Hilaria Baldwin: My Mom Guessed I Was Having a Girl

03/12/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Hilaria Baldwin Expecting Daughter Mother Guessed
Walter McBride/Corbis

Mother knows best!

Shortly after announcing her bets were on the couple’s first child being a boy, Hilaria Thomas Baldwin was surprised to find out she and husband Alec will actually welcome a daughter this summer.

“I was convinced it was a boy. I always just thought I was going to have a boy first,” Thomas Baldwin tells PEOPLE at Roundabout Theatre Company‘s Spring Gala Monday in New York City.

As it turns out, the yoga instructor’s mother knew there was a baby girl on the way all along.

“My mother told me a week before we found out that she had a dream that it was a girl,” Thomas Baldwin, 28, says.

“I started to think [she was right] because my mother’s dreams are always true.”

Although friends of the family suggested keeping the sex a surprise, the mom-to-be explains the decision to find out turned into an unexpected opportunity during the ultrasound.

“We got to spend 45 minutes looking at her, and we wouldn’t have been able to do that if we didn’t want to know the gender,” Thomas Baldwin says.

Now that the couple are thinking pink, the Baldwins are all caught up in the name game. Fortunately, despite differences on baby boy names, choosing a moniker for their daughter seems to be going smoothly.

“We actually like really similar names, so we are on the same page. No big arguments,” she says. “We have a couple of names that we like — and that information we are not sharing — but I do think that you have to look at her when she comes out.”

But baby names aren’t the only thing on the to-do list.

“I did an interview today with the Duggar family and all of these kids were asking me questions about if I’m ready to be a mom,” the special correspondent for EXTRA shares. “One of them said, ‘Do you have a crib yet? I said, ‘No, I don’t have a crib.’ So I guess there are a lot of things I have to get together, but we still have time.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Caitlin Keating

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ellaray on

She always looks quite smug doesn’t she? I don’t think she’ll be quite as smug in a few years when the newness wears off and Alec is treating her as bad as he treated Kim.

Vanessa on

Amen ellaray!

Stephanie on

What is with all the stories about this woman lately, is she known for anything other than being Alec Baldwin’s wife?

Mom Of Twins on

Oh really now? I say she wanted a boy, just to be able to say I gave him a son and Kim didn’t. Well, well, another girl!

Guest on

People need to do some research. Kim basinger was unstable. And vindictive, using their daughter as a pawn post-divorce. Not that Alec is totally reasonable, but their combined relationship was toxic

Kat1129 on

How are you going to feel when he goes off on your little girl and calls her a disgusting little pig?

LFMom on

wow, her mom guessed it was a girl…she did have a 50/50 chance at getting it right, better run off & buy a lotto ticket…gonna need it when he is unkind to the new wifey & he leaves her for a younger version.

BTW Kim didn’t make Alec spew those horrible rantings to their daughter, I believe they came directly out of his mouth in his own voice…just saying.

Pammy on

Thank you Guest. So many people forget, or didn’t know in the first place, how unstable and vindictive Kim was/is. Alec is no saint, but not all of the couple’s problems were caused by Alec – Kim’s actions were also detrimental to their relationship. These two definitely brought out the worst in each other. Alec seems to have found happiness with Hilaria – and even Ireland adores her.

Nadia on

she guessed it?? Really? With one chance outta two? Must be a wizard!! Geeez…

Anonymous on

It’s a 50/50 shot….come on….write about something/someone interesting

Little me 123 on

OMG who cares about this woman! Just because she is married to a celebrity she is news? Bleh

Donna on

She married someone famous and now she thinks that makes her famous too ?,,. Well she’s not, I really don’t care what she thinks, much less her mother. I wish the best for the baby…the rest of them need to go away.

VW on

a) Mom and everyone else has a 50 percent chance of being right.
b) The sex depends entirely on the father’s DNA. You always thought you’d have a boy first? Why?
c) Who cares?
d) Hilaria is a hilarious name, ya gotta admit.

All of that said, good luck. Have a powerful birth (you have no idea…) and a fine time rearing this child. When it comes down to it, we all, rich and successful or ordinary and struggling for the day-to-day stuff, have similar stories. Pray mental illness isn’t in your script.

sambec on

Well, it’s a 50/50 chance…so, this is hardly a surprise.

kim on

WOW! mom had a 50/50 shot at getting it correct, and she guessed right. shes ONE gifted lady, i tell ya! smh….

Lorelei on

She seems to be so proud of herself and of the fact that she’s been able to marry a celebrity! Though she looks like she thinks she’s the famous one standing there… I hate her eyebrows and that smug!!!! YUCK!!!!

klutzy_girl on

Does it make you all feel better about your pathetic little lives by being nasty and mean to someone you don’t even know?

Pat on

Really. You people need to get a life.so much jealousy and envy isn’t good for the soul. Pathetic

kira on

wow Hilaria you have tried very hard to make yourself relevant by being in the tabloids every couple days with some nonsensical comment. It is obvious you married Alec Baldwin to try and make your own name known.

roopoo on

WOW! Her mother dreamed she was going to have a girl. Her mother must be psychic or something. What a good guess…let’s see…she had a 50-50 chance at getting it right. Where do they get this stuff? Must be a slow news day.

Sweetcinna on

Maybe if she stamped smug on her forehead, she could lower the eyebrow.

Pat on

Sweetcinna, I have an eyebrow that does that. It’s called Bell’s palsy. Must be nice to be perfect

Anonymous on

it sounds awful when they use her two last names without a hyphen – like alec married thomas who is now carrying his daughter 😉 all the best to them anyway!!


Why does people update her stupid stories daily? I can’t wait for this train wreck to head south!!

angtay on

Who really cares about this girl? Another case of an actor divorcing and marrying a much younger woman. Why is she all of a sudden getting so much publicity? Considering the personality of this guy and the horrific rant he left on his daughters voice mail, I don’t know why she looks like she got the prize, he is disgusting.

guest on

It was a 50/50 chance her mom would be rt so not really getting the “big story” on this!?!? Gotta be better things People can cover than this!!!

Purple on

I have a pretty amazing gut feeling that her mother had about 50% chance of getting it right. Interestingly enough, I have a similar hunch that Hilaria had a 50% chance of getting it wrong. Wow. I’m having one of those moments…

Niko on

This Hilaria woman always wears the same dumb, perpetually surprised expression on her face. I guess being married to a celeb means she can afford all that botox injections. Anyway, I’m already sick of her. She’s nothing but Alec Baldwin’s new wife. That’s it.

Holiday on

Congrats! You will adore having a daughter! Tutus, pigtails, princesses and dance class are in your future!

Cindy on

I’m tired of hearing about this kid, and it’s not even here yet. Lord only knows how bad these two will be when it is. I can see the headline now: “Alec and Hilaria – ‘Our daughter’s poop is so cute!”

Sandy on

MY GOD enough about this preganacy!!!!

Tiff on

I’m kind of starting to like Hilaria (a little), but it is endlessly funny to me that whenever there’s a camera around she instantly arches her eyebrow and falls into what seems to be her own version of Zoolander’s infamous “Blue Steel” face Lol. Why?? I just don’t get it 🙂 So weird!

Andrea on

Wow! People can be so rude! She’s a first time mother and obviously very excited. Lay off! If you don’t want to hear about it, then don’t read the article. It’s that easy! Just because you don’t like Alec doesn’t mean you have the right to be rude to his wife. They obviously found love with each other and are happy, which is what every person wants. Just because Alec isn’t the perfect parent by any means (FYI NO ONE IS),that doesn’t mean you can be cruel to them. Suck it up and mind your own business. Quite frankly, I’m very happy for them. They seem extremely excited and I can’t wait for future updates about them and their family.

Marky on

Mom of twins, what makes you think Hilaria even cares that Kim didn’t give Alec a son? And frankly, it is always the other way round; since the father determines the sex, he gives her a son or daughter, strictly speaking.

Alice on

Why is she always blabbing to the media and then gets angry when the media follows her out of her apartment? Also she sounds like she is bitterly disappointed it’s a girl and needed 45 mins to keep staring in disbelief. I bet he is disappointed too, he seems like the type that would love another mini me to continue the Alec Baldwin dynasty. I give this only one more year and she’s gone with not the amount of money she was expecting. She would have been around longer if she had given him a boy but he is too old and egotistical to be interested in a baby girl. Gold digger will get some gold but not the amount she would like. BTW does anyone else think she is older than she says?

Alice on

haha it’s well known Ireland can’t stand Hilaria! Hilaria sucked up to Ireland before Alec asked her to marry him but as soon as the ring was on her finger Ireland was given the flick. Ireland now knows the truth that she was just used to get to her father. Everyone was fooled by Hilaria especially Alec, he can’t see it yet but everyone who knows him is aware that she is just after fame and money. Ireland occasionally tweets Hilaria but hasn’t seen her since the wedding. Last time she was in NY she only saw Alec and when him and Hilaria were out in LA Ireland only saw Alec. Ireland doesn’t like her imo

Anonymous on

Good grief, some of you ‘ladies’ on here seriously have issues. Carrying so much hate for a complete stranger can’t be healthy and it sure doesn’t look pretty. @Alice especially, you just sound scary.

Congrats to Hilaria and Alec. I wish them the best with their new baby girl.

Meems on

My grandmother had a dream with four of her grandchildren of feminine or masculine objects, and a baby being in them. In arabic like spanish each object is either feminine or masculine. So a dresser is feminine, the doctor told my mother I was a boy three times, my grandmother kept insisting I was a girl because she had a dream my mom was feeding a baby in a dresser drawer. Turns out she was right. She had dreams similar to this, and got the genders right with some of her other grandchildren. Always trust Granny’s instincts!

Pepper on


Stella on

Ugh, I wish this woman would stop taking….she was a yoga teacher and now suddenly she is everywhere talking about her and Alec…they might be a lovely couple and she might be great but the impression that she gives is that she is using him to get a career that she wouldn’t otherwise have and with this baby is guarantees that she will always have his money even if the break up. And honestly I don’t like him either, after the voicemails came out a few years ago of him calling his daughter a disgusting pig I lost any respect I would have had for him….hopefully he treats this new little girl better…

Alice on

The only reason Hilaria was surprised by this pregnancy is because it took her so long to get knocked up. Someone told me she has basically been trying to get pregnant from day one as her insurance policy. Heard she was super annoyed it is a girl as she has been following a special diet and timing her ovulation around theories that increase your chances of having a boy.

another interesting tidbit is she trawls the web looking for comments about herself, wouldn’t be surprised if she was the anon poster on here. Typical narcissist who can’t get enough attention and fame, unfortunately she is not bright which will be her downfall.

Hey Hilaria I know you are reading this so I know what you are really like and how you chased Alec down at that restaurant. Did you tell him you were there nearly every night waiting for him to arrive and you had a plan in place. I guess it worked but do you know his family and some of his friends are already in his ear about how you deceived him, I would be getting a little paranoid if I were you.

ME on

I am pretty sure you got to spend 45 minutes looking at your baby because you are a “celebrity”…not because you found out the sex.

Ianthe on

The comments are always interesting and most of them reflect how much smarter people are than Baldwin makes it obvious that he thinks they are. I don’t like the aspersions cast on Kim Basinger, though. She’s a woman of substance, she’s done a great job as a mother, her concerns have been justified, Baldwin owes her more than he ever can repay, she’s right about him, including about his being abusive and an emotional terrorist, she’s not the only person who can confirm that, and she’s well rid of him.

Ianthe on

Hey Klutzy_girl: There are quite a few things wrong with your comment. Not everyone who posts a comment doesn’t even know either of them. Nor does everyone who posts a comment have a pathetic little life, let alone feel bad about their life. I know that I don’t, if anything is a pathetic little life it’s being either of these two, and your handle of choice says plenty about you. If anyone needs to feel better about themselves by being mean and nasty to others, even those they don’t even know, take a look at Exhibits A and B here, the arrogance, the smugness, his words and actions of records, the way they’ve treated Genevieve Sabourin, etc.

Ianthe on

And the same to every other idiot defending these two narcissists and attacking anyone who isn’t a sycophant. Many, including me, have given them every benefit of the doubt and wish the best for their innocent offspring. But there’s a difference between that and being stupid, and their treatment of Genevieve Sabourin, who had the guts not to tolerate being treated like a Dorito, which is more guts and character than he has, speaks for itself.

Ianthe on

p.s. He’s just as tone-deaf about the public perception of his wife and the constant publicity about her as he is about people other than himself, women, politics, himself, etc…. If only he would just stick to acting and spend the rest of his time reading a book, not be abusive to others, not whine, have and live with some dignity, etc., he could have been well respected.