Holly Madison: My Daughter Won’t Be Traumatized By Her Name

03/10/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Holly Madison Daughter's Name Trauma
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She may not have chosen a girl next door name for her daughter, but Holly Madison says Rainbow Aurora‘s future is looking bright.

After sharing that her inspiration came from a former school mate, the new mom — who welcomed her first child Tuesday — adds that if history does in fact repeat itself, her baby girl has nothing to worry about.

“She was a perfectly normal, well-adjusted, sporty girl, by the way, so I’m not worried about my daughter being ‘traumatized’ by having an unusual name,” Madison, 33, writes on her website.

Acknowledging all those knocking her name choice, the first-time mama says that the “smug haters” will only make Rainbow stronger.

“I want my daughter to be proud of who she is and learn to speak up and stand up for herself at a young age,” Madison explains. “I spent most of my life being a people-pleaser who worried about what other people thought … and I don’t want that for her.”

In fact, Madison is so proud of Rainbow’s moniker that she’s already showing it off to the world. “Got my nails done rainbow colors to celebrate my new daughter’s name!” she says.

— Anya Leon

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KiKi on

“Smug haters”? What the heck is that? It’s a shame that the child will most likely have to grow up defending that name. Why do that to the child when there are so many other choices? I might could understand if the name came from a family member but somebody you went to school with so long ago?

Mrs. Buch on

Remembering elementary school, I think EVERYONE got teased for their name — whether it was a first, middle, or last name! We aren’t talking anything really out of the ordinary either. Rainbow would have gotten teased for her last name, Rotella, anyway… I can hear them talking about limp noodles and Hugh in the same sentence actually… But nevertheless! Kids, and people of all ages, are mean, and that probably won’t change, but I can only hope the trend of strange names will lead us all to stop judging others based on what’s surface deep.

ivanan on

well, it’s not THAT unusual and weird, I think it’s a lovely name…

I wonder how proud her former school mate is, constantly being referenced in interviews now. 😀

sandy on

I love the name Rainbow. I have heard names like Sunny, Rain, Cloud, Candy, Honey…….why is everyone against Rainbow? I really don’t see anyone teasing unless an adult encourages that behavior. Beautiful name for your daughter and your choice to do so.

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

If she’s not traumatized by the name, the thousands of naked pictures of her mom all over the internet might do it

Kim on


emily on

LOL! Agreed!

Robin on

Rainbow as a name isn’t nearly as weird as some other celebrity baby names I’ve heard. Sometimes unusual names can become the “norm” if enough parents name their kids that same name. For instance, all Holly has to do is nickname Rainbow as Rain and it doesn’t sound as offbeat since there are several little girls I know of named Rain or Rainy.

Sandra on

Your baby, your choice. Everyone else can just suck it!

Kim on

Suck what Sandra?

Marcia on

Why is Holly Madison getting so much coverage? Isn’t her only claim to fame that she was one of Hefner’s bedmates?

LegsDiamond on

If she feels like she needs to justify her unusual choice to the public, she must feel some pangs of guilt or regret for it. Why didn’t she just legally change her own name?

Zip on

Rainbow? Um… ok. I guess she won’t be traumatized because she’ll have a therapist fund.

Pam on

The name’s a little weird, but it’s fun, everyone loves rainbows, she can go by Rain or Bo if she wants, and it could be a lot worse. I like Soleil Moon Frye and her kids seem to be adorable and happy, but I’ll never get why she named her daughter Jagger. That’s a harsh name even for a boy, let alone a girl. Well, whatever, as long as the child is loved, I guess…

Ang on

There’s Blue Carter and now Rainbow cmon. I hope she goes by Rain.

North Dakota on

What about moxy crime fighter? Apple, Moses, blue bear??

valeskas on

Yes, she will. The name Rainbow was in over 30 years ago, not so anymore.

Jennifer on

Yeah right…

Paula Martin on

Perfect response!

Paris0426 on

WHY WHY WHY set your child up for a life of teasing and ridicule. What an idiot.

Kim on

I agree, bullying is out of control. Odd names just gives idiots more ammunition. Children are defenseless. Making your children suffer because of your selfish reasons? Stu – pid!!!!!

.b. on

While I’m not a fan of the name, children are going to bully no matter the child’s name. Listening to stories by children bullied these days, they don’t really talk about the bullies being assholes in regards to their name.

Georgia on

I give her kudos for wanting to instill a lot of great qualities in her daughter. However, whether she likes to believe so or not, she has made life more difficult for her daughter from the start by making her walk this earth with the name Rainbow.

People will discredit her from the get-go simply because of her silly name (yes, let’s all be honest, the name is silly) and that’s a shame. She will probably turn out to be a beautiful girl and at least she has a beautiful middle name in case she prefers to go by that one day.

Holly, we love you and wish you and your baby girl all the best but we don’t love the name choice…sorry.

shannons365days on

I really don’t see what everyone has against all these different names. It isn’t just a celebrity thing, and this isn’t a new thing either. It’s just more common now to name your child something different. And as long as their name isn’t a joke or some sort of multimedia nonsense, then what does it matter to everyone else?

Really? on

For the love of God, at least call her Rain….

Skinny Wrap Girl on

Congrats to her but that is just awful!!!

Snow on

Sorry, but that’s just a cop out. I love when celebs use the word “haters” rather than being open to what other people say. You’re putting your kid at a disadvantage already by giving it a name they can be bullied for. Why would any parent do that? Oh, to toughen them up to adversity….to make them stronger…yeah, umm, ok. That goes against the grain of being protective of your children.

She just won’t admit she picked it on a narcissistic whim. Suppose your child wants to be a lawyer? The name Rainbow is just going to be a detriment. But celebs just thing about their own little Hollywood bubble and what’s ok in that world. I use to like Holly. This just makes her seem like an airhead.

Sammie on

Holly is living in her own little Playboy Bunny world. Kids are gonna tease this kid in grade school. She will hate her name. But it’s not my child; so be it.

Cinder Lou on

Interesting. When the first article came out about the baby’s name, there were quite a few negative responses to it. Holly must have read them, because now she feels the need to justify her decision to name her daughter Rainbow. I guess you can’t have it both ways; if you don’t want to know what the public thinks, don’t make your private information a public matter.

bee on

She’s sounding pretty sure of herself for someone who JUST had the baby… ha.. She’ll learn. : )

Milky on

OMG, can you imagine being a brand new mother of a baby girl who’s only a few days old and feeling the need to defend your name choice to reporters because of hoards of awful comments on the internet? About a name that is, in the grand scheme of things, totally fine. Poor woman.

The downside of fame I guess, I hope the upside is worth it!

Teena on

Hm, I wonder….will she be mocked for her name or for her mother’s past….hm….

Anonymous on

You may get her to accept her name but that wont stop the teasing because you didnt think before naming her!

Tiffany on

I am sure there will be a time that she hates her name.

Beth Campbell on

She won’t be “damaged” by her name, but having known numerous people who have had to explain their names their entire lives, she won’t thank you either. There is unusual and then there is “what was your mom smoking?” and I think “Rainbow” falls into the later.

Anonymous on

So they are already making fun of the kid…you have time to change the name…

Brie on

then don’t name her RAINBOW!!!!! just dumb dumb. That child will get mocked.

Monica on

…and everyone please note that the previous comment was made by someone who shares a name with cheese…

Nina on

There is nothing wrong with Rainbow, still better than Maxwell for a girl, Ivy Blue, Poppy, Suri, Apple, Casper, Sundance, …

Carolyn on

Maybe not traumatized, but that’s one dopey name. Everybody just has to be so different today, don’t they? The difference is inside, not a name just to stand out.

Pam Joyce on

OMG that poor child.

mmmmmeg on

You go girl.

davisfamilyblogs on

Yes. Yes she will.
But it’s certainly your right to screw her up. lol

Allison on

Can’t you just OWN the name and not defend it? Just shows insecurity when you feel you have to explain and justify a name choice. Just name her Rainbow and let people deal with it! Its pretty anyway, certainly not the weirdest celebrity baby name I’ve heard.

susan schweitzer on

Well, I guess it’s better than Thunder Storm!

ali on

Lol that is very true!!

melissa on

Yes she will be tormented by her name. I used to know a girl named Rainbow who despised her name. Everyone had a comment about it when she told them her name, from “Is that your real name to is your Mom a hippie”?? She wanted to change her name badly.

Anonymous on

Rainbow isn’t that different of a name – at least not for the celebrity set! I think she’ll have it easier in life then some others; I still don’t understand naming a little girl Apple……

lei3 on

I’m naming my child “Special Snowflake”

holly on

Soul, Geniuses, Star, Sky, Knowledge, Superior, Precious, Wright are names of people I know or went to school with, none seems to have a problem with their names. Christian, Hope, Faith, Joy, Angel, Noel, Berry, Paris, River…. No one makes a big deal about any of those names. The kids that are making bullying others over a name are the ones that have the issues, they’re also the ones that have the bad parents.

Amy on

Excellent point holly. Also, I am a therapist, and kids who have very ordinary names get teased and bullied. Who remembers Joaquin Phoenix being known as Leaf Phoenix? He had a sister names Summer. How about January Jones? I believe Bret Michaels has a daughter named Rain. (Can’t recall off-hand, but isn’t her real name Rainbow?)

Yes, if your last name is Bush and you name your daughter Rose, she will get teased. And since she’ll grow up a Hollywood kid, she’ll either a) grow up with other kids who may also have names many of you find awful or b) she can change it when she gets older. Hey, David Bowie’s son Zowie Bowie changed his name, after all, and he seems downright normal. Look him up. 🙂

Gadzooks on

I’m sorry but that sounds like a porn star name. That poor girl.

Anonymous on


jen on

How is a newborn sporty and well adjusted? What an idiot!

Denise on

Well jen, you clearly can’t read. She’s referring to the girl who she went to school with who was also named Rainbow, not to her daughter.

emily on

I believe she was referring to the gal she went to school with, not the baby.

weezer on

But, yet she’ll grow up knowing that her mom took her clothes off for money and her name is rainbow!

Susan on

That’s great. All she needs now is the stripper pole!

Vee on

I’m not a “smug hater”. I just think it’s a ridiculous name. Hopefully your child will feel differently… hopefully…

my honest opinion on

rainbow is a sweet name…i could see it as a little girl name.

Kristen on

But her daughter may have escaped a few “haters” if her parents had decided to name an adult instead of a kitten. Putting your kid in the position where he or she has no choice but to fight haters or give in to them doesn’t empower the child, it just shows the child how selfish and stupid you were as the parent. Your parent is supposed to protect you, not set you up.

My first thought, when I read about this innocent baby girl’s name was; well her stripper name will need to be something like Anne or Elizabeth. This is what happens when you allow anyone to name their child any stupid thing that comes to mind. Has she really asked herself (her father is included in this) if a person would hire an attorney named Rainbow? Consult with a surgeon named “Rainbow.” No, I may seek out Rainbow to find my organic vegetables or at the very worst, to book for a bachelor party, but how about thinking long term and hearing your daughter’s (or son’s) name said aloud as she’s walking across the stage, receiving her Master’s degree.

And before anyone says “she can afford to change her name.” She shouldn’t have to. Her parents should have be a little more thoughtful in their choice. And yes, I’d say the same to Apple, Pilot, and Bear’s parents too. You’re naming an adult, not a baby, not a puppy, and not a Build A Bear and he or she is going to have to deal with what you selfishly believe will make him or her stronger.

Ini on

Great for her. Don’t judge people by their name!

Nix on

At least she won’t have to spend anytime making up her stripper name. I actually think Rain is a cute name, so there’s hope for her I guess.

Leslee on

It’s not so much the name Rainbow but the pairing with the last name of Rotella, making people think pasta, pasta, pasta. The middle name of Aurora doesn’t allow for much relief. If the baby had the last name of Madison, it wouldn’t strike people nearly as odd, or funny.

It’s still not the worst thing in the world, just a quirk that will keep on giving.

joules on

She’s right she won’t be traumatized by her name, the fact her mother is a whore will be enough.

Meia on

Its unfair this poor child has to have an immature mother that is just after fame. Would she be in the headlines if she had named her child a normal name? Nope! She saw this child as a way to extend her 15 minutes. Pathetic!

itznia on

When kids start calling her rain”blow” you’ll know she is YOUR daughter.

Denise on

Well, you really don’t have any class or general knowledge, itzia, do you? Having been a playmate clearly isn’t being a pornstar. Yes, she took her clothes off but let’s face it: she has the body and she’s made a lot more money with it than you ever have. She seems like a sweet woman and certainly not someone who sleeps around.

Please stop being so ignorant and understand it is not okay to pass judgement so easily. People like you are the reason so many kids kill themselves because of bullying.

Manon on

It’s NO ONES BUSINESS what she named her new daughter. I think she’ll be a great MOM–that’s what matters!

Amy on

Wait till she grows up 😛 She’s not a pet she’s a human who needs some thought put into her name

Ashley on

Unique names are great. I have heard of two girls’ names while growing up: Rainbow and Happy. I thought huh….but could tell they were both fine, adjusted and happy as every other girl in school. If Holly instills in her daughter to be grateful for a special name for a special girl, she’ll be just fine. Kids are picked on with or without unique names.

dee on

The name is stupid holly period!

Danielle on

For Holly that name has some personal meaning…..but for her daughter it will be a constant remaining of her mother lrelationship with the pervert Hugh Hefner.

KW on

She is right! The apple will very likely not fall very far from the tree so the sweet little girl might be too airheaded to know the difference. In Hollywood they surround themselves with “yes people”, so she’ll be okay.

Taylor Girl on

It’s sad that she feels she needs to defend her baby’s name. She just gave birth…for Heaven’s sake. She should be enjoying her little girl…instead of having to respond to what she named her. I think the baby will love her name. We all went through periods when we wished that our parents had named us a different name.

smartie on

Better than…. Apple!!!

Denise S. on

I’m beginning to think these “celebrities” are trying to outdo each other with their unusual baby names. Rainbow may be cute now but when her daughter is in college it might not sound so cute. Like someone else on here mentioned, you’re naming a child, not a puppy. Pilot Inspector’s name was the worst offender and Apple isn’t much better. How are those names going to look on business cards in the future. I guess Pilot Inspector wouldn’t be so bad if he went into the airline business…..

bdawn8403 on

How about we just accept that other people have different names? Shocking, I know, but not everyone needs to have the same cookie cutter, over used, overly common names. Try being unique. You don’t have to name your child that name so grow up and move on. I find common names to be ugly and I roll my eyes everytime I hear someone naming their new baby something so common.

Julie on

My son “Mark” (with a “k” not a “c”) is so thankful that I gave him a normal name as all thru school he was the only Mark in any if his classes – among a sea of Justins, Brandons, Trevors and Prestons – all cowboy names popular in the early 90’s.

RainbowKirby on

My birth name is Rainbow, and it has made me stand out from the pack my entire life — in a good way! Kudos to Holly for naming her child something different.

Rainbow on

My name is Rainbow and at age 25 I can never remember being given trouble over my name. I generally go by Rae at work though since I’m now in a career but it certainly didn’t ruin my life!

PhoenixMom3 on

I mean seriously it could be a lot worse…Rainbow is certainly different but let’s remember all the others…Blu, Pilot Inspektor, Moxy Crimefighter…Rainbow is mild

cynda p. on

She might be traumatized by the name Ba$tard.

Cathy on

Might not be bad if Holly calls her Rain for short. Rainbow Rotella – I immediately picture colorful pasta or a drag queen in a gay pride parade.

arewa07 on

What’s funny is when I read the name she chose I thought, ‘yeah…she would,” I mean, although I only know her television personality, she seems like someone who is sunny, optimistic, and just wants things beautiful and happy. I may not have picked the name for my child, but it is not my child.

Children will tease for every and anything if they do not understand that different is okay. I was teased for having dark skin, teased for “looking” African (which I proudly am), teased because my last name sounded different. After reading all these comments I understand why my amazing parents picked an American name so I would not have to deal with the ignorance of people who refuse to teach their children that a name is just a name, and may hold special meaning for those who chose it.

NEXT, yes, at some point someone will figure out who her mother used to be…and she will likely get teased for it, but instead of essentially damning her into a life of defending her mother, why don’t we hope she has the strength to hold her head high? Children have parents in prison, have parents who are racist pieces of garbage, have parents who prostituted themselves or did things they would hope their children will never do.

This baby is days old, let’s give her a chance to live and be loved for the person she is going to become, not who you think her mother is. And for heaven’s sake, if you’re so “worried” that she’s going to grow up being teased and picked on, maybe raise YOUR children to look at the world a little differently.

Get over it everyone, the little darling’s name is Rainbow, and I personally hope she shines bright for it.

meme on

Arewa07–amen! Fantastic comment!!

Gigi on

Best comment ever arewa! 🙂

Danielle on

Poor little girl….she needs to change her name……she is the one who is going to face the bullies of this world.

3kitties4me on

As a parent, if my kid came home and said she wanted a playdate with a friend named Rainbow, I’d be like- who are these parents???

Then I’d find out and I cant say I’d be psyched to find out her mom was a paid slut.

The name is the least of her worries- but hey, everyone’s got to pay the bills.

I do agree with the below poster that the name you give your child has to match a surgeon, or a lawyer not a yoga teacher or organic weaver. Why couldn’t she name her Aurora Rainbow and then call her Rainbow. Lots of people do that.

Lali on

3kitties4me, I would question what type of person you must be to judge a child by their name, but then I see how quick you are to also judge her mother. It must be so tiresome being you, never making a mistake and all.

sunny on

Her friends will probably call her Rain and that’s kind of a cool name. If she’s going to be a professional she’ll probably use Rain or Aurora, can you imagine a doctor or CEO or any serious woman professional going by the name Rainbow?

Stacey on

it’s a toss-up if the child will be more embarrassed by her name or her mother ( I’m betting on the mother.)

Momofthree on

Lol…this whole name thing cracks me up!! When Rainbow gets in high school and someone finds out her mother was not only a playboy bunny but ONE of an old man’s girlfriends and they had a show…she’ll have alot more to worry about than a goofy name!!!!

Sammy on

It’s ok to be creative and unique when naming your children but you have to think long term. The cute baby will grow up and have to live in an adult world. Your name is like clothes, speech, qualifications, posture etc; it’s how people judge you and how seriously people will accept you. I’m not hiring an engineer, lawyer, accountant etc with a name like Rainbow! Can you imagine Senator Rainbow representing your state? Or Vice President Rainbow?

tina on

so she gives her sweet baby a weird “look at me!” name, then reads the comments from the general public and grows angry from the response.

HELLO missy, you got the attention you sought, yet you can’t control the outcome! I don’t hate you though. I don’t know you. I do hate people who use their children to gain attention.

Nannyto1 on

I think it’s cute. Children will not mock the name unless they hear adults, like the ones on here doing it. Mocking and intolerance for anything is a learned behaviour.

Izzie on

Nah, she’ll be more traumatized by the trashy way her mother earned a living.

rea on

She has zero clue what this is going to do to that poor child. She will be bullied and beaten, ridiculed all her life. I had a diferent name and school was hell for me. What a shame that a innocent child whould be named in that manner. Holly sounds like a brainless idiot. What kind of fool names their baby Rainbow? Idiot indeed

Matt on

I am sure that this will be a name that will catch on much like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s children’s names. I sometimes wonder if they use these names rather than the true name they gave them to protect the children so that people don’t know who they are when they start school? It’s just a thought. And if not, if these are their real names, who are we to judge? I mean, I am sure when KiKi’s mom named her it was not a popular name, but look how it has become a household name much like Jane, Joe, John, Matt, Mary, Sally, Susie, and Bob! We never know what name will start off not being liked by the the masses, you know like KiKi, but takes off and becomes quite popular. Give it a chance people. It may become the new Mary!

Tally on

Sounds like a baby born into the Hippie Era in the 60s. I feel sorry for the child having to grow up with that name.

Anonymous on

Rainbow will likely grow up to be a skank just like her mother

anne on

It IS weird and the poor girl will be spelling it and pronouncing it for the rest of her life. She’ll see people trying not to giggle when being introduced. Why do some parents want to satisfy their desperate wish for publicity by using their innocent child? Grow up, Madison. This is a name for your baby–not an agent’s ploy.

Rosey on

Hmmmm what to be embarrassed of and in what order? 1. Mom was one of 3 girlfriends for an 80 year old Hugh Hefner 2. Naked pictures of my mom on the internet 3. My so-called confident mom let a guy have two other girlfriends but she was the “favorite” 4. My name is Rainbow

Karen on

Yes, sadly she will. All the people who have been talking about this know. If people are snickering about it now, the kids at school will be also. I really wish parents would think a little bit about what they name their children. You can be unique and still not give them a label that will cause them to get shoved into lockers.

Lauren on

Oh, so Holly’s a psychic now, huh?

Sounds like Holly knows NOTHING bout children. If she thinks nobody’s going to say a word about that tacky stripper name she gave her child, she’s in for a very rude awakening.

Poor kid.

Nicole on

Hater: Anyone else who dares to have an opinion other than yours. And the most overused word ever.

guest on

I wouldn’t see a doctor named Rainbow. In business, I’d have a hard time hiring an employee named Rainbow (unless she was so clearly qualified, I’d have to suck it up and make a joke of her name to our clients), but I would go to a vet named Rainbow. Steer her in the direction of animal care. Rainbow Rotella does sound like a pasta. A delicious pasta, if that helps.

Sherae on

What the heck is a “smug hater”? Stop justifying a dumb idea, Holly. The fact that you have to even discuss the possibility of “trauma” from a name means you were idiotic. I mean come on! She may not be traumatized but she will be teased, and people won’t take her seriously, and she likely will resent her airhead mother for giving her such a ridiculous name. Sigh….then again…I suppose nobody that dated a 1,000 yr old man and two other girls could ever do anything that makes sense.

Venus on

Don’t worry Holly with a name like that she’ll be swinging around the pole in no time.

Nancy on

She just had the baby on Tuesday and could already take the time to have her nails done???

arewa07 on

You guys are right! She should have named her daughter Lindsay, because they always grow up well-adjusted and…no wait

Or maybe Rihanna! Every Rihanna I know makes great decisions and…oh

Well, clearly the name should have been Amy. Amy’s never make waves, they always live quiet, normal lives…right?

Leave it alone! She’s a baby, not a name. I currently attend medical school with a Khushbu, a Taffy, an Avon, a Saint (or rather Santo), Olumide, and my personal favorite, Cambria. Just because the name doesn’t light your fire doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it. Grow up, teach your kids not to bully and not to pass judgement.

She’ll be fine…and might I add (thanks to my guilty pleasure Real Housewives) Jeana Keough’s daughter attended UCLA and my alma mater UC Berkeley, looks like not every playmate’s daughter is destined to do just as her mother…why are we all so intent on damning this little girl’s life?

Tueday on

Cannot be worse than blue ivy or apple. I know their is more odd celebrity names out there. As far as the teasing that she will face. I agree with a lot of others. It will be over her mommas nude pics!

Anonymous on

Kids will probably call her Rain. I agree with Anonymous….pics of her mother’s naked pics will have more of an impact from her peers than her name.

Michelle on

People are ridiculous! I love the name. I think it is lovely! No one should have to explain their name to anyone! With people like you making hateful comments that is why we have problems with bullying! Embrace the name your mother gives you!

dana on

I am so glad this clown knows how everything is going to be for her daughter already. Holly also knows that her daughter will become a famous philanthropist

Ramonan on

….so she picks a name where her daughter will have to deal with bulllies every day. I feel like I’m reading a quote from Honey Boo-Boo.

Alayna on

Everyone should leave Holly alone. It’s her baby and truthfully the name Rainbow isn’t as bad as some of the names celebs use. Anyways, I doubt they’re actually going to call her “Rainbow” I am sure they will have a cute nickname for her like Rain – which by the way is kind of cool and trendy. Leave Holly alone – the only comments any of us should have is – Configurations! I am send her my congrats and hope she and her little princess are feeling good. Kudos to the positive comments below me, it’s nice to know there are some people who come to these celeb websites in harmless motive not to be petty and a hater.

Atrocia on

I also went to school with a girl named “Rainbow”. I always liked her name.

Momto2 on

Kids make fun if others’ names and have been doing it for years….Dick, Peter, Johnson, Limejello, Orangejello, Shithead, Placenta, on and on and on. Yet, when people see a rainbow they almost always smile and say, “Isn’t that beautiful?”

jackie benjamin on

Love the names Holly, congrats.

BBB on

Well this girl is going to be an Olympian given how evidently sporty she is at age 5 days old.

kim on

Not a “smug hater” at all here, just a realist…some young kids will pick on others for ANY reason…when she’s a teen it might not be as bad but most likely she will be picked on for it when she’s younger.

Hint to Holly…there are other ways to make your child grow up as a strong individual besides giving them a strange name.

Jenny on

I agree, the Maxwells, Apples, and Blue Ivys of the world arent so great either, but Rainbow? Come on. At least let it be a middle name. Give the kid a break. Aurora (which I love), is strange enough. Paging Dr. Rainbow? Its not good for school or for the professional workplace. And Rainbow Rotella sounds like tri color macaroni. I love Holly and have been a fan for years, but come on!!

Anonymous on

annnnd….. arewa07 just shut everyone up.

she is 100% right. discussion over. next topic, please?

judy on

Sad, with all of the beautiful names out there, she chooses that one.

Emily on

Baby names are not accessories. I get so tired of hearing really dumb names. Rainbow is a terrible name. Her middle name is Aurora, which is beautiful. Maybe they’ll call her Rory one day. Rainbow. Good lord.

Sasha on

i can see a pole in this child’s future. I’m sorry to say, but the kind of name you have def affects you.

lena on

i actually really like the name rainbow aurora, i think its kind of out there but not too bad, she can always be called rain 🙂

Melanie on

Jen and BBB, read it again. The sporty comment Holly’s making is in reference to her schoolmate, not her daughter.

jurby on

“smug haters”???? that’s pretty ironinc coming from someone who’s named her newborn a ridiculous name…

A on

Just wait until she gets to school Holly !! Get your head outta the sand !! Be prepared to wipe some tears away.

Andrea on

Good for her! Each name is unique and the decision of the parents. She seems like she is going to be a wonderful mother!

hallowfan on

Rainbow will not have smug haters… Holly Madison will have smug haters for naming her daughter Rainbow. Poor girl will probably end up being called Rainbow Bright in school.

Truth be told on

So worried about bullies haha! You people are the bullies. It is quite the oposite ….Your poor kids don’t have much of a chance to be kind hearted people. Success in life is independent of a name. Get a clue poor ladies . Sad.

ships58 on

Rainbow, apple, MoonUnit, Sunday… come on, the name is not any weirder than the others. If the kid hates it she can be called Rain or Aurora or whatever. I grew up with twins named Summer Breeze and Winter Snow, neither is a stripper. My name is a perfectly normal name for 1958 and I hated it and changed it a lot growing up. I do not think the kid will be traumatized for life by her name. Yes, Holly was a playmate and hefner’s girlfriend but she made other choices and is now doing something else. Leave her alone and let her be a happy new mom.

Stephanie on

I went to school with a girl named Rainbow and never thought anything of it. I think it’s pretty.

Fairydust Mapletree on

While I personally find the name ridiculous (only Rainbow Bunny would have been worse:)) as one spends the vast majority of life as an adult, in response to those worrying about teasing…my brother is named “Stuart” and was called “Beef Stew” endlessly! Fortunately, he turned out to be a very successful adult, but many of us get ‘name teased’ as children regardless of our name.

shannon on

I thought Madison would have been a great name! So pretty and it honors her Mom.

ds on

but I can bet she will get her butt kicked in school

Ciparliamo on

Anonymous! Couldnt have said it better myself!!

merion on

it could have been even worst

Anonymous on

Lol yes your kid will be traumatized. Seriously, you named her fucking RAINBOW you vapid idiot.

Anonymous on

its okay she was having a blonde moment

Ostrich on

Most of you grown ups are bullying her and the baby already, so, yes, if you or your kids are ever around her she probably will be bullied. and being Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend doesn’t make her a slut or a prostitute. try being NICE people!! geez……

Marie on

Rainbow is unusual but not weird I think (would be worse in French .. Arc-en-ciel hahaha !). I know a lady named Rainbow, and she ‘s always been very proud of her name … 19 years ago, I named my first daughter Zoe and people were asking me why would you do that ? Then a year after, a show came on TV with a character named Zoe .. and all of a sudden, it was such a cool name … lots of little Zoes’ in 1997-1998 … in 1999 came along my second daughter, Violet .. again … such an odd and old name !!! How many Violets’ these days ???

Anonymous on

Quite frankly, she doesn’t owe anybody an explanation as to why she named her daughter what she did. I love Adele’s approach, don’t share with anyone, avoids all the discussion and criticism such as this.

julie on

Back in the day there was an actor name River Phoniex who had a sister named Rainbow and I believe a sibling named Leaf. They were kids of Hippies. I now woman named Icy, Shiney, Tushy, and Pinky. Would love to hear from a woman named Rainbow what she thinks.

rainbowblight on

The fact that she feels the need to go on line and “blog” about this is clear evidence that yes, she’s defensive and yes, what people think matters a lot to her. Good grief. If you felt comfortable with the name, you wouldn’t blah blah blah about it at all. Why are you blogging instead of nursing or changing diapers or sleeping? The kid is more likely to be embarrassed by your TV show and all your naked pictures and your straw hair and fake breasts.

I think the name “Holly” is one of the all-time great names. It’s a total win of a name.

Cindy on

She is already defending the name and the kid is a week old.. but it’s not as bad as ‘Hashtag” someone named their kid a couple months ago! just remember.. you are setting the tone for your child’s childhood..

Kat on

If you have to follow up your baby’s birth story with one that defends her new name, then you probably didn’t make the best choice. One does not pick a name in order to ensure that the child will always stand up for herself.

Megan on

Initials anyone? R.A.M

Jg on

There is nothing wrong with the name she chose for her child. People should stop being so judgemental. If the issue people are having are that other kids will be mean, then teach your children to be tolerant and accepting of others and that will be a start at helping the problem. It’s sad that a new mother full of happiness has to face such criticism for a name that she chose out of love for her new daughter.

Heather on

She acts and speaks like a 15 year old, immature, bratty little girl. Totally clueless!

Bonnie on

Atleast she didnt name her Apple

Nat on

As an elementary school volunteer I can attest that kids don’t give a crap about other kids unique names. In fact….. Children at a young age tend to be amazed by a beautiful name such as Rainbow, or Rose, etc. it’s only until they are influenced by their parents on how to become a jerk will they start to insult other children and or adults.

So NO to all of you saying it will cause her child “trauma” it all begins with the douchebag parents and how they themselves react to situations and or confrontation… That brings your child to insult others who are different. I’ve seen and have witnessed the horrible behavior from parents and can say I witness where the “children” get it from when they insult or mistreat others.

So to all of you down talking with children…… Take a look at the way you parent, and see if your child has not become a miniature horrid version of you.

donna on

of course she won’t be traumatized by her unusual and absolutely ridiculous name….all the pics of her momma sitting on Hugh’s lap with her ta-ta’s all over the place or the ones of her momma doing naked centerfolds with Kendra and Bridget, and even worse that joke of a show known as the Girls Next Door will be all the embarrassment she needs to be traumatized for life…

Andrea on

The kid will be traumatized by the nude pictures of her mother someday or her former life, so the name is practice I suppose.

D on

jen, she was talking about the girl she went to high school with…the same girl she named her daughter after….now who’s the idiot…..

donna on

and if her first name isn’t bad enough to stick her with a name like Aurora…that is the name of Sleeping Beauty…what the hell was Holly smoking when she came up with that stupid mess?

meghan on

Stay off the internet and focus on your child. Stop worrying about how much attention you are getting, you narcissistic twat. Your kid has bigger problems, with a whore for a mother who will only see her daddy on visiting day at the prison.

marg on

the fact she feels the need to defend the name and make comments about those who think its a bad name says it all. sorry its a weird name, just because you had some kind of girl crush on a classmate 30+ yrs ago doesnt mean other children will like you kids name. if you like it cool, but dont expect everyone to share your opinion

dana on

My best friend Robby named his first son Stay when he was born two years ago. It’s really funny now because whenever Robby tries to call his son over he goes ” Come here, Stay” and the kid runs around in circles.

Seriously? on

What a shame, this woman gave her daughter a ridiculous name! Only she finds the name so dazzling because she is in her own world, meanwhile, her daughter will be bullied for it during her school years! Mindless chatter going on in your head Holly…

Progressivepatti on

New baby, new nails. Yep, priorities are all set in place.

supportive on

Rainbow is a beautiful name for what will likely be a beautiful little girl. I highly doubt she’ll be traumitized by the name and her girly school mates will likely love the name as well. Stop the hate. Catty and hateful attitudes start at home.

jessicad on

I think it’s an awesome name, good for her! If she gets made fun of it will be because parents teach their kids it’s ok to make fun of people, kids do as they see and hear. To those of you bashing her grow up and set a better example for your children, there’s nothing wrong with having a unique name!

wtssm on

Sounds like she’s a My Little Pony

susan schweitzer on

Well, it’s better than Thunder Storm!

stormie on

I think uncommon names are amazing.my name is Stormie. and my parents got so much BS about my name from our family, who were convinced id hate my name and hate my parents for giving me such a different name. I have always loved my name, and I have the most amazing parents in the world.yes I was picked on a little, but what child doesn’t get picked on in school. my name has brought me so much joy.

Somewhere over the RAINBOW on

It’s not a strange name at all. I love it. Anyone who sits around with enough time on their hands to worry about what other people name their kids are pretty pathetic. Those people should go volunteer at a children’s hospital and maybe then they will have something else to think about instead of something so trivial as criticizing someone’s name.

Jj on

Are there actually men who would father a child with a woman like that?! A woman you know slept with an 86 yr old geezer. Vile

Sonia on

Hollywood! God Bless America.

shidley on

What a dingbat. Life’s tough enough as is…so why saddle your kid with a name, sure to subject her to ridicule, raised eyebrows and having to “toughen up” just because of it. But keep on telling yourself that Holly.. and best of luck, Rainbow. Ayyyy.

SaraS on

It’s fine. If the kid is smart and well-liked, they will be fine. I’ve heard a lot worse and the kids were popular.

Mary on

Did she get a stripper pole with that name?

Chrissy on

My name is Christine and I had people make fun of it growing up. Kids don’t need a reason like an unusual name to make fun of you. They’ll do it if they were going to do it. I went to school with plenty of unusual named kids and they weren’t picked on for their name any more or less than the kids with more common names.

And remember, this child will probably grow up in either LA or Vegas and I guarantee you she’s going to go to school with other unusually named kids. It could have been worse, and I’ve seen worse names.

Who cares? It’s her child, she can name her baby whatever she wants, and considering it’s not that out there it’s not an automatic the baby will be made fun of. Look at Venus Williams. Not too many Venus’s out there, but she is/was a successful tennis player. Looks like if there was any bullying she was able to persevere and become a strong adult woman.

Seems like people just have issues with Holly Madison and are using the baby’s name to be unpleasant. She had a healthy baby, shouldn’t that be more important than the name? I’m not saying I like Rainbow as a name, but I’ve gone to school with way more outlandish names and they were fine. And they didn’t grow up to be strippers.

KK on

They could call her Rain for short.

K.W. on

Given her past and the odds that her child will most likely have to live down / defend her mom’s life choices – it probably would have been wiser / nicer to given her a more mainstream name…would think one of the first roles in mothering would be to not make your child’s life more difficult on purpose..

Jody on

Sounds like A Boy Named Sue philosophy.

Charlotte on

Rainbow? The kid will most likely change her name when she is of legal age and be living across the country away from her mother, if she is smart

mobile20 on

It’s a name. Holly, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to defend it at all. People who criticize it are genuine weirdos.

PJS on

Stupidest name. If you want a silly name, give it as a middle name and that way, your baby won’t be saddled with the stupidtity of your ego and bad judgment.

rebecca on

if holly gave her new daughter a normal name, then holly wouldn’t have all of these articles in people.com. She sold her daughter out for extra articles and money – way to go mom – call your daughter by her middle name please

Anonymous on

how can anyone take this woman seriously? rainbow nails for your baby? shoot me in the face.

Stephanie on

I suppose I should be used to all these nasty, snarky, holier-than-thou comments, but wow. Everyone seems to think there’s only one way to do things. One kind of relationship, one religion, one way to parent, which names are acceptable. Sorry, but one-size-fits-all doesn’t work for everybody.

Jamie on

Stripper name.

harlowgirl on

Yikes-She chose a name based on what she liked in grade school? Wasn’t that like 25 years ago for her? Most grade school name choices are phases that pass as we get older. I really liked the name Gem when I was in grade school-I am sure my 4 year old will appreciate that I didn’t name her that!

Rachel on

she is an idiot.

Anonymous on

i agree the child will be traumatized in two ways one by name calling in school with the name Rainbow and two cuz her mom is an ex playboy bunny and hugh hefners ex lol

Taylor Girl on

You should not have to explain, Holly !!!

Enjoy being a new Mama. I love her name.

jojo on

So she is comparing how her daughter will act cuz of the former school mate was fine with her name? How can she say how her daughter is going to react, she cant predict that, only time will tell. she may or may not ike it..wait til she starts school, etc

reena on

This poor kid will live in hell with a stuipd name like that. Her school years will be horrible. I had a different name that is more n ormal and I was bullied all the time. What a dumb name and a equally dumb Mother. Poor kid

Kayte on

I somehow doubt Holly always ‘worried about what other people thought’….posing naked in magazines and on tv aren’t usually things that sort of person would do. Her daughter will have plenty of things to stand up for herself about. Her name will seem minor in comparison. Hopefully she’ll want to be in show business or a Playboy bunny like her mom, though. I can’t really picture a president or CEO named Rainbow.

Melody on

What’s actually wrong with Rainbow?

Kids probably end up teasing kids with “unusual” names because a lot of parents (seen here) like to judge and criticise, even when they think they have somebody else’s kid’s “best interests” at heart. Kids absorb everything, including what their parents say, so if you’re concerned about what children will or won’t say to someone with a name like Rainbow, start reflecting on your own prejudices and behaviours first.

I know somebody called Rainbow and there are no problems for her. Just goes to show it can work.

Elanor on

If Holly had wanted to have her child taken seriously she would have never named her Rainbow. She cannot change her last name so we will forget that she now sounds like a pasta dish.

When naming a baby one should imagine the child as a 35 year old adult who might be CEO of a company or running for President and one has to ask how seriously she will be taken with the name Rainbow. The answer- not very. Rainbow would have been better as a nickmame.

Bonnie on

Sounds like a stripper or a porn star. . .perfectly appropriate

Aubrey on

I sincerely hope that Ms. Madison has the money to support her child for the rest of her life, because that child will not do well at a job interview with that silly name. Rainbow is cute for the baby now, but babies grow into adults.

In my opinion, ‘Rainbow’ is a bit of an absurd name. Not opposed to rainbows, though – I’m hoping for my ‘rainbow baby’ to come soon (Google it if you don’t know what that is). 🙂

Caroliegh on

Well, at least it isn’t Ronquavious or Devaughndre or some other bulls**t like that. it could have always been worse.

Patty on

of course she would say that! there will be a lot of teasing over that name…Rainbow?%^#@*

Danielle on

That’s a good name for a household cleaner……Your floors will look shinier if you use….Rainbow Rotella. try it.

Muttluver on

If she wants her child to grow up a strong and confident women she should lead my example and get rid of her implants etc. A mom that wants to raise strong confident daughters does so my empowering them to know that they should never change themselves and their bodies for anyone. I can’t stand all of these plastic moms raising kids, it’s so sad because these children grow up thinking they have to change themselves to feel pretty or get a man. Real confidence comes from within and is more empowering than spending thousands of dollars on vanity.

Wendy on

I think Rainbow is a lovely name. It’s just not that horrible. I was the only Wendy in the world when I was named. My mother thought it was gorgeous. I was teased unmercifully. I think there are haters waiting to jump on everything and anything that celebrities do. Leave Holly and Rainbow alone!

greenhula on

here’s betting this child changes her name as soon as she is able. This child will get relentless teasing by other kids, and we all know how cruel kids can be. I work with children and the ones with weird names get constant grief. Why set your child up for this kind of abuse on a whim.. seems a bit selfish

nnanci on

If I were her daughter I would b much more traumatized by the fact that my mother is madeout of plastic that she was promiscuous that I took my clothes off and spread my legs for money and slept with a nasty old geezer for money.what daughter wants a mother like that

Galen on

You get to be pregnant for almost ten months, you get to go through labor and then you deliver the child. Afterwards, you get to name it. Who gives a flying foofifooo if she names her girl Rainbow? It’s her choice… and she obviously loves the baby

Anonymous on

Yes, she will. The other children will pick on her and ask if her Mommy is a unicorn. Seriously. Kids are not the nicest and it is going to happen.

Melissa on

She worried about other people would say and think of her??? Really???? That’s why she stripped for a magazine, had sex with a 80 year old man for housing, food, clothes and money, had sex with other women and only knows how many men, ALL IN FRONT OF PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She wasn’t ashamed of that. She is so full of bs. Her daughters name is cute, but she is starting that childs life out with lies when she says the things she say. For anyone that disagrees, that’s fine, don’t call me jealous or forward any nasty comments or opinions back, this is a public forum and people can say what they want without fear of retribution from a jacka$$.

Catca on

I wouldn’t have said anything but your comment was so nasty by adding “idiot” in reference to Holly. If you’re going to call someone that in reference to their remarks, make sure you read carefully what she said or you’re the one who ends up looking like an “idiot”. She didn’t call her newborn sporty and well adjusted, she said the girl she went to school with who inspired her daughter’s name managed to grow up with the name and be sporty and well adjusted.

Jennifer on

This kid may not be traumatized by her name, but she maybe traumatized by the fact that her mother was once a stripper who once screwed around with an 80 year old hag.

Arabella on

I love the name !

bec215 on

When she’s a bit older she’ll likely go by “Rain” or “Aurie” and be fine, but it’s a bit selfish of Madison to name her daughter something that ‘typecasts’ her from birth. Like it or not, names create impressions that are difficult to overcome. Her friend may have done just fine, but her friend was not the daughter of a reality-show/vegas-famous mom…

Mike on

But her daughter will be traumatized by Holly’s long term relationship with old geezer Hugh Hefner and some of the other choices Holly has made in her life.

Kernpowered on

Why not just name her Precipitation Northern Electromagnetically Charged Particles while you’re at it?. No trauma, that’s easy for somebody named Holly to say. I hope that wasn’t too negative, I’m kinda going for a laugh or two here.

Julie on

Like I said “Gentlemen, get your dollars ready! Cuz here comes RAINBOW AURORA!!!!!!”

postathread on

PERFECT name for another member of the playboy mansion…

Anonymous on

At one point in time Holly was a weird and unusual name. Its a Christmas plant and every time I hear I want to know if there is a sibling named garland but its so common now no one ever thinks about that. I went to school with brothers name sunshine and rainbow who went by sunny and bo and I was not born in the 60’s! I graduated in the 90’s

Sara on

Holly’s beautiful and I loved her on Girls Next Door. That said, I do feel there are better ways to teach a child to be proud of who she is than to saddle her with a hippie-sounding name. Why start her off having to “stand up for herself”? Youth is confusing enough without having a bozo name. I am all for untraditional names but not like this. When she wants to be a respectable attorney one day, the name might be a little bit not as cute then.

OhmeOhmy on

Rainbow is okay. Her mom’s name is just like Dolly Madison. Remember the donuts and little cakes. Anyway, kids will tease about anything. No escaping it.

cherrigness on

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a pretty name like Rainbow. Haters gotta hate…

Nicole on

You people are seriously disgusting. The only reason this child will get any grief about her name is because of the children you’re raising to be nasty judgmental people who tease others for being different. You’re already calling for the girl to be a stripper and she’s not even a week old. And yes I’d rather have a stripper for a mother than someone as mean as half of you sound.

Lots of kids don’t like their names. I had friends named Ann and Janine who didn’t like their name even though they are ‘normal’. But no they weren’t traumatized by it. Seriously this is the worst website I’ve ever come across in terms of the comments I see.

MommytoanE on

Cute n ame, tho I would have gone with Aurora as the first, and Rainbow as the middle. We don’t live in the Hippie days anymore. Names like Moondoggy or Rainbow are a thing of the past.

Manon on

Is it ANYONES BUSINESS what Holly names her newborn???

sharon on

Leave her alone, jeez she is celebrating the birth of her first child.. we are all different, that’s what makes us individuals right? Who’s casting stones.. that’s the problem with us, we need to unite and respect each other instead of constantly knocking each other down.. Jesus walked n talked to all sorts of folks, who are we to judge? Leave that to the man above that will judge each of us at the end. God bless

Janey on

Yeah Holly she will be. Rainbow is a really stupid name for any girl/woman who wants to be taken seriously in life and have a career outside of show biz. Dr. Rainbow? Lawyer Rainbow? Officer Rainbow?

You are setting her up for a life to only reflect yours. Pole dancing Rainbow, yep. Stripper Rainbow? Check… Prostitute Rainbow, check, and double check… Whore to an old man with lots of money Rainbow< check, just like Momma!

Rainbow. Seriously Holly? Please change your mind for the sake of your daughter? Rain is nice.. but Rainbow? No. Just no…

Zarah on

Still better than Bear Blu or Blue Ivy or Apple. Although I can see her being called Unicorn at school.

kazumi on

i totally agree with you nichole, if we raise our child well then they wouldn’t be so shallow and mean as to tease another child about their name, but then some of the people here think it a big deal and might be the same values they pass on to their kids, and by the way, she can name her child any way she pleases, having Rainbow as a name is truly not a big deal

chely on

ive heard worse names.

kai on

might as well made her middle name unicorn!!!! poor kid!

kelli on

My 4 year old daughter is named Sunshine (yes, that’s her legal name). If Rainbow is anything like Sunshine, you will see huge smiles on people’s faces when you tell them her name. People can’t help but light up when they hear a name that is different from the same old thing everyone seems to name their child. Welcome to the world, Rainbow!

Anonymous on

Clearly most of you have a reading problem. Holly said that she named her daughter after a former classmate of hers who apparently wasn’t teased because of it (in fact, in the birth announcement post, Holly said that she was actually JEALOUS that her classmate had such a beautiful name!) and was “normal and well-adjusted”.

So if those things were true for that Rainbow, why can’t they be true for this one (Holly’s daughter)?! Also, people with unusual names can and do make it in “serious” careers. A few years back, for example, there was an article about unusual names that spotlighted a woman named Marijuna Pepsi…who just happens to be a very succesful college gudience counselor.

Sam on

I think having the name Rainbow is going to be the least of her worries, having a mum who slept with an dirty old man and posing nude will be more embarrassing.

Anonymous on

I hope Holly stays financially secure for her and her daughter. God forbid her daughter has to apply for a job with the name “rainbow”. What company, agency, firm, school, etc. would take that name seriously??

diana on

Well Rainbow is fine for a name if that’s her thing, but my question is who is Holly Madison to be in People ranting about not traumatizing her child? And I am serious, who is she?

Nancy on

Why? She will ask you why you named her that. I don’t think she will care that you liked the name. Good luck.

irene on

Some children are mean and she will be teased about her name plus her mother’s past…they will hear this from their parents…
sad for the little girl..

hkennedy on

Not a fan of the name , 😦

Mromero on

Her babys name is like one of the charcters in My little pony Rainbow Dash , but hers is Rainbow AURORA ……. fyi 🙂

Sandy on

It reminds me of a name for a My Little Pony!!

Maybe she is a lot like the people of the hippie era- who chose all sorts of free spirited names for their children. Apple and Rainbow- what next????

cmonppl on

Who gets their nails done right after having a baby!?!?!? You can see where her priorities are…

justsayn on

stripper, before she was born. sad

Miss A on

Her Mom is an ex Playboy bunny, was a third of a trio of young women that slept with an 80 year old man at the same time, and has to live with the name “Rainbow”? Yeah, her future is so bright! She is eternal material for comics and will be ridiculed severly as a child…..

florije on

she likes the name. it means something to her that’s all that counts…. I don’t think she need to go into an explanation about the not worrying about tramatization….

MzScorpioX on

So because her friend in school didn’t seem affected by the name, it was all good to name her daughter Rainbow…Your kid , name it what u want, but little Rainbow will have plenty to be affected by, her name will be the least of her worries. LOL Girls Next Door and then some!

Laur on

Her daughters name is a compound noun.

Anonymous on

My daughter has a unique name as well and I’ve always thought that anyone slamming any child just for their name..or moms slamming other moms who choose certain names for their kids are just examples of bullying behavior which I am sure they pass on to their bullying children.

Devara on

Traumatized over her name, probably not. But one day she’ll stumble across mom’s nudie pics. I hope they’re saving up for therapy.

victory on

Little ‘Rainbow’ will never know how odd her name is until she is teased about it in HS. If it’s a big deal, she can change her name when she’s 18. My mother was born to Polish immigrants, they named her Harriet, my mother and Grandpa went to the court house and changed her name when she was 18. Just found that out a couple of years ago, what?


Holly didn’t ask anyone for their opinion, so why are you all giving it now? Everyone can name their baby whatever they want!!

Leila on

I think it’s adorable. Different, yes…but rainbows themselves are beautiful, so why not…There are far worse names in Hollywood, that’s for sure. I think it’s quite pretty and adorable.

Laura on

I spy a lot of internet bullies.

Holly’s not my favorite “celebrity” but a lot of these comments are just cruel – especially the ones making assumptions about the kind of girl Rainbow will turn out to be.

Leave the poor girl alone.

LeSigh on

In the grand scheme of things, Rainbow isn’t such a bad name. She might get teased, but people with “normal” names do too. While I would never name my kid Rainbow, it could certainly be 100x worse.

I also love how Holly thinks its the name her kid will be traumitized by….just wait until she figures out you were banging Hugh Hefner when he was waaaay past his prime. That’s what’s going to do her in.

Jane on

This is the COMMENTS section! Where people are free to leave their opinions on a story agreeing with one side or another. Like the name or don’t, but don’t be hypocritical calling people nasty/smug haters, saying “suck it”, “you people are judgmental”, “you’re all bullies” for what they think. P.S. I think the name is perfect for a 10 year old naming her doll, not a 33 year old naming her actual child.

Anonymous on

What child doesn’t get picked on for their name? If she doesn’t get picked on then something is wrong here.

Sandy on

Rainbow is kinda weird, but it’s no worse than Apple!

jack on

she a dimwit and her better half should have nipped this in the bud!!

texaschickeee on

so sleeping with a 80 year old man, and being famous for being a no body and showing T&A makes you strong women? boy some one is not thinking right.

maggiemai on

Is it any worse that Apple or Coco, or Zumba or Tennesee or Mogley? She won’t be teased as much for her name as for her mother’s storied past!

AmandaC on

You know it’s an aweful name when the mother is already defending the terrible name before anyone else has a chance to say anything. i wish she would have named her Aurora Rainbow, that sounds cute!

Jen on

Rainbow, seriously? Yep, too many drugs in the delivery room.

Anonymous on

Holly Madison was not a porn star and Playboy is a hell of a lot classier than Hustler or any of those other magazines… A name does not define a person, profession or otherwise. The people commenting on this page are more hurtful than any child will be to her when she starts school. I knew a girl named Geisha and I thought she was awesome 🙂 Congrats, Holly!

kitty62862 on

Unusual, but not freakish. Kind of cute.

Guest on

I loved the name Raine when I first heard it in my younger years, but then I married a Bose. It completly went off my list because while I still love the name, I thought about my daughters self-esteem, career potential, etc. Good for those we can rock a unique name, but honestly people will ALWAYS judge and you really should let your personality take center stage.

CAT on

Rainbow, Aurora…..someone has Disney on the brain!

Lisa on

Sadly, a name is the least of her worries.. a father in prison and a whore for a mother will traumatize her more than any name. For heavens sake Holly, get your act together. No one wants their mother to be a stripper! A glorified peepshow is no better than a backwoods strip joint.. the end result is the same.

Anonymous on

Why put the burden of defending her name on her? There are other ways to make you strong in the world, like having good role models in your parents. Babies with unusual names don’t stay babies, they grow into adults who are judged by their name. A “Rainbow” will never become president, but its a great name for a stripper. Why do that to her?

Tiki on

So since people tease and bully name your kid sometrhing others like to appease them. I dont think so, I agree with Holly let her be strong and enjoy the name. We dont need any more Amy’s and Susans boring

beingjesica on

well look at it this way, if this baby follows in her mamma’s skanky footsteps and decides to become say, a stripper or a ho, she won’t have to change her name,. by the way, i know they have now become pretty obsolete in today’s twisted society, but is there a father in the picture?

Heather on

Wow. She’s a complete idiot. Rainbow? Yes, you’re right “Holly Madison” she will be just fine. *eye roll*

SLS on

Well to each their own… Its not what I would name my daughter, but it is not my daughter.

littlelostsunny on

My name is Sunny Day and I was never harassed after 1st grade. No worries.

leah on

Holly is a genuine, kind hearted person, but her name choice is awful. It’s not pretty sounding. Yes, we all know rainbows are pretty, but the name isn’t. It doesn’t have a smooth flow for a baby or adult name. She really should reconsider, and I am sure she can. Now she is just being stubborn. Try doing the coo-cooing parents do with their kids and use that name. It is horrible!

Noelle on

Well at least if she ever becomes a porn star she wont need to change her name.

Kathy on

I’m just confused how someone who “spent most of their life being a people-pleaser who worried about what other people thought” became a Playboy bunny. LOL!

fayem1 on

To KiKI are you kidding me your name is KiKi who are you to judge

.b. on

With all the beautiful names in Disney movies, I’m really disappointed that she went rather anti Disney female names. Sure Disney can be about rainbows but went couldn’t she go Rainbow Aurora? Or Belle Rainbow?

But not my kid so whatever.

Grace on

“Smug haters?” Wanting her daughter to learn to defend herself at a young age? There are so many other ways to do that rather than giving your kid such a weird name! She’s basically saying she picked such a bizarre name so that kids will make fun of her daughter so she can learn to stand up for herself.

Plenty of celebs pick non-traditional names – Apple, Tennessee (which I actually kind of like, to be fair). But Rainbow? This isn’t the 70s!

Really on

really?! That name??

Kim on

I like she’d probably get ‘Rain’ as a nickname anyways which is pretty and cute and Aurora reminds me of a Disney Princess so love that, there are worst names out there so congrats! 🙂

Jen on

I don’t understand the need for celebrities to call their children usual names! Babies are unique whatever you call them!

I can appreciate Aurora it’s a pretty name and a Disney princess so it’s a name that everyone is familiar with from an early age but rainbow is a bit too unusal! It’s a name they have to grow old with and just to “stand out” I personally think its a bit much but just my opinion! There are other ways children can taught to stand out and not by having a unusal name!

Jen on

If she did not feel any guilt about the name, then she should not have felt the need to defend it. What would she care what a bunch of strangers have to say if it was not something that bothered her.

Pasha on

Well, if there is a Quvanzene, then a Rainbow is a walk in the park. Congratulations, Holly!

Ola on

Coming from someone with an “unusual” name, I like the fact that she didn’t go with the “norm”. I did not get teased or ridiculed for my name, and I don’t consider it “unusual”, I consider it UNIQUE! I am not a fan of this woman, but this is HER baby and HER choice. I like the name she chose 🙂

Anonymous on

What’s funny is that she actually believes that!!!!

Aj on

I’m not a big fan of the name Rainbow, but the name might make her stick out in a good way or bad way. I personally know of someone who named their child Rainbow, but it was a middle name so I don’t think it was as extreme. The father was upset his wife even wanted to name the girl that so that’s how they compromised was putting it as a middle name.

Noodles on

Im guessing, she has no intention of her daughter putting that in bold at the top of the resume? >.> Don’t think a future at playboy will require one, lucky for rainbow!

I’m not a “hater” (although I think of that as such a trendy tashy expression) I think there something to be said for giving kids unique name, but something that they can grow up with. I think it’s selfish of parents to act like kids are little puppy dogs or baby dolls that are theirs, not real people who will have to go out in the world one day and make a statement of their own. But given that her vocabulary stops at a third grade reading lvl, I expect nothing less…. sigh!

Anonymous on

Lisa- And how do you know Rainbow will grow up with a father in prison? Last time I checked, a judge hasn’t slapped him with a “guilty” verdict yet!

Anonymous (the one who made the comment about how someone with the name “Rainbow” will never be president)- Would you have guessed ten years ago that a man named Barack would ever become president? My guess is no. So who’s to say that a woman named Rainbow will never become president?!

Jane- I don’t think anyone has a problem with people saying they don’t like the name. What some people (myself included!) DO have a problem with is people attacking Holly by calling her horrible names, not to mention calling her one week old BABY a future stripper and whore among other things!

Anonymous on

I guess I must be the odd one out. When I think of the name “Rainbow Aurora”, I don’t think of a stripper. Instead, I think of a sweet, loving, playful woman standing at an easel with a paintbrush in her hand, ready to paint her next masterpiece! 🙂

AmandaC on

What shocks me the most is baby daddy agreed to it!

Anon on

I like it!

Stella on

I absolutely love her daughters name! I think its adorable, its different but not completely out there. I love the name Aurora as I am also a huge Disney and I think Rainbow goes perfectly as a first name! She shouldn’t have to defend her daughters name.

Anonymous on

I think it’s a beautiful name!! Congratulations Holly! I think you are going to be a wonderful and loving mother!

A on

I love the name!!!

a on

the more i hear about the name, the more it’s growing on me- i’m actually starting to really like it now!

missy on

Having a weird name will not make you strong. It will make you shy and have an inferiority complex.