Camila McConaughey: My Tough Pregnancy Resulted In a C-Section

03/14/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Camila McConaughey: My Tough Pregnancy Resulted In a C-Section
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When Camila Alves McConaughey alluded to problems during her most recent pregnancy, it turns out things were more serious than she originally let on.

“I had a really tough pregnancy — I had all kinds of things happen throughout the whole [nine months],” the handbag designer and face of Macy’s I.N.C. International Concepts’ campaign said Wednesday on The View.

“I had strong pains and kept telling the doctors … no one could figure it out. We ended up having to do a c-section,” Alves McConaughey, 30, explains.

“I told the doctor right before I went in, ‘Once I’m there just take a look, because I know something is wrong.’ They ended up finding all kinds of things in there that we had to take care of.”

Although the model didn’t elaborate on her specific health woes, she admits the forced downtime has taken a toll on her ability to care for children Livingston, 11 weeks, Vida, 3, and Levi, 4½.

This recovery has been extremely hard because I had a c-section and all these extra procedures,” she notes. “I’m not able to exercise … I can’t even pick up my kids, really. I have to be careful — I have another four weeks to go.”

Luckily, she has husband Matthew McConaughey — as well as her mother Fatima — to lend a hand at home. It’s help she appreciates, considering her humble start when she first arrived in Los Angeles.

“I moved here to pursue modeling. I come from a simple background and family — I couldn’t call my father and say, ‘Pay my bills.’ I had to get out there and work,” she says. “I was cleaning houses and started working in the Mexican restaurants because I could [read] the menu and orders. I slowly learned the language and [was able to] communicate with people a little better.”

Eventually Alves McConaughey found herself working at Los Angeles lounge Hyde, where she met the Mud star — and the rest, as they say, is history.

— Sarah Michaud

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Bizzy on

My mom had all C-sections because we were so huge! My older sister: 10.5 pounds. Younger Sister: 11.5 pounds. Me an my twin brother: 7.8 and 8.4 pounds! The only one the doctors even ATTEMPTED to do naturally was the ten-pounder, haha. Hope Camila is doing well, and the baby too!

L on

Its good to see im not alone, i was 10 lbs 5 oz at birth. My mom gained the right amount of weight and everything. With my daughter, i gained 30 lbs and she was 7 lbs 14 oz.

Elena on

I do wish her well. However, I do not understand the point of this article. If she’s goig to talk about health issues she shoudl atleast identify them to possibly be of help to other women that may find themselves in a similar mysterious situation.

Holiday on

I had my first baby completely natural, no interventions and no drugs. He was 2 weeks early and 6 pounds 2 ounces. With my daughter I developed severe pre eclampsia and HELLP syndrome and had an emergency csection 5 weeks early. I was in the ICU for 2 weeks and almost died. My daughter was discharged from the hospital before me and I couldnt see her for a week. It was horrible.

Sharon on

Omg I’m glad you’re both ok!!

fellow on

Yeah. My case. I was in 27th week.

kim on

pregnancy is scary enough without having added problems/issues. i really wish doctors would pay more attention when a patient tells them something is off/wrong. no one knows our bodies better than we do!

Yaya on

I had 3 c-sections, MAN UP LADY!!!

R on

Really Yaya? Did you not see she had other issues to deal with as well? You’re not any more special because you had three c-sections than women who do it without drugs. Get over yourself.

Cami on


Lala on

Pointless article…

guest on

*snort* I love all the stupid comments here either telling her to man up (woman up please!) even though she’s not complaining at all or the people being so proud of “natural” birth, as if that is a badge of honor. it isn’t. giving birth is hard and awesome, no matter how you do it.

Sarah on

Sorry you had the best doctors in the world and one C-section. My mom had FOUR.

Sarah on

I had a c-section at 34 weeks and my left ovary and 2 tumors removed and 3 months later they did a full hysterectomy because of stage 2 ovarian cancer. I know how scary a pregnancy with problems can be. I wish Camila well and a speedy recovery.

klutzy_girl on

What is wrong with some of you? She’s just sharing her story. This is not a competition and I don’t understand why you’re trying to make it one.

kristilgreeson on

I agree! She wasn’t saying “my situation is sooooo much worse than anyone!!” Good grief women! Grow up!

Stephaney on

Gosh most of you women are just downright mean and hateful! She isn’t claiming to be the only woman to ever have a c section or telling a “woe is me story”. This lady in my eyes has always been classy and humble! Good lord! I am appalled by most of you! A bunch if Negative Nanceys! And you wonder why men treat women with no respect! Look at how we treat each other! I’m disgusted!

Oh and by the way, I’ve had 3 c sections and none were more painful than my first one. She must’ve been terrified and how awful she’s unable to properly care for her babies. Shame on 90% of the women that commented on this post!

Tara on

I’m confused at the article as well. The Hyde (restaurant?), she was a model, or not until she met Matthew?

And if she isn’t going to be specific, why tell us about the problems? Maybe she had a tummy tuck? I feel for her having a tough pregnancy, but I don’t know anymore information other than that.

Gina on

She’s a beautiful woman, inside and out.

Charli Mabriel on

Thank you guest – even some women in my own family were against my decision to have elective c-sections. I just never understood the draw of natural birth. I’m so tired of women not supporting other women – especially one mother to another.

lola on

Katie Curic said it best……………There is a special place in hell for women who do not support other women.

Gigi on

Is that you, Taylor Swift?

kazumi on

I totally agree with you Lola, especially those who undermine other people’s sacrifices just because they think theirs were greater, they can go to h*ll right now haha

Amanda on

That’s unfortunate. Surgery is never fun. Hoping for a speedy recovery for Camila.

Woman1021 on

i had FOUR, yes FOUR c-sections and i don’t think i ever needed more than a week after each to recover.

Marky on

There are times when a person has been through a really difficult situation and they may be willing to answer questions with a little information, but not be willing to share everything yet. That’s what it appears to be here. She said there were “all kinds of things in there that we had to take care of.” That doesn’t sound like a tummy tuck, and frankly, this isn’t a woman who has said anything whiny ever, to my knowledge. As far as I’m concerned, she could have had cysts, or she could’ve had cancer, but she should be able to give details when she chooses.

She has always seemed to be “hands on” and a loving mom. This must be difficult for her, and why can’t people be supportive instead of waiting like tigers to pounce on the first woman who does things differently than you did? She went natural the first 2 times; something changed this time and she had said there were problems half way through the pregnancy. Sheesh!

Kim on

ha ha Sarah…seriously!! Go cry to your nanny in your million dollar mansion about how you had to have a c-section!

Anonymous on

Good luck! Love the McConaugheys.

Kelly on

i wanted as natural a birth as possible with my first…just did not happen that way. My water broke and after 20 hours of stalled labor at 5cm I started running a fever so to avoid my baby girl being very sick they did a csection. She was in the NICU for 5 days and I almost had to leave the hospital without my baby girl. It was so heartbreaking but the final outcome was a healthy baby and a healthy (although extremely sore) mommy.

I got pregnant again when my daughter was only 9 months and desperately wanted a VBAC. But when my son measured large at 7 months pregnant my doctor said he didn’t think it would be advisable. I had only had 9 months to recover from having that first csection and he was worried about uterine rupture. It is a good thing we scheduled a csection a few days before he was due because he came out weighing over 10 pounds…I am only 5’2″ with pretty narrow hips. My body did not cooperate with my first and she was only 8lbs 5 oz. I was much more prepared the 2nd time around and didn’t have a terrible experience. The first L&D was a nightmare.

Thank goodness for medical interventions…when needed. The ultimate goal is a healthy mom and baby. Camila must have had a pretty severe situation to be told not to lift anything or exercise at all even after 11 weeks or more. My 6 week mark came and I was doing light exercise. I was up and walking at the mall with my toddler and newborn when he was about 10 days old. So, she must have had a particularly tough time.

Instead of bashing her we should be supportive of women’s birth choices no matter what the reason…shy of cosmetic reasons of course. Sometimes surgery just cannot be avoided.

nj4 on

@lola: Katie Couric did not say that. Madeline Albright did.

Kresta on

Why do some women have to be so unsupportive of each other? I would really hate to be a friend to some of you.

Anonymous on

I wish her the best. That was a tough journey and thank God she and the baby pulled through.

Alissa on

I thought this article was great. Camila is talking about having a difficult pregnancy, which a lot of women do, having a gut feeling that something was wrong, which it turns out she was right, and having a c-section along with other surgeries and not being able to care for her children by herself.

It is good to hear that other women have a less than pleasant pregnancy/ childbirth experience, especially if you are a mom who had a similar experience. It is important to remember that all pregnancies/ deliveries/ recoveries are different and that all are valid experiences. We would all love to give birth like Josie Maran in a kiddie pool in our backyard, but most women had issues that made an outdoor home birth a bad idea for them or their baby. (I love Josie, so I am not bashing her.)

Camila is also showing that even an experienced mom can be put in a situation where she can’t care for her newborn or her other children and has to rely on family. Many women struggle with guilt from that exact same situation. Time to stand together and stop bashing and bragging.

Sarah on

I wish her well, but I wish more celebs would #1 acknowledge that they have a nanny or nannies and #2 acknowledge the hard work their nannies do and publicly thank them.

There are only a handful of celebs who acknowledge their help. That is a shame.

Catca on


The point to the article is simply to say she had a rough time and her life isn’t perfect as it’s sometimes made out to be in the gossip rags. It’s also to say she’s had some health issues and can’t exercise yet so cut her some slack with respect to bouncing back after baby.

Her specific health issues are personal and while she could help other women by choosing to discuss it, she certainly has no obligation to.

Katie on

I wonder if she had endometriosis and had some of it lasered off through surgery? Although pregnancy they say helps a woman with enodmetrriosis feel better. Who knows. Hope she gets better.

And one c-section is bad enough. Especially if she had two vaginal births and wasn’t planning on a c section. Get better Camila! Does this mean no more babies????

teehee on

I think that was eleanor Roosevelt not Katie Couric?? Definately someone other than Katie just not sure who.

cj on

I didn’t know that’s how she came to America or how her and Matthew met – what a cool story! Happy for them. Would be difficult to not be able to pick up your kids for 15 weeks – hope she recovers well and fully!

elizabeth on

Wow…some of these comments are so cruel. I really don’t think she’s looking for pity, she is just sharing her experience…It’s amazing how inhumane some of you are….

M on

@lola: That was Madeleine Albright, not Katie Couric. And I believe she said “help,” not “support.”

Sharon on

Unbelievable how this turns into a competetion! She simply shared her story. I bet those of you who bashed her shared your stories, or would share if it happened to you. I wish her all the best and im glad she is recovering.

Lizzie on


Anonymous on

I love this family, and really admire Camila too. While I went all natural, I had a very complicated pregnancy with my last and completely understand. She shouldn’t need to explain what problems she had because it’s really no one’s business. I’m just glad her, baby and the rest of her family are doing well.

Dee on

I agree, some of the comments the other women are leaving are just plain hateful. It must be rooted in some underlying jealousy. How do they know if she does or does not have a nanny? It is totally possible she does it on her own. They are a lovely family, and their children are beautiful. I wish them the best.

Anonymous on

Dee- My thoughts exactly! I don’t know why it’s so hard for some people to grasp that being a celeb doesn’t automatically mean you have nannies. Plenty of celebs had said they don’t have nannies (for example, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden said shortly after Harlow’s birth that they were sans nanny at that point, and Mayim Bialak said in an article in last week’s PEOPLE that she doesn’t have a nanny).

Anyway, poor Camila! My guess is that maybe she had uterine fibriods that had to be removed, or perhaps some cysts. Whatever she had, I hope that she recovers soon and that she won’t put her health at risk by having any more babies!

Oh, and this is actually her second C-section, BTW. She had one with Levi, too (after going through over TWO DAYS of labor!) Here’s an article where she talke about it you’re interested:

Hea on

I could call out “hey, shut up, I have a brain tumor that could kill me!” every time someone talked about their medical stuff but I would never do that. You can’t really compare things like that. This was tough for Camila and that’s what counts. I know how scared you can be when you know something is wrong but you don’t know what it is or if it’s dangerous.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure a planned c-section because of a big baby is a bit different than a planned c-section because of painful and unidentified symptoms that could be because of, say, malignant tumors and such. I know I’d be more calm if I knew it was just because my baby was large than if I had bleedings, cramps and such and feared I might need a hysterectomy or something.

joules on

” all these extra procedures” my question – lipo and tummy tuck perhaps?

Teena on

Some of you girls (yeah, you act like girls…grow up!) are just ridiculous. “I had 4 c-sections” “I had three” “*I*could get up after a week* read the article, you little toddlers, it says she had other things down as well. Who know’s what she had removed or sewn together. It wasn’t just a ‘simple’ c-section.

kd997 on

Wow…wall all the hate? I dont believe she called a press conference to announce she had a c-section. Most likely, she was asked a question by some reporter and she answered with as much detail as she was willing to give out. And probably People reported the portion they wanted to report. So what if some of you had it worse…it’s not a competition.

J on

Oh Lola, grow up…

J on

Dee, what’s there to be jealous of? Honestly, why do people give that same tired comment when they need to back other comments they don’t agree with?

jsp81355 on

She is a wonderful mother and a beautiful woman. I am sorry to hear about all the medical problems she had and hope that she will be feeling much better very soon.

tuffone on

c-sections are no joke! hope all is going well and she’s very lucky to be surrounded by so much help! best wishes! and maybe one day, you’ll feel like sharing your story, but some things people want to keep personal, too.

Tabitha on

Child birth is an amazing experience no matter natural, epidural or c-section. There are women in this world who will never get to experience the joys of having a baby(ies) move around inside them. How about we get off our high horse and band together instead of criticizing one another’s method of child birth whether it was a planned one or not.

Melissa on

kd997, it’s just a pickup from a talk show. You can click The View link and watch it yourself if you want.

Sara on

C-sections are different for everyone. I’ve had 2 and one was worse and resulted in some complications.

Some of these comments are cruel, but I’m kind of torn on the issue. It’s no one’s business about Camila’s health problems. Still, it might have been helpful to explain them a little more since a lot of other women might be experiencing the same things. Otherwise, why do the article? Just my opinion.

Leslee on

Wading through The View commercials was a little onerous, so I will have to stick to the article.

I really don’t see what she said that would make people feel justified to make mean or hateful comments. She had a C-Section and some other procedures that are severely limiting her and they don’t sound pleasant. She did not call a press conference to complain, she appeared on The View and the topic of her expanded family was something they were likely anxious to discuss with her.

She has a right to not suffer in silence and get real that not all pregnancies are perfect rays of sunshine (thank you, Camila) and that her experience with her newborn hasn’t been picture perfect either. She acknowledges and appreciates help from her husband and mother in getting through a difficult time.

I’m glad she shared that it’s ok for things not to be “perfect” but still keep an outlook that life will go on with some help from our loved ones.

Kat on

If you had a c-section, and bounced right back, great for you. But everyone’s body is different, just like every labor is different. The fact that her son is 11 weeks, and she still doing poorly, means she has a rough go of it. Be glad you didn’t.

Amazed on

It is amazing how hateful and bitter some of you sound

blessedwithboys on

As Camila is Brazilian, I wonder if she herself was born via c- section. There is some evidence that women born by c- section may have a more difficult time giving birth vaginally.

Evita84 on

I am glad she shared her story. It is good to know of different experiences.

Anonymous on

joules- Did you even read the article? It’s pretty obvious her procedures were for medical issues, likely cysts, fibriods, or even a cancerous tumor.

This reminds me of when Tori Spelling was rushed to the hospital for a “complications related to her C-section”, shortly after giving birth. A lot of people thought she was really just going in for a tummy tuck, and here it turned out that her C-section incision had burst open and her intestines had fallen out through it! In otherwords, the poor women could very easily have died!

For all we know, Camila, too, was very near death!

Anonymous on

J- What’s there to be jealous of? How about her looks, her wealth, her fame, the fact that she’s married to one of Hollywood’s former most eligable bachelors, the fact that she gets to rub elbows with people most of us will only ever meet in our dreams….Need I go on?

That being said, I agree that it’s a bit ridiculious to say someone is jealous just because they don’t agree with something!

katty on

my mom had 2 c sections and said recovery was awful. youre basically getting your stomach cut open to remove a mini human being. that has to be painful. who cares if someones mom had 4? or 1? does it matter? a c section is a c section and it still hurts.

Grace Vegas on

SUck it up honey…your not the only one to have issues. Im 5’3 and weigh about 110 and I gained over 80 pounds with my son (cuz I had gestational diabetes) and my son was over 11 pounds at birth. Try that one for size!!!!

Holiday on

Grace so because you stuffed your face and gained 80 pounds you dont think Camila has the right to tell about her complications??

Betty on

My Mother had 4 CSections, and I was happy I had both my babies naturally, but 5 years after my last baby was born my ovary burst one night & it was incredibly painful & I was suffering from internal hemorrhage, it required a cesarean, it was awful!! Poor Camila, I feel bad for her & wish her a prompt recovery, Blessings!!

Anonymous on

Grace Vegas- Guess what? You’re not the only one who’s had pregnancy issues, either. Nor did Camila claim she is. She was simply sharing her experience, just as you did.

That being said, please don’t let Holiday (or anyone else!) make you feel guilty about your problems. Obviously she just doesn’t understand what gestational diabetes is and how it works.

Anonymous on

Betty- YIKES! I’ve never heard of that happening to anyone before! But you had a hysterectomy (at least I’m assuming), not a cesearean. It would only have been a cesearen if you had also been pregnant and had to have a baby delivered.

Anonymous on

katty- It sounds horrible, but from what I’ve heard it isn’t actually that bad as long as there aren’t any complications. My mother also had two c-sections, and she has said that all she felt when my brother and I were being delivered was some “tugging” in her lower abdomen (like most women who give birth via C-section, she was given regional anesthesia to numb her from the waist down rather than being completely knocked out). 🙂

Anonymous on

Hope she has a speedy recovery. A simple family means a good decent family. JKL Camila!