Connie Britton: My Son Confused Me with Beyoncé

03/13/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Connie Britton Beyonce PaleyFest
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Connie Britton may be a single mom, but her son apparently thinks she also sings “Single Ladies!”

When the actress’s recent MORE cover came out around the same time as Beyoncé‘s GQ spread, Britton put 2-year-old Yoby to the test.

“I had them both in my house and my son was looking at [them]. I said, ‘Do you see Mommy?’ He points at Beyoncé and says, ‘Mommy,'” the Nashville star, 45, tells PEOPLE at the show’s PaleyFest panel Saturday.

But Britton took her son’s mistake in stride, choosing to see the identity confusion as a compliment. “I was like, ‘That’s my boy,'” she jokes.

“I’ve played a mom a lot and I only became a mom for real recently,” says the former Friday Night Lights and American Horror Story star. “It’s really hard work. Really hard.”

Making her job as a single mom more difficult is the time spent shooting her hit show in Tennessee.

“I basically went to Nashville with my new son and didn’t know a soul. I’m not there with my support system,” Britton explains. “But I do have the crew and all these actors. I’ve made amazing friends there. You really find family wherever you go.”

But it’s her son — who travels back and forth with Britton between L.A. and Nashville — who has really stolen her heart. “He’s pretty much the most amazing person on the planet. He really is,” she shares.

— Patrick Gomez

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Miche on

You know magazines have gone photoshop crazy when your own kid can’t recognize you.

Brooke on

So sweet!!

Just Me on

Maybe he said that because she’s black and he’s black and it’s only natural?

Anonymous on

Just Me- Nah. I’m sure he knows his mama is white. He has eyes, after all. 🙂

Sam on

She looks nothing like herself on the MORE cover. Idk if it’s the makeup or photoshop, but it makes sense her kid would be confused.

Amy on

Love her she’s a wonderful person

cory23 on

She is truly a mom!

Nena on

If she looks like Ms B then I want to look like Catherine Zeta Jones. If your kid cant pick out his mamma in a picture. Hello…..Be in his life.

susan schweitzer on

Love her! Beautiful.

Anonymous on

She used “amazing” twice at the end there. What is amazing about those people and her son? Amazing is the most overused word after “awesome” and I wish both words would simply evaporate. Yeah, but that really WOULD be “astonishing.”

Brandi on

I wish you and your negativity would evaporate along with the rest of your little grammar nazi friends 🙂

Mel on

Brandi – I laughed out loud when I read your post. Agreed!

Anonymous on

Wish she was back on american horror story! love nashville though!

Cynthia on

Yeahhhhhh riiiiiiight…….Connie wishes……lol.

Anonymous on

Shes way prettier than Beyonce just saying lol

BBB on

Both have long light hair and golden complexions, I totally see why a TWO year old could make that mistake. It’s cute and I love that she took that as a compliment rather than reading anything else into it.

Karen on

Yeah the cover makes her look 10 yrs younger… maybe thats why..

cyndi on

God! People calm down the kid is only two years old stop reading meanings into simple things. How many two year olds can correctly pick out their mum in a photo line up of similar looking people

Ms M on

Ok that’s cute, but how can a 2 year old possibly mistake his mother for Beyonce. That’s highly impossible they look remotely nothing alike, for one there is the skin color, big factor here.