Jamie Cullum and Sophie Dahl Welcome Daughter Margot

03/08/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Jamie Cullum Sophie Daahl Welcome Daughter Margot
Nick Harvey/WireImage

It’s another girl for Jamie Cullum and Sophie Dahl!

“On [Monday,] March 4th Sophie gave birth to our second baby girl, Margot,” the singer-songwriter, 33, announced via Twitter. “She is healthy and gorgeous and we are completely thrilled.”

The new addition joins big sister Lyra, who just turned 2 last Saturday.

Cullum and Dahl, 35 — a model, writer and the granddaughter of author Roald Dahl — revealed the pregnancy in November.

The couple were married in Hampshire, England in January 2010.

“My relationship with Sophie has helped put everything in perspective,” Cullum said at the time.

“It reminds me that while I love [working], and have certain responsibilities to my career, there are more important things in life.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Marky on

Congratulations to them! Lovely names for both their daughters! Hope they have a wonderful time growing up together; my girls are close in age, always got along well, and even shared a room until they were teens. My sister and I were the same. Sophie is also the granddaughter of the incredible actress, Patricia Neal…….

Leelou42 on

How old is that guy? He looks like he’s only 15. Lol

Kaylin on

Lyla and Margot are adorable sister names!

umbra on

would you feel the same way if u actually read the article and see that it’s Lyra and not lyla?

whatthe on

rofl! thanks for giggle umbra!

Verb56 on

Love love love Jamie Cullum! He’s got some crazy talent!!!

Faye on

Who the heck are these freaks of nature!

Barbara on

Dahl is a woman. If you look very closely, you can indeed see she is kin to Patricia Neal! Somehint about her eyes. Nice names for babies, not way out.

Mom of 5 on

They are an odd looking couple aren’t they?

Anonymous on

is he a midget?

pep on

she looks like a giant next to him

Sweetcinna on

Faye, take it down a notch. She is a model and granddaughter of Roald Dahl and a model. He is a musician. Very talented. Why don’t you put your photo up so we can make nasty comments about you? And, Kaylin, the first daughter’s name is Lyra.

Ol on

Calm down “SweetCinnabon”. Calmmmmm down. Nice deep breaths.

Alissa on

Congrats to them on their new baby girl! The photo does make Jamie look about 15, so I had to look up his age. While there I saw that his height and his wife’s height are the same as me and my husband…just reversed…I’m the short one in my marriage.

Miriam Poulsen on

Well… At least their children will be normal height. Lol.

Melanie on

Why doesn’t anyone bother to read? The article lists both of their ages plus the correct spelling of their daughter’s name. There’s no need to go look things up.

Anonymous on

Agreed Melanie

Carol on

I had to click on this to see who these people are and I still don’t know who they are, congrats anyways..

H on

creepy looking couple…..

Julianna on

I love their daughters’ names. They’re so classy, elegant and timeless. Congratulations to the family!

Faye on

Ok… But who are they? It’s like someone put a photo of the couple that comes with a picture frame, just some random couple that no one had ever ever seen!!

Jadey on

They’re well known in England x

Anonymous on

Who are these people?!

Anonymous on

What a weird looking couple! Have never heard of them. Congratulations to them!

Bree on

I thought those were two women at first until I saw the comments. That is one little man or that is one giant women.

Deon on

Am I the only one who thinks this picture is freaking creepy??

Julesy on

Her bugged out eyes freak me out.

Brenda on

Cullum and Dahl, 35 year olds…

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! I think they’re a sweet-looking couple. They always look so happy and in love, and their babies are without a doubt two of the luckiest little girls to have them for parents.

Anonymous on

Miriam Poulson- Not if they’re anything like my brother and I. My brother is very tall like our mom and I’m a shrimp like our mom. 😉

Anyway, congrats to them! And to all of you people saying who you are, it SAYS SO RIGHT IN THE ARTICLE! He’s a musician and she’s a model, writer…and the granddaughter of Roald Dahl, who just happens to be one of the most famous children’s book authors of all time!

Myla Cree on

Tina Fey’s husband is small too, thank goodness they have 4 girls between them. Sorry, short men not ever been my thing. I have 2 sons and they are both over 6 ft., their dad was 6 ft 3 inches.

Lauren on

I have never heard of them and really don’t know what they are famous for, but clearly they are, so whatever. What amazes me is that some of you insulting them based on a picture. Really? Calling them freaks… And then people wonder why children are bullied in school and where they learn to be bullies from. It is no wonder to me. They get it from their parents who feel it is acceptable to insult people based on their looks. Pathetic.

Anonymous on

Has her doctor checked her thyroid lately?

elsoplomundano on

I really hope she’s wearing a very, very high heels…

dsfg on

” And then people wonder why children are bullied in school and where they learn to be bullies from.”

Lauren, I started a new job in tourism about a year ago where I deal with tourists from all over the world. And it’s amazing to me how mean ADULT AMERICANS can be. Of course children learn it from their parents. I personally think adults are worse than children.

I don’t care what anyone says to insult me, I refuse to name call or insult someone’s appearance. To me, those are immature responses that adults should be ashamed of.

GIA on

My Daughter is 5′ my son in law 6’3″.

Why is that fine but not the reverse?

REAL love is indeed blind,and if you really find a soul mate,who cares what package he/she comes in.

That’s why there’s so many desperate women in this world,looking for “prince Charming” except ,he must have an amazing career be gorgeous and adore her without boundaries.

Better have a reality check girls…Maybe “prince charming ” is 5′ tall…

Bree on

I love that she is so much taller than he – and they don’t care! So cute together! Congrats to them!

jackie2830 on

I agree………..at least this time I have many others who are asking……….who the hell are these people??????

dudley doright on

article says who she is, but who is he? not sure.

they make an interesting couple.

Melissa on

Actually, it says exactly who he is. Learn to read.

Sarah on

So what if there’s a huge height difference between them? Jamie is 5’5″ and Sophie’s 6 ft, but if the heights were switched..nobody would care at all. As long as they are happy, that is what matters.

Congrats to them on the birth of baby Margot. 🙂

Amy on

Congratulations to Jamie, Sophie & Lyra on the birth of baby Margot!

Love the name… Great family!

Andrea Mayer on

They are adorable, and he is a brilliant musician….