Baby Girl on the Way for Shannon Miller

03/13/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Shannon Miller Expecting Second Child
Alan Chapman/FilmMagic

Shannon Miller is thinking pink!

The seven-time Olympic medalist, who is expecting her second child this summer, found out the sex of the baby live on Wednesday’s episode of The Doctors — and it’s a girl!

Following a battle with ovarian cancer, Miller, 36, and husband John Falconetti, already parents to son Rocco, 3, “talked about having another child. We knew with the surgery — having my left tube and ovary removed along with the tumor — that that would decrease the chances. Then you add chemotherapy on top of that,” the former gymnast explains.

“My oncologist said at least a year to wait before even trying. It really gave us a chance to appreciate everything we already had. We got the green light to start trying and we are now five and a half months along.”

Before the ultrasound, Miller, who now focuses her work on health and fitness, explained why either sex would be just fine.

“If we get a boy we have lots of clothes and toys, and I think we feel like we have the boy thing down at this point,” she notes. “If we get a girl, I’m going to be a little intimidated but it’s going to be fantastic. I think Rocco wants a girl. It’ll be the first girl grandchild on my side of the family.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Tee Tee on

So excited for Shannon and John! Little Rocco is as cute as can but and I’m sure their daughter will be beautiful!

Anonymous on

Congratulations on everything Shannon. March 4th I was officially 5 years Ovarian Cancer free. I know how tough the battle is to beat it but the more women that survive, the more we can spread the word to others so hopefully more women will be diagnosed early and survive.

anonymous on

I’m so glad they’re getting this blessing after all they’ve been through. Congratulations to them!

Sami on

Not that I’m not happy for them…I truly am! So having said that, CONGRATS!! But it still amazes me how someone who gets cancer can eventually conceive and I’ve been baby free for the last 13 years of trying and there’s nothing “physically” wrong with me…other than I can’t conceive! lol Well I did it once…but apparently God’s plan for me doesn’t include more children.

Again, congratulations! I’m sure your baby girl will make a fine addition to your family!

Grace on

Great News!!

Aleshamom4 on

WHOO!! big congrats, God’s miracles & blessings never cease ❤

Anonymous on

And congratulations as well from a 6-yr cancer-free ovarian cancer survivor (childless, though I am–trying to adopt)


nancy on

Never heard of her

Julie on

Congratulations Shannon and John!

Sharon on

Aaaw i love her and am so happy for her! A boy and girl…how sweet! She totally deserves this miracle 🙂

Anne on

Nancy I find it odd that you would read such a touching article and then take the time to login just to say ‘never heard of her’. It is ironic that CONGR ATULA TI ONS has the same number of letters so therefore would have taken the exact same effort.

Shannon I am thrilled for you and your family. I loved watching your amazing gymnastics talent. You were also a class act. You won so many medals but winning the cancer battle was by far the best. God bless you and your family.

Mike on

Don’t worry Nancy, she has never heard of you either.

Sharon on


Holiday on

Hurray for baby girls!!

Sharon on

Aaaw i agree, Holiday!! Little boys are awesome and adorable, but there is just something about little girls!!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them. What a wonderful gift. To those who have had trouble conceiving, adoption is a wonderful way to have a child.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! I don’t get why she’d find a baby girl intimidating, though. I mean, she was a little girl once herself, so you’d think she’d know everything there is to know about raising a girl!

Marky on

Nancy, a short little trip to Google would have told you that Shannon is a Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics and quite famous to many of us. She has won more medals than any other gymnast in US history, either male or female. She is the only woman in any sport to be inducted into the US Olympic Hall of Fame. She also graduated from Boston College Law School. SMH!

Anonymous on

BTW, I wonder why they switched to 2D for the gender reveal? Seems odd to use 4D for the face and the 2D to find out the gender. Plus, you’d think 4D would give more accurate results as far as gender goes!

Vanessa on

Anonymous, 2D is actually more accurate for determining gender. 3/4D can distort the images and even make girly bits look swollen.

Sandy on

Wow what a blessing after all she’s been thru! So happy she’s getting a little girl and a sister for Rocco. Congrats!

kira on

lol – love that rocco wants to name his baby sister “brother-bear” 😉

Just My Opinion on

I lost my mother to ovarian cancer in Dec 2012. I’m so happy for Shannon, John and Big Brother Rocco.