Karolína Kurková: Having My Son on Set Is Too Distracting

03/12/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Karolína Kurková The Face Son on Set
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As a working mom, keeping her son on set with her during the day just isn’t a possibility for Karolína KurkováTobin Jack can’t help but get into everyone’s face!

“I love him to come and visit, but then everybody gets distracted … he starts to talk and he’s very open and very talkative,” The Face coach, 29, tells PEOPLE.

“He likes to show off. He goes to everybody, ‘Hello, look at my car, look at my rock star shirt.’ He starts singing and dancing — he’s like a little performer!”

The 3-year-old scene-stealer is much better off with his buddies, explains the supermodel mama.

“If he’s there and I’m working, I don’t really get to see him then I feel bad,” she says. “It’s better if he’s with his friends or at school having a good time. Then when I’m home, I’m home.”

When she’s not working, Kurková and her boys — including husband Archie Drury — have all of New York City’s endless activities to explore. Typically, the family can be found soaking up all the subway has to offer — per Tobin’s request!

“He’s very into real trains, so when we’re in New York we take him on the subway and he loves it. It’s his favorite thing,” she shares. “We go up and down the subway. We give him a stopwatch and say, ‘Okay, in two minutes the train is coming.'”

Kurková continues, “He watches the stopwatch [and says], ‘It’s coming!’ Those eyes are so big and he’s so excited. He’s a boy — he loves anything and everything that’s adventurous and fun and wild.”

But between her busy shooting schedule for The Face and keeping up with Tobin, how does the mom manage to maintain her fabulous figure?

“I have to always run after him! That’s great exercise having a 3-year-old and he’s super fast when he runs — like really fast — so I really have to constantly [be like], ‘Where is he? What is he doing?'” she says.

“He loves it. He likes when I have to chase him and he’s like, ‘You can’t catch me!'”

– Anya Leon with reporting by Michele Stueven

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Melissa on

I honestly thought she was way older than that.

overseas on

Thanks for spelling her name right, with the accents and everything. Being a small country, we really appreciate it 😉

KO on

Very sweet to hear a Mom gushing about how much she enjoys her baby.

BBB on

Cute interview, wish they had put up a picture of her son. I don’t have kids but when I play with my cousin’s kids I definitely get excited by their excitement. Their curiosity, their personalities, their warmth–it’s all quite a fun environment to be in and I also thinking about all the little things (like she said, his eyes wide open while looking at the stopwatch and waiting for the train) days after because they’re heart-warming. Kids are just so open about their thoughts and feelings and being around them can be refreshing.

Sonia on

I love her! I remember people saying she was too big at one time for modeling and I was like they were crazy because she is so beautiful and thin!

Tiff on

If I have to hear one more actress or model respond to being asked how they maintain their impeccable figures-particularly after having babies-with “Oh, I just chase after my kids!,” I think my head might explode.

These women’s figures are their livliehood so there is no shame in them admitting that they work out hard and A LOT, in order to look they way they do! Nor is there shame in admitting that they have full time trainers and often personal chefs to help things along further. What IS shameful (to me at least) is so blatantly lying when, if you live in LA, you can bear witness to the fact that so many of the “Oh, I don’t have time to work out” storytellers practically live at the gym full time. I just don’t get it. It’s always the same running script…

Tiff_Tiff on

Very nice to hear about parents talking bout their children:)

Anonymous on

Tiff- I get the feeling that Karolina was joking. 🙂

MommytoanE on

I agree that a pic of the lil guy would have been fun. 🙂 She sounds like a great mom.

Tiff I agree…the whole “Oh I chase after my kid so I’m so skinny” line gets old. My own daughter is a ball of energy. Always outside, always running and playing, always talking. But it still took me a long time to lose the weight I had accumulated over the years. Chasing after kids is great, but I doubt anyone is running after their kids enough to actually lose massive amounts of weight.

Diet and exercise play into that as well, and its a shame more people can’t just be honest and say “Oh I work out when my lil one naps” or “Oh I’m on a strict diet to help maintain my figure” instead of trying to pull the wool over our eyes and make it seem like they are more special because they lose weight faster chasing after their lil ones. I agree, there is no shame in working out or maintaining a diet….but if more of these moms were open about it, they could be helping other moms get on the right path.

Cute article tho. Gotta love the lil super stars we create. 🙂