BumpWatch: Penélope Cruz Bares Belly in Bikini

03/14/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Penelope Cruz Pregnant Bikini Barbados
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Mamma mia!

On March 5, Penélope Cruz — who is expecting her second child with husband Javier Bardem — put her growing belly on full display in a tiny black bikini while splashing around in the ocean in Barbados.

The actress, 38, later took 2-year-old son Leo for a quick dip near the Sandy Lane Hotel’s Garden Orchard Suites, where she and her family stayed.

Despite swirling rumors of a pregnancy earlier this year, Cruz was characteristically silent on the topic before her rep finally confirmed the news in February.

And since we rarely got a glimpse off her bump during her last pregnancy, we’re more than excited for this peek at her growing curves this time around.

One thing’s for sure, Cruz will do her best to keep her children out of the spotlight.

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“I want my son — and my kids if I have more — to grow up in a way that is as anonymous as possible,” she explained. “The fact that his father and I have chosen to do the work that we do, doesn’t give anybody the right to invade our privacy.”

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kinkycurlyliebe on

Love how beautiful pregnant women look. Congrats Penelope & Javier!

Carol on

Love her, beautiful….

liz on


Guest on

It’s amazing that a pregnant woman can still look like a man. That suit does nothing for her. She needs more support up top.

Lala on

Lol you say she looks like a man – and then comment on how she needs more support, in her chest…

Carolyn on

Looks like she might have a girl.

DB on

Love Love Love!

Zeze on


KO on

Can’t wait for the name! She and Salma have great taste!

Lisa T on

Wow! Her boobs are massive. Javier must be loving that. She’s such a beautiful woman.

Lisa T on

Guest you suck! She looks nothing like a man. Get a life!

DaisyMoon on

She looks beautiful, and I agree with her, I wish the paps would take an off-limits approah to the kids of celebs…it’s terrible to see how their personal space is continually invaded with complete disregard.

Sunshine on

Oh no, just missed them in Barbados. I absolutely love her and she looks beautiful!! Best of everything, Penelope and Javier.

RSmith on

There comes a certain point and time when a pregnant woman needs to stop wearing a bikini, and she has definately reached it.

Dona on

Ahhh wonder when she’s due. She’s at almost the same point in her pregnancy (looks wise) as me where she’s just starting to really show and stop looking simply bloated and fat! I’m also on my second, think I might be few wks ahead of her though, my belly is a bit bigger than my thighs lol

pietra on

viva España!!

Vanessa on

Why do actress find the need to show off being pregnant with a bikini? She needs to cover up, that’s just nasty!

laurenroseburke on

Penelope looks incredible!

Jacki Pecks on

PLEASE cover up your gut! It’s NOT attractive, cute or classy! What a Spanish PIG!

Huge fan on

Well your a pig for saying that Jacki

ilovemyself on

OK, no offese, but pregnant women should NOT wear bikinis… EVER!

Kim on

Have never seen anything attractive about a pregnant woman in a bikini. (Or a fat woman either!)

Candy on

Such a natural beauty!

Rachie on

If I look good when I’m that far along you bet I’m going to wear a bikini or whatever I darn well please. And if people don’t like my “gut” hanging out that’s too effing bag;).

Gina on

Kim Karthrashian looks horrible next to Penelope.

Becky on

Pregnant women are at their most beautiful. Congratulations to them. Hope for a girl for them this time.

Halee on

What these people look like without make-up, Lord!

Pale and sickeningly blah.

haven on

She looks tired dark circles under her eyes and her belly looks a little odd shape. Yeah she’s showing her pregancy alright.

pep on

I agree with some people here I dont think she needs to be walking around in that suit there are maternity suits that would flatter her better .. i know some people think they are gorgeous bla bla bla but when i was prego it was my thing to see not the whole worlds.. eww

Gia on

Congrats to Penelope, Javier, and little Leo. They are such a beautiful family. Also the people are so rude. We’re not living in the middle ages. A pregnant belly isn’t something you have to hide. Its not “nasty” and its not a fucking “gut”. She’s making a life for Pete’s sake. And I cant believe that some of these comments are coming from woman none the less!

cleeo on

There’s nothing wrong with a pregnant woman wearing a bikini. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or cover up. I think it’s beautiful. If you don’t like it – don’t look.

Marky on

You people cannot be made happy! If someone shows their pregnant belly, “shame on them! Cover that mess up! Ugly!” If they cover up and don’t expose their pregnant belly, “What the H? They are using a surrogate! No way they are actually pregnant! Show us that belly!” These are statements I’ve been seeing all week–both ways. How unbelievably rude and asinine! She looks fine; I don’t happen to think anyone looks great in a string bikini, but she looks as good as anyone!

Sharon on

Marky, you always have the best comments and you prove a lot of great points!!

Em on

Never ever think its hot, sexy or attractive to wear a bikini preggers

It’s plain gross.

Nikki on

So a pregnant woman shoud not wear a bikini but a full size woman should? what is wrong with you people?? All these comments must be made by kids who have never been pregnant. She looks stunning,

cmonppl on

I don’t agree. You trade your privacy for millions of dollars. If you want to be “anonymous” go work at McDonald’s or Walmart. No one will bother you, but you won’t make alot.

Anonymous on

People always make comments about women in bikinis and they shouldn’t wear them if fat or, worse, pregnant, but head to the beach and there are waaayyyyy more many out of shape men (with huge bellies) running around not covered up!

DooDuhhBugg on

This Lady Is So Beautiful And Her Baby Weather Its A Boy/Girl tThey Be Pretty And Gourgous As Their Mother.

Charli on

She looks great! Congrats to the two of them.

Jackie on

I could have sworn that the “gut” she has has a BABY in it…i’m pretty sure this was taken by a pap…she is at the beach enjoying life with her family..she aint thinking about what she looks like bc our stalker asses are looking at it lol

Lauren on

It’s so sad that most of the negativity on this post is from WOMEN And I feel badly for those women. I don’t judge or curse them. I feel for them.

BooBoo on

Are you people with the “hate pregnant women in bikinis” comments actually completely out of your freaking minds??

Do you have ANY idea how UNCOMFORTABLE a one-piece would be?

If they want to be comfortable and wear bikinis, what is it to YOU? Avert your little eyes if it offends your non-existent sensibilities so much.

Wow. Just – Wow.

Melissa B on

Why do some of you think a pregnant belly is gross? LOL. It’s belly. Get over it. Do your thing Penelope!

jojo on

Nothing like seeing women make rude comments about another woman’s looks! Just love it… why aren’t we paid the same as men?.. oh yeah, bc some of us still act like children.

jessica on

A shame that she won’t stop smoking while pregnant. That is just gross!

April on

My daughter seen this picture and said ” Wow mom she is beautiful! she looks beautiful going swimming 🙂 ” Love!!

Erin on

You women are so catty!! Geez… if she wants to bare her belly, she can bare her belly! IT’S HER BELLY!!

sinead on

She’s carrying high! Just bet it’s a baby girl!

Renee on

Ewwwwwwwwww this is not beautiful.

Yvonne on

Good for them. It’s so awful to see people hounded by paparazzi while they’re just trying to live their lives. They chose acting, which should make them visible while onscreen, but off the clock I think they should be left alone.

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

Probably the most annoying thing people say on here is that actresses somehow “ask for” or deserve to be ruthlessly cyberbullied. People disgust me.

Anonymous on

Nobody wants to see ur growing belly…unattractive!

Julesy on

She is not attractive without a ton of makeup.

pamela on

I love when they say that about the paparazzi invading your privacy. Here’s a hint: Stop putting your business in the public eye and you won’t have that problem.

Amaryllis on


Jessica on

Ah beautiful!!!!

Tee on

Yuck, quit reporting on her pregnancy and never seen first kid. They want privacy give it to them, don’t need to read about her pregnancy, births, etc.

Sabrina on

She is stunning!

Anonymous on

“The fact that his father and I have chosen to do the work that we do, doesn’t give anybody the right to invade our privacy.”

EXACTLY! Now bugger off, everyone! Including me!

Anonymous on

Tee- If they didn’t want people reporting on their pregnancies, they wouldn’t have had their rep issue a confirmation! Also, there ARE pictures of Leo out there, including on this site. 🙂

BooBoo- A bikini isn’t the only option in situations where a one piece is uncomfortable, you know. She could have worn a tankini. 🙂 That being said, I don’t have an issue with her wearing a bikini. I wouldn’t wear one myself (pregnant or not!), but if she wants to, that’s her choice!

I also happen to think that pregnant bellies are beautiful, and I’d much rather see a pregnant woman in a bikini than a man with a huge potbelly hanging over his swim trunks!

As for her comments about privacy, yes, she chose to be in the limelight. Her son and her unborn child didn’t, and therefore they should be left alone by the media! I also didn’t realize that, when you become an actor, you sign something say you are giving up all of your privacy!

Anonymous on

Tee- Here’s a picture of Leo for you: http://www.people.com/people/celebritybabies/gallery/0,,20660255_21255744,00.html 🙂

melissamarie411 on

She looks beautiful and so healthy…Congrats to her and Javier, they really are beautiful people and Im sure their babies are just as stunning and gorgeous!!

cinzia on

I agree… ew. If pregnant celebrities choose to wear a bikini they should have the good sense to get one that fits properly and accentuates the baby, not the opposite! Don’t want your children exposed to the limelight?? Too LATE!! You wanted to be a STAR… DEAL WITH IT or GET OUT of the Business Sweetie!

Miss on

The only thing I wonder about this picture is why she’s swimming with big ‘ol hoop earrings on LOL 🙂

Anonymous on

What a disappointment some of these comments are! The notion that she should cover up her body simply because she isn’t at her tiniest size is so sad, whether it’s because she’s pregnant or not. I guess that the belief that the only thing a woman is good for is to look a certain way to please everyone else and if she can’t do that she should hide herself in shame is still very much out there despite all the strides we think we’ve made. I mean is it REALLY that big a deal if she doesn’t look perfect every second of every day? Is it really such a horrible thing that she’s not a size 0 for a few months while she grows a life inside of her? If you’re one of those who don’t like looking at pregnant women in bikinis then… LOOK AWAY! Why should she have to choose her entire wardrobe based on what some uptight jerks might not like to see? I don’t want to see all your ridiculous, insulting, misogynistic comments, but oh well…

Jessicad on

I think she looks gorgeous, and I love that she’s showing off her beautiful belly! I loved being pregnant and wearing a bikini, it was comfortable and I felt great about myself and didn’t care what anyone else thought, hopefully she won’t read these hateful comments!

Jane on

Her nose almost touches her top lip. NOT attractive!

trish on

Bikinis look silly on pregnant women.

Merin on

I feel a little dirty at having clicked on this story. She’s at the beach. Leave her alone.

Sharon on

My God quit bashing her!!! Shes pregnant….ive seen many flabby overweight women wear bikinis to the beach, but no one says anything! People are so judgmental anymore. She is beautiful and looks better in a bikini being pregnant than many non-pregnant women do!

Anonymous on

cinzia- As I said last night, she chose this life, her kids didn’t. Why should they have to have their privacy invaded and be harassed by the media just because mommy and daddy happen to be famous?

I fully agree that celebs should expect to be photographed and such. But their kids should be left alone!

Angelle on

I’m embarrassed to read all the comments being critical of pregnant women wearing bikinis. Are bikinis only exclusive to women who fit into the false ideal of what women wearing them should look like?!

Kudos to any woman who has the courage and confidence to be proud and comfortable in the skin she’s in! And shame to all who lack the tact to defer their judgement.

Christy on

Everyone has the right to their opinion…but I think it’s great when pregnant women wear a bikini. Some may need a one piece lol. It’s a joyous time for them and let them enjoy it without negative remarks about their bodies, they get enough of that when their not pregnant.