Another Girl on the Way for Ian Ziering

03/11/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Ian Ziering Expecting Second Daughter
Courtesy Erin Ziering

Ian Ziering is quickly becoming outnumbered at home.

The actor and wife Erin are set to welcome a second daughter in early May, he tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“I’m so excited about having another girl, and I’m at this crazy point in the pregnancy where Erin is so magnificent to me in every way,” says the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star, 48. “So in love with my love am I.”

This also means that daughter Mia Loren, who turns two on April 25, is getting ready for her new role.

“Mia is so excited. She lays her head on my stomach and says, ‘Baby come out now,'” Erin tells PEOPLE. “Every time we see a baby she says, ‘I am having a baby sister’ and talks about how she’s going to be her new friend.”

After a high-risk first pregnancy that found her struggling with gestational diabetes and an elevated heartbeat, Erin underwent additional monitoring this time around, leading to the discovery at just 11 weeks along that she was expecting another girl.

“Ian didn’t want to know,” Erin explains, but he ended up finding out only three weeks after she did. Thankfully, this pregnancy has had no complications. “Everything is fine, thank God,” Ian tells PEOPLE.

Ian, the youngest of three brothers, was hoping for a son so that he could “teach him how to be a good guy and a great man. At the moment I found out what sex the baby was, there was a little time of disappointment but there are just as many reasons to have a girl as to have a boy. Spending two years with Mia showed me that.”

Will they keep trying for a boy? “We’ll see where we’re at two,” the actor notes.

As Mia was named for Ian’s late mother Mickie, this baby’s moniker will honor the actor’s father Paul, who passed away in 2008. Until they decide on a name, “she’s baby P for now,” Ian says.

— Diane Herbst

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Samantha Lowry on

They are naming her Phoebe Pauline a friend slipped on Facebook about Erin’s plans to name the baby!

Sam on

LOVE the name Phoebe!!! ❀

kim on

awwww, so happy for them. they seem like a great couple/family

Rosie on

I have a niece named Peyton. It is a beautiful P name for a girl. Congratulations!!

Julie Rabe on

I’d love to see her named Paulina Kristine!!!

liarliarpantsonfire on

i think his early relationship challenges have helped him appreciate his family. good for him. congrats on the growing family>

easeup on

peaches, plum, panda, penelope, phoebe, paxton (paxi), peyton, paulette, pauline, paula, pray, pamela, polly, preema, paris, pippy, pippa, pond, pavarti, party, portia, penny, pixie, u can have so much fun with “P” names πŸ™‚

anne on


lwilso38 on

Is he really 48? he sure does not seem like he is that old!

Penelope on

He looks great. Congrats to him and his family.

Tara on

so honest for him to admit that he was disappointed it was not a boy. everybody is so pc now and says they’re happy either way but get real folks, people are allowed to have their preferences.

Anonymous on

Samantha- Seeing as how they indicated in the article that they haven’t decided on a name yet (and are calling her “Baby P” for now), my guess is that’s simply one of many names they’re considering. πŸ™‚

At any rate, I hope so. If the friend DID slip, then shame on her!

Kerri on

He looks so happy! I

Molly on

Is he really 48?? He looks goood! Hot damn!

Guest on

Should lead to some cute moments when the 2 yr. old goes out in public saying her mother has Baby P(ee) inside her tummy!

Cortney on

Just wondering if the Saved by the Bell kids/90210 kids have somebody in common named Loren that they are naming their kids after? Tiffani, Ian, and MPG all have kids with middle names Loren/Lorenn, Renn, and I there is another celebrity in that mix who has one too..