Kristin Cavallari: Jay Watched Camden Being Born

03/08/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Kristin Cavallari Jay Cutler Camden Delivery
Jeff Schear/WireImage

When it came time for Kristin Cavallari to give birth to their son, Jay Cutler certainly wasn’t sitting on the sidelines — the new dad got right in the game.

“I was like, ‘You’re going to be behind me. You’re not going to see anything,'” Cavallari tells E!‘s Giuliana Rancic of Camden Jack‘s August delivery.

The hospital staff had other plans for the parents-to-be, however. “The nurse [said], ‘Oh, no, no, he’s going to hold your leg.’ I was like, ‘Oh, no he’s not,'” the fashion designer, 26, recalls.

But when the nurse insisted, Cavallari quickly gave in. “At that point I’m like, ‘Whatever.’ So he held my leg — he saw the whole thing,” she says.

Fortunately, Cavallari and the Chicago Bears quarterback are still going strong despite the front row seat. “We’re okay,” she jokes.

The E! Entertainment Special: Kristin Cavallari premieres Sunday, March 10 at 10 p.m.

— Anya Leon

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TM on

Not sure what the big deal is about dads watching the birth of their children. My husband held my leg, watched the entire birth, and was close to tears several times because of the experience. I don’t know what I would have done without his attention and support.

Don’t be afraid to be involved, dads! Your support will be appreciated.

Raya on

Because it changes things for some men, TM.

Kate on

I don’t get the whole dads cant watch thing that some women do, not to sound crass but they saw the whole thing when the child was being made whats the big deal about seeing it again when they’re born.

alison on

Thank you Kate!!!

Erin on

It’s not that we don’t want them to see our “goods,” Kate. Being there for the conception is very different from being there for the birth. I don’t even want to see what’s happening to me.

MD on

That is crass Kate. And it’s different b/c birth & marital relations are two TOTALLY events!!!!! No marital relations should be the gory scene a birth can be. The father “watching” is a fairly recent “normal thing to do”. As in less than 50 years in the US.

M on

Don’t most dads hold the leg?

Cat on

It’s funny to me to say that my husband was the one asking if the nurse was sure when she asked him to grab my leg and hold it back. He thought she was kidding I think because they wanted them up to give the baby some room. The look on his face would have been priceless had I not been in so much pain. I don’t think he watched much because he was focused on helping me breath through the contractions.

Bee on

Isn’t that what the father is supposed to do?

Caitlyn on

How much did her PR team pay for her to get an entertainment special? She is D-list and doesn’t really act, sing or model..?

Anonymous on

What’s the big deal? I don’t know any guy that wasn’t in the delivery room when his significant other was giving birth. I know 25- 30 years ago it wasn’t that common, but it’s 2013, get over yourself.

Shannon on

Wow, a dad that held the leg, that is TOTALLY new! My hubby saw my two c-sections and held my leg for the two vbacs, as most dads do.

mrs123 on

My Husband helped with the delivery. the doc just made him get in there and I thank her everyday for doing that! What a connection he helped with the last pull out and and the helped put the baby on my chest. Both our hands……..<3

De on

Someone needed an excuse for a press release!

stef on

Seriously, People? THIS is your top story? A father who watched his child’s delivery…as MOST fathers do???

Jordyn on

My ex wanted nothing to do with the birth. The midwives struggled to try to engage him in the process.

SM on

Really?! get over yourself. This is supposed to be one of the happiest and most natural moments of your life, of course he needs to witness the birth of his child. It’s a miraculous thing. Also, is the nurse supposed to hold both of your legs for you as you push..yeah right?!! she needs some help with that too.

recuseme on

what the hell does that mean? The assumption that a couple would break up because the father saw the birth? I should think they would break up if he DIDN’t, duh, that’s his kid! And women should be squatting or standing up; gravity is a great tool!

sarah on

anyone notice that the nurse who placed her IV put it in the vein incorrectly, pointing away from the heart instead of towards? As a L/D nurse that is the first thing I noticed from the picture…

Torgster on

Hold the leg? I don’t get it. I delivered two kids and nobody held no damn leg lol.

Cami on

With epidural births, you can only deliver while on back. Nurse gets 1 leg, partner/hubby gets the other. Yeah, don’t see why this is such a big deal for them! Grow up!

Ali on

Nobody helped hold your legs back so you could push easier, Torgster? With both my deliveries I was helped. Maybe different hospitals do different things.

believe it on

1. “Fashion designer”? Lmao
2. Men watch their kids being born everyday. What makes them so special?

shidley on

Man up and grab a leg, Dudes. That is, unless she doesn’t want you seeing what’s going on. I’ve heard some guys don’t have the same regard for that “region” after witnessing all the distortion happen. Not something every guy can stomach, but you’ll probably appreciate your girl that much more….

Anonymous on

How is this even news worthy? I am ashamed that I not only took the time to read it. But I commented on it too! Men have been doing this for years. I had a c-section and my husband saw the whole thing. Great for them personally but nothing new People Mag.

Anonymous on

Not really news, my dad watched my mom’s whole C-section when she had me

Akgirl on

I don’t see how this is news worthy?

CanadaGurl on

Seriously are you that blonde to think you’re the first!!!

Sarah on

Personally, I find it strange if the father isn’t holding a leg/watching the baby be born. Or am I weird? 🙂

Melissa B on

Welcome to the club.

kim on

big whoop. my hubby saw the head popping out when both our kids were born. this isnt the 1950s anymore!!

Meg on

Why on earth is this news? Thousands & thousands of men watch their children being born every single day. This woman speaks as if he’s the first father ever to watch his partner give birth.

Kimmie on

Well guys, I was only 17 when my son was born and no, his dad did not see down there before the birth of my son. My mom was in the room with me, but she didn’t want to stay and see her baby girl in so much pain, so she sent my husband, boyfriend at the time in to help with the delivery.

I was like Kristin and wanted him to hold my hand, but I guess when it’s time to push we don’t care because we’re so into getting the baby out. He still gives me a hard time about crapping when I delivered. My husband tried to see the after birth pass through but the doctor made him look away. I guess my husband is weird or he just wanted to get a good look at it, since that was the first time he saw my stuff. I guess I’m weird too because I still don’t like him looking down there, but it’s been 32 years and we’re still in love.

Louisa on

Big deal….Why would you not let the father of your child watch them enter the world. He saw that end in the first place; not going to change too much.

Ronee on

Celebs are seriously odd. I wouldn’t have babies with a man that WASNT in the delivery room watching the whole thing, holding my leg/hand/hair or whatever the case. Are we supposed to be impressed by this?

Kat on

So, he did exactly what he should do, right?

Sammie on

really? Dad’s have been doing this for decades. My husband delivered our third child.

Jessica on

My husband held my leg as I pushed our daughter out. He was wonderful and nothing fazed him. Better not have since he’s a surgeon.

Bev on

It’s sad to me that the Dad wouldn’t be there all the way. Holding a leg, watching, etc. I would have been downright offended if my husband was hunkered behind me like he was embarrassed. And I sure am glad I was able to let my modesty go out the window! It’s an amazing, humbling experience that I can’t wait to experience again!

TD on

This says a lot about their relationship in my opinion. Listen, if you’re not comfortable enough with your own husband to allow him to watch you give birth, then your marriage is doomed to fail because life’s gonna bring you things that are much harder to get through & much more embarrassing than the way a woman looks “down there” when giving birth. Sad for them & their baby.

My husband watched me give birth to both our daughters. He cheered me on the whole time & afterwards praised me for being amazing & strong & composed throughout it all. And he’s not a mushy kind of guy- it’s just the most amazing thing that you can’t imagine until it’s your baby. And guess what, he still finds me sexually attractive even after watching me birth 2 children naturally. If she’s no more confident in their relationship than that, they’re in for a long, hard road!!

Elena on

Wow, shocking….most dad’s do this. Some “celebrities” are freaking idiots.

Daisy on

Really, we’re still talking about this? It was considered routine 25 years ago when my kids were born!

Melissa on

No one likes him in Chicago and this story is pointless.

Jax on

Just goes to show how screwed up the medicalization of childbirth is. Women have the right to own their bodies and have control over them. The nurse is SICK

Jax on

@Kate– try taking a university class in women studies before making a comment like that. Clearly uneducated about this topic. I have a Women Studies Degree and have been studying the Medicalization of Childbirth for over 10 years, having been present to a handful of births (both in the hospital and in a birthing center)

pep on

Who cares he is not the first to see a child being born .. If he was delivering his own child maybe then we might say WOW!!! This is not a good story im sorry i clicked onto it

BigDaddyChicago on

I did it with all 3 of my children and was awestruck each time. Being the first person to see the face of your child is an indescribable joy. Any father that doesn’t long for that experience is probably not that thrilled at the prospect of being a father to begin with.

Really!! on

This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!! It would be extremely abnormal to me and probably most if ours husbands were to stay at the top of the bed…so sad how rich people can be so ignorant!!

susan on

Why on Earth wouldn’t she want Jay seeing his own child being born? I’m surprised that a 26 yo sounds so prudish. The image of the baby crowning is not going to freak out her husband to the point that he won’t be attracted to her–and if it does, she has more problems to deal with.

thesubparbaker on

Sorry I don’t want anyone on that end… Let alone the hubs.

Carolyn on

Seriously?!! They were down “there” to make the baby, they aren’t going be there to see the baby born? This was the most ridiculous thing I have read. My husband was “in the game” for all six of ours!

Beth on

Hands up! Who husbands watch their child’s delivery? I had a c-section and my husband watched! Trying to stay in the news much, Kristin?

missbride05 on

Aaannnd? So? That’s what dads do. They help in whatever way they can to help bring in the child they helped create into the world. This is not the effing 1940’s where the dads had to wait in the waiting room. If you’re too embarrassed for him to see “everything” (like he hasn’t seen your vagina before…) then don’t make the kid to begin with.

And lol at “they are still going strong”. If witnessing the mother of your child give birth to them is enough to break up your relationship, then it sucked to begin with.

Milky on

OMG I could not be a celebrity and blab on and on about the minutiae of my life. Can they not hear themselves? Sure, childbirth is incredible and all, but I’d bore my own brains out as well as everyone else’s if I were to describe where everyone was standing and who said what and what they were holding … a dad being there at the birth of his own child is not newsworthy :/

Janis on

Big deal, Kristin. My husband was in the room when I had both of our children via C-section 26 & 24 years ago. They act like it’s such a big deal that he was in the room. Whoopee

Edie on

Unfortunately, I never had children, but I WAS present for my God child’s birth…isn’t that pretty much normal procedure any more???

Zeze on

Wow, she is milking this pregnancy for all it’s worth.

mom on

WTF? Thousands of dads do this every day and he gets atta boys like he is hoisting the Lombardi Trophy…..You don’t get a pat on the back for doing the usual thing…..snobby couple that are “trying to do the same as the little people” So what?? Go back to Tennessee and STAY THERE!!!!!

Kara on

I didn’t know men held legs. Isn’t that what the stirrups are for? After three births, My husband never had to hold my legs, but, rather, got to enjoy the process. Odd.

anon3 on

Wait, why does she get an E Entertainment special? Because she gave birth? Are we to hear every detail of the birth and her child’s life for the next few years? Anything to milk it and stay in the spotlight. Oh, and since when is Kristin a clothing designer?

Marlie on

My husband not only watched our daughter coming into the world, he delivered her. My labor progressed quickly and by the time we decided we needed to get to the hospital, it was too late. I think men that watch their children’s birth have a stronger bond with them.

JM on

Wow, my husband held my leg too, and he even ( gasp ) saw everything….we are “ok” too, we even had more babies. Geesh…..

Guest2012 on


Kate on

Yeah, my husband did the same thing and almost puked/fainted. IF there is a next time he’s staying BEHIND me. LOL

Emry on

don’t know what the big deal is, even before we got pregnant with our first kid, we both agreed my husband was going to be down their watching the whole thing too, an i had no problems with it, and he did, and he was smiling the whole time.

Jen on

Kristin that is normal. Take a chill pill.

Kate on

The only thing that bothers me about this story is that the nurse basically forced him to watch. She obviously didn’t want him down there and the nurse didn’t respect her wishes. Seeing a vagina while aroused is MUCH different than seeing it while there is a child stretching through it.

Ms Porta on

Clearly they didn’t go to birthing classes together!!

Elise on

I think her point is that she didn’t want him to see because it may be difficult for him to find her “sexy” afterwards after having witnessed that scene. I feel the same way. If my partner is in the room at all (which he insists), then he is certainly not watching the birth from the front row. The only people I want to observe that are the trained professionals!

jk on

This made top story? Come on People… And this happened long time ago, why publish it now? Come on Jay, aren’t all dads supposed to be by the (can’t say your wife yet) “mom’s” side during birth? I’m seeing more lame stories on People…. boring.

whatchadoing on

Who cares about Kristin Cavallari! Just a wannabe. Get a real job. What do you do anyways? Socialites…get lost.

MM on

VAIN ~ She was being vain. That’s why she made the comment that they are “still going strong” despite him seeing her “privates” at work instead of at play.

Al on

I have never given birth, but WHY WOULD THIS BE NEWS? Don’t most “dads/partners/significant others’ DO THIS?

Nancy on

Why is this big news and why is this shared with the world?

again...shut up. on

He is really unattractive.

Jknows on

This is what normally happens while giving birth. Does she do anything, does she know that the reality show she was on -has ended??

CCex on

Yeah, that’s how it is supposed to be. Just as much his kid as yours, why wouldn’t he want to see. I hear some women saying they don’t even want them in the room?! Not the 1950’s folks.

KW on

Hey Kristin! THATS WHAT MOST DADS DO. Get over it.

Seriously on


ME on

This is such a non-story. Fathers should be there for the birth of their child. Someone trying to keep her name out there because she isn’t satisfied just being a mom and wife…oh I mean girlfriend – still not married. Great family values!

Ann on

Dada should be involved in the entire process….so good for this dad…..

Christine on

So does pretty much every man whose wife gives birth…not news worthy US!

Lisha on

Ummm, this is “news”, why? My oldest child is 30, my youngest 14, and Dad was always there, WATCHING. Seriously, this is not news. Most Dad’s have watched their child being born. Why, again, is this “news”? This is NOT some “new-fangled” thing. It’s how having a child is done these days, with the exception of emergency C-sections, like my daughter had, and neither her husband or I could be in the delivery room. Because it happened to whoever this girl IS, it becomes “news”? No wonder I cancelled my subscription to People!!

lori ann on

A true blond air head.

rosegresskar on

I love how they call her a designer…just seems like when people are out of jobs in hollywood the “design”…

Jackie on

to those bitter b’s wondering what the deal is, apparently they havent read a damn thing during their pregnancies leading up to their babies being born. its widely known that most men that see the whole gory thing stretching out with a body coming out, blood fluids and all can be quite traumatizing to the point it could affect their intimacy. there…

Me on

Wow, what an awesome…err…what a…jeez, this dilbert is just a big BLECH as a football player and a man. It always seems like he needs to be forced to smile, and she has to push him to make an effort at ANYTHING, and then we’re all supposed to pat him on the head, like “Rah rah, Jay!” And that’s a catch? That’s not a catch. That’s a big football-playing lump.

Staci on

My husband delivered our baby – why in the world would the dad not be a part of their baby being born?!

Suz on

I don’t particularly like this girl but I give her credit for having the courage to do a real birth. Most celebs opt for c sections or surrogates so that they try to preserve their precious bodies!

And this sounds real and very cool, with him involved. Good for them

Kim on

Her PR team deserves kudos, they are working hard…..but remind me, AGAIN, why we care about her? She had a baby by an athlete……so what? I watched the video to make sure I wasn’t missing something but she sounds so stupid.

vickynicole on

Um… isn’t that what dads are supposed to do? Why is this news?

Rachel on

Almost every female I have ever known, myself included, had the fear of their partner seeing that aspect of them. It is not a 50’s thing, it is a vanity thing. But, when it’s your child coming into the world, the priority changes. I had a c-section my and husband was all too happy to watch our child being removed from my gutts LOL!

Anonymous on

Truthfully, I think the nurse should have respected her wishes. I’ve never had a baby, but I would imagine you’re pretty vulnerable at the moment and people need to back off when you express what you want.

hbear on

I thought big deal too. This is news? I clicked on the story to see if there was more to it. My husband watched our first and delivered our second!

Anonymous on

Whats the big deal? Dont all dads do this?

jb on

I had the exact same experience. For some reason I thought my husband wouldn’t have to watch the actual birth. When it’s your first child, you are really modest. In the end, he was holding my leg and watching the whole thing. He says that watching the birth is the coolest thing he’s ever seen.

Colette on

OMG – So did my husband! Does that make it news too?

Anonymous on

She seems to act so immature! Like she is still a high school kid from Laguna beach. I mean its part of life to give birth, its a beautiful thing. It shouldn’t be something your embarrassed of.

Karin on

Are you kidding? This is a top story? All dad’s should be involved in the child birth process.


WOW does she sound controlling!!!!!!! She TOLD him he was going to stand behind her and not see anything? How AWFUL!!!! Why would she not want him to watch? He SHOULD see the birth because it’s HIS chlld!!!!!!! I totally got a different view of the type of person Kristin is.

chris on

Ummmm isn’t that what the dad is suppose to do….I had one emergency section and 2 natural and he watched all 3….people are so weird about the dad watching….he’s the parent too and should see the miracle

Nikki on

I think what she’s referring to is the idea some men are traumatized by watching the birth of their kids, and that it can negatively affect their sex lives/sexual attraction to their partner post-birth due to what they saw in the delivery room. This topic has been bandied about pretty frequently in recent years.

No comment on whether or not men should actually witness the birth b/c I think people should do what they feel is best for them. Just thought I’d add some context to her comments.

LN on

Um, this is news? This is more like celebs: they’re just like us. Guess they couldnt show that pic.

Anonymous on

regardless of what the majority of people do, the mom’s wishes should be respected. the steamrolling nurse was out of line.

Ellen on

why do we care about her!! what a twit!! gold digger!!

DB on

LOL….These “CELEBS”, are a hoot! How self-absorbed can you be…..they all are delusional….except for a few….Betty White is a good one!

jen on

Most dads these days get to see their children being born. Hell, I saw my nephew being born. This is such a dumb article! Why don’t you come back when you actually have something relevant to share?

imsonotcoolcuz on

Why is she still relevant?

Momto2 on

OMG!!!!! sound the alarms. She us the very first person whose baby daddy watched while their child was born!!!!

Carrie M on

Is this woman for real? And your point is, bimbo?

Lena on

I don’t get it. Most dad’s watch and see the whole thing. To most it’s an amazing experience to see their child come into the world. With our youngest my OB told my husband to roll up his sleeves and “catch”. My husband said delivering our son was the most incredible thing.

Anonymous on

Let me guess, she won’t have sex with the lights on either?

anon on

Just trying to be relavavant its all she has got.. Just trying to be part of everyother celeb out there all looking for attention.. It’s the in thing right now.. Actually this is refreshing after all the K’s crap everywhere.

Miss Jennifer on

What a prude!

john on

What next, change a diaper? OMG Loser and no talent couple. lmao

Jenn on

I fail to see how this is news. Thousands of dads watch their children being born every day. My husband watched for both of our kids. Big whoop, Kristin.

smartmouthdirtymind on

Isn’t it weirder when the dads DON’T watch? Unless they’re deployed or divorced, the dads are there.

What?; on

Is she an adult? ” Cuz I was like, no you go behind me. ” wth how did they have a child

Lauren on

Exactly! Amazing that people can’t understand that is what she is referring to, but I think it is because many people do not like her, so that is why.

It is not uncommon for women to feel this way.

Kate, not so much…Mine wasn’t looking down there either time my babies were conceived. Do you have children? Regardless, It looks very different during sex than when you have a 9lb child coming out of you.

km on

who really gives a crap! most dads do that anyways…so sick of these dumb hollywood people…get a freakin life….whats gonna be breaking news next? Jay changed a diaper!

Suzanne on

The bigger issue is the fact that the mother wanted the father to stay behind her and the nurse ignored her wishes. When the mother again said “no” the nurse insisted. Wow. Everyone has the right to privacy and modestly. It is a good thing this was not me. That nurse would have either respected my wishes or she would have been kicked out of my room.

Kat1129 on

Who cares about these two?

Brenda on

Just another chance to grab a story, she had the kid months ago didnt she? Attention getter, and when the heck did she become a fashion designer? Most men do watch and help what they created, no?? lol.

Cait on

She is do unlikable!

Addison on

I’ve had 4 kids and my husband didnt watch any of their births. Currently pregnant with what will be our last child and he won’t watch this bub be born either.

Some guys don’t want to watch some do. It’s entirely their choice.

leslee on

Ummmm….don’t most father’s watch in the delivery room? The only time I’ve heard of people NOT watching is when the mother has a c-section! Just because she’s a “celebrity” her husband shouldn’t watch? And this is news?

Lb on

this is news? many dads watch their children being born…short on stories this week?

isabel on

I don’t get what the big deal is. My husband watched me give birth our children. Why is this a freaking story??
ps, I love how she’s referred to as “fashion designer” and not reality show personality. ugh.

Grace on

Wow. She really has nothing else going on. Isn’t her kid a year old now?

victory on

First time moms are so funny. Once a woman is ready to push, it’s an out of body experience, we don’t care who’s watching.

dianne on

Who cares????????????? I don’t understand the interest in this person. Oh well!

Anonymous on

Every time my eyes have fallen on this headline — seemingly for days!! now — my reaction has been the same and instantaneous: Who Cares ??? How ’bout some dignity?? How ’bout some privacy?? If not for YOU, how ’bout for the rest of us, who DON’T CARE whose looking at your private parts for any reason whatsofuckingever!

WG on

I’m sorry, but why is this a story?

S.L. on

I’m not sure why this is even posted. What a waste of Internet space.

Carolyn on

If I’d had a second child I would have chosen not to have my husband present. The doctor and nurse gave me all the support I needed.

So it goes on

Most men watch in it’s ENTIRETY an do not deserve a pat on the back for it. She is over compensating for how she told the story of how he mailed her her engagement ring so he does not look like such a d-bag. Although he needs no help in that area as he acts like one on the sidelines all of the time. I’m still not sure why their stories always appear on the celebrity websites.

Anonymous on

She was afraid Jay would see her poop while trying to push.

gg on

what is the big deal?
maybe it would’ve been a surprise to show
up at a wedding first………………

EK on

I think most dads can help hold a leg and not see a thing. UMMM…that’s not newsworthy. Anyways, congrats on the baby and safe delivery. I am sure he isn’t that traumatized.

de on

My husband watched,coached and held my leg with all 3 babies. He cried when they were born. It was amazing to have him with me. However,I think it is pretty natural men will be concerned our anatomy won’t go back to normal.

With our first,the nurse saw the look on his face and told him not to worry it wasn’t going to stay like that. My mom cracked up over that one.

I found it no laughing matter and panicked a bit myself when I saw what has happening in the mirror.

Seeing myself like that,birth process or not made me nauseaous. I threw up. I pooped on the table. It wasn’t pretty. I had watched birthing videos beforehand but it wasn’t the same.

After that,I decided not to watch with the other two.

Tina on

Big deal! He’s not the first dad and he won’t be the last one. Why do celebrities make big deals out of normal stuff?

Rachel on

My hubby held my leg and he watched. The part you don’t want them to watch is when you have to push out the placenta. That is the traumatizing part. Husband accidentally looked after and he was horrified. I had some awesome nurses though.

ChiGurl on

So whats the big deal!..Men do this every day…so Jay was the center instead of the QB…lol


I guess she wears the pants in the family and he does whatever she says. That’s so sad for him.

Amanda B on

Most dads hold the leg. Most dads want to see their children come into the world. What most women DON’T do is act so arrogant and immature and tell their husbands they can’t watch the birth of their child. Are you kidding me? Get over yourself already!

joules on


Catca on

Nikki is right that it is subject that’s been bandied about the last couple years. Ladies when you are dilated to 10 and having a baby pop out, you don’t look the same as you did when the baby was being made. It’s really not a view of you your significant other has seen before.

I’d like to think men are mature enough to deal with it, but some women have a fear that they aren’t.

Big Fan on

So he did what every other guy does. Who the freak cares?

Sandy on

what’s with some of these nurses??? you try and tell them your wishes and they force their point of view on you! if she didn’t want him to hold her leg then so be it. I had a nurse throw my sons paci away cuz she didn’t believe in them.

DD on

I think what she’s referring to is the possibility that some men are traumatized by watching the birth of their children. I remember watching a documentary on a number of couples who required sex therapy when it came to intimacy after the birth of their child – not because they were no longer attracted to their wives, but because they no longer saw the “neither regions” as a sexual gateway – they saw it as a pure and sacred means as to where the miracle of life began. Some of them felt like it was almost like a violation of such a special experience.

AE on

Does he want a medal?

Skinny Wrap Girl on

Good for him.

Anonymous on

Big deal! How many other dad’s are in there for the delivery and they don’t make the news! Get over yourself and your self-importance!

Jax on

Why is she in People!!!! She’s a no body. People must be playing along to get her wedding pics but who cares. She’s as bad as the Kardashin family!!

arg on

Like, oh my god, like,, wow, he held my leg. Like, oh my god he saw the whole thing. Like, oh my god. I have never heard her speak but like, wow, she comes across as a ditz….

d on

It’s so typical of hospital staff not respecting the wishes of the mother. It doesn’t sound like he was begging to hold her leg and she didn’t want him to so why the hell can’t the nurse just back off. It’s not medically necessary for someone to hold your damn leg.

sarah on

My “mr. macho” hubby held my leg at the bark of my nurse. I never seen him pass out so quickly. LOL. Needless to say he has a new found respect for mothers and all that they go through.

Wow on

Yesterday when I saw this article it had 9 comments, now it has 162…huh, funny!

Wow on

The way she said explained it on the video clip, I think she thought people were going to find it funny and shocking. As with most Kristin Cavallari pregnancy and baby stories, most people seem to think big deal, who cares.

Molly on

It’s amazing how really cutting these women are being in the commen section. I’m not a big fan of Kristin, but these ditzy women seem to forget what a big moment giving birth is to a woman. And it’s her first baby, yep, he’s been intimate with her, but giving birth is a very different situation. Things look very different from the time they made that baby. Lots of things are happening that are out of our control from the waist down, it’s a scary messy experience, not tidy and pretty like TV births.

Leave the girl alone. Any woman who finds herself in a conversation about having babies immediately will share their experience, it’s life changing every time – let her talk, if you’ve got to criticize anyone, how about People for choosing to do the interview?

Tracy on

Another example of an untalented person who is famous for being famous. Not interested in watching this at all; all her fake-ness is sickening. She and Kim Kardashian should hang out; I’m sure Kim can relate to her more than we can.

Melanie on

Wow, typically they approve comments much slower over the weekend. Look at the dates, plenty of people made comments, they just weren’t pushed through until today.

Molly, E! is promoting her show airing tonight. Looks like PEOPLE just picked it up. I totally agree with the rest of your comment though. She’s just on the younger side and is a first-time mom. It’s a lot less of an issue once you have your second.

AM on

I’m not really a fan of hers (though she was excellent on DWTS), but she really looks beautiful in that hospital picture. Nice when a ‘celeb’ (or pseudo-celeb) can look like a normal person once in a while. Sweet baby too.

Brandi on

For those that struggle with reading, she didn’t say it made her special. They just decided before that she wanted him up at her head with him because let’s face it, not all men want to see what birth can do to a woman. He may have warned her he was afraid of passing out, maybe she was more comfortable with him close to her face (it happens, I don’t care what kind of birthing story you leave trying to “out mom” other women.)

I watched the special, she was EXTREMELY down to earth, the “we’re good” comment was a joke. Why so much hate? Because she’s beautiful and rich? She is actually a working PAID fashion designer, she designs shoes for Chinese Laundry. Do research or at least watch the whole interview before spewing hate. You sound so sad and pathetic.

Brandi on

Also, for the simple minded readers who can’t comprehend or understand, Kristin had nothing to do with the release of this article. There was an interview on E! last night with her and they took an excerpt to share on here. It’s only a top story because it has over 200 comments of women trying to out do each other with birthing stories.

dsfg on

Why is this even a headline? Don’t most dads attend their children’s births?

jaimieheart on

I honestly think it’s pretty despicable that a man wouldn’t want to be an active part of the whole labor and delivery process. I mean, come on. My husband was with me the whole time, he saw the whole thing, and he even cried when our son was born. It’s a natural thing.. Is it pretty? Not really. But it’s probably the most visceral, intimate and important moments in a parent’s (mom AND dad) life. Jeez.

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