Gwyneth Paltrow: I Had a Miscarriage

03/17/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Gwyneth Paltrow Miscarriage Daily Mail Xposure

Gwyneth Paltrow is happily married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and is the mother of their two children, Apple, 8, and Moses, 6.

But the actress, 40, revealed a heartbreaking look at her plans to expand her family, which resulted in a miscarriage, she tells the Mail on Sunday‘s You magazine.

“My children ask me to have a baby all the time. And you never know, I could squeeze one more in,” she says. “I am missing my third. I’m thinking about it.”

Without elaborating on when her pregnancy troubles occurred, she adds, “I had a really bad experience when I was pregnant with my third. It didn’t work out and I nearly died. So I am like, ‘Are we good here, or should we go back and try again?’ ”

However, Paltrow, who also recently told InStyle she was open to the idea of having more children, finds more certainty in the man behind her family.

“Regardless of what happens in our marriage, I chose the best father,” she says of her rocker husband. “He is so good to the children, and to know that you had kids with such a good man is like a real weight off you. We are committed co-parents, we make all decisions together, and we lean on each other for support as well.”

And there are a few other people who inspire Paltrow as parents: pals Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who also struggled with motherhood.

“Their [14-month-old] baby Blue Ivy is totally delish,” she says. “She’s made me very broody.”

— Alison Schwartz

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Sheri on

What an odd tone to the story. It could just be that the writer didn’t do the story justice, but it sounds to me like the groundwork is being laid for an announcement to be made in the coming months. I guess only time will tell. And I hope it’s a baby announcement and not a split announcement.

just me or... on

“Regardless of what happens in our marriage” seems ominous. ..

MD on

I was thinking the same thing. That was a really weird comment.

Holiday on

Sorry for your loss. At 40 I would not try again. There is just too great of a chance at problems.

elizabeth on

Absolutely try again. Why wouldn’t you?

A on

40 is not too old. Many woman have healthy pregnancy. Age is a number she is a healthy active woman. I am 42 and pregnant with my first and am having a healthy little girl. And i got pregnant the old fashioned way. No medical intervention. Stop with the generalization every woman is different.

Liza on

As usual, Ms. Paltrow is over-acting. London’s calling, Gwynnie. I wish she would stay put (and stay quiet) across the pond.

Ellie on

Bizarre. As if she’s predicting their demise.

Anonymous on

I don’t get it. If you nearly already have two children and nearly died the last time you attempted to add to your family, why in the world would you even THINK about trying again?

Gwyn, I’m sure your children would much prefer continiung to have their mother in their lives than to have a sibling!

And as for her comment about her marriage, I don’t think we should read too much into it. It DOES sound a bit odd, but I think she just meant that even if their marriage should someday end, at least she knows her kids will still have two loving parents in their lives!

elizabeth on

She probably had an ectopic pregnancy. She is good to try again. She is obviously in an unhappy marriage.

Chasity on

I agree. I had two ectopic pg and almost died both times. I. finnaly had a baby that’s 22 months. In happy. ..there is such thing as being content.

Anonymous on

If moms life is lost the siblings would blame the new baby for life…. At 40 be happy for what you have. Children are for the young.

lovely123 on

I always wanted a third and we tried and and where blessed with a third. I didn’t want to be in my 30’s wondering about the “what if”.

lovely123 on

“Regardless of what happens in our marriage, and co-parents”, defiantly something going on…

Amy on

I don’t think she sounded defiant… Oh wait, you meant DEFINITELY.

Marky on

Each pregnancy is it’s own experience. If their marriage is solid and they both want another child, don’t be afraid to try, but if they think their marriage is about to blow up, don’t do it; thier existing children will need a lot of support and care. Don’t ever think your children don’t care about divorce…they do.

cmonppl on

She’s talking as if she’s going through a separation/divorce.

Rachel on

lovely123..are you seriously suggesting being in your 30’s is too old to have kids? you wanted 3 and didnt want to wind up in your 30’s wondering what if? so you had 3 in your 20’s? to me THAT is idiotic… you missed out on so much not experiencing that time for yourself. think before you make dumb comments.

What?; on

Seems a bit overly dramatic

Kevin on

Adoption or surrogacy are both extremely viable options if they would like a third child without endangering Mom.

Kerrin on

Not for nothing – I’ve had miscarriages – two in fact….how do you almost die from one? There needs to be elaboration here. Did she almost die from a D&C? Or did she almost die from hemorrage? Either way, I’d say this is an exaggeration at the very least – “I almost died”…Give me a break.

mytwocents on

I’m sorry for her loss. She never shares her personal life so I think it’s nice she was able to share that about herself. As far as her marriage, I don’t think she meant it to sound like it was unsteady. They seem pretty solid I think.

Jordyn on

What’s wrong with adoption? You could have a third then. It doesn’t have to be a newborn either.

kwise on

As somebody who has had multiple miscarriages, I wonder what she means by “I nearly died.” Does she mean literally – due to physical complications? Or is she talking about her mental state? Of course, it is NONE of my business – I guess I’m just looking for validation for my feelings at the time, when I kinda thought I *could* die…..due to emotional heart break.

Anonymous on

Anonymous, we don’t know what her medical circumstances were. It could have been ectopic, in which case yes, she may have nearly died, but there’s a chance that wouldn’t happen again. I know from experience. It doesn’t mean I won’t try again when my husband and I feel the time is right. Gwyneth knows what’s right for her and her family. Best of luck to them.

Jenny on

It always seems so odd when these celebrities spill their guts about matters that are so private, including the information that she nearly died. It sounds like she is needy for attention or something.

MissLee on

Sometimes, when people pulls a story over from another publication and edits it down, the original tone is lost or confused. I think that’s what happened here.

Ash on

Holiday, 40 is no longer the taboo age to have children and there are ways of conceiving a baby and problems do not arise.

80 years ago my great grandmother who was 47 at the time was pregnant with my grandmother. She was the third child she had after age 40. There were no issues and all three babies were born healthy and while 2 of those three children are now deceased all lived healthy lives.

Jade on

What a bizarre story – very sorry for her miscarriage but she sounds marriage will be over soon, hope I’m wrong!!! She has a lovely family and was hoping hers would last!

Nattie on

It doesn’t sound odd at all. They have been living in two houses right next door to each other for years.

Anonymous on

And “It didn’t work out and I nearly died.” Did she literally almost die or does she mean that she was just heartbroken and sad and figuratively “nearly died.” The term co-parents is an odd one for her to use as I think it’s usually reserved for people who are separate, but who knows. So much to read into with this story.

rlb237 on

Blue Ivy has made her very broody? Isn’t being very broody a bad thing? Or perhaps she means about her own brood of kids?

Oh well just one more odd comment in a story full of them, like others have already said.

Ash on


I have to disagree. 40 is not too old to have children. As long as you have great OB care things should go fine. Unfortunately bad things can go wrong with pregnancies reguardless of the age of the mother.

I know 35 is considered advanced maternal age but for the most part I’ve seen things go fine for moms who are passed that age.

My own great grandmother had 3 of her children passed the age of 40. My grandmother was her last and she gave birth to her at 47.

Most likely I will be an older mom I’ve had two stillborn babies one in 2009 and the other in 2011 minus the time I’ve spent pregnant we’ve been trying for 7 years.

If your thinking adoption yes we’ve walked that road before and it’s difficult painful and expensive.

April on

I agree with the poster that said the tone of the article was just off, but I think everything with Paltrow comes off that way. I find the timing of this suspect, Beyonce and JayZ talk about their miscarriage and now she does? Of course maybe the poster is right about some kind of announcement around the corner but I just think Paltrow needs to feel relevant and since Beyonce did come out she needed to.

Lorie on

I’m sorry that she had a miscarriage. if she still wants a third child, I hope that she considers adopting and avoids risking her health. On another note, her marriage seems to be in some trouble. Who refers to their husband as a “co-parent” when they are very much together? I wish her well either way. She can be obnoxious but she doesn’t seem to be mean-spirited.

amanda on

Wow! You guys are reading way too much into this. She didn’t really almost die. She just felt that way. Also, it’s healthy to refer to your husband as a co-parent! It’s all semantics!

itznia on

Very very strange!!!

Ugh on

How about adoption? There is a risk of being “brangelina” – but who cares. There are many babies out there & I’m certain she could get one easily!

Melissa Marshall on

Could have been a tubal pregnancy which is not like you get it every time you get pregnant. It is very odd the description of her marriage but maybe shes just bold in her wording of stating IF something happened they are mature enough to know how to handle their children in a civil manner. I wish the best for her. I have always been a fan

Carrie M on

Gwen + Chris = divorce announcement soon.

ang on

Wait, so does this say she’s talking about thinking of having another child with “the best father” and then in her next breath she implies that her marriage is unstable? She can be so stupid sometimes.

Ashley on

@ Anonymous – I think you might have misread her. I don’t think she literally almost died. I think she meant she was so devastated that she emotionally died inside. A miscarriage is a very hard experience to go through and to cope with.

I wish them the best of luck if they decide to try again.

Lisa on

Wow, sounds like a divorce announcement. I imagine she is insufferable to live with.

JanLo on

She said whatever happens in our marraige not whatever happens to our marraige!! Come on people. Their fine!

Jo on

She seems to be indicating that a split is on the horizon. 😦

LizzyM on

Can’t stand when women try to use prenancies/loss for attention. I had a miscarriage before my first, and I didn’t “almost die.” However, my second child was born at 29 weeks under emergency circumstances and she and I literally almost died, so I take great issue with this woman saying “I almost died” for drama and attention without elaborating at all. No career, no one can stand her, so now she’s going into the vault and telling any unknown secret that will get her some press. PATHETIC!!!!

LolaL on

Well aren’t you just a “hater” today? So, by what you are saying, EVERY SINGLE WOMAN who has a miscarriage is just fine? There are NEVER complications in miscarriage? Where did you get your medical degree? What hospital have you been practicing medicine in? My guess is that you’re just angry because of your unfortunate circumstances surrounding your birthing issues… as you have every right to be. HOWEVER, making generalizations never helps anyone! Perhaps Gwynneth DID nearly die in miscarriage! Do you know for a FACT that she did not? Do you know her health history or have you seen her medical records? My guess is no, you haven’t. You, as a woman who HAS suffered miscarriage, should be more supportive and understanding. Who cares if she is an actress? Who cares if she disclosed this part of her life to the public? Perhaps she was reaching out to the women in the world in an act of support and encouragement… many people look up to her. It’s obvious you don’t, but blasting her for a sincere comment she made is just plain nasty and judgemental. I hope you heal from your hurts soon. Perhaps you won’t feel the need to judge others on their own personal tragedies! It’s very sad that you do that. Does it make you feel better about yourself? And by the way, yes, you can nearly die from miscarriage, and not just ectopic pregnancy. I almost hemorrhaged to death, was in the hospital for 8 days and had 4 blood transfusions… all because my body was shutting down and not healthy enough to carry a child, therefore resulting in a miscarriage that caused me to bleed “nearly” to death. So you see, yes, you can nearly die from anything (miscarriage included) if your body is not healthy enough. I now expect from you a nasty response, as that seems to be your truth. So please, fire away!!!

Chasity on

Nice job Lola….

Anonymous on

Lizzy, get over yourself… Who’s being dramatic now?

Lisa on

Drama Queen. Miscarriages rarely result in DEATH for the mother-to-be.

kpm on

what a drama queen, ‘ i nearly died.’ that is such a bogus claim

Just My Opinion on

I think if he had to pay child support and/or alimony, she might be speaking differently about him.

Anonymous on

I hope they turn to adoption. There are so many kids out there who need a loving family and it sounds like she and her family have plenty to give.

Anonymous on

Really you are inspired by Jay-Z and Beyonce….when you Gwen have been a parent way longer to your 8yr. old daughter Apple …Beyonce has been a mother less than a year….Wow that’s new did Beyonce have a child before then or am I just as clueless as she is…..Gwen take credit for parenting your children inspiration are the ppl who have actually raised children that should be ur parents or grandparent who inspire you….not Beyonce who just had a baby …..OMGezzz what is wrong with these ppl.

Dietra on

Stop at 2 children gwen. You are lucky that you and your family are healthy, dont take unnecessary risks. Money wont make health problems go away

Anonymous on

for real your inspiration is Beyonce and JayZ who just had a baby last year… have been a parent way longer than they have….OMG

Katie on

An odd comment, I agree with you girls. Maybe it’s the miscarriage that brought about marital troubles? Maybe she wants to try again and he says no.

Sara on

Gwyneth, I’m sorry for your loss. I understand your thought of wanting a third. I have struggled to just have one, as both of my pregnancies have ended in miscarriage.

It is hard to tell the context in which she meant “almost died”. it could mean, literally, or as in the emotional toll almost killed her. Only she will know. Miscarriage can also make lovers drift apart because one person can’t seem to get over it. You have to mourn your loss and appreciate what you already have. Hope for a brighter future! Good luck to you Gwyneth!

postathread on

“Regardless of what happens in our marriage”…odd to say, no?

Kat1129 on

sounds like an announcement is in the they won’t get a day’s rest with the media all over them waiting for their next move..poor people!

Poppy on

Yeah, she’s totally working the sympathy angle for when it comes out her and Chris have split.

Jenn on

She was very fortunate to have two healthy children. She should be saying how blessed she is to have what she does.

JB on

I agree with Sheri; the tone of this piece is quite odd. It seems like she is hinting at something else too… I hope these two stay together, I really like them.

Emily on

She has been open in the past about having struggles in their marriage, because of how successful Coldplay is, he is not home as often as she would like and touring with him is not always an option. That would put a strain on any relationship. She is open about it because she doesn’t want some crappy gossip site like TMZ to break that story first. Make no mistake, though, she does love her husband and he loves her. Sorry to hear about the loss. I’ve experienced one myself, which was also my third. But my 4th pregnancy came soon after and I now have the most precious little boy, who is 6 months old, and my older kids just adore him!

Molly on

She said that “regardless of what happens” in her marriage, her children will be fine because they have a great father. I think she is referring to the fact that life is unpredictable and one doesn’t really know what happens down the line. The divorce rate is high these days. Hardly any married couple today can disregard the risk of divorce completely. They can hope that it doesn’t happen and try to work on their marriage, but it’s never certain. I think that’s what she meant.

Cate on

Weird story. I am totally sympathetic to anyone who has a miscarriage, but to throw in a comment like “I nearly died” and then not elaborate even a little, and then to say you might try, at 40, to have another child? Just bizarre.

Kari on

She says some very strange things in here…..

Kelly on

aside her comment about her marriage…lots of women have miscarriages….in fact 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage before mom even realizes she may be pregnant, maybe it was ectopic…a life threatening situation but one that can be just an anomaly. Women go on to have very good and uneventful successive pregnancies. It just has to be caught in time to manage through surgery. It can cause severe internal bleeding if the tube ruptures. An ectopic cannot be saved. I had one back in 2005…my left tube ruptured at 6 weeks. What we did not know was the “why” until I had to have emergency surgery…my left tube was so twisted there is no way a fertilized ovum could have survived the trip down my tube. It attached itself inside my tube and I literally had zero warning/pain until it had burst. Within a few hours I was in the OR. Very scary, very heartbreaking because ectopics are usually viable pregnancies…it is just the plumbing that is the problem…so to speak. I had already had 2 children, we did try a couple of times after the ectopic but I guess it wasn’t in the cards for us. My chances cut in half with only one tube remaining. Many many women have them, or stillborn babies, or other complications and yet go on to have healthy pregnancies. I had an aunt who had 2 girls, was pregnant with a boy and he passed in utero in her 8th month. She was induced and had to deliver her stillborn baby. She went on to have 2 more girls with no problems at all. I am not really a Gwyneth fan, but I love her husband’s music..hope whatever is going on with them…they work it out.

lola on

she wouldn’t say those things if there wasn’t trouble. it’s true, i don’t know her but based on those comments it sounds like they are already living apart and “co-parenting’ like all the other hollywood divorcees. sad, i liked them together. hoping they are “OK’

denise on

So sorry for your loss. But why comment on the state of your marriage. Not sure why that was even in the article. Hope its not an announcement like all the other comments think too.

JustMe on

Anonymous: I almost died with my 3rd at age 35, emergency surgery saved my life. We were determined however, and spent a year preparing physically & medically to try again, under the strict care of a specialist. Now, 11 years later, our beautiful daughter is such a joy. Miscarriages are a sign something went wront with that particular baby. If she has has other healthy pregnancies, there is no reason to not try again if she wants to.

Amy on

I’m not trying to be rude, just curious: How does one “nearly die” from a miscarriage? I’ve had two, and yes, you have physical issues, but “nearly die”? That seems a bit overdramatic.

Elisabeth on

Sounds like she’s warming up to announcing a separation. If not, that’s just a weird way to phrase that stuff about her husband.

Guest with 3 Names on

If I almost died due to a miscarriage, I would not be thinking of trying again – especially if I already had two. But that is me.

Andrea on

Regardless of how you read into that comment, the words “regardless of what happens in our marriage” should never ever come out of the mouth of a husband or wife. I would never talk about my marriage as if there was a possibility of divorce. That word is a bad word that we don’t even speak of in our house.

Sandy on

she probably made that comment because she almost died during the miscarriage. she would feel her kids would be taken care of well by her husband if something would have happened to her. I nearly died during the birth of my 2nd child and i’m DONE!!

angelina on

Take care of the kids you already have. You are too old to have more if you already had problems with the last pregnancy. There’s your sign…. All the best to you!

jaci on

so a divorce is on the horizon but she’s considering a third child??? or was that just a really wierd comment??

kira on

um – happily married, but the last comment sounds like they are not together? very strange article…does not tie well, AT ALL.

leigh on

I went into this story with a negative feeling as I am not a fan of GP. I thought this story would tell a sad story and maybe influence me a little to read more about her. The story itself has a strange tone and makes mrs. Paltrow sound snobby and aloof. Just strange…maybe it’s an abridged story and is missing the parts to make it sound better.

UnKnown on

Really 16 idiots so far think a miscarriage is funny, well it ISNT!

Its a devastating situation to go thru!!!

I hope Gwyneth is able to have her dream if another baby!

Anonymous on

@ Sheri… Yeah, I got the same feeling too… Kind of “weird” to put in something about a marriage not working out “what ever happens”, when you are talking about being “open” to having another child… Guess we shall see!

marina on

I would read to much in her comments, she has being saying things like that forever, and people has been talking about their “imminent divorce” for even longer.

Brandi on

A woman reveals a miscarriage and all people can think to comment on is how she worded a statement about her husband? I’m losing hope for people more and more every day. Very sad and I hope she finds peace in whatever way she feels is best.

mamanas on

Holiday- Why is40 too old? I agree you probably shouldn’t have a child in yur 40’s or 30s or 20s.

mamanas on

Holiday– Expand thy thinking

Myla Cree on

Maybe if she put a few pounds on and ate a diverse diet she might be able to have another healthy pregnancy. She’s a wack job when it comes to food..

Rhonda on

What was that comment regarding her marriage all about? It almost sounds like a divorce could be in her future. If things aren’t going well in her marriage why would she want to bring a third child into it? I don’t care how great a father he is, having another baby is not a good idea if your marriage is on the rocks.

heather on

in need of a little attention there Gwen?

Lala on

This made no sense, hire another writer…

ariah on

I really really REALLY dislike her and her husband’s music but a miscarriage is always sad.

hctrouble on

People should NOT judge. I am 41, and have been trying to have my first child for the last year. I have had two miscarriages, but don’t give up hope that our child is meant to come into our lives. Women hide miscarriages like a scar, but we shouldn’t. We should educate each other, and help one another. Miscarriage is SO common. But we don’t talk about it. Every woman who wants a child and is capable of caring for a child should have the opportunity to have one. End of discussion, period.

elysummers on

So did she “nearly die’ emotionally or physically?

Christina on

I have never had a miscarriage and I am truly sorry for anyone who has, but I did marry my husband not just because I loved him but because I knew what an amazing Father he would be no matter what ever happened between us. I had a non exisitant Dad and wanted to make sure my kids would have better. He is still my loving husband and a great father it doesn’t mean we are getting a divorce, just that I went into it with both eyes open. Stop looking for faults in others marriages just because bored with yours!

lori on

Isn’t this the second time within a week that she’s been quoted as saying, “I thought I was going to die”…is she a hypochondriac maybe…or she is just looking for publicity…also sounds to me like she doesn’t want to stay married.

PM on

Strange! Why would she say whatever happens in our marriage? They are headed for a split. It’s only a matter of time.

L D'Ambrosio on

So sorry this happened to you Gwyneth.

AD on

Im suprised with her being pro choice and all that she’s that upset about it. I guess if you want it, its a baby; if you don’t its a blob of tissue.

Soma on

‘I don’t think it’s fair to judge or make comments about her wanting to have another baby and she’s “over 40.” I am 42 and still trying after having suffered a miscarriage at 40. One of my good friends just gave birth last week at 42 to a completely healthy baby; her first. She had been told by a fertility clinic/specialist that her chances of conceiving were nearly 0 and not to even attempt IVF as it would never work. 6 months later she fell pregnant naturally and not only had a perfectly healthy baby but she also had a great pregnancy. You never know and anything is possible.

kitty62862 on

Gwyneth, be alive for the children that you have, don’t risk your life. You can always go the surrogate route, or adopt, if you really, really want more kids.

Lisa on

I always wonder why people, especially when they’re wealthy, don’t look into adoption if they want to grow their family and have health, age or other issues that make trying to have another baby an issue. There’s more than one way to grow your family and give your children another sibling.

CestLavie on

“Regardless of what happens in our marriage..”?????

Julie on

She may not actually want another baby, it’s something we moms go through as we age and wrestle with the childbearing years coming to an end. Of course if she does want another baby, and pregnancy would be a health risk for her maybe they would consider adoption or surrogacy. As for her comments about her marriage, I’m trying not to read too much into it, it does sound odd, but at the same time Gwyneth is known for speaking about situations in an odd manner.

krysta on

Good grief! Is there ANYTHING Gwyneth Paltrow hasn’t experienced? She has a “story” for everything. BTW I have had 2 miscarriages. Can I get my own story now People?

Lisa on

I’m sorry to hear about anyone having a miscarriage, so I’m sorry to hear about hers. But talking about this just seems like another ploy for attention from her. I feel like, anytime she needs attention, she pops out another “story” about her family life. Too bad she can’t seem to get any attention from Hollywood for jobs anymore.

poppykai on

I really like Gwyneth Paltrow, but she seems a bit dramatic on the medical front. First there was the story that she thought she was dying/having a stroke from what sounded like a panic attack to me. Now she “almost died” from a miscarriage! I hemorrhaged and needed a blood transfusion and I still don’t say I almost died! Also, her food choices for her children (per her last interview) seem a bit rigid. I am all for children eating mainly fruits, veg, and lean protein, but eliminating all carbs from a growing child’s diet doesn’t sound like a genius move on her part. Just my two cents.

Armanda on

Well, the article starts off saying she’s happily married to him so I believe they’re fine. There really are no guarantees in life except death and taxes so her comment is understandable.

Torgster on

I interpret the “whatever happens” comment to mean just that. I don’t think she’s implying or denying – they maybe have a great marriage, maybe not, but that in any circumstance now or down the road, he will always be a great father.

Jo on

This lady desperating wants to keep her name/image on the celebrity pages despite the fact no one is hiring her.

Stella Bella on

That comment does sound strange, but it’s possible Gwyneth just overthinks things a bit.

Sun on

Why do we need to know about this such private business that’s her own business alone. We don’t want or don’t need to know about it.

seriously? on

At 40, if she wants another child, this isn’t the time to put it off long. But really – nearly dying during a loss is NOT a death sentence to her if she chooses to try again. It depends on what happened and her own health and medical issues. I had a loss that resulted in my near death. And I went on to try for another (oh, the horror!) and while I suffered further losses, I also had another healthy, awesome child. So it CAN be okay, if you are surrounded with a good medical team to help you through. And I am thinking that with her money, she likely is surrounded by the best.

The only reason she may want to NOT actively try to have another is if her marriage is on the rocks. And with her odd statement, it sounds as if it is.

cj on

blah always comes to my mind when I read about G.Paltrow , cannot put my finger on it. so, adopt your 3rd.

whatthe on

I wouldnt read more into her comments. she has ALWAYS made pragmatic statements about her marriage. she has so many times that relationships are WORK. I actually find it refreshing that she’s not all butterflies and fairies about relationships. good for her if she tries for a third or not.

Ann on

Why does it seem she is setting up for a divorce? Or just written poorly?

Barbara on

While I am sorry this happened to her, she isn’t the only one who has ever suffered this way. I had a miscarriage too, in the hospital no less, and nearly bled to death at the age of 22. So it isn’t an isolated thing. At 40, I was way finished with having children.
But, I wish her the best in whatever she does.

Kelly on

Didn’t she nearly die from a headache as well, geez. Sorry for her loss, but millions of women go through this, her story is no more special than anyone else’s.

Ashley on

In reality, I think all marriages have their troubles. I think most all couples wonder during fights, is this the one where we break up and divorce? So, I think she’s being honest in saying if something goes wrong in the marriage, at least I know he’s a great father. Nothing wrong with that. Shoot, she’s lucky he’s a good dad.

dymph on

Totally “delish”? Sounds like she’s describing something from her cookbook! Sorry Gweneth, you’re still totally weird.

BBB on

Okay, if you discuss a miscarriage with the media you’re not allowed to say in the future that the media is generally invading your space when you set the precedent. That goes for any celebrity. Seriously, totally fine with you keeping things to yourself and asking for privacy, but don’t be hypocritical by milking your sad personal stories and then asking for space.

Daniella on

Okay, that comment about her husband was kinda odd. You don’t usually say stuff like that if you’re in a happy marriage.

I feel for her about losing the baby (and this is probably going to sound mean), but I can’t help wondering if her frequent & strange/crazy diets & cleanses have made having a baby more difficult. Many women with eating disorders (from anorexia to extremely obsessive diets like Gwyneth’s) often have trouble conceiving from what I’ve experienced while working in a hospital. Of course, it could have been numerous other things, but her strange diets/cleanses were the first thing to pop into my mind while reading this.

Anonymous on

i hope she gets her third

LA girl on

Unless this article is altered (and they frequently are) she never said she had a miscarriage. Just that “it didn’t work out”

Strange way to word something if it was a miscarriage. Only People magazine used that word.

Of course everything in this article is strange. So go figure.

akri on

she should adopt.

tb on

That miscarriage happend a long time ago not long after her son was born. Remember her husband was bringing her home from the hospital and he grabbed a camera then threw it. Not that is did hurt her and she will always think about it, but the article makes it seem like it just happend. If you want a third child better get to it. The clock is ticking.

klutzy_girl on

LA Girl – She specifically said this – “I had a really bad experience when I was pregnant with my third. It didn’t work out…” A lot of sites – not just PEOPLE – took that to mean a miscarriage and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

I’m very sorry this happened to her. And who are you people to call her overdramatic for saying she nearly died when we don’t know the whole story? That very well could have happened.

Chris on

Rachel – I’m confused. You call lovely123 out for implying that being in your 30’s is too old to have kids, yet you also said one post earlier that women over 35 should not have kids. So your ideal window is 30-35? Kind of a tight schedule, don’t you think? My mom was 40 when she had me, my sister 42 when she had her last, and two of my 3 were born after I was 35. Thus far, each of us has had plenty of time for all our children. Every situation’s different, please don’t generalize.

emma on

she could always adopt another child…those are just my two cents.

Sheri on

Anyone else think LolaL is really Gwen Paltrow? She sure did take the very comments personally. I’m just sayin!

Mimi on

She’s so self-centered it’s hard to feel any sympathy for her.

maryhelenc on

I think she means that she emotionally “almost died” losing her child. I’ve suffered a miscarriage and I felt like I was dead inside for months. It’s painful. I feel for her.

Susan on

Really respect her and her husband. They seem to be a really solid couple. Sad to hear about her miscarriage. People often seem to criticize her and I do not understand why. She is very classy and sincere.

Julesy on

She’s an Academy Award winner. Therefore, I think she is way overdramatizing everything. This woman is so attention hungry.

elizabeth on

Why does that comment have to mean something is wrong with their marraige? I think it means, that they may have their ups and downs but all decisions pertaining to their children happen together as co-parenting does…OMG

Stacey on

Sheri, very funny :)))))))))))))))))))))) Does sound that way!!!!!!!!!!

Amy on

Gweneth Paltrow has always come off as odd and entitled to me personally. And while she doesn’t have to elaborate I get the feeling she would have taken a natural approach to the mc process and that can result in a person “almost” dying. The article just seems dark and weird and doesn’t really help people understand her so what’s the point of it.

Also that comment about being unfair of a woman over 35 having a child because she wouldn’t have time for that child….LOL! You sound like a drama llama! Get a clue, anyone can be a good parent at any age! I’ve seen young moms, grandmothers and even great-grandmothers become awesome parents and caregivers to the children in their lives. Parenting isnt an age, it is a state of mind!

g2-f235d48eb285d1c266156366cabde20b on

As a fellow loss mother, I want to thank Gwyneth for talking about her loss. 1-4 women suffer pregnancy or infant loss, yet it is such a taboo topic. It is hard to allow that vulnerability, but it should be talked about more.

Daisy on

What a difficult thing to have to go through. I think some of you are reading deeply into that comment about marriage. It’s not a secret that marriage can be very difficult for people who are surrounded by a constant flow of options and opportunities for temptation. It doesn’t mean it can’t be done but I’m sure it’s sometimes a challenge. It’s easy to be fatalistic when you are surrounded by industry peers where 8 out of 10 of their marriages will not survive the long haul. She’s being honest and open.

joan on

In the original article, she was asked if she would have a third, to which she responded that her kids ask her to, but she had a miscarriage and is scared to try again…

Kat on

This woman is really doomed either way. If she had given more detail, she’d still be attacked as looking for attention or exaggerating. It obviously was a difficult trauma, and serious enough to make her scared of trying again.

Miscarriages can be deadly. My aunt had an ectopic in one tube, decide to try again, and had an ectopic in the other tube. Both almost killed her, and this was all after a very easy and healthy pregnancy with her first.

Anonymous on

I agree with you Sheri

Thingspeoplesay on

@ Rachel, women over 35 shouldn’t have kid?? Maybe your mother didn’t have time for you, but other women 35 and older think much different. That’s a stupid thing to say not everyone is like your mothe.

stylist_jen on

Woah! So what? Yes loosing a baby in miscarriage frequently happens. I would image feeling devasted. How inconsiderate of you to make that statement. 😦

D.L. on

I’m sorry that she had a miscarriage. I hope they have another beautiful baby soon!

katty on

i love gwynnie, and i love chris and it is sad that they experienced a miscarriage. but at 40, shes not a spring chicken anymore. perhaps itd be better for them to focus on moses and apple. but if they did decide to expand their family, luck to them.

sal on

the thought of “whatever happens in our marriage”…has NEVER came out of my mouth in regards to my husband. That is a really weird comment to make about your marriage

Nani on

Rachel you should be the one thinking before making stupid comments. Deciding to have children before being 30 is not idiotic. I always said that I wouldnt have kids after my 30’s and I stuck to that. I meet hubby at 19, married him at 24 and we had our first kid at 26, second at 28. I have no regrets, I’ve traveled and I have enjoy life and looking back, I’m glad by the choice I made.