Chely Wright Reveals Sex of Twins After Being Bribed with French Fries

03/15/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Chely Wright Expecting Identical Twin Boys
Jim Smeal/BEImages

In January, Chely Wright announced she was expecting identical twins with her wife Lauren Blitzer-Wright — and on Thursday she revealed their sex, with some convincing that involved a plate of French fries.

“We’re having two little boys,” Wright, 42, told Howard Bragman when he guest-hosted on Joy Behar’s Say Anything segment on CurrentTV.

“They’re healthy babies. They’re getting fat, thanks to my help. Everything looks good.”

Wright, who says she’s already gained 30 lbs., explains, “Most of it is French fries… It’s French fries and some Dunkin’ Donuts. But who’s keeping track?”

Those delectable potato treats are what Bragman used to get the musician to share the sex of her babies.

“We’ve known for a while that they were little boys, but we were keeping that private,” Wright said following the big reveal. “But since you offered me French fries …”

Feeling “great” currently, Wright went on to say, “The first trimester was a typical first trimester — a little tired, a little sick to my stomach.”

In honor of Wright’s profession, Bragman had a little gift for her unborn sons.

“We want your boys to be well-versed in country music … so we got you guys some beautiful guitars,” Bragman says, handing over two toys.

“This is great,” Wright replies, telling Bragman her kids will be born in June. “I’m not sure if they’ll write country music or show tunes.”

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joan on

Well we know for certain they are not Bragman’s kids. No blood line what so ever.

Ann on

Unless bragman provided the egg.

anon on

And so what joan?

lovely123 on

“Write country music or show tunes”, that is funny!!

Sharon on

Aaaw i knew it!! Congratulations! Now, haters, begin….

makafortune on

Congratulations, identical twin boys….such a blessing.

Donna on

They are a family and love each other….just let them be happy…no reason to “hate” on them.

SuzyQ on

Little boys are so much fun…and FAST…I had a bunch of them and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Congratulations to them.

Aleshamom4 on

AMEN!! Congrats!!

Alexis on

That’s so awesome, although I’m selfishly sad there will not be a Reading, Writing, and Rhythm benefit this Fan Fair. Congrats to Chely and Lauren! šŸ˜€

Stacey on


Julianna on

I have twin boys, born in December. It’s exhausting, but thrilling at the same time. Congrats to Chely and her wife!

cdeeinaz on

Wow, Identical twins. How exciting. Congratulations to you both! Get used to no sleep! =-)

Gigi on

I hope they have a male role model in their lives so they grow up knowing how to be men.

Aziriah on

Like all the homosexuals who come from homophobic, religious backgrounds, Gigi? Do you people even connect the dots when you think of “points?” Most homosexuals were raised by heterosexuals genius.

Tracey on

Congratulation to the beautiful couple! Such fortunate boys to be born into a tolerant and loving family where they were wanted.

Ignore the haters. They are ignorant anyway and perpetuate the negative that pollutes this world.

ashley on

First off CONGRADS TO CHELY AND LAUREN!!!!!!! For all you haters out there who are bashing Chely and Lauren for being in love and wanting a family you are pathetic and need to grow up! This is suppose to be a happy time for them and you are all just spreading your hate on them. You need to grow up and get a life!

Tam on

Congrats to the mom’s to be! The two of you will make awesome parents!!!! God bless you šŸ™‚

Linda Archer on

To all the haters, if you hate gays, why are you on this page? Why do you feel the need to share your hate? Why can’t you just live your life and let others do the same. I’ve never understood that mentality, it’s like the haters that go into a public park and destroy the concrete picnic tables with a sledge hammer. It you used that energy to do something positive it could really improve your life.

Tina on

I grew to love Chely after watching her documentary of coming out on Netflix. Being a homophobic Christian before, I am not after watching that. Thank you, Chely for opening my eyes.

What a great woman! Congratulations I know you will raise beautiful children.

Sam on

Good luck to them! Twins are a handful.

B.J. on

Congrats Chely and her wife. So happy for them. šŸ™‚

Joanna Smith on

Congrats to Chely…she is so kind and giving to her band and their family members. Two woman or two men can’t make a baby. Congrats to Chely and the sperm donor.

charles Fisher on

Hey Chely Congradulations with ur twin boys…. I know that you will be a great mom……. As youare a great artist and song writter……. And I amvery happy for you and your wife…..

katie on

Congratulations Chely and Lauren. A piece of advice from someone who has walked your path. Have lots of camcorders recording your lives for the first few months. I wish I had. It was quite a comedy not knowing what, which end or from whom it was going to come from next. We later went on to have a singleton. Three little boys that can always and will always melt my heart. Congrats again.

Gerry on

People don’ t choose to be homosexual, they are pardon the pun (born that way). That being said, people aren’t born to hate for it is a learned behavior from either family, society or religious beliefs.

I am a Roman Catholic, but even though the powers that be of the church frown upon this type of lifestyle the New Modern Family units are not hurting anyone they are just loving one another and I have always been taught that “God is Love”, not hate.

Congratulations Chely and Lauren and may you have many happy years together with your 2 little bundles of joy.

katty on

never liked chely wright after how she treated brad paisley.

Iā€™m Standing Right Behind You on

Wishing joy and many blessings to the parents-to-be and their sons.

Torgster on

Good point Gigi! Maybe they could have playdates with Elton and David Furnishs” boys, or Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtkas’ twins. Yeah, teach them how to be men. Crawl back under your prehistoric rock lady!

B.J. (the girl) on

I was raised Christian, by a straight man and a straight woman who have been married 35 years. And guess what? I turned out to be a lesbian! I saw my mother every day as a working woman and wife, and yet somehow, I didn’t turn out just the same. If anything, being around their heterosexual marriage has convinced me that marriage isn’t worthwhile. I’m nearly 30 and happily single – and I am a REAL woman!

olsontwins on

Aww as a fellow mom of twin boys (though mine are fraternal), she’s in for an AWESOME experience! Twins are so fun and such a unique experience. Congrats to the moms!

Ana on

Good luck chely and Lauren may you be blessed from in all that you do . Gigi grow up . And to anyone out there continuing with there hate , he who has not sinned shall cast the first stone .

tina on

I’m thrilled for you both! I’m a lesbian myself and have identical twin boys. They are both in the army, and are more men then most men out there. Don’t listen to the haters, they have no clue about anything.