe they should take a cue from celebs like Melissa Joan Hart and Shakira and ask that people donate baby items to a charity to help out those less fortunate.’

Let me just say i echo this completely! If I had a ton of money, I’d be buying my own stuff and asking that money or gifts be donated to someone less fortunate than myself. I think every baby should be celebrated but why would a celeb register for a second shower and so close after having one baby? I can see maybe a shower for clothes but that’s it. And Kim is ridiculous to register- between her and Kanye they have more than enough money- and black and white sounds blah for a baby room!

shebysheray on

A “chic black and white” nursery? Yep this kid will be dressed in black just like grandma and baby daddy such great colors for a babys room nurturing and calm……..not!

jojo on

Jessica is having a BOY..thats why she registered, BOY CLOTHES !!!!…I wonder if Kim picked out leather outfits..thats so kanye now…blk n white..soooooooo cold for a babys room..sometimes whats always in,chic..isnt suitable for a babys room…

Michelle on

the issues is not whether or not that these two should register, the issue is who is telling the press what they registered for!!! this is what bothers me and is disgusting. either A. they were gifted all the items in return for mentioning the store or B. Someone from the store gave scoop and should not have. I guess it is that they are being bought for their promotion and it would turn me off from ever going to that store!

pixy14 on

while i don’t mind that she registered for a second baby since it is a different gender. However, the nerve of these people registering for designer duds for babies is ridiculous. And I understand that they have friends and family who want to buy gifts, but really why not ask people to donate to a children’s fund or something. I mean do they really need gifts???

Eliza73 on

My goodness, to everyone who is saying that every baby is special and deserves a baby shower…get a grip. The baby has no idea that is happening. It is a bit tacky to register for gifts when you are so rich that you could walk in and buy the store out from the owners. What they should both do is ask their guests to bring a donation of diapers, clothes, supplies, etc and personally donate them to mothers who can’t afford such things. They can celebrate the birth of their babies and enjoy the company of family and friends without being so obnoxious as to receive insanely expensive registered gifts. I find them both disgusting.

D.L. on

Jess looks happier this time around. I hope she’ll have an easier time slimming down afterwards and being healthier.

sophia on

really guys whats ur problem how are they immature ?! did u ever think tht they somewht wana feel like a normal person and have a baby shower and stuff and whts wrong with jessica registering for her second baby huh ? it is a different gender so why not lol really. and Kim is not silly or immature she can decorate her babys nursery how evr she wants. havent u noticed how her and Kanyes style is alot of black and white so it makes sence a little bit. stop hating seriously.