Third Child on the Way for Mark-Paul Gosselaar

03/11/2013 at 08:00 PM ET

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Expecting Third Child
Elizabeth Messina

There’s a baby on the way for Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

He and and wife Catriona McGinn “are thrilled to announce they’re expecting their first child together in September,” the Franklin & Bash star’s rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Gosselaar, 39, wed advertising executive McGinn, 34, last July in Santa Ynez, Calif.

The actor is already dad to two children — daughter Ava Lorenn, 6½, and son Michael Charles, 9 — from a previous marriage.

“We are all really excited for the arrival of our new addition. We’ve always wanted a big family,” Gosselaar tells PEOPLE.

“The kids are looking forward to a little sibling, and are asking a lot of funny questions right now.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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klutzy_girl on

Aw, congratulations to them! I love Mark from “Saved By The Bell” and “Franklin and Bash”.

DIane on

WTF happened to half of her body??? What a very unflattering picture.

Heather on

I was just thinking the same thing Diane!!

Sharon on

Yep, me too Heather!

Carrow on

LMAO Diane!!!!!

Karen on

Congrats! I always loved him growing up. This picture looks a little off. Where is the rest of her body?

Kara on

Congrats Mark! Love you since SBTB and followed your career until now in Franklin & Bash.

Aleshamom4 on

previous marriage to Lisa Ann Russell, now married to Survivor’s Jeff Probst..seems they co-parent well..Jeff has said he & Lisa will not have kids, wonder if this will change?! Best wishes to all

Melanie on

Really? I think Lisa Ann and Jeff have a lot of nerve, personally. Please recall that Lisa cheated on Mark-Paul during their marriage.


I’m glad Mark-Paul has moved on and is able to begin again with Catriona, who seems lovely.

I’ll always have a soft spot for him since I grew up with Zack Morris.

hbomb1225 on

I dont know how true this is since its National Enquirer, but I will say I met him and his then wife years ago (I was around 14 I would guess) at a charity hockey event. We stood in line to get his autograph and he was as sweet as could be to my sister and I (imagine a 14yo and her 6yo sister meeting their “dream man”, giddy and red faced) and his wife was an uber b***h to us. My mom even commented about how rude she was after the fact. Really, who is rude to a 14 and 6 year old?!

Glad he has moved on and I wish him and his wife nothing but happiness!

Kara on

Congrats to the beautiful couple.

Tlc on

Wow..really bad photoshop job lol..her whole backside is gone

ellaray on

Holy Photoshop Batman. Part of her lower half is missing!

penny on

I used to work w/Mark-Pauls father yrs ago. Kids at a Co. picnic were so happy to get his autograph. Great to hear Mark is doing well & congrats on the new little one on the way!!

Karsa on

That photo is so obviously photoshopped… look at her arms, they don’t line up, there 2 different sizes and her body doesn’t line up with where his arms around her… who ever did this did a very poor job.

SeriouslyThough on

gosh, somebody needs to give that boney thing a Twinkie.

Susie on

her front half is hidden behind his jacket, and she is leaning into him…. it does look weird, and its an awful pose, but i dont think its bad photoshop to blame!

fern on

so nice how men get to dump the first fam when they get tired of them and buy a whole new, younger one. classy. and yeah, that’s some nice photo shop on her body.

Lala on

Uhh fern… actually his wife cheated on him, while they were still married. So what is he supposed to do? Good for him, for moving on, and I’m glad he’s found happiness again.

Lexi on

I don’t know if it’s the angle the photo was taken at but half of her disappears

Melissa on

Fern, it’s well-known that his ex-wife CHEATED on him. He never had any intention of getting divorced. Why don’t you make sure you know what you’re talking about before you start making assumptions?

Marky on

fern, Google is your friend. He’s not the reason the first marriage ended. She cheated and they split. Now don’t you feel kinda foolish? Guys aren’t always the bad one in the relationship; sometimes it’s the wife or GF who “gets tired and moves on”.

Ann on

They make a stunning looking couple! I’m sure the baby will be amazing looking.

Kim on

Congratulations!! My husband and I are expecting a child in September, too (our second)!

Anonymous on

fern- In addition to what melissa and Marky said, he seems to still spend a lot of time with his children based on this and other articles and photos. I’d hardly call that “dumping his family”!

Susie- Exactly! If you look close, it’s obvious that she’s leaning into him and that’s why part of her body appears to be missing. Part of it could also be a bad angle. I don’t know why people blame odd photos on photoshop all the time!

SeriouslyThough- I’ve seen other pictures of her, and she’s not boney at all. It’s just the way they’re posed. Also, I’m sure she’d love a twinkie (what “normal” person wouldn’t?! ;))…but unfourtnately they don’t exsist anymore!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

fern- I also meant to say that I don’t think Catriona is that much younger than Mark-Paul. It’s not like he’s 50 and married to a woman in her 20s!

weezer on

That’s a bizarre pic!!

martine on

They are a beautiful couple, but this photo (with her entire back side missing) is bizarre.

Lala on

People – it’s not a bad Photoshop job. She’s leaning into him, and his jacket is covering the rest of her body.

AmandaC on

That is the worst photoshopped pic I’ve ever seen, where’s the rest of her body???

Brandi on

Thank you Lala for having common sense here where it is so rare to see. Obviously the jacket is covering her front half and her back curves in at the small of it, like it does with most thin women.

cheese on

Wow, people are such haters on here! Her body is hidden behind his coat. I don’t think the photo is bizarre. It’s their wedding day and they’re having fun! I’m sure this is a candid shot. I bet if they posted a picture perfect photo, you all would bash that too.. “it’s TOO perfect!”

takeaim74 on

I like how you all think she’s so much younger than him. I read some place online that she’s 42 or 43, which would make her older than him. I know that not everything on the internet is true, but she’s also reportedly held positions at several different companies/jobs. At the very least she’s in her 30s. Look at other pics of her online, and you’ll see the lines around her eyes. She’s not as young as you think.

Tlc on

Sorry, but I am a photographer and blew this photo up. It is very photoshopped and you can see the bad chop lines by his arm. His coat is not open, it is pressed firmly against her front. Her arm has been thinned out as well.

Nobody’s bashing the couple, we are just laughing at the horrible photo. Fault of whoever was told to chop it.

Anonymous on

I hope that photo is shopped because her body looks like it is missing. Come on, People Mag, you can do a better job than that. At least I think…

EG on

This is the weirdest picture.. congrats to them!

Cynthia on

Freaky picture, like half of her was cut off.

Anonymous on

Aw! Congrats!

lou on

For those wondering how old Catriona is, she is 34, so only 4.5yrs younger than Mark-Paul.

Amy on

I love it when older celebrities are having babies. I also love it when people get married and start all over, all while blending their families. I hate the word step…..I think step parent or step child is just a sad term… I always use bonus. My Mom is remarried. I have a bonus Dad, bonus siblings and bonus nieces/nephews. I look forward to reading more about this blended family.

itznia on

His children are absolutely beautiful!!!!