Jason and Molly Mesnick Welcome Daughter Riley Anne

03/14/2013 at 09:00 PM ET

Jason Mesnick Molly Mesnick Welcomes Daughter Riley Anne
Lisi Wolf Photography

It’s a girl for Jason and Molly Malaney Mesnick!

The Bachelor alumsΒ welcomed daughter Riley Anne Mesnick on Thursday, March 14, the proud parents tell PEOPLE exclusively.

Born in Seattle, Wash., “Daddy’s little girl” arrived in the afternoon, weighing in at 6 lbs., 8 oz. and measuring 18ΒΎ inches long.

Riley “has a full head of hair — probably more than I’ll have in the next few years,” quips the new dad.

“What’s amazing to me is when Molly is holding Riley, her eyes do not come off her,” Mesnick, 36, tells PEOPLE. “I’m already seeing how much Molly loves the baby.”

Mesnick says a friend texted him Wednesday saying that if a woman’s feet are massaged — specifically the area between the ankle and the Achilles — it will put her into labor.

“I did it last night for about three minutes and Molly woke me up at about three this morning, after she’d been up for about an hour and a half, so maybe it does work?” Jason notes.

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This is the first child together for Jason and Molly, 28, who met on season 13 of The Bachelor and married the following year.

Riley joins big brother Tyler, 8, Jason’s son from his previous marriage.

“Ty has been asking for a sibling for so long,” Jason says. “He was here earlier holding her and kissing her and it was really, really cute. We’re so happy.”

— Monica Rizzo

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Susan on

Wonderful news. I’m sure the baby is a beauty. Congrats Jason and Molly.

Denise on

Congratulations to everuone. Love her name.

Sharon on

Congratulations! I love the name Riley!

Stacey on

Congrats!! Cute name, and how refreshing, a normal name!!!

Megan on

Aww! Love the name!

Lauren Kaminski on

I am so happy for them!:) They picked a great name for their daughter. Congratulations!!!

Diann on

Im so happy for the both of you, and was so happy that you changed your mind on having Molly as your wife, again congratulations to both of you .

shannon on

congrat!!! I love the name

Jen on

Congratulations to the new parents. No need for any negativity from those of us on the internet about anything Bachelor-related. Baby is always a blessing to be celebrated.

KIM on

Congrats to the beautiful family!

Paula Martin on

Very sweet news! Congratulations!

Katrina on


Carly on

Trista has a couple of kids, Katrina.

Tara on

No Katrina. Trista and Ryan have 2.

Alayna on

I am so happy for them! Molly was one of the sweetest girls on the show. Wishing her and baby Riley lots of rest and hope she’s feeling good. Cannot wait to see pictures!!!

Julie on

Congratulations Jason and Molly!

sat on

Sweet story! Nice couple. Her outfit is really cute and I love the name!

Jenna on

Congratulations! Such a beautiful, magical time!

Joy on

Cute couple…thrilled for them!

Kat on

I always forget that this is one of the very few couples that “made it.” I guess they almost didn’t, but whatever…

Melisa on

Aw, LOVE the name! So happy for these two! (Three!)

Jeni on

Congrats to them!

Leslie on

Congrats to Jason and Molly!

Marky on

Congratulations to Molly and Jason! Nice name, and sounds as if labor wasn’t too long. Hope Ty enjoys his little sister as much as my son enjoyed his. They are still “friends” as adults, though not terribly close in age. He was an excellent brother, and she appreciated it; hope it’s the same for Ty and Riley! Have fun and good luck!

Susan on

Aw, congrats to Jason and Molly. Love them.

Anonymous on

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I love this couple ! Much love and happiness with your growing family!

Guest on

I’m so happy for the couple. I guess Jason made the right choice on Bachelor, I really enjoy watching youtube clips on how he changed his mind and talked Molly into giving him a second chance. I just love happy endings.

Anonymous on

it is both a boy and a girls name, but thanks for coming out

Karen on

So happy for them! I thought they would have a girl and what a beautiful name! I love it.

It’s nice to see a couple that was from the bachelor make it!

Cinder Lou on

How sweet – and congrats to the happy family. I love the name.

Seattlite on

I know three girls named Riley. And two guys named Ashley. And I had a female teacher whose first name was Jeremy. My point is that there really isn’t such a thing as a sex specific name.

Kata on

Very happy for the couple. I knew Jason was serious when he went on the show… he was a single dad after all and was not looking for a line of beauties to date… he wanted one lady and found her by the Final Rose Ceremony. πŸ™‚

fan on

Awww, I saw him at the gym the other day…good thing since he’ll have less time now! Happy for a healthy little one

Hilary on

Congratulations Molly and Jason and big Brother Ty, may she bring you nothing but joy and happiness. You have given her such a beautiful name.

Tony on

Ah, this is so special. I don’t even know them but really feel compelled to post a comment on how thrilled I am for them!!

kaemicha on

Anon, Riley is my cat’s name. He’s a boy but I named him Riley, after Lisa Marie Pressley’s daughter, Riley. So, Riley is NOT gender specific.

Charli on

Congrats to them! Love the name!

Sarah on

I love the name Riley. And for the one that said Riley is a boy’s name..I have a 4 year old niece named Riley..AND she has both other boys and girls in her class that has the same name.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them, and I think the name is beautiful! I’m guessing the foot massage thing was probably just a conicidence, though. If it weren’t, you’d think more doctors and pregnancy websites would be warning against foot massages before the ninth month! πŸ˜‰

guest on

congratulations! And no, Riley is not just a boys name, it’s a fantastic name for a girl as well.

Margo on

Love the name! Congrats Jason, Molly, and Ty!

taylor on

this is the second bachelor couple to have a baby

taylor on

trista and ryan have two children they are the first bachelor couple to have kids

Nancy on

No, Riley can be either male or female. Congrats to the happy family!

i on

andrew firestone had the first bachelor baby. since he was the furst bachelor and got married

Liz on

Andrew Firestone wasn’t the first bachelor. His name was Alex. Plus, AF didn’t marry someone from the bachelor.

i on

anyway, cute couple and congrats. i know the baby is a beauty!

tgauden on

Hey Anonymous: I have a female cousin named Riley. Just curious; is Anonymous a “boys” or “girls” name?

Anonymous on

@Katrina Unless you’re not counting the Bachelorette then Molly and Jason’s baby is not the first for this franchise. Trista (from the original Bachelor and the first Bachelorette) and her husband Ryan have 2 children.

Just saying on

Like the name…don’t like the monogram. Think it all the way through, people.

Daisy Love on

Ok, Debbie Downer (or Dougie Downer, whatever you are… can’t tell by your lack of name!!) … C’mon now, Riley is one of those names that can be used for a boy or girl!

mytwocents on

Congratulations on the baby girl! I bet she’s beautiful!!

Julianna on

awww! congrats to jason, molly and ty!

Becky on

Congratulations! I LOVE the name, especially because my daughter is Ryleigh Anne!

Michelle on

It is also a girls name.

DaisyDuke67 on

RILEY is NOT a boy’s name. I have a 14 year old niece named Riley, AND a friend of mine has a 7 year old named Riley. BOTH ARE GIRLS. I have never heard it used for a boy, ever!

Sharon on

It can be either..i have heard it for both

Sharon on

*Ive heard of guys named Tracy and Shannon, and girls named Shawn*

Anonymous on

such a happy family!!!

M.R. on

Riley isn’t necessarily a boy’s name. I have a little girl named Riley in my classroom. Anything goes with names these days.

Louise on

Love the fact that this Bachelor couple really did go on the show to find true love, which they did and they have pretty much been out of the spotlight except for I’m sure the required Bachelor appearances. The birth of a baby is always a reason to celebrate! Congratulations and truly God has blessed them with their new gift!

Danielle on

Flip flapping Jason has a fake smile in this picture…….he is a loser, but Molly will have a daughter who will never leave her.

Jay on

I love this couple!! Congrats so much and no Riley is not just a boy’s name. It’s so cute for a girl.

Elisa on

They should have spelled it Reilly or Rylie for it to be more feminine……congrats on the new lovely family member.

Nana on

Riley is most definitely NOT just a boys name. My grandDAUGHTER’s name is Rylee!!

Heather on

I love the name Riley Anne. My baby girl is named Riley Ann. πŸ™‚

Jane on

Don’t like this couple – I don’t like how he dumped one girl for this one and humiliated her. I keep thinking these two will end up divorced anyhow.

Air Force on

And what would you have wanted him to do? Stay with someone he doesn’t want to be with.

patsylou on

Congrats to them! Sweet family.

Jane on

@Anonymous. Riley is not a boy’s name. My niece is named Riley, and my daughter’s friend is named Riley. It’s a unisex name, like Dana.

rachel on

congrats to the happy couple

Angela on

Anonymous, Really? Get a life!

Mom to three on

Yeah! A normal name she can grow up with!

Anonymous on

My daughter is also a Riley Ann!!! Love the name! She was given the initial of my mothers first name and my mothers middle name. My mother passed away the year before I had my daughter. She is my Mom’s little angel. Congrats to the new addition!!!

Samantha Lowry on

Yay! So happy for them. Riley is a great name and so cute with Mesnick. Congrats to the whole family!!

Kimberly on

Jane — Don’t cry for Melissa Rycroft. I think the “public” dumping did wonders for her career. They both ended up with what they wanted.

judi danciu on

Riley is a fabulous name for either sex !!! Most names now are interchangeable , at least they didn’t pick out something weird like all the stars are these days….So blessed they are….

Guest Guesty on

This is not the First Bachelor baby. Trista and Ryan have babies…..Even through I disgust Jason. congrats on the baby…babies are a blessing

jecca64 on

Who said that it doesn’t work on the Bachelors. Congratulations!

jones on

Congrats to their family! I dislike how Jason handled the situation on the Bachelor, but he and Melissa both moved on and found happiness. I also respect the fact that he and Molly have lived a relatively low key life since then. Yes, they did televise their wedding, but they went back to day to day life after that.

Jessie on

I don’t like these two…

Big Fan on

Riley is NOT boys name, it is unisex. It is pretty and flattering. Congrats, and such a beautiful family!

Guest1709 on

Aw good for them! Congrats Jason & Molly!

Adriane on

Actually ‘Anonymous’ my daughter’s name is RyLee. It can be a boy’s name or a girl’s name.

Kris on

Congrats Jason and Molly! For all about the name I would not name my kid a gender friendly name just for the fact that when they get married it sounds as if two guys are getting married. Can you hear it now do you Charlie, Riley take Paul to be your lawfully wedded husband and vice versa. In this case the way its spelled seems more like a boys name. There are plenty more ways to make the name seem more feminine.

CLT on

“Riley is a boys name…”

What an ignorant comment…It most certainly is not..like a million others, its gender-neutral and last I checked there weren’t laws requiring certain names only be applied to certain sexes. I named my daughter Riley..and it was the 20th most popular girls name in the US last year.

Jennifer on

Riley is not only a boys name. It is a great girls name. I have a Rylee. “Anonymous” is the name for people who make pointless comments, I guess.

Been there Mama! on

My daughter is Rylee and she gets compliments all the time for it being a cute name πŸ™‚

Christy on

There is a lot of girls named Riley, including my daughter πŸ™‚ It is not only a boys name. It is a name that can go with any gender. Congrats on the new baby girl!

my2cents on

Riley is a unisex name…like many others in this world.

Tamika Francis on

Congrats Jason, Molly and Ty.

I wish everyone would get over how Jason and Melissa broke up. They both broke up with each other Melissa stated it although each had their reasons. At the time I knew he made a mistake not picking Molly (hello did anyone not see that balcony scene) but I’m glad they all found they way to each other (and before anyone says anything I wanted him to choose Melissa). Everyone is married and has children can we get over it now this is actually one of the few success stories from the bachelor.

Anne on

Re Taylor: Jason is the first BACHELOR to be married and a new father. Trista is the first BACHELORETTE to get married and have a baby.

Doreen on

Congrats!! I like the name Riley! Reminds me of ‘Riley’ on the Client List show on Lifetime! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Is it just me or do other people out there also think that these two could actually pass as brother / sister?

Sandals on

Congratulations to Molly & Jason! Riley will be a beautiful little girl, whether she takes after Molly OR Jason. Ty is SO cute and looks like Jason! Good genes on both sides for sure!!

Anonymous on

awwww Congrats! I’ve seen the name for both….

Friend on

Well, Anonymous, I guess you’re wrong.

Anonymous on

Riley is the name of Elvis Presley’s grandaughter from Lisa Marie Presley!

soph on

Guest Guesty, you “disgust Jason”? Gotcha.

And for all of you with Ryleighs, Rylees and the like, seriously, learn how to spell.

Madeleine on

Melissa Rycroft has a dog named Riley. Just sayin’.

Congrats to them. Don’t like the name at all though.

Kat on

It sounds so upper class/rich/privileged. I wouldn’t want to be homeless or poor if my name was Riley, lol.

Ashley and JP now the ball’s in your court!

Brooklyn on

Love these two! Super happy for them. And I love the name. Traditionally, I’ve thought of Riley as they way to spell it for a boy, and would do Rylee for a girl, but with Anne I think Riley fits perfectly for a little girl!

Anonymous on

My dog’s name is Riley.

cynthia on

Congrats, to the new family!!! Big brother tyler will be there for her.

Niko on

@ Anonymous

Riley is a unique, normal, beautiful unisex name. Congrats to Jason and Molly!

tina on

awesome! I’m so happy for them!!!

Guest2012 on

Congrats and all to them.. Nice that they went after what they both wanted and are now happy and living the life of “Riley” – lol! But c’mon, it is kinda funny that Melissa Rycroft’s dog is named Riley.

kmae on

My daughter’s name is Riley as well. Congrats. πŸ™‚

Elizabeth on

Jason and Molly are meant to be together. Molly is class, such a beautiful peaceful person. They will love each other til the end of time. Congratulations on the new baby. Wish we could see a picture of Riley

Cathleen on

Congrats to Molly and Jason! Riley Anne is such a cute name!!

sharon on

And to think he almost let this woman go out of his life and now they have a little girl, glad he realized his mistake!

Angie on

I did that with my second baby (massaged the area between the ankle and heel) and I went into labor the next morning! It causes your uterus to contract. I think it does work! Congratulations to the happy couple! πŸ™‚

Guest2012 on

With respect to the massage – yes, that’s why pregnant women need to be very careful getting pedicures and any kind of massage of the feet and legs.. applying pressure to certain areas can trigger labor.

Kelly on

To anonymous, the first one to post on this story, Riley is actually what you would call a unisex name it can be used as a boy OR a girls name. So no Riley is not a name that is ONLY for boys, just sayin…

Anonymous on

I LOVE both Riley and Ann, however you may want to consider that her initials will be RAM. Maybe a middle name change? Not to be a downer, just trying to think of how she may feel when she is older. Kids can be cruel.

Nadia on

I think people should not name their kids unisex names. I believe strongly boys should have boy names and girls should have girl names thats how it should be. I might be old fashion thank god for that.

mg on

That name is so played out.

Kayte on

They seem like a very nice couple, and the baby’s name is super cute. I do find it kind of nauseating, though, when ‘celebrities’ sell their baby’s pictures to a tabloid magazine. It’s as if they want to milk their 15 minutes for every dollar they can get. I feel the same about their tv weddings. Is nothing sacred? Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

Karla on

Congratulations Jason, Molly, and Ty. I followed your love story on The Bachelor and beyond and I am so happy to see the love continue with the birth of Riley Anne. I love her name.

Sus on

Congrats Jason & Molly!

Ali on

I am going to keep my opinion of these two to myself and say, congrats on a healthy baby! I wouldn’t have chosen the name Riley for a girl as I have a nephew named Riley, but it’s better girl’s name than Maxwell!

elizabeth on

why are we still hearing about him nobody cares i have hated his guts after what he did to that poor girl

Anonymous on

Congrats to all of you on your newest addition. You were my favorite couple .

Elizabeth on

Those who talk negative about Jason and Molly truly have a closed mind. Jason handled his life and love well with tears caring for others but Molly he could never forget and she never forgot him. How blessed is that? God blessed marriage since the very beginning of time.

Riley Anne M on

I do find it crazy that we are both named Riley Anne… Also the same last initial!!
Wacky for sure! (: