Lisa Ling Welcomes Daughter Jett

03/08/2013 at 05:30 PM ET

Lisa Ling Welcomes Daughter Jett
Jen Lowery/Splash News Online

Lisa Ling‘s baby girl has arrived — and her name lives up to her boisterous ultrasound.

The Our America host and husband Dr. Paul Song welcomed daughter Jett Ling Song on Friday, March 8 in Santa Monica, Calif., her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Born at 1:24 p.m., Jett weighed in at 6 lbs., 6 oz.

“Lisa and Jett are resting comfortably. The proud parents are enjoying the first day of parenthood and are looking forward to bringing their daughter home,” a statement reads.

Ling, 39, and Song, an oncologist, were married in 2007. After experiencing a miscarriage in 2010, the couple announced in October that a baby girl was on the way.

— Sarah Michaud

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Becky on

Congratulations to them. I love her name.

hope4ababy on

Congratulations Lisa!!

I remember reading about your issues with infertility and just wanted to say you give us ladies hope that we will be blessed with our little ones.

Tara on

Congratulations for her and her new family.

Bella on


Mom of 3 on

Congrats, big time miracle even more so after miscarriage!!! Enjoy every second.

Margo on

Hunh, I actually love the name Jett for a girl. Congrats to the Ling-Song family!

Brie on

Out of ALL the cute girl names you do this to your child????

Max on

Wow ……someone is not nice

Tammy on

Congratulations, Lisa and Paul. I am still a fan and you have waited so long for this. Prayers and blessings. The world needs more women like you and now we have one in training.

Latrice on

congrats to Lisa and her husband on their new baby girl

ANJ on

Congratulations! I bet Jett is a beauty!


Anonymous on

Congratulations to you both on your happiness.

Wishing you lots of BLESSINGS!!

Brooke on

Congratulations to Lisa and Paul!!! Just what the world needs, a beautiful new miracle. Blessings to the happy family.

weezer on

Cool name!

Gina-Nicole on

Lovely 🙂

jsp81355 on

Congratulations, Lisa. As one mother to another I just want you to know how happy I am that your dream of becoming a mother came true for you. God bless your new family.

Lilah on


HippieChick on

Abundant blessings continue to Lisa and her family. She is such a warrior, informing us and making the world a better place for us all! Congratulations 🙂

Ol on

I’m more impressed than anything that you do MYOK! Many many congrats to them. She’s such a smart woman

liarlairpantsonfire on

Looooong time coming. congrats!

Nicole on

Awww, that’s great news for them! My son’s name is Jet so I think it’s a great name. First time I’ve ever heard it used for a girl though.

Kat on


But, Jett? I’m sure there are beautiful Asian names for enthusiastic, boisterous, merry…. if they’re going by the ultrasound. I expected Lisa to better in the naming dept, I’m underwhelmed.

LR on

So happy for them, but Jett was John Travolta’s late son’s name so I think of him.

tera on

Prayers and blessings. I know this miracle has been worth the wait.

Ami on

Cute name. I have always liked boyish names for girls.

Lisa Holehan on

Congrats Lisa! I love your baby’s name.

Izzie on

I find it dreadful when parents attempt to make some “look at us, we’re cool” statement by naming their child some ridiculous name. Bullying has become an issue in this country, yet some morons put a bullseye on their child from day one. Stupid.

MamaT on

Yay for them! I love her. Love the baby’s name!!!

kim on

whats with all these horrible names?? jett? rainbow? apple? these poor kids…whats next? moonshine? missionary? peanut butter?

Max on

Awful comments kim …may carry significant meaning. You are all so narrow minded.

ME on

‘Peanut butter’. LOL. im dying laughing right now

Emry on

what the heck is up with these stupid baby names????

Sherae on

Congratulations! Oh and Jett is much better than Holly Madison’s RIDICULOUS choice of Rainbow.

Shhh on

Awesome name.

Lisa on

Congratulations on this tremendous blessing. Your lives will never be the same and that is something to be so grateful for. Love takes on a new dimension…

Jane L on

Jett is better than Rainbow IMO. Miscarriages are so devastating. As common as they are no one speaks about them b/c they are so painful emotionally. I know I felt so alone after mine and was shocked to find they happen to 25% of pregnancies in those first couple of months. I’m happy they were finally able to have a healthy baby!

Jennie on

God bless Baby Jett! Enjoy your new family… what a blessing! I’ve always loved Lisa Ling; I’m so happy for them!

Marky on

Congratulations to Lisa and Paul! Cant wait to see pictures of their sweet baby girl; hope she’s as brave, smart and admirable as her mother! Dad is pretty cool, too!

holly r on

CONGRATS god bless to you all/ love her name

marlena on

Congrats Lisa and Paul I still remember Lisa on channel 1 news when I was in school so happy for them Happy Birthday Jett

N on


That’s one interesting name choice.

Aleshamom4 on

It’s their baby, let them name her what they want, she said it reminded her “…of Joan Jett, a very strong name..” YEAH GOD BLESS & YEAH FOR THEM!!!!

Jessica on

Interesting, Holly Madison gives her daughter an unusual name and 90% of the comments left on her article are negative. Lisa names get daughter an unusual name and 90% of the comments are positive.

ebethsb on

Congrats! Sad you named your daughter a dog’s name.

Beth on

Aww, now this should have been a headline over Cavalarri (sp?) admission that the father of her child watched the birth! I remember watching Channel One and loving Lisa Ling! Congrats to the new, bigger family!

Sara on

LOL Kim!!!

dsfg on

Brie, I was thinking the same thing! I also wondered if maybe it’s an Asian name???

Charli on

Nothing but well wishes to the happy parents! That’s a great pic of her. I LOVE THE NAME!!!

Cammy on

The name is her choice. But once again, Hollywood parents just have to be different. No thought to how her daughter will have to say “Jet, that’s Jet -t, Jet but with two t’s” or the teasing…

nancy on

Jett sounds cool. Remember frank zappa when he named his kid moon unit zappa? To each his own. Congrats to ling song family. Love lisa’s reporting.

4mom on

My daughters middle name is Jett. She is named after a woman who would be almost 90 if she were alive today. There is nothing wrong with the name and at least she didn’t name her Rainbow!

Dee on

Why does she have to name the baby an Asian name as someone stated above? Her name is Lisa her husband is Paul. I’m sure the baby will know she is Chinese and American despite her name.

Addison on

Congrats Lisa & Paul.

I love the name Jett but I think it’s more suited to a boy. Maybe it translates to something in Asian that’s of significance to them.

Amy on

Maybe they didn’t want what you would consider a cute girly name. This is obviously the name they wanted for their daughter. If someone doesn’t like the name feel free to say congrats and move on.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! Jett definitely isn’t what I was expecting from her (I was expecting an Asian name like her sister Laura gave her daughter), but I’m sure it has special meaning for them and that’s all that matters! 🙂

jena on

So exceedingly happy for the little (BIG) miracle that has blessed this family. She is definitely an answer to what I’m sure were many hours of prayers. She has some amazing parents whom I am sure will do a great job raising her. Congrats you guys! Enjoy every second!!!

Sherry on

Best Wishes and Congratulations to Lisa Ling and her husband!!!

Abbie on

Their little girl is going to be such a beauty! Congrats first time mom and dad!

susan schweitzer on

Jett for a girl? Yuck

ME on

LOVE the name

Tiffany on

Better than Rainbow…

Guest2012 on

A baby girl born on International Women’s Day! Congrats to all.. They must be over the moon… Actually think the name is kinda cute for a girl!

Susie on

Oh, so just because they’re asian, they HAVE to name their kids something asian? Talk about stereotyping..

DON on

Congratts to U Both

Barbara on

Best wishes Lisa and hubby! Great news!

WiddoMouse on

How wonderful. She is proof you cannot have it all, but you can have a lot. She has had a meaningful career, a husband who loves her, and now a healthy child. Congratulations.

Jessica on

OH I so admire Lisa’s work…and so happy to hear of this positive news of her personal life!!! Congrats!!!!!!

nla123 on

more confusing than a chinese role call

Julia on

Lisa, Congratulations on the birth of daughter, Jett Ling Song! We are happy for you; and rejoicing with you for your additional household blessing. God is smiling on you and your husband.

Peace, Joy, Happiness, and Wisdom.

teresa on

oh hush brie your parents named after a cheese

Sharon on

Congrats to the happy family….lovely name.

ang on

I love that they went with a traditional name, Congrats!

GAJ on

Congrats! Lisa, will be a great mom.

Trina on

So happy to hear about the birth of your daughter Jett. I imagine she will be just as beautiful as her mommy is. Also after having watched your show on the elderly, maybe now you can get your dad to move closer to you so he can enjoy the new addition to the family more.

Val on

Congratulations to you and your husband! Enjoy your baby girl Jett God Bless you!

Suzette on

Congrats to Lisa and her husband. This is a joyful time for them.

Anonymous on

now THAT’S a cool name…

Karen on

Congratulations and best wishes to you, Dr. Song and little Jett. May your lives bloom and blossom in peace, love, joy and much happiness.

Carrow on

Lisa is such a beautiful woman and I bet baby Jett is a little beauty as well.

I think Carrow would’ve been a great name. No bias here…..

Debbie Dye on

So happy for your new addition to the family! Love, Love, Love her name!!!

Nicole on

It’s a unique name but I don’t think she will be teased because of it. My son’s name is Jet and we’ve never had an issue. Congrats to the new family!

HottroddinHarley on

Really, …. “Jett” for a girl? Glad they didn’t name her either “Flotsam” or “Jetson”…..sheesh.

Sandy on

great news! congrats- and love the name- very edgy (:

Judy S on

Congrats to Lisa and her Husband.

JG on

I just hope the little girl does not look like her Mom. That would be ashame.

mariac on

Jett? That’s not a name…It’s not even a word!


Jett? ANOTHER horrible name!

winnie on


cookie on

I love Lisa Ling.Congrats to Lisa,and hubby.

Carmen on

I am glad for you Lisa. My daughter also lost her first child and still waiting for the next – Thanks be to God for a safe delivery. What a blessing. and joy? stay well.

Andrea on

Congratulations! What a neat name for a little girl.

Anonymous on

Cammy- I have to spell my last name for people all the time, and believe me, it’s not the pain that some people make it out to be. Sure, it can get annoying, but there are worse things in life and I’m not about get upset about something so trivial!

And as for teasing, if we based naming decisions on whether or not the child would get teased, then none of us would be here (no name is tease-proof)! 😉

Anonymous on

JG- That’s a horrible thing to say! Lisa is beautiful, and I hope her daughter looks just like her! 🙂

Cheese on

@Brie: Jett is a Chinese name…Lisa Ling is Chinese…don’t be ignorant.

dsfg on

Nicole, your son isn’t teased because he’s a boy with a boy’s name.

But as someone else pointed out, Jett is a Chinese name and Lisa is Chinese.

Heidi Quayle on

i love the name. I also ADORE Lisa and think she has only a continued brilliant career in front of her. Congrats to Lisa and her husband. What a precious gift from God.

Brandi on

Funniest comment of the thread is someone pointing out that the girl named after cheese (even the spelling is the same) making fun of someone for having a unique name. Oh the irony.

CAF on

I’m thrilled for Lisa and her family!! Welcome, baby Jett!

Amy on

Congratulations Lisa & Paul on the birth of baby Jett!

Danielle on


DuchessBieber on

The name of the child does not matter. it is the mothers choice, the family’s choice, NOT the choice of the general public. It does not matter what you think of the name choice, it is not your child. What we should be saying is, congratulations, you have a beautiful baby girl. Stop criticizing her.