Kim Kardashian: Pregnancy Is Tougher Than I Thought

03/17/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Temptation Premiere
Chris McKay/WireImage

Easy, breezy and bumping? Not so fast.

Hitting the Atlanta premiere on Saturday of Tyler Perry‘s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, Kim Kardashian admitted that pregnancy has been tougher than she expected.

“Being pregnant is not as easy as my sister [Kourtney] made it look or as my mom [Kris Jenner] has made it look,” the 32-year-old star, who tackles a dramatic role in the new film, told E!.

“It’s a little painful. I’ve gotten sick a couple times, and that puts you out.”

The mom-to-be is making sure she gets in plenty of downtime. “I like to be active … but I’ve been chilling out. I took a week off just to rest. It was amazing,” she shares.

But according to Kardashian — who’s expecting her first child with boyfriendΒ Kanye West in July — her on-the-go lifestyle isn’t the only thing that has changed — her tastes have shifted, too!

“I’m craving carrots and ranch dressing,” she explains. “I used to love sweets — not anymore. [I] can’t even eat chocolate.”

In addition to her bump, Kardashian was also sporting her newest accessory: blunt bangs. “I just wanted a change!” she says of the look.

— Michelle Tauber

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Ness on

Her face looks odd!

Sea on

So after watching her episode last and said she’s going to ruin kaynes rep because of how she dresses???? Serious he tells u what to wear u dressed better before him and he ruined his rep by cutting off taylor swift speech at the vmas!! Now this Kim you should have consulated your mom , sister a doctor have a baby is a beautiful thing but of couse its hard painful and so many more things then raising is even nore difficult not trying bash u or judge but i hope u wise up and use brain one day for the sake of your baby

Robin on

Maybe it would be easier if she wasn’t jetting all over the world…kind of hard to be sympathetic towards her…

stefanie on

Tougher than she expected?!? What did she expect? Wait until she has to push a HUMAN BEING out of her crotch. Good luck with that. on

Ahahahah I was thinking the exact same thing. I went into it thinking labor would be slightly less painful than average because I was having an epidural. There was a mix up & somehow they never knew I wanted it until it was too late & time to push. Good luck if something like that happens. Idiot.

Robbin on

And something that always happens!!

girlyprincess95 on

Uh huh kim, I’m sure you really can’t stand sweets anymore. I’m sure you never eat any sweets, instead you just eat carrots! You know, thats why it doesn’t look like you’ve gained any weight at all…..

anna on

Hasn’t gained weight? Her ass is huge!

Karen on

Women are so judgmental towards one another. It’s sad when women are bashing her, you expect men, because it happens. I guess every woman on here that has stated terrible things about Kim body must all be stunning. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

Ol on

That’s just cause she hasn’t lowered the amount of silicone shots she gets put in and/or fat transfers. They will bubble up as she gains ANY weight.
Aww poor thing !

Terri on

Finally she’s wearing something that looks nice on her during her pregnancy. Enough with the tight clothes give the baby some space.

Lordhavemercy on

I do not know if it is just me, but she looks black in this picture.

sw on

It’s just you!!! If she did look black is that a problem?

CB on

Relax! Not every comment made with the word black in it needs to be taken the way you’ve made it out to seem, offensive. Of course it’s not a problem if she looks or even is black. Can no one make a comment without offending someone? Calm down!

Ol on

Well said CB πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½

Sheissodumb!!! on

How dumb is this chick! This just shows that there should be a test to have a child!! Go away airhead!!!

sparkykid on

β€œIt’s a little painful. I’ve gotten sick a couple times, and that puts you out.”

Well, I guess turnabout is fair play, Kim-since you have “put out” for every black man within your greedy grasp.

Ninahod on

Hahahahaha that actually made me laugh out loud! I usually don’t comment but that was just too funny!

T on

Shes not eating chocolate probably because Kayne instructed her not to. Just like hes been in charge of her wardrobe. Want to make sure she doesnt get fat.

Karen on

I think Kim has a ton to learn about pregnancy, child rearing, etc… I want to believe that many articles publish her comments, but not her full statements. Unlike most of you that have posted, I hope it works out for her. I don’t know her so find no reason to be so judgmental towards her.

Tiffany on

im sorry but she looks awful in this picture. looks like her face implants are shifting!

derian on

she looks african american in this picture -did she change her skin color- i think she and most of her sisters wish they were black – they all date/marry black men …

Anonymous on

I agree

Yuhate on

The only good thing that comes from posts like this is: it shows how retarded low in life people in society have/has become. The time spent promoting negativity, can be time spent doing something postive. Pretty sure the average vulture that always have bullsh… To say about others usually they have to much time on their hands nothing to do, and ends up with more skeltons in their closets than the cemetry. So stop waisting time in other peoples’ sh… And make sure yours not smeared everywhere and smelling. Just in case you’re still not incompetent, As much money she has pretty sure your cheap comment couldn’t pay for twix… Hope you enjoyed your 3min. of fame. Anomonyous n derian

Brandi on

You are an idiot. Khloe is her only sister that dated (and married) a black man. I had no idea that Scott Disick was a black man…I’m sure that will be news to Kourtney! I really think the sex tape was a double-edged sword, because it did make Kim very famous, but not in a good way at all. She seems very proud of her ethnicity..people darken their skin all over the world with tanning and bronzing creams, so does that mean they all want to be black? A person having a preference for a certain look, type, or ethnicity doesn’t necessairly mean that’s what they want or are trying to be. I’m not a Kardashian fan, but your comments are not accurate, offensive to those that date different races and make you sound ignorant. Educate your small mind and get your facts straight before you try to comment on this subject again.

Anonymous on

Thus what happens , now wait for the real time those are trailors.

JJ on

Oh boo-hoo, pregnancy isn’t all roses, and you aren’t paying someone to do it for you. Cry me a river you spoiled brat.

Anonymous on

news flash: Parenting isn’t easy either.

SarahJane on

Who are you kidding? She’s not going to parent! You can hire people for that! This is the first time in her adult life that she has committed to something she has to follow through with all by herself. She’s probably wishing she had a surrogate right now. Then she truly wouldn’t have do do a thing. I guess it’s hard to ‘accidentally’ knock up a surrogate though.

guest on

I will admit – I think Kim is a beautiful woman; however, her lips look absolutely ridiculous now. Lay off the botox. Is that safe to do while pregnant?

Bob on

Botox doesn’t go in your lips, it’s not a filler

Dee on

SMH. She can’t be that clueless. I hope having a baby shifts her and Kaynes priorities from focusing on themselves. She appears very self centered and you can’t be that way when you have a child and be a poor parent. They give Kourtney grief but she seems to put her children first.

Whatever on

She’s a gotten sick a couple of times? OMG this must be the hardest pregnancy ever! She really needs to just shut up because she has no clue what a difficult pregnancy is like. Stupid, self absorbed woman.

heidi on

People should stop commenting on these stories, so maybe People won’t publish them anymore. So don’t comment people!

I’m going to stop reading them myself from now on. This family is a waste of space.

Karen on

Heidi, since you dislike Kim so much, I think that is the correct thing for you.

Stop reading articles about her, there is a whole world full of topics that have nothing to do with her or her family. Good luck πŸ˜‰

really? on

Seriously? You commented on an article to tell people not to comment on the article. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

Ol on

I can’t stand people always saying DONT READ THE ARTICLE or DONT COMMENT THEN!

Guess what? What other way is there to get the message to People to get out of bed with Kris Jenner!? I don’t feel like constantly emailing people magazine to complain and so would rather comment here about my intense displeasure.
Get a grip !πŸ™‡πŸ™‡

La-La on

Lord, Kim. You are just so dumb..plain and simple. I hope that your chid grows up with brains and common sense and not with the attitude that it is all about me and desires media attention in all aspects of his/her life.

Mrsodell on

She’s right. It’s different for everyone and it took me a while to recover and want another.

Ladybug on

Just wait and see, honey. Pregnancy is actually the easy part. The hard part is the next 18 years!

Amy on

Good grief, she sounds like such a spoiled brat. Whatever will she do when the baby comes and it’s not about her her her all the time?

Nancy on


monix on

Takes one to know one Nancy…

Karen on

@Nancy–Shame on you. Why would you be so vulgar? From one woman to another… Disappointed. You dislike her, obviously but please have some class.

LynziH on

I have never ice commented on one of these but my God why would you call a woman a whore or airhead just because you have watched a show about her and READ about her comments. I am not a huge fan of her but am disgusted that women would talk about another woman this way with no first hand knowledge of who she really is. Just because you see pieces of her life doesn’t give you the right to be such disgusting human beings

Jacinda on

Well said Nancy! πŸ™‚

Ol on

All of you crying fowl at calling her a whore have clearly never read about nor seen her claim to fame. Human urinal and all

Seriously Overrated on

Really?! Pregnancy is harder than you expected?! Just wait until you’re in labor…and then when your little bundle is here. You think it’s hard now? Good grief. You had a little morning sickness? Wah! Be glad you didn’t have HG like some people and had to be hospitalized. Pregnancy is uncomfortable. Think about the end result and don’t focus on the negative. Get over yourself.

MamaBear on

What a selfish bitch! For her information, many women have done this for ages hence! she makes me sick! Pwackkkkk!!!!!

Karen on

@mamabest, REALLY, you had to use that language? Is Kim a great friend of yours that you know we’ll enough to make that statement? No, I don’t think so. It makes you look like the word you called her. Women need to STOP using that typeof language about other women. You wouldn’t like it if someone said that to you. Please stop

donna on


Anonymous on

what did she think someone was going to do it for her like everything else in her life?

Maria on

That’s because she actually has to care about someone more than herself, that can’t be easy.

Julianna on

Whoa. She looks huge! When she’s due?

anonymous on

JULY….. but I’m sure the miscarriage is coming next week, just before her deposition date.

cc on

shame on u to even say she would have a miscarriage i had a miscarriage and it broke my heart i hope u never have to go through that you are a disgusting human being

Jacinda on

Your statement sounds morbid but will mostly become the truth. Kim couldn’t even care for a fake houseplant- let alone a human being. Remember her cat? What did that last? A week?

shannon on

kimmie is a whiny tramp she should hve kept her legs shut!!!

Jacks on

I think she looks really beautiful and tasteful in that black dress.

Michele on

Agreed. Very beautiful.

Anonymous on

She really looks like her Mom in this pic! Best of luck and blessings to your new addition.

rockybopper on

… does it look like she’s had a nose job recently or is that just preggo face?

Bob on

Can’t wait to see what the baby looks like. Both parents have had beauty work done on them, I’ll bet the child doesn’t look like either of them. It’s sad that in this day and age, people can’t realize they are good enough just the way they are.

Brandi on

I’ll agree that Kim has probably had some work done, but if you look at pictures of her without makeup on, she looks like she did in her childhood and teenage pictures. I think most of the work was body work and she may have messed with her face a little, but she still looks like herself and is no Catwoman socialite by far. As for Kanye…I’d hardly call reconstructive surgery after a broken jaw and damage to his face “typical beauty work”. Speaking from the prospective of someone who suffered a badly fractured left orbit in a car accident and will be having reconstructive surgery to repair the broken bones behind my eye, not all surgeries are optional or in the name of beauty. It’s totally different when your appearance is altered or damaged due to an accident, so don’t make Kanye out to be vain for wanting to look as much like himself as his normal self as he did before his accident.

HM on

Sure it can be tough Kim. Should have kept your legs crossed !!!

melody on

she looks terrible pregnant

Susanne on

How do you look pregnant Melody? It’s hard enough to be pregnant for the first time and watching your body change without comments from total a–holes. Especially a woman, aren’t we supposed to stick together. So leave her alone, you don’t know her neither do all these jerks who are so negative towards her. Honestly I think it’s jealousy. Good luck Kim you will be a great mom and btw you look great!!!

Anonymous on

She is growing a human…did she really think it was going to be easy?

PurrlGurrl on

Oh, God forbid. Now this self-centered bimbo is “acting”. I’ll be avoiding this movie like a bad case of fleas.

Kelly on

It’s called LIFE Kim. Hope you don’t give up on this child after 71 days like you did with Kris. Grow up and be as good a parent as you are capable of being.

Julianna, she’s a very big girl so while she is only five months along she looks a lot further because of her huge a$$.

joy on

Yeah, sweetie, you can’t use your money to pay off God! All us ‘simple folk’ have been enduring it since the beginning of time, welcome to the real world!!

michelle on

This girl is nothing but a joke. Sympathy for that poor baby with a Mon like her and a dad like him= major counseling

Cantaloopy on


TM on

She looks beautiful in this photo!

Mariag on

Pregnancy is tougher than you thought it would be? Let’s see…do I feel sorry for you? NO!!!!!

sdz on

what happened to her face??…she is starting to look manly…

Genia on

Kim K. is no more a celebrity, then my dog.. She has had more then enough of her 15 mins of fame, and need to have the plug pulled on her show.. I don’t think she deserves to be even mentioned in People Mag.

Karen on

@genia, Kim has had her years of fame, and thankfully your 15 seconds of comment is over. I wonder who has 7 million followers on twitter and who doesn’t I’m not a huge Kim fan, but tired of women bashing to no end. It’s ridiculous.

Terrah on

Why are you so judgmental towards Kim.K?!. Maybe you shouldn’t be reading People Mag & complaining about who should & shouldn’t be in the Magazine along with the others who think that their opinion matters. This is her first ! STOP BEING JUGDMENTAL & JEALOUS!

Ugh on

It’s like my mother always used to tell us, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t read any stories about the Kardashians because you won’t have anything nice to say at all.”

sdz on

where’s my comment?? anyway what happened to her face?? am I the only one who thinks she looks manly???…

angie williams on

Please stop putting her in your magazine. I am sick of reading about these people. It’s always something!

We struggled to have our child, then I lost her at 35 weeks. I would give ANYTHING to have her back.

I hate reading about people who complain about a blessing of pregnancy!

Momto2 on

So, so sorry for your loss. I have had three miscarriages before the second trimester, so I know your pain. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

Bob on

So sorry for your loss Angie, that must have been so hard to go through, and will be hard for you forever. Hugs to you

J.J. on

And having you as a celebrity is tougher than we thought.

anna on

Pregnancy is the easy part! She is already complaining?? Hope she shoves her foot in her mouth after all the horrible things she said to kourtney about kourtney choosing the boring life by deciding to have kids. She’s a bitch. I lost all respect for her after watching that episode. She was spewing such hateful comments and now want sympathy? Where was her sympathy for her sister.

New Orleans on

I’m sure it’s self tanner. Anyway, they are of color by their heritage…. Not African American but Middle Eastern…

anonymous on

they are armenian

Laurie on

Well, this is someone that she won’t be able to get rid of after 72 day (like Kris Humphries) so I hope she is ready. She better take more than “a week off just to rest.” before this baby gets here. Then again she is a pampered princess, so I doubt this child will see much of it’s mother since she is always in front of the camera & flying all over the world.

lbk on

Shut up,Haters!!!! She luk gud

Vikki on

If her baby is not due until July and she is really as big a the pictures seem, good luck losing that weight. By the looks of her I would have guessed her to be further along than 5 months.

sw on

These are some of the nastiest comments! So quick to call her names?!?!?!

dani on

why does she look black in the picture??
did she mistake her foundation??

unknown on

She wore kanye’s instead dani

Anonymous on

It changes everything. Gotten sick a couple of times? Wait until your boobs sag the ground and your abs never look the same.

Stacy on

She took a week off? From what??? Being photographed by the paparazzi? Wow.

monalissant on

the title was all i needed to read…. she is a dumb bag of rocks.

Terrah on

– These comments are ridiculous ! Jealousy is draining off of you women , if you don’t like her then don’t comment because as you can see !……..NOONE CARES!



Cat on

Huh? She thinks that’s tough…try working 16 hour shifts in an ER while your overdue….and then before that working with morning, noon, and night sickness….seriously…this cannot be news…and it cannot be that hard on her! Geezz!!

Karen on

Its a boy then…. trust me all my friends and I craved nothing but sweets with our girls…

valerievlb on

she needs to stop whining and put on her adult big girl pants and act like an adult. what is she 12, for goodness sake grow up

icecake on

give her a break, everyone handles pregnancy differently, this is her first time. she’s going to be a great mom.

Tys Mom on

So sorry being pregnant is putting a dent in your partying and that you have gotten sick a couple times. Some women spend all 9 months puking. My first pregnancy I had a cancer scare and gallbladder issues, puking a couple times would have been a pleasant surprise.

5tolove on

She looks beautiful in this picture! Such hateful comments. congrats kim n kanye ( :

Audrey on

Wow, WTF is up with her face??? She’s PREGNANT and it looks like she had her eyes done, here lips and cheeks filled AND some sculpting under her chin!!! She looks completely different. So desperate, I feel sorry for her …

JustMe on

I clicked on this story just to read the comments – you guys aren’t dissapointing! Bahahaha!

Melissa on

Jesus, you women are all such judgmental witches.

Crystal on

Kim K- you are a SLUT! You are pregnant by your boyfriend and still legally married to you husband. You want him to go away. Due to the fact that you can’t pay for him to disappear he’s ruining your idea of the perfect family. You look so pathetic. You cling onto Kanye like a leech. It’s disgusting. Kanye is not your soulmate. You don’t have a soulmate. You thought Kris was your “soulmate” as well as your first husband. This will be your third marriage. I think now you sould just go against God’s word and have a baby out of wedlock. Oops! You’ve already done that. Get lost. Take Kanye and whatever black guy who comes after him and never return. Ugh!

Karen on

Judge much?

Anonymous on


Ella on

Meow, there’s a ton of bitchy hormonal people on here. If you don’t like her, move on and stop reading about her. Some of us DO like Kim Kardashian & think she’s sweet. Here’s the thing, she’s not talking because she wants to hear herself speak, most likely she was ASKED about it.

Anonymous on

Finally an outfit that compliments her baby bump rather than suffocate it. Pretty.

lauralee on

It’s only hard if you are ‘REALLY PREGNANT’ dumbass,I have absolutely no ‘SYMPHATHY’ for this ‘WHORE’ !

Karen on

Bad language

New Orleans on

I wish her all the best as well. Undeniably, she is a beautiful woman!!! Motherhood is amazing and she should enjoy it. Get Bio-Oil – I had twins and had no stretch marks #bikinireadybaby

Karen on

New Orleans, finally a nice reply! Thank you!!!

Anonymous on

Karen, why do you care so much what people say on this article? You have far too much time on your hands to be commenting so much on one a article about someone who doesn’t know you or care that you are being their white knight. Go get a job or do something productive with your life.

lauralee on


Rayne on

I guess she’s starting to realize that E! can’t script the pregnancy for her like they can the rest of her life.

rachelhope26 on

She looks gorgeous in that picture!!! Can’t wait to see the baby!

lauralee on


Nestea on

This is one the best photos I’ve seen of her in a long time. She looks beautiful. The picture isn’t focused on any part of her body, and it looks like she’s not wearing a lot of makeup. And BTW Armenian people are of many shades.

rachelhope26 on

It is so annoying when people say tight clothes smother a baby. Do people even realize babies are in their own special sac? I think Kim looks very beautiful. leave her alone!

Andrea on

Kourtney had easier pregnancies because most importantly she wore maternity clothing! This woman has the I.q of a circus clown! Relax and wear clothes that fit! Simple!

lauralee on

JUDGEMENTAL…………………..and right !

candoz on

Pregnancy is painful — really ? Wait until u actually go thru the birth process, you idiot !

char on

I think she looks great,shouldn’t judge her being a new mom I didnt know very much.Im sure they will be great parents.I pray she has a easy delivery.

blst3xs on

She will probably have a c-section if she thinks it’s tough now!! Stupid!!

Anonymous on

whatever, welcome to the real world.

lauralee on

See how hard it is when you are pushing bowling ball outta you hooha……….Oh I forget you’re faking it and if you aren’t I’m sure you’ll go for the easy C-section………….complete fake !

Bob on

A csection is major surgery and is hardly the easy way out. More convenient, sure, but not easy!

TE on

I think this is the first time she actually is dressing like a mom to be. I think this is the best that she has looked.

Mindy on

Dear Kim, pregnancy might be less uncomfortable if you wore some maternity clothes. Just a thought.

Pam on

I find it hard to believe that this woman, who couldn’t even take care of a cat, is going to be a responsible mom. I really feel bad for this child. She really needs to get her priorities straight.

no fan on

Harder than she thought- why because she actually has to do it- not an assistant. Welcome to world of nannies/nurses/ ect little baby. See Mommy when your happy and clean. This women will never change a diaper, clean up spit up or bath this child without some kind of help.

Gayle on

I think she looks great… Who would have thought pregnancey would be so hard until you are in the middle. Everyone differs in their fellings.

Guest on

Everyone on here from A to Z making awful and negative comments are REPULSIVE PIGS!

shidley on

With any luck, she’s uncomfortable to the point of never wanting to become preggers again. Spare us your woes, Kim.

GG on

I’ve never had children and I know that pregnancy is not always easy. I suspecy she still does not have a real idea as to how life will change. She does present herself as being self centered. Kim was more attractive before she started having so much plastic surgery. She has drastically alterted her face from her younger days. It looks as though she just has her lips done again. They look ridiculous.

Mellynn on

So is breathing, Kim. And so is marriage, but I hope you remember that you can’t really divorce your baby.

Nicola on

I’m just glad to see that she’s wearing something that actually fits.

lauralee on

Don’t you have to ‘HAVE’ a soul to have a soulmate………in that case this chick is fressssssssshhhhhhhhh out, no soul to speak of…………………………

SuzyQ on

Give me a break. Pregnancy was the best, and I never felt better than when I was pregnant…three times…except for labor LOL, but she’ll never feel that because she will undoubtedly get an epidural and feel nothing.

Michele on

Suzy – good for you – and I say that sincerely! But not everyone has awesome pregnancies, trust me, I know from personal experience. And as far as epidurals – there’s no medals ceremony for going without one – so I say go for it if that’s your preference! And do it guilt-free. The anesthesiologist was my best friend – lol…

Cole on

Poor thing, the tough is only going to get tougher. Should have thought the tough stuff out before putting a bun in the oven!!!

Kim on

Betting she’ll have a scheduled c-section. NO WAY is she going to actually give birth the regular way.

gyl on

Kim, you are a pretty girl. Please go a regular store like Pea in a Pod and wear some regular maternity things.My girlfriends who are teachers dress their bumps better.

lauralee on

A week off frommmmmmmmmm????????????????????

Denise S. on

Good Grief! She looks nice for a change!

Tiffany on

I’m pregnant with my 4th child and each pregnancy is definitely different! Get some rest while you can! Indulge in your cravings as well! Good luck!!

Anonymous on


guest on

stop the botox!

Tiger on

I don’t feel sorry for this piece of shit waste of a human. She dumped her husband after 72 days because he wanted to have children and she was going to loose her spotlight. Second, on the show, she gave a away a sick puppy a few years ago, and recently a poor kitten. Come on people..she has mental and self esteem issues. God help that poor baby.

Leigh on

It’s tougher than she thought, because it requires her to think of somebody other than herself, for a change.

Mel on

I’m sure the show she got pregnant to snag and stay in the limelight for 3 more seconds will ease the pain…

esymmons on

her face has always look odd – artificial. So pregnancy isn’t as easy as it looks – no s%%t! And she is just barely half way to delivery. The delivery is no piece of cake neither – that’s why they call is labor. And just you wait until the baby is here…if you are doing the parenting that is. You will never, ever be the same again. You no longer look the same, walk the same, sleep the same etc. It is a life altering experience.

Anonymous on

She’s having a girl… that’s what they said.

Kasiola on

Kim is Armenian, located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. This means she is from the middle east. Why do you think her skin color is kind of dark.

She might not be the sharpest pencil, but still she’s a person, deserving of respect even if she doesn’t know it herself. Some of you are just bullies.

As far as her pregnancy is concerned. Each pregnancy is different, even with the same woman. I have 4 kids and trust me they were all different.

CCex on

She looks good.

Pregnancy was harder than I thought with my first. I also had hg, pre-term labour, and pelvic rest to deal with, but it’s not easy for anyone.

Drea on

She took a week off from what exactly???

Jameison on

Kimmy! Your pregancy is the most talked about pregnacy in HISTORY! Maybe bigger than Kate Middleton, your beautiful, rich and I hope you never ever leave us!!! Your the biggest star in the world! Everyone who hates is just jealous! I love when people comment how they rather be poor than have money wealth and fame, lol so u rather live paycheck to paycheck? Yeah yeah whatever

Kelly on

I rather stab my eyes out then run off a cliff than idolize this pig. People like you who thrive off trash like this give women a horrible name. Wake up, dummy!

CCex on

You people are downright nasty. I’d dare you to say half this crap to her face.

Anonymous on

Has she been in the real world for any lenght of time? Sometimes its better not to say anything, cause when u open your mouth stupid comes out!

Mommy on

She thinks the pregnancy part is tough? Wait til she has the baby. Being a mom is the hardest part, but rewarding in the end. And knowing how high maintenance Kim is, her child will probably be with a sitter the whole time she gets dressed, so she probably won’t experience the hardest part of being a mom like normal people do.

Ashley on

I was thinking the same thing. If she thinks this is difficult, wait till she has to wake up every couple of hours for breast feeding. What if she gets a baby who’s a cryer? She’ll never get sleep again. She has no clue how hard it’s going to be when she does have her baby. She will lose most of her freedom and I don’t think she’s realized that yet.

nichole on

That even look like her…is it even really her the lips are to big and the shape of her face is longer….

Danielle on

Kim doesn’t like chocolate any more…..because she had enough.

BBB on

How much did the Kardashian family pay to have People constantly post (and particularly favorable, biased stories) about them? I think the multitude of people who are tired of seeing posts and pictures of this family on this website could collectively come up with enough money to match and outbid the family so that People DOESN’T publish anything about them anymore. Seriously People, what do we have to do to get you to understand that we’re SICK OF IT!

Jameison on

Kim, your pregancy is the most watched pregancy in history! Even ER sister said said it! Your baby is ROYALTY

Anonymous on

Please tell me you are joking. If not you need a mental health evaluation.

Guest on

“I can’t even eat chocolate” That’s why I saw her on another web page sucking the he** out of a chocolate ice cream cone!

Kim on

been sick ‘a couple of times and it puts you out’ get over it! You have no idea how ‘tough’ pregnancy can be! My first was born at 32 weeks after spontaneous rupture of my waters and second time round was a merry go round of tests and ultrasounds, blood pressure issues, chronic morning sicksness for two weeks straight until I finally had my precious girl at 36 weeks because I got pre-eclampsia, dont tell me what she is going through is hard. It really isn’t, its the fun part of the pregnancy where you dont feel like you’re dragging around a watermelon inside of you all day long lol best is yet to come with the delivery, love then you’ll know what the hard part is lol

tamarynt on

Look, this is her first pregnancy and she’s likely to have thought it would be different. It doesn’t make her bad or ev- she is entitled to feel the way she does, no matter how many other women may or may not have had it worse than her. The only entitled, arrogant, princessy spoiled *itch commentary is coming from the commenters to this article- lay off her!

lngrsh on

ah shucks, sick a couple of times. jYes, she has it rough.

kanyousaystoopid on

I’m sorry, this woman and her whole family are just blithering idiots. I can’t believe I am wasting precious moments I can never get back on this. She won’t be raising this child any more than I will. 14 nannies will be it’s mother, which is probably a good thing. Trot it out for photo shoots then jet away. And Kimmy dear, get a thesaurus and find another word to say besides amazing. I know your vocabulary is limited but enough is enough.

Anonymous on

Is it me or does her face look strange in this picture? I am not going to even comment on the pregnancy!

guest on

if she thinks pregnancy isn’t easy, wait until she tries parenting

Anonymous on

Looks like she got another nose job.

Carolyn on

Ya wow first immediate reaction when I saw this pic is, she is doing something different to her face. This is not a swollen preg face. Yes she looks more black now and not Armenian. Maybe she wants to look more like her man. I’m a mom wait till they hit 2girl that’s when it gets hard. But she has money for help! Remember that girls. She doesn’t have to cook,clean and do all tha laundry. Plus most of us take care of our mans stuff also.we have it hard not the people with fame and money.

Anonymous on

Kim Kim….all that money and u still don’t have a clue….did u think that having a baby would be easy breezy….wait till you have that baby it will not be ALL ABOUT YOU …anymore…There will be this lil baby who will suffer because your greeedy will give him to a nanny to take care….I already feel sorry for this baby….I can’t wait for the battle in the court room when Kanye will say “It aint my baby” she screwed around on me LOL

Ann on

Wow, all the racist comments. She looks fine in the picture, she is learning that she has to slow down, and I will never understand all of the hate besides jealousy.

meghan on

Oh Karen, stop licking the woman’s ass.

Sandy on

Wow, her hair up and with bangs really changes her face!

She’s gotten sick a couple of times??? Lucky her! I threw up the whole time!

Anonymous on

OMG, I’d rather read about her mother, she is the interesting one. It’s like she’s an 18 year old, not a 30-something. Enough. Give me Kourtney, Khole, and Rob any day!

Sammie on

where does she come from. I think she needs to sit down and watch a natural childbirth movie. she is one big ditz. She need to just keep her mouth shut. PLEEZ

Katrina on


Anonymous on

Her maternity clothes are getting better, buy her face is really dumpy. Way too much lip filler and/ or plastic surgery.

LoopsFroot on

stefanie on March 17th, 2013

Tougher than she expected?!? What did she expect? Wait until she has to push a HUMAN BEING out of her crotch. Good luck with that.


Aj on

Came here just for the comments.

JJ on

looks like she had surgery on her nose, something looks weird

erin on

She is looking more like Oprah every day.

JJ on

Im not even sure Kim should be trusted with her own kid, she has no clue about anything apparently, but I guess on the other hand she and the guy will have like 10 nannies and everything else, she will only see the kid to get pics(if they are getting paid for them),

Anonymous on

Europeans have their “Euro-Trash”; we Americans have the Kardashians!

CJ on

Elvira looked better in that get-up

E on

Pregnancy isn’t easy for everyone! At least she’s being honest and not like every other celebrity saying how every second is bliss!

Dietra on

There are some hateful commenters on!! She looks fantastic. Pregnancy IS work! Only people who have been pregnant can understand. This is her first pregnancy, cut her some slack!

susanne on

Oh and she is still married to another man while pregnant with her boyfriends baby! We used to call that sort of woman a slut…

Barbara on

This Drama Diva has had an annoyed look on her face her entire pregnancy…so tired of seeing her DAILY pictures everywhere.

Bee on

She won’t have to worry about parenting…she will have two or three nannies doing that…anyway, she will just have to worry about how she looks in every photo op with the baby showing that she is a “good parent”.

Sammie on

she’s done something with her lips. I know she has. They look huge!!!!

Mikaela Lien on

WOW can y’all be a little bit ruder she hasn’t gained that much weight and if she did she’s PREGNANT. And for people saying she’s prob lying about eating chocolate it could very well be true. I mean I’m not pregnant but whenever its around that time of the month for me I get symptoms of being pregnant like nausea and certain cravings and I become really tired. My sense of smell even heightens sometimes which is weird since i haven’t slept with anyone. But still if that happens with me then I can imagine it can happen with her or any other women who is pregnant. Its like y’all are impossible to please if all she was doing was sitting on her ass all day you guys would be complaining about that also. I think she should tone down how much she flys but she also has a life to live and an income to make. And yes I get it she loaded but still. Im also sure she was and still is 10 times more in shape than any of you saying she’s gained a bunch of weight. And seriously stop with all these comments about her sleeping with every black guy she’s around its very rude. She’s not black idiot she’s tan. Just don’t say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say. Id love to see you all living her life for just a day!

Olivia on

OMG lol you guys responding are ridiculous!!! She is newly pregnant and is experiencing these changes for the first time. With my first I complained all the time but not because I wasn’t grateful for being pregnant, I just was unaware of the heavy impact pregnancy had on my body. How can we want peace so much in this world and yet we so easily can tear each other down??? I don’t get it. Kindness, no matter who it’s toward can go a long ways.

goodgrief on

And in other news….parenting is really hard, too!! Who knew?!?!?

Mikaela on

Wow it is just sad how much hate is said on here. Yes she may of gotten pregnant from her boyfriend but so do half the celebrities in hollywood. Most people now a days in the world do. For people saying its not possible that she doesn’t eat chocolate and that she looks really fat now just shut up. A few things one I’m sure she did and still does look ten times better then you all say this. I am not pregnant but even when it just that time of the month I get symptoms of being pregnant like nausea, certain cravings, I get really tired and my sense of smell even heightens some times so I cant imagine how it would be for her or any other women who is pregnant. I do agree that she should lay off on the flying but she also has a life to live and an income to make. Yes I know she’s loaded but if all she did was sit on her ass all day y’all would be complaining about that to. Stop making all these remarks about he putting out to every black guy around her its just rude! Her and Kanye are going to make great parents. She has been wanting a baby forever and I always say it doesn’t matter how rich or poor responsible;e or irresponsible you are when it comes to having a child everything changes and you end up becoming the best person you can possibly be. I would love to see you all live he life for just a day and see how hard it really is. She’s a great hard working women who will do great . Im very happy for her and Kanye. Don’t even start bringing up Kris that not her fault she has said multiple times she would love to of been divorced from him already but he wont sign the papers its his fault.

Ali on

I would do anything to be pregnant and raise a child. Anything. And me being 35 it is probably not gonna happen. I would deal with morning sickness ten times over if I could get pregnant.

Bob on

Don’t give up hope Ali! Women are having children into their 40’s these days!

Anonymous on

Sick a couple times? Somebody stop the presses. Kim – some of us were sick multiple times A DAY during our pregnancies. Did Kourtney really make pregnancy look easy? Last time I checked she was puking up cottage cheese and fruit into a basket on television. But maybe you wouldn’t know since you “work” 365 days of the year.

Marguerite on

i bet this baby will be an only child if she is complaining at what 4 months pregnant? wait until she starts having labor pains. poor baby i see a team of nannies in its future and only being trotted out for photo ops

MommytoanE on

News Flash. Pregnancy isn’t a walk in the park. The end result, is the most wonderful miracle in the universe. I’m sure her nanny will thank her for the little miracle she provides then neglects.

Cinder Lou on

I read an article that Kanye is ready to get off the Kardashian bandwagon, and that he wants Kim to quit reality TV altogether, and concentrate on them as a couple and her as a mom-to-be, but she wants no part of it. So it appears all may not be perfect in the Kimye world. That could help make her pregnancy even tougher.

Diane on

welcome to the REAL world….

What?; on

Ugh…kayne not only needs to dress her he needs to speak for her too. Everything, everything that comes out of that “brain”
It’s just sad.

Patti on

If she got pregnant in hopes of a quicky divorce-or thinking she would be the cutest pregnant woman EVER!! Well there ya go-you are now in your new reality. Have a blast!

vmg on

Why does her face look weird?? What did she do NOW?!? Well i shldnt be surprised, everytime i see her, her face has a different look to it…

lynda on

I think she looks lovely

Peach on

what a friggin COW….

vmg on

Actually, i think her cheeks are deflating now that i look harder… She looks like kelly rowland now in her face. Im guessing u cant get injectables while your expecting so her cheeks arent as full anymore

joanne1965 on

I cannot believe she has proven herself to more ignorant…

Amy on

Good lord, some of you people are just downright rude. This is her first pregnancy. She’s probably never felt half of these feelings before. Pregnancy is hard, and experiencing what every new mom has gone through. Give her a break. Heaven forbid she say something other than how wonderful her pregnancy has been.

It’s easy to be nasty when you’re hiding behind a computer screen. Have some respect.

Jaclyn on

First, what’s the big deal she mentions pregnancy is harder than she thought? Plenty of women could say that and you would never judge them. To those who say she looks black and that she wishes she was black, etc. have a very twisted & racist view of interracial relationships. Dating black doesn’t mean she wants to be black, anymore than a black man who dates white wants to be white. Armenians often have olive skin that tans easily. Get over your Kim K. hating and racism and grow up!

Nancy on

I wonder how her “husband” feels…..LMAO she IS still married to someone else…..

Nancy on

Shes a whore, married to one guy having a child by another..she cant seem to keep her legs closed for any amount of time….

JRoo on

You do know that Kim and Kanye probably never read these posts, don’t you? Like I’ve said before, People did a survey asking who we no longer wished to read about, and the Kardashians were #1 on the list. But as soon as Kim announced her pregnancy, the survey completely disappeared. And now she is back being crammed down our throats again.

Lila on

Most women gain weight in their face when pregnant however she doesn’t look as she has gained any (except those fat lips) perhaps that is only a pregnant pillow under her clothes?

mrs.phan on

wow, these comments are horrible! Who are you to judge her and call her names? This is her first pregnancy, and everybody is different, give her a freaking break! You all should be ashamed of yourselves!

Guest on

Pregnancy does not look good on her

Kat on

Oh boy. Those comments just make her seem spoiled and ignorant. “I got sick a few times. It really puts you out.” Well, imagine the poor women who actually have to work while pregnant. My friend does it. In fact she works two jobs, and one of those jobs involves working with 24 four year olds.

Melanie on

It is common to get swollen in the face but not in the lips while pregnant. Please someone correct me if I am wrong. Her lips look very unflattering.

Mari-Ann on

So Kim is. STAR – please of what – porn. She’s pregnant – yet she makes herself cone across as the first female to carry a baby. She needs a reality check. Hope Mr. West is saving his money – so he has the means to hand it all over when they break up and she becomes a gold digger

Guest on

I never felt better than when I was pregnant! Other than the morning sickness (temporary), my pregnancy was far from “painful”.. Of course, I wasn’t jetting all over the country and I definitely wasn’t trying to squeeze into any tight clothing like this “thing” does.

Anonymous on

Wait till labor!!!! Lol can’t wait to hear a bout that one…… grow up

postathread on


Heather on

Shut up kim, im sick n tired of you always yappin all the time smh when I was pregnant with my son, I was sick every single day for the 9 months so shut up and deal with it, next time close ur damn legs.

sharon on

Is she the first women ever to get pregnant???Yes it hurts when you are growing a human inside a small place. If she took MORE then a week off, she would enjoy it. Oh and if she reads these, delivery is no picnic either, even with drugs!

Lynn in the South on

What has happened to her face? It was always odd shaped but now it looks downright bizarre! It looks as if it is getting longer. Could she have some medical condition like Bell’s Palsy or something. I think it is more common in pregnant women. I wonder if all the plastic surgery she has had would cause damage to those nerves that are involved with Bell’s Palsy.

She is incredibily difficult to like but I cannot help but feel sorry for her with the health problems and her “baby daddy” being such a… (my fingers will not type the words I am thinking.)

emsblue15 on

cue hysterical laughter…..

wen on

still so ugly…

Heather on

She nor Kanye should be breeding. Having a skanky, nasty hood rat for a mother, and an ignorant, racist piece of crap for a father is going to give that child issues. I feel bad for it. It’s going to need therapy as soon as it comes out of her twisted womb.

Anonymous on

Took a week off from what exactly?

Jana on

That’s what I was wondering.

Britt on

Well one is easy try having Twins and pushing them out in 20 mins then you can complain oh and being a singal mom on top of that

Anonymous on

Omg, some of you “ladies” are sick. Would you have preffered if she had said the opposite? That pregnancy was easy? Or maybe if she had gotten a surrogate like many of the women in hollywood? smh

scarlett on

What a shame she won’t stop flying all over, putting her and her precious baby in danger. Flying a few times during pregnancy is no harm. Every couple weeks, plus the exhausting schedule?…big no no.

Nicollette on

Where do I even begin? Kim Kardashian looks more like a Jim Kardashian in this picture. Usually you glow during a pregnancy she is just fading (just like her “career”). What did she think pregnancy would be? Easy as 123? No Kim, you blubbering idiot, its not easy. I know you’re used to laying there like an eagle- but when you aren’t careful you will end up knocked up. She should be an expert- she only slept with like a million dudes. I just hope she dosent toss this kid like a rag like she did with her kitten and her CURRENT HUSBAND Kris Humphries. This girl is some piece of trash!

Niche on

I’m no fan of Kim, but I would like to say to all of you that are commenting about color. You all seem to not recognize that you are in fact being insensitive. Common sense would tell you she tans and uses tons of bronzer but you should also verse yourselves in the art of makeup. She’s been contoured a lot, hence the chisled look. Above that, all the “black man” talk is a bit much, people are entitled to date and marry whomever they choose. Some people don’t see color, some do and even for those that do, there is a thing called preference. We love who we love and that’s a wonderful thing. I hope she slows down doing whatever it is she does and concentrates on being a mother. Wish her well, babies and children are innocent. And FYI, there are no perfect mothers.

jeannie on

She really looks butt ugly pregnant and even more so with bangs. She ought to hide out until the little alien is born…and maybe long after….

Liza on

Considering this woman has never had a job or really worked, I bet losta stuff is hard….waaaah

Aloha on

The bangs do not suit her at all

Ellie on

What is going on with her face? Her nose is disappearing. I’m not buying into this whole thing. I’m convinced she’s padded.

Anonymous on

Is it safe to be spray-tanned while preggo? That tan is definitely not natural looking at all.

Snow on

I think it’s hilarious that some idiots are actually defending this talentless woman (Karen especially). Newsflash to the moron who called her the biggest star in the world who also hopes that she’ll never go away: STFU dumbass, she has no talent, she’s pregnant with another man’s baby while still married to someone else, she only cares about herself and staying famous, etc. Usually I’m not a fan of mean comments either, but if the person is as awful and conceited as Kim here is, then by all means say what you want! She sure as hell deserves it. The people saying that we should all be nice to Kim and kiss her ass like Karen does are morons. It’s a pity that you’re so blinded by her wealth and fame that you just ignore all the terrible things about her.

Amy on

Wow a whole week of rest?! I hate to see when she’s closer to her due date and at her biggest. One week isn’t going to cut it..

BeKind on

I read this article and cant imagine why you are all so cruel and hateful. Pregnancy can be more difficult than a person expects. If you don’t like her then don’t read the articles but your posts make you look bad… not her.

Canuck gurl on

Just wait, motherhood is the hardest job you’ll ever have. I don’t care how much money, help, nannies etc. you may have- it’s hard. Especially because instead of supporting one another, mothers tend to judge each other so harshly. Just love your child unconditionally.

Anonymous on

stefanie, you know she’s not gonna push that out…c section all the way.

olhussy on

I would hate to be her baby, poor child , no telling how this child will come into the world after botox injections, face peels, no telling what else. The poor little Zebra will have a hard life with this screwy family. Kris is probably negotiating for Baby Zebra’s pics now. Talk about Greed, that trashy woman would sell her own tail if Anyone would buy it.

RealityCheck on

Wait until your tummy and boobs are covered in stretch marks. By the looks of it you are going to be so huge. You look at least 7 months already and you’re sick to boot. Thank God for that, otherwise you would be even fatter already. This is a put on 70 pounder. LOL

sherrie on

this woman is so spolied and doesnt have a clue about raising a kid what til you push this kid out it is gonna hury doesnt ticle like you think it did going in lol do you think because you have money its gonna be different for you you wont have to worry you will have a nany changing the kid you wont have to change a dirty diaper and get your hands solied almost every women has had morning sickness and they keep going stop being a baby you shouldnve shut your legs if you wasnt ready for a kid your copying off what your sister does it will be work byt then maybe you will grow up and stop thinking of yourself

Jane on

She looks like her mother!

Melissa on

Must be nice to take a week off of whenever you want. Don’t we all wish we could be so lucky.

jlm on

U people r pathetic ..why even read the article if u hate her so much? Ur just jealous im sure.

olhussy on

I Don’t buy People anymore or any magazine that features any of the white Trash Kardashian’s. A woman who would pimp out her daughters for money is one of the sorriest puke’s there is. Kim Kardashian is not news why do you cover her or any of them. Are there no morals left in this country? Why does People and E promote Trash like these people? The slut makes a porno and she is a star, yes a star slut. Is there anyone she hasn’t slept with, she was on tv and it showed her having slept with a former bodyguard. You people promote this, do you allow your children to watch this trash? What will you do when they want to be like KIM? This is one of the reasons the country is like it is. There are no morals left. Have you offered to buy Baby Zebra’s pictures yet, I’m sure Kris is negotiating for the big bucks! You people make me sick to promote this trash!

CCex on

PEOPLE, where are your board moderators? This relentless bashing shouldn’t be allowed. This is nauseating, the amount of hate these people have for someone they’ve never met.

Carrotz on

I’m not a fan, but as syndrome who just gave birth, I feel like I need to defend her a bit. during my first trimester, I just did not eat sweets. I would try to eat chocolate or a cupcake and would just feel off as if it didn’t bring there, and I normally looove sweets. I craved tangy things like tomato sauce on pizza, so definitely believe that she doesn’t want sweet stuff. she might later though.

mary on

She looks realy odd…and old…..looks like her mother.

jodi on

Well, you people i do not get any of you who are just mean and think its ok just because she is famous that u can say anything about her and just go on with ur lives . Kids get bullying from all of you guys shame on you….as you can tell its just not towards kids its towards adults also and it will never stop because there is always someone who thinks they are better than everyone else.

Anonymous on

what is wrong with her face?

MJ on

Just think about all the women that have been pregnant and don’t complain – we just think of the blessing of having a child. BTW.. Where has Kanye been, it’s been forever since we’ve seen pictures of them together. Could there be trouble in paradise? The good news is, Kim dresses a lot better when Kanye isn’t around.

J on

Terrah, please explain what there is to be jealous about. She is famous for a sex tape, and now she is pregnant with one man’s baby while still married to another. Yeah, real jealous of that situation. You’re a fool.

Leonn on

She doesn’t have fertility issues anymore???

J on

It’s a new low that she uses a baby now for attention. Sick.

wowza on

You look great Kim! I’m sure most of the mean comments on here are from KHump. Good luck to you and your new family -Pregnancy and delivery are work, but it’s all worth it!

judy on

This picture does not even look like Kim K. What has she done to her face? Did not know you could have plastic surgery when pregnant/

judy on

What is wrong with her face – did not think you could have plastic surgery when you were pregnant. Her lips get any more botox and they will explode/

DIane on

Usually pregnancy makes a girl glow and look beautiful, it’s doing the opposite for Kim. Yikes.

Beth Campbell on

Boo-hoo! “I’ve been sick a couple of times”, what ever. I was sick at least 3 times a day through my first two pregnancies AND I had to work full time. That’s 18 months of feeling like I had the flu, but I’d do it all again for my beautiful girls. So suck it up Kimmie and deal with it.

nope on

Glad we all could sit around for a week and gripe about being pregnant with an a-holes baby.

Elizabeth on

Gosh really?

Renoir on

I’m not particularly a fan. But it appears that pregnancy may be her first real reality check. I wish her a healthy baby and the common sense to put her child’s needs first. Raising a child is vastly different than building a brand.
Woman to woman, stop name calling. There’s way too much jealous rage, judgement & hate on someone, I daresay none of us knows personally.

Tee on

Seriously….you’re an insult to REAL women Kim. Nothing you say do I believe, you, your Mom, probably most if not all of your family are liars. Baby Daddy is a big mouth idiot. You took an entire week off to rest, it was amazing, LMAO. You’re an active person, again LMAO, active in making appearances for photos to be taken, active in getting your hair, nails, toes done, active in shopping…..hahaha, a I said you’re an insult to REAL women.

Tina on

Not wanting chocolate early in pregnancy GIRL

Mandy on

Oh leave her alone people. We all thought Snooki having a baby was the end of the world and she turned out to be a great mom. Live and let live ya meanies!

Patti on

I think she should drop the stunned look-it’s boring & the bangs don’t help. Oh boy if she hates being pregnant now just wait she’ll be left with a dimpled big butt & crying baby. I don’t think all this is worth a quickie divorce from Humpy.

Alex on

What are you going to do when you realize it’s not what you thought it would be? Pretended you’re allergic and give your baby away like you did to Mercy (cat) so the media doesn’t think you are an even BIGER BITCH than before? Also, btw NEVER EVER wear that black and white dress! You look like Shamu.

sraymon33 on

Well at least she’s eating healthy meals for the baby.

stacey adcox on

i hope that she can get her stuck up attitude in control or the world is doomed with the brood of kardashians that are gonna populate with our kids we are gona be sol

Jana on

Oh boo fricken hoo!!! I puked every single day with my first, sometimes twice. This self-centered crybaby and the rest of her useless family can go away already. I feel sorry for the innocent baby that has these two d-bags for parents.

Jules on

She’s huge for 5 months. Wait till 9 honey..

Anonymous on

The size of her stomach keeps fluctuating! Am I the only one that has noticed this?

American Mom on

Wow. Just wow. I’m not a Kim Kardardashian fan or really all that aware of her & clicked on here out of boredom & curiosity for a moment & have been absolutely shocked by these comments here. I take it that none of you ladies complained even once during your pregnancies about any discomforts or inconveniences when someone ASKED how it was going? Give this poor lady a break! Where does this hatred come from? What did she ever do to you? Why the certainty that this woman will be a bad mother? Because she has made money and spends it? ENOUGH class warfare. If you want to be wealthy, go earn your own money & spend it how you want to! It can be done! Otherwise, if you hate her so much, stop reading about her, watching her show, commenting about her, and don’t pay her any mind whatsoever. Focus on making your own life better.

Karen on

So is motherhood. Kim tends to over-glamourize things in her head.

Sloane on

For starters, pregnancy is not a walk in the park, so I have no idea what this woman was expecting. I hope for this baby’s sake that she doesn’t just get sick of it and pawn it off on someone else like she did with her cat. Then again, this spoiled brat will probably have a million nannies, so she can “work.” I wish she would go away. There are quite a few other pregnant women who are a thousand times more fascinating than this twit, like Kate Middleton or Malin Akerman. Can we please all quit kissing Kim’s a** and let her fade away already?

Jen on

Is her divorce even final yet? If this were you or I we’d be labled whores, but because she’s kim we praise her?!? I think not


Andrea, quit insulting circus clowns,,lol. Kim is a waste of skin

Shy on

I think her face appears that way because she’s gained a bit of baby weight, perfectly normal. The nose also swells and can widen during pregnancy which appears to be what’s happening with her. Quit hating

Ann on

She’s in for a surprise when she hits that 9th month…….

CestLavie on

What a narcissistic airhead. LOL, if she thinks this is “hard” wait till the baby is born!! “hard pregnancy” girl you have no clue what that means. if she can’t handle a kitten, what will happen to that child

Teomo on

Hey Mrs. Humphrey’s where is your baby daddy! Oh yeah right he’s “recording his album”. Girl, you look a hot mess. KW got you dressing like a fool. Being a father dont start when the baby arrive. You are pregnant and alone! Cant wait to see how you will spin this. After the prolong absence of yo baby-daddy. – Did U hear his latest song – what a diss 2 U – next up the Public Dump – Mrs. Humphreys cant wait, I got my popcorn ready.

KIM on


What?; on

Ugh. Kayne not only needs to dress her but also needs to do her talking. Too bad for this child that she’s already has the attitude ” oh, look at my new accessory!”

What?; on

I’m so glad that she has such a flexible job, that she could take off on a whim.

Rolyat on

My mother had 10 kids by the time she was 31. And within hours of giving birth, she was back to cooking and cleaning. The last 2 were born in the local hospital. The other 8 were born at home. They did that back in the late 50’s and 60’s. Not to mention she worked a full time job outside of the house.

PB&J on

Wow! She is having to think about someone else for a change?!? Feel sorry for this offspring!

texaschickeee on

LIfe in general is easier when not drama filled, and trying so hard for your name to be out there.

In Kim’s world this baby is a pawn that is nothing more then a Kash Kow.

June on

Congrats Kim. It’s great being a mom and I am sure you will make a great mom. Ignore the haters and get on with your life. Remember, the more people comment, the more relevant you become and the more money you make. People, stop hating someone who you don’t personally know – it’s a waste of your energy! it doesn’t affect Kim’s day…. As a mom – I wish her nothing but the best!

Daffygrams on

How about birth control, Kim, if you think pregnancy is “tough”? Grow up.

Chrisesmom on

It looks like Kim is turning herself black. I feel really sorry for her baby. How is this woman going to think less of herself to be able to put the needs of her child first?

Anonymous on

The Kardashians are Pathetic! Hope she gains 80 pounds…..

Anonymous on

At least that out fit looks appropriate for a pregnant person. I don’t feel sorry for her. She needs to suck it up like the rest of us had to. If she wasn’t catching every flight available so she could make a quick dollar maybe she wouldn’t feel so crappy. Stop being Greedy.

Km on

Reality is starting to sink in now? Wait until when her labor starts and then she has to take care of the baby instead of being selfish.

CS on

It’s a little painful? Oh brother, just because she probably has morning sickness… I laughed at all the comments because they’re all true. She’s in for a rude awakening when that baby is born…no more jet setting to Paris…nah she’ll probably continue her lifestyle….and Kanye will be barking orders.

Anonymous on

Oh cry me a river. I’m about as far along as she is and yet I haven’t missed a day of work and don’t complain about the aches and pains. Try getting a real job and see how tough it is!

annoyed on

Really? Then she’s in for a huge “put out” once that kid is born!! Oh wait, she’ll have nannies or shuffle the kid off to boarding school. Some people should not breed.

Anonymous on

New Flash Kim, it is not “ALL ABOUT YOU”. Think you can deal with that???

cksmommy on

It’s disturbing to me to hear such vulgar, hateful comments towards another human being. Regardless of who she is, what her celebrity status may or may not be or who she’s dating and/or marrying at this moment. This form of abuse is no different than bullying in school and the majority of you commenting have children. Is this the example you intend to set for them? I myself am not a fan of any of the Kardashians. For no particular reason other than I’m just not that interested in their lives. I clicked on this article because I myself thought being pregnant the first time would be a cake walk and I giggled when I read her quote. It kicked my butt and it’s kicking my butt again with baby no. 2 πŸ™‚ I don’t think anything she said in this article is deserving of such hateful remarks. Just my opinion and I know you all are 100% free to post yours as well and I totally respect that. I just think maybe as fellow mothers and women we could set a better example. God bless πŸ™‚

Lisa on

Okay, I get it: it’s her first pregnancy, and maybe she’s finally seeing it’s not all that glam. I gotcha. But I think she’s also realizing her “smokin’ hot bod” is pretty much gone for awhile.
I bet narcissistic Kanye dumps her when she can’t lose the baby weight in two minutes.

Anonymous on

Shallow Loser!

Sandra on

When its your first pregnancy, you don’t know what to expect. Everything is a new occurance and not all of it is easy breezy, just take it in stride and grow and healthy human.

I wonder how some of the hate mongers on this site would explain themselves if they had to stand before God on judgement day?

Anonymous on

Seriously, for a first child she looks ready to pop. Usually, for a first child, she would be just starting to show around 4-5 months. She is supposedly due around the same time as Princess Kate. It looks like maybe she is having twins or her dates are off.

Molly on

What a shocker. Her story is MOST READ again on People. She must have some serious haters…oh I mean fans. Why do people care so much anyway? She didn’t expect pregnancy to be so hard, so what? Since when is that a crime? The way some of you keep going on about her, you would think she caused the end of the world or something. SMH

Good Tx Girl on

What is up with her face? Its gotten long or something….. Normally I think she is really pretty but this is just strange.

Josie on

Yup, being a parent is about sacrifice. Sorry the early months of pregnancy has put her out, but really it is only the beginning.

Christina on

lol…sick a few times?? All I have to say is she should count her lucky stars! I was sick until 27 weeks with my 1st and 22 with my current #2. She doesn’t know what bad is! She can work out? Wow…must be nice not to be bed ridden almost your entire pregnancies! Yep..she has it soooo hard! Why do celebrities make idiotic statements? Shes rich….her bf is rich…they vacation…have the money to do whatever. Im sorry, dont complain!

Shonda on

LOVE HER. Some people have easy pregnancies and she did say she has been relaxing and resting more:) I think she is going to be a great mother.

Kat1129 on

OMG she’s not even 6 mos yet…and we have to hear about this? she has to be the most self-centered person on this earth and Kayne is No. 2. This will be her first and last baby…thank the Lord!

Kat1129 on

her face looks odd because she’s plummed up her lips again.

wayne on

isn’t that just too bad. that’s what you get for sleeping arouncd.


hahaha yeah she found out marriage wasn’t easy either..aww poor kimmy well too bad u can get rid of marriage but have fun with the kid kim! I expect to hear more complaints from this spoiled woman

Lianne on

Self centered, spoiled and clueless about pregnancy.

HC on

Wow, KK sure does inspire nasty comments! I also thought pregnancy was harder than I’d imagined, so I can understand that comment. And like her I was also pregnant from the eyebrows down. It changed my whole face. She’ll be fine. Even if she has a hard time being a mother she has lots of family to back her up. I didn’t have anyone and that was hard, but I managed.

Gina on

I really hope she stops messing w/ her face. She’s going to end up like Joan Rivers.

AnnieW on

BOO HOO. Plus, you’re not supposed to have chocolate (caffeine) when you’re prego. Why not stay home and read some healthy pregnancy books instead of being on yet another red carpet? It’s not all about you anymore.

rm on

She seems to try to hide being pregnant like it interferes with her social life………..poor child

cds on

Stephanie, you are too funny (laugh). I just read your comment (sitting in law firm at work reading comments) I bursted out laughing.

RR on

Tough? Wait until she figures out that Kanye was the one who took the mic from Taylor Swift.

ammmer on

Didnt she tweet this weekend she at lucky charms for breakfast?? Isnt that considered sweets??

miracer on

hahaha.Kim…do u think its easy espcially at ur age.not,,,enjoy…lol

Jill on

LOL at the comments! But also, love how people keep saying how fat she is/will be. As the average woman in America is a size 14, I’m guessing most of these commenters are twice KKar’s size… and they aren’t even pregnant.

misstrinia on

I welcome the day when comments made about people are regulated… smh at the level of ignorance… freedom of speech is privilage.. why use it to be nasty… no she does not look black, and yes she has a right to say this is not easy for her…. so what she has slept with “so many men” last time I checked she was single… we scream equal treatment as women, but out of the same mouth we call women whores, and men players.. does equal treatment stop when it comes to sex?

Sheila on

She looks terrible!! Her face has swelled up!!!

ariah on

She took a week off to relax. A week off from what?!? She doesn’t do anything but shop.

Brandi on

Oh the irony of all of these women calling someone dumb with the grammar they use. I wouldn’t expect a bunch of unhappy moms, who sit and pick apart celebrities to make themselves feel better now that they’ve let themselves go, to actually know anything about things like makeup and spray tan, so let me break it down. Her face looks different because she and her makeup artists are very open about how they can change her appearance and face shape by contouring with highlighters. She likely also got a spray tan. For those saying they’re ‘tired of her talking about it” the article clearly states she was at a premier for a movie she was in. She didn’t have to ask to be invited just so she could get reporters to gather around as she talked about her morning sickness. A little common sense goes a long way. Also, take better care of yourself, mentally and physically, and you won’t feel the need to pick apart people you don’t know quite so often.

sally on

wow, did she have more surgery? She is one ugly duck!

Tracy on

She just sounds like a first-time mother, talking about what she has experienced so far. If people don’t like her, then don’t waste your time and read articles about her. Go on with your own lives.

rocket scientist on

if she thinks pregnancy is tough, wait till she goes through delivery.

Dawn on

Parenting is harder then carrying the baby and delivering it. I had a doctor that told me with my first, the hardest part is coming, raising your child. He was so right. As for her pushing the baby out, more then likely she will opt for a C-section so she does not have to push, that would be work. Not saying the C-section is easy, but it seems so many stars go that route.

prince on

what is wrong with her. Did she think it would be an awesome time with a little person in her tummy, she is so dumb. cant stand her

katrina on

That’s amazing…..But this whole celeb stuff and the don’t know what’s real and what’s not is just what WOW’s me about the whole baby with Kim and Kanye..I just feel like its another set up for the man but who am and what does my opinion count as.. Ok probably nothing, but I am gonna express it anyways..I just don’t want my man Kanye West to get played in this process of trying to stay at the top.Kim seems like a alright person but she’s just famous because she’s one of the fortunate one’s and HOORAY for her. She didn’t work hard to get where she at..I just hope its real love for Kanye’s sake cause I’m no hater and I’m all for what’s true and real…Thank you and to all a good life

Sharon on

I see a nanny taking care of her baby, she will not be hands on; she has no idea how hard it is to take care of a baby 24/7. I am sure she will hire many people to take care of her child.

sherry on

Definitely no sympathy for her..Us normal every day people have to work full time jobs, take care of our family, clean the house, and many many more items on the agenda! Not fly around everywhere, spend tons of money and have everything done for us!!

Lenny on

Is it just me or does she look…different…weirdly different?

Stacey on

She’s an idiot

lawoman on

Being married to one man and pregnant by another is more than stupid. But then again stupid is as stupid does… right?

mabel on

PEOPLE magazine, do you see how many angry votes this–and every kardashian (particularly kim)–article received? we don’t care! they’re all awful, and kim is especially hideous! i clicked on this just so i could vote angry! stop giving the kardashians any space in your magazine and website!!!! i swear, if you give her a cover when that baby is born, i’ll cancel my subscription!!

KJB on

Poor child … If she thinks pregnancy is hard wait till it’s born! Poor Child.

Niko on

I’m willing to bet wimpy Kim Kartrashian whines about the baby crying too much post-pregnancy. This lazy, irresponsible “princess” will pack her mansion with nannies who will raise this baby—which will obviously be her last— on her behalf. So NOT cut out for motherhood.

Anonymous on

she looks like she changed

JeanZan on

She kind of reminds me of Victoria Beckham in this photo.

Gema on

Why are all of you guys so vicious???????? Could it be envy? Why else would you care how famous, fat or skinng, pretty or ugly someone is?

Dana Spencer on

Just when you think she couldn’t get any dumber…duh of course pregnancy is difficult…your entire body changes!

Anonymous on

tougher than she expected???? Biatch

Elizabeth on

Is anyone going to address last nights episode?

Lola on

She looks like she has to sneeze or something. Idk why she’s dressing SO HORRIBLY like she’s trying to hide her stomach….embrace the weight gain moron. I feel so bad for this child already…..

Shel on

Maybe she should have thought about what pregnancy was going to be like before she spread her legs. I’m sure she will have a nanny so she won’t have to deal with a baby who is teething or sick. SAD!!!!

deannefox on

I did not enjoy my first pregnancy much until nearer the end, it was all so new and emotional I worried about my changing body too much ect. BUT I was 20. Get over yourself Kim and act like an adult.

Jordan on

I really think that she is just used to everything being easy for her. Her life has been handed to her. Hell, she gets handed a $40,000 check for making an appearance at a nightclub. That’s almost just shy of what I make in an entire year as a social worker. Maybe I’m just bitter, lol

LordHelpThisBaby on

I cannot stand this woman. The things she worries about during pregnancy have nothing to do with her child’s well-being. It’s always, “I don’t want to get fat”…reality break Ms. Kardashian — you weren’t small to begin with. I really hope you stop letting men run your life, grow a pair, and properly take care of your child. Stop trying to be someone you aren’t.

liliana on

Kim you need to change that look in your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you don’t wanna look like your mom Kris No offence but you look better without them.

by the way you look cute pregnant, congratulations. I know it’s hard I had my babygirl 3 months ago. πŸ™‚ he or she will change ur life forever. say hi to ur sisters I have 2 sisters and one of them her name is kim and sometimes it’s like we are the kardashians its so funny when we are watching the show. πŸ™‚

You have No Lives on

WOW! you people have nothing better to do then bash her. How pathetic. If you don’t like her, then don’t comment on it. Her life! I get it that she did put herself in the public eye by being a celebrity, but it is totally your choice to read the blogs, watch her shows, read the magazines. You can choose not to, but rather then just not doing that, you choose to bash her for whatever it is. She isn’t perfect, never claimed to be. She’s a real woman with curves. For all you women out there you should be ashamed of yourself for bashing her all the time, how would you feel if someone talked down on you about your weight, not a good feeling right? I thought so. You all are pathetic!

Leslie on

Maybe pregnancy was easier for Kourtney and Kris – sometimes it’s easy for one woman and hard for another. It also depends on the pregnancy – maybe Kourtney’s first pregnancy with Mason was easy, and her 2nd pregnancy with Penelope was absolute hell. Sometimes that happens. No, I don’t have kids yet, so I’m going by what I’ve been told by those who do have children and it makes complete sense! Every woman’s body is different, from the way the baby is carried to how difficult or easy the pregnancy is. It’s also genetics too – if your mother had bad morning sickness while pregnant, it’s likely that you will too, but that’s not a guarantee either. As dumb as I think she’s being, I wish Kim a healthy, relaxed pregnancy and a healthy, happy baby come July.

AmandaC on

What’s she worried about, that baby should fall right out of her va-jay jay!

Raven on

Some of your comments make no sense… The woman has never been pregnant so how the heck is she supposed to know what being pregnant is like? She said her sister and mother made it look easy and now it isn’t what she expected, so you guys call her an airhead? Lol, heck! I have never been pregnant so I don’t really know exactly how my body will react to it either! Does that make me an airhead also? LOL, whatever I guess.

Anonymous on

you still look good kim

lidia on

woooowww so many rude comments. In my personal opinion as a mom; i agree with kim. Being pregnant is so not what people expect or think. It’s hard work and when you get sick its more of a struggle because you have to maintain yourself healthy for the baby; not oneself. Eating healthy is another thing; if she want to eat healthy; let her , its not doing any damage to the baby it actually helping both of them. On her physical look ;come on be realistic, no one look smoking hot during pregnancy; even famous people dont look hot!! i really get distrub when rude people think they have the right to judge other people past or future. what i think kim should do is be in bedrest from now on! maybe focus on decorating the baby room or coming up something for the baby! its help out a lot with the stress. well thats just my opinion.

Tammy on

I’m shocked by the numerous hateful PARAGRAPHS people have written on this random site about a woman you don’t even know!!! Let me repeat…you don’t know her anymore than she knows you. I’m sure she doesn’t care how you feel…her life will go on!! Follow suit haters!!

Lavina Gardner on

I think her face looks different, maybe it’s the bangs or some weight gain. I think she actually looks black in this picture. I wish her well.

Crystal Anderson on

people can be so nasty.. leave the girl alone geeze!!! i think she looks beautiful and everyone experiences pregnancy differently…

Sara on

wow, I’ve never heard such hateful comments. Is this really how people act anymore these days?? jesus, there are plenty of girls out there that make pregnancy look a lot easier that what it actually is. The first is always different because you don’t know what to expect, you Never been pregnant before, so you don’t know until you actually are, and nobody is perfect but people are cruel, and you would do alot of things she does if you had the money..and no relationship is only read tabloids, unless your one of her friends that talk to her and her family you don’t know what happened with her relationships. hateful people, no wonder we have such problems in the world today.

Dorie on

Her face looks so strange! Kourtney looked much better her two times combined than Kim looks already!! Yikes! πŸ™‚

tori on

@ stefanie “Tougher than she expected?!? What did she expect? Wait until she has to push a HUMAN BEING out of her crotch. Good luck with that.”

HA yea right. PUSH? it will just slide out of her.

Christina on

I’m no Kim K. fan, but man you bitches are evil! I’m sure she was asked about her pregnancy and responded accordingly. This is her first time and everything is new to her. Have some compassion. Cyberbullying is so not cool. I wish her and Kanye a healthy baby. Nothing else needs to be said.

Barb on

I hope Kim’s not going to use the baby as a money maker like going on weight watchers to make $$ or donate the money for charity or try losing weight on your own.

Anonymous on

Too bad she won’t be part of the really hard part and that would be raising the kid…..she will have other people doing that….thank god in a way,,,if she raises a kid we all know that child will grow up to be a self absorbed person just like herself……All of these kartrashians need to go.

Amanda on

my first reaction was….. her face looking like a camels?????

Liddie on

It looks like her ass has moved to her face. Poor child doesn’t have a chance because money will not buy those attention whore parents brains, taste or souls.