Maggie Rizer Welcomes Son Quinnlann Clancy

03/16/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Maggie Rizer is a model mama again!

She and husband Alexander Mehran welcomed their second child, son Quinnlann Clancy Mehran, on Friday, March 15 outside of San Francisco, Calif., Rizer tells PEOPLE.

Arriving a week ahead of schedule at 5:19 p.m., Quinn weighed in at 7 lbs., 12 oz. and is 20 inches long.

He joins big brother Zander, 15 months, at home.

“We are so proud to introduce our son,” the model, 35, tells PEOPLE, sharing a photo on her Instagram.

“Quinn is absolutely perfect and our hearts are filled with love. We feel incredibly blessed to have been given another little angel. Our cup runneth over.”

Maggie Rizer Welcomes Son Quinnlann Clancy
Courtesy Rizer-Mehran Family

The couple, who married in 2010, announced in October that they’d be adding a second son to the family.

During the course of the pregnancy, Rizer and Mehran lost their beloved golden retriever Bea in an airline mishap that was heavily covered in the press.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Charlotte Triggs

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Danielle on

Too many N’s two would suffice (Quinlan)

Sheri on

Love the name!

Alissa on

@danielle…my thoughts exactly, but alas, not my baby. Overall I love the name and hope they stay healthy and happy. : )

soph on

Agree, Danielle.

LA girl on

Zander and now Quinnlann? Looks like some strange Hollywood names to me.

Amber on

What a gorgeous picture!

Mary on

Thank you for pointing that out Danielle, the one that knows all on how names should be spelt more than the ones that choose the names for their children.

lovely123 on

Danielle, great idea for the spelling of the baby’s name. Too bad you weren’t there to guide them.

Danielle on

You what happens when parents decide to do “Youneek” spelling, they get mad when others get it wrong. I’ve seen it many times “Avah,” “Zakerie” or “Dezmond.” I have no problem with those particular names, and I think Ms. Rizer’s son has a lovely and tame name but the double n’s are superfluous. Don’t get huffy at the truth, I guarantee people are gonna spell that baby’s name “Quinlan” and any parent who gets on the “Youneek” bandwagon have themselves to blame.

Isabel on

What a beautiful photo!

Julie on

ahhh such a beautiful picture!

Guest on

Didn’t pay that close attention to the “N’s” in the name, love the name, nephews name is Quincy..sweet!

heather on

i do not understand why everyone gets so worked up over what someone else named THEIR baby…jeez people…who cares if people spell it wrong…so they’ll be corrected and then spell it correctly from then on out…

love the name and especially love the photo…congrats to the entire family…

Julianne on

My name is not that unique, but people have spelled it wrong my whole life. I usually have to spell my last name, too. There will always be people who can’t spell even the most common of names. Strangely enough, it has never been the end of the world to correct them, as some posters seem to think…

Anonymous on

Quinn will be a loved and happy boy!!

Sharon on

Quinnlann sounds more like a girls name to me…it is a beautiful picture and i wish them all the best 🙂

Anonymous on

Quinnlann? Seriously???

Linda on

Seriously, having to spell out a name is not that big of a deal. REgular names have this issue as well – Katherine vs Catherine (never mind Katharine – I know someone who goes by that spelling) or Stephen vs Steven. you would get laughed at to say which is the ‘proper’ spelling in these cases, so why can’t we let people innovate with other names?

Ava on

I think that is a great name, spelling and all! Congrats to this lovely family.

Torgster on

Seriously Mary? “spelt”? Spelt is wheat. In a comment about spelling, you spell “spelled” wrong. Too hilarious.

shannon on

The spelling Nazis are out!

Jennie on

I have no idea who she is (I’ll look her up in a minute; I’m baby-obsessed, so I always click on ‘People’s’ baby stores 🙂 ), but this photo is BEAUTIFUL. You can so clearly see the connection between Mother & Child. LOVE!!!

(And get over the name… It doesn’t matter whether we like it or approve of it or not; parents get the say in their kids’ names. 🙂 )

Anonymous on

Beautiful baby and mom! What is not to love about this?

DaisyMoon on

It sounds like a girl’s name, especially because it ends in ANN.

Amodis on

Congrats! I think Zander and Quinnlann go well together…Yes, BOTH sons will have to spell out their names their whole lives (“Zander with a “Z”, no it’s not short for ‘Alexander'”; “Double the ‘n’s, A-nn” lol) but really, the spellings are legible – which as a teacher, I appreciate ;).

My friend came across a Cayleigh, I mean Kay-Lee, I mean Kayleah, I mean Cailie, etc. *wink* whose mother was FURIOUS that my friend didn’t assume the spelling was (no joke): Kaixlee. My point is this, spelling is a personal thing but don’t be surprised if people comment on (or think on) who you spell a commonly known name – especially if you add a silent ‘x’ *wink*.

P.S. I too typically think of girls when I hear the name “Quinlyn” (spellings be damned jk) BUT I think it’s actually originally a boys’ name – like Riley, Peyton, and so on which are also androgynous.

Mom to Peanut & Bubb on

Who cares how it’s spelled ?? Not your kid, not your worry – AS LONG AS THEY ARE LOVED & CARED FOR. And how do you know that your child’s name is “correctly” spelled for all the world to make fun & annoyance of.

That is a beautiful picture. She has a beautiful smile & he’s a beautiful healthy baby. Best wishes to the family (or is that familee or familie).

soph on

Torgster, both are correct. Spelt is used in the UK. Too hilarious, huh?

Anonymous on

Okay, this is just sad! Twenty-seven comments and only ONE is congratulating the new parents and celebrating the arrival of a new life into the world. Everyone else is too busy being the name police!

Anyway, congrats to the family, and the picture is adorable!

Charli on

Congrats to them! Awesome name. BTW I only think parents get to say how his name is spelled Danielle.

Seann on

Your an idiot Danielle, idiot.

Anonymous on

Why is Zander all of a sudden becoming popular?

Holiday on

Quinn is a cute name but its a shame they didnt have a girl this time!!

DaisyMoon on

…said the person who doesn’t know the difference between YOUR & YOU’RE…

Good grief…

Anonymous on

DaisyMoon- Ever think that maybe that English isn’t that person’s first language and so s/he doesn’t know all the rumors of English grammar?! And I guess you’ve never made a typo, either!

Lyla on

My Daughters Name is Annoushka and Sons Name is Quinnlan. I love the use of Double Letters.

And they also have real Family meanings.

Congrats on the New Arrival.

Sandy on

such a wonderful photo- makes me miss those moments with a newborn!! congrats!

DaisyMoon on

A typo is misspelling a word because you typed too fast…(I’ve done that, of course)

Not knowing the difference between Your, You’re, There, Their, They’re, to, too, and when to use them is something else…

I’m not the Grammar Police, but I find it hilarious when someone is insulting another by calling them idiot or stupid, but their post shows that they’re that actual idiot.

DaisyMoon on

Beautiful photo!

I do agree with Danielle on the spelling though.

Anonymous on

DaisyMoon- I’m very careful (and particular!) about my grammar, but sometimes, when I get in a hurry and don’t pay as much attention to my typing as I should, I accidentally type “your” instead of “you’re” (or vice-versa!). I don’t think that makes me an idiot (although I definitely FEEL like one when I discover my silly mistake! ;)).

Like I said earlier, it’s also entirely possible that English is not that person’s first language (although this is an American-based site, people from all over the world post here!) and therefore they have a perfectly legimite reason for not knowing all the rules of English grammar.

Bottomline: I don’t think it’s fair to call someone an idiot when you have no idea why they made the mistake they did. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. 🙂

D.L. on

Congratulations to them, although I don’t like the spelling of the 1st name. That’s cool that they had two kids close together in age.

Denise S. on

I must be getting old. I have no idea who this woman is but congrats anyway!

Cindy on

honestly, when you SAY the name, you don’t over pronounce the n so who really cares how they spell it..cute name!

Niranjan on

lyn- Considering this is the Moms & Babies section of, it’s a liltte unreasonable to think you’re not going to find articles about celebrity pregnancies here.

Donna- Maggie’s a model and therefore not a random person.

Tess- From what I’ve read, it’s possible to find out the gender via ultrasound as early as 12 weeks (although the genitals themselves don’t form that early, there are two lines where they will eventually be, and the position of those lines is different in boys than in girls. Google angle of the dangle for more info!).

Also, she could have had an amniocentisis or CVS, both of which can tell you the gender. There’s even an at-home gender prediction kit now, which is apparently fairly accurate especially when it comes to boys, so perhaps she found out that way (although I doubt it, as I’d think she’d want to get it confirmed via ultrasound before announcing it to the world!). At any rate, it IS definitely possible for her to know the gender already.