Holly Madison Names Daughter Rainbow Aurora

03/08/2013 at 11:30 AM ET

Holly Madison Welcomes Daughter Rainbow Aurora

Holly Madison has some bunny new to love!

The former Girls Next Door star and her boyfriend Pasquale Rotella welcomed a daughter, Rainbow Aurora Rotella, on Tuesday, March 5 in Las Vegas, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

“I wanted to give my daughter a unique name,” she explains to E! News, who first reported the baby’s name. “Growing up, there was a girl in my school named Rainbow and I was so envious of that name. I thought it was so pretty and unique!”

The baby girl arrived at 11:59 a.m., weighing in at 7 lbs., 2 oz.

In August, Madison announced the pair were set to be parents, before Rotella revealed they were thinking pink.

And in between heating up the red carpet in a series of sizzling dresses, the mom-to-be has been busy perfecting her princess’s Alice In Wonderland themed nursery

If left up to Madison, baby girl’s birth will be the first of many.

“I want six kids,” she said in December. “We’ll see how it goes, but I want a big family.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Mark Gray

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Erin Courtney on

Congrats, can’t wait to see pics!

Vanessa on

Wonder what this difficult to pronounce name will be, should she stick with it.

KIM on

Congrats to the new parents.

Vi on

Congrats to the lovely couple!!

Stacy on

I’m so happy for her! She’s wanted a baby for years….I hope they’re both doing well.

cmonppl on

omg i hate when people don’t have a name for their baby. you had 9 months!!!!

Crys on

The baby’s nane wasn’t in the article, but no one said she didn’t have a name.

Brandi on

She DOES have a name for the baby but she JUST had the baby for God’s sake…be patient and give her some time to adjust and enjoy being a new mom! Baby girl’s name will be released when they are ready!

omg on

OMG! We didn’t name our twins for three days! How awful of us to actually wait and see what fit. FYI life isn’t b&w.

Sharon on

Why is she slow? A lot of people don’t name their baby until they see him / her because they want to make sure the name fits the baby. It doesn’t make anyone slow or an idiot. Jeez.

Sharon on

*Btw i wasn’t named until the day after i was born…guess my parents are slow, too*

illeryial on

I know many couples including my hubby and I who had ideas of names but wanted to wait until they meet their bundle of joy. Heck, when our oldest was born we changed the name because it didn’t fit our son once we saw him and bonded. So, kindly please shove off.

e420 on

So disrespectful!! Some people want to meet their baby before they name him/her!!! There’s nothing wrong with that. Personally, I find it much more annoying when parents name their baby beforehand, but to each their own.

Nicole on

She looks so beautiful. I was surprised to read the other day that she has a college degree too.

MR on

Lots of celebrities have college degrees, i guess celebrity life give the most $$

Candice on

@cmonppl Some people don’t like naming their kids before they actually meet them. Maybe your #1 top choice doesn’t seem like the best fit when you see your child’s face. You should have some sort of idea, but it’s perfectly reasonable (and probably better) if the name isn’t set in stone before the birth.

me on

Congrats! I hope she looks like her pretty Mommy.

Tara on

I’m so happy for her! Hope she has nothing but great things to come!

Anonymous on

Congrats Holly. I LOVE your hair color looking more natural and not so platinum blonde.

Julianna on

Aw, congrats, Holly!

Marcia on

Who on earth says “I want six kids” before they have even had the first one? We’ll see what she says in a year. Even if you have money it is a lot of work and responsibility.

Keira on

Someone that hasn’t had their first is going to want 6, Marcia lol! Anyway some people can handle it so lighten up.

Jennifer on

Maybe someone who wants a big family? Someone whose dream since she was little was to have that big family? Or maybe, just maybe someone who would give the world to have just one baby to love and couldn’t imagine that love stopping at one child? Yea, that’s me. Possibly can’t have kids and would give anything to have the three boys, three girls I have ALWAYS wanted.

Timi on

Congratulations! Im glad her mommy dream finally came true! Lots of health and happiness for the whole family!

Victoria on

There always has to be a negative nelly *cmmonppl*. Maybe she doesn’t want to release the name or the name she picked out didn’t fit the child. Who knows. Congrats to Holly! She has always wanted a family and i’m glad she finally got what she wanted. She’ll make a good mother.

MD on

If I could look that beautiful while pregnant, I’d want 6 kids too! 🙂 congrats to Holly! Enjoy your new bundle of sweetness

Candace on

Marcia- People (maybe mainly women) say how many kids they would “like” to have all the time before they have kids what is weird about that?

Sherae on

COngratulations, Holly!! So happy for you finally having the things you wished for!

TammyL on

I believe it’s some kind of rule for play bunnies to get an education, I remember watching Girls Next Door and they all were online college. One of them has a Masters. Don’t judge a book by their pretty cover!! Congrats Holly!!! So happy for you!!

Clarissa on

Congrats to the new parents! I’m so ready to welcome baby number three in a few weeks too:)

Marcia: my hubby only wanted two but we are expecting baby number three in a few weeks. Yes it’s hard but who says parenting is suppose to be easy?! If I could see the future before I had kids I would NOT change a single thing! God has blessed me with so much and I feel so heart broken for other women who don’t get to experience motherhood. I know two women who can’t conceive babys with their husbands. So if someone wants a lot of kids that it their prerogative. I wanted three and soon I will be a mom of three. Can’t wait:)

Ms Jordan on

Throughout her pregnancy Holly always was dressed so lovely and tastefully, unlike many of the other Hollywood women. Her pic in this story, shows her good taste and beautiful pregnancy fashion sense. I bet she will dress her new baby daughter in many cute outfits and tiny little dresses. Congrats to Holly and Daddy.

Anonymous on

i luv Holly congrats to her and her beau….can’t wait to see her baby and her name …so what if she didn’t know what she wanted big deal ……don’t rain on her parade ….Enjoy your happiness with ur new addition and many more blessings to come 🙂

rhonda on

On what planet does she expect to find rooms for six offspring? And I would think she should have started in her early 20s to allow enough time, unless she wants quintuplets.

Brandi on

Rhonda if she wants to have six kids, that’s her choice! And it’s not like she and her fiance don’t have the means to support a large family, so I say more power to them! As for her age…women are having kids in their 40’s nowadays and Holly is in her early thirties, so she could even have them close together in age and be done by the time she hits 40. Will she really have six kids? Who knows! Just stop being a negative judgemental sourpuss and let her do what makes her happy, it’s her life ❤

Sharon on

Um yeah, Rhonda….my great grandmother had 10 kids from about 1909-1922 when people were very poor and by no means had a big house. They managed. I am sure Holly can afford 6 and have plenty of room.

Tiffany on

Yay! Congrats to the new mommy! I just had my son on Super Bowl Sunday! Such a blessing! I’m stoked for her!

Carrow on

Love you Holly. You were so sweet on GND. Congrats on your beautiful new baby girl. A mini-Holly.

This is all she wanted with Hef. I really believed she loved that old coot. And he goes and marries a girl that is somewhat revolted by him, runs from a marriage to him and admits that she’s really only with him for his money….

lori on

Congrats Holly! So happy for you!

Sue on

Congrats to Holly! My only question about ” waiting to see your baby before naming it” is…what makes a girl look more like an Annie opposed to an Ally? Or a boy look like a Mike opposed to a Logan? Just curious. I think it is a fad thing. If you like a name, go for it! They have to live their whole life with it so choose wisely! I think that most mothers have a name in mind the whole time but just don’t want to “share” until the baby comes. That is their prerogative. Congrats Holly and her boyfriend!

Anonymous on

What happen to the baby she adopted or was close to adopting? Does anyone else remember that?

Emily on


FEDE2 on

I bet that baby just slid out.

Brandi on

You’re disgusting. Something tells me your parents were less than thrilled when you were born. Smh.

dudley doright on

pretty lady will probably have a pretty baby, congrats

Karen on

I think pasquale was the name of the lizard in Tangled.. hahahahaha!!!!!!!

Tanya on

Congrats to Holly and her beau! I hope they have a normal baby name choice! Hope her dream to have 6 children come true one day. I’d like to have a big family too because i’m one of only 2 children in my family.

Anonymous on

Another stripper is born.

Anonymous on

A stripper is born.

Isabelle on

@ Karen, it was a cameleon, not a lizard and as far as having six why not if she is able to! I wanted four and after the first, got told: sorry, cervical cancer. You are done. So Congrats Holly and Pasquale. Enjoy all the blessings of a happy life with your little princess!

Anonymous on

It’s so interesting how different people are. One poster on here was disgusted because the parents don’t yet have a chosen baby name, whereas I think it’s really creepy that people know the child’s sex before it is born and that they name it before they spend time with it.

diffffeeeerrrrent strokes.

Tara Fullen on

im no holly holly fan but, dang! girl looks GREAT in that pic!!!

Julie on

Congrats! My advice is to enjoy this new one.

I think everyone I know says they want a big family until they have their first kid then they rethink there numbers.

My husband and I went the big family route it’s not for everyone.

That’s not to say she wouldn’t enjoy having a bunch of kids and be great at it.

ally on

Wow, Holly is the most beautiful pregnant woman ever. Congratulations to a very sweet girl. Love you Holly. You are truly beautiful.

Anonymous on

Anonymous (the one who mentioned her having adopted or being close to adopting at one point)- My guess is that was just a rumor. I’ve never read anything about her adopting from any reputable source!

Sue- People having been doing it for years, so it’s not a fad. And I don’t think anyone can really explain what makes a baby “look” more like one name than another. I don’t think even parents neccesarily know why it is that their child doesn’t “look” like the name they initially picked out for them.

Anyway, congrats to Holly and her fiance (she said in the article about going in for an induction that she and Pasquel plan to marry this summer, so I don’t know why PEOPLE is still calling him her boyfriend!)!

Southerngirl on

@ Anonymous- Because actually someone is only considered a fiancé or fiancee when there is a ring AND a date and they don’t have a date.

Anonymous on

Brandi- I agree completely! And I’d like to add that, as far as the issue of finding enough rooms for six kids, ckearly they have the means to build a seven-bedroom house (obviously they need a room, too!). But even if they didn’t or don’t want to, kids can share rooms! 🙂

Anonymous on

Has anyone else noticed that it’s only women that seem to be critcized for expressing a desire for large families? If a male celeb says he wants a large family, people think it’s sweet and adorable (Brad Pitt is one example that comes to mind. When he was married to Jennifer, he mentioned that he wanted seven girls- a house full of “little hers”…which made practically every woman swoon!).

Yet when a female celeb, like Holly or Jessica Simpson (who also said before having kids that she wanted six, and then reitired her desire for a large family whilst pregnant with Maxwell), expresses the same wish, people say she’s being unresponsible, unrealistic, or wonder what in the world she’s thinking.

Then again, it wouldn’t be the comments section on Moms&Babies if there weren’t constant proof that sexism is still very much alive and well! 😉

Margie on

I think ‘Daisy’, unless she’s changed her mind. A wonderful girl for a wonderful girl!

nicole on

Congrats Holly! bet she’s as pretty as her mommy.

Sage on

I’m guessing the passage was a breeze.

Mandy on

Congrats to them. babies are always a blessing. So happy that she finally got the child she always wanted.

Mary on

Congrats Holly, can’t wait to see a pic of baby, bet she is a cutie.

Danielle on

Congratulations to the parents …..I bet she is going to be a beautiful baby.

Ann on

Best wishes to her and know she will be a good mom!!!!

mahn on

I was scanning for a name and I thought she had named her Pasquale. haha! Relieved to discover I was wrong

Jenny! on

AW YEAH!! I’m sooooo happy for holly! I just love her, she is so sweet and what a great mom she is going to be. Can’t wait to see the pics of mommy and baby 😀

Linds on

Honestly, I know it’s not a contest, but of all the pregnant celebs I see in this magazine, she was without a doubt the most gorgeous pregnant woman I have ever seen. She was absolutely glowing…from her softer hair colour, to her skin, to the twinkle in her eyes. She was just lovely. Congratulations!

Sandra on

With a name like Pasquale Rotella, I hope they name the baby girl a beautiful Italian name like Alessandra.

boohoobytch on

congrats to her

ChristineB on

Congrats to Holly and Pasquale!!! I can’t wait to see pics of their beautiful baby girl! I am sure she will be a beautiful as her mommy! ❤

Patti on

Congrats Holly….I am glad you finally have the child you always wished for. May god bless you with many more…..

Anonymous on

Wow.. someone is pregnant… this is news ?

Anonymous on

That’s great! Pregnancy suits her, she looks beautiful. Congratulations!

ceeli on

awwww…. I’m sure Holly will be so proud when her little girl grows up to be a whore, just like her mommy.

Paul G on

Yeah, as soon as she turns 16 years old, Hugh Hefner will need a young girlfriend. In America, we turn H..s into housewives..

Linda G. on

She looks absolutely gorgeous in this photo!

mimiiii on

I just bet the relationship with the father won’t last long. Most celebrities don’t like to make that commitment, even with a child. So sad.

Anonymous on

really? she has a college degree? well good for her, so did that other bunny, a masters I think, I love it when I find out stars have degrees, makes me respect them all the more!

Holly’snewjob on


Anonymous on

Who cares? She’s a dingbat…

Jessica on

Congrats Holly!!! Cannot wait to see pics of her. Hope she doesn’t name her some crazy Hollywood name. And I LOVE Holly’s hair this color….hope she keeps it this way after baby. Forgot the platinum look–you look stunning with this color! Congrats!!

La-La on

Congrats, but what is her name?

lena on

I think it is really pathetic for those of you making vulgar comments about the birth of Holly’s child and putting terrible labels on a newborn baby Just because she posed nude for playboy does not mean she is premiscuos or a whore by any means she is a beautiful classy lady and to the person that made the comment about all the sin her child inherited you must not read the Bible because it does say he without sin cast the first stone and no person on earth was or ever has been without sin but Jesus! And also it says that when a child is born it is born free of sin You don’t inherit sin lol! And I know none of us that commented know her personally But those of you spouting out all this negativity her way and towards a child your lives must be either completely pathetic or you are overwhelmed with jealousy or both!!!! So get a lige anf let Holly live hers!

lena on


Anonymous on

Thank God she never married Hef. The guy has two feet in the grave. She got some common sense and did the right thng by being with someone her age and having a life!!

Mark K on

Good for her.

goforrit on

Maybe she will keep her clothes on in public and stay away from dirty old rich men now. eww

Bella T on

Can’t wait to see the baby and hear her name. Congrats Holly.

Milky on

How silly, you don’t need a ring or a set date to be engaged. You just have to be intending to get married.

I bet Holly gives her an old-fashioned french name, I remember her on GND being into the French Revolution era …

Some hard to pronounce ideas: Genevieve Severine Mireille Anais Clemence Faustine …

Danielle on

I can;t wait to see the pictures of the baby…..she weighted the same amount of my beautiful girl, and she is a Piscis too.

Anonymous on

Congratulations Holly and Pasquale for your wonderful bundle of joy.

Cheers – from Alaska!

Jayda on

Rainbow…. Instantly I hated it, but I’m starting to change my mind. Rainbow Aurora is actually quite pretty when you think about it, and I assume that she will probably go by Rain or Rainy. Holly’s right, I’m sure a lot of girls will be jealous of Rain Rotella.

Robyn on

While Rainbow isn’t my cup of tea, my youngest daughter’s first name is Aurora! I don’t see how it’s hard to pronounce, and I think her name is beautiful! I love it! We typically call her Rory 🙂

Kendall on

not trying to be mean but why would you name your child Rainbow? she is going to be made fun of in school!! hopefully they will nickname her Aurora.

Julie on

Gentlemen get your dollars ready for RAINBOW AURORA!! Yep, sounds like a stripper name! Congrats though on a new baby Holly!

millie0669 on

It says the baby’s name is rainbow Aurora. Why is everyone having such a fit about the baby not being named

Anonymous on

beautiful name for Im sure a gorgeous lill girl!!!!

Sue on

Rainbow Rotella? Sounds like some sort of colored pasta!

Amused on

Rainbow?? I like the Aurora part, but Rainbow? I suppose you could call her Rain for short…

tam on

I am having a baby boy in June ..and we are naming him Sargeant Liam …I too love unique names.. love the name.. and congratulations ..

Lucy Jones on

Please don’t call him Sergeant lol, it’s awful ! Liam is much nicer for a first name x

Anonymous on

I hope she goes by rain or rainy….rainbow aurora sounds like a pole should be involved!!

Anonymous on

Ummm…and next to perform on the stripper pole is Rainbow Aurora!

Julianna on

I like the name! It’s very whimsical and feminine.

Barbra on

Not a fan of the name, but it’s not my child. Congratulations to Holly. Always liked her. I think she will be a great mom. Also, I believe Ving Rhames’ daughter’s name is Reignbow, so I prefer Holly’s original way of spelling it. Just my two cents.

Lyoness on

Congratulations!! Different but I like it. It’s such a happy name. I actually know someone named Rainbow. She said her parents were hippies. She’s a corporate lawyer and has never had any problems. I went to college with a girl named Rain and that’s a really pretty name too.

sarbear on

HAHAHAHA Rainbow Aurora Rotella?!

kjc on

While I wouldn’t name my own child Rainbow, I think it’s super cute. I definitely would agree that I’d have been jealous of it as a child. Not everyone with a unique name grows up to hate it, I’m not sure why so many people think that.

Milky on

People always does this, it runs a story that everyone comments on and then updates it later so all the comments wondering about the name seem really weird 🙂 And them someone always posts ‘It says the name in the article, why can’t you read?’ 🙂

Lisa on

Classic. A girl growing up in Vegas with the name Rainbow Aurora. She will forever be employed!

Minda on

I laughed out load when I read that name. Sounds like a type of pasta. Poor kid. Rainbow Rotella…BWAHAAAAAHAAA!!!!

Julesy on

What an awful name. Sounds like she just picked anything that no one else has, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

JadeMarie on

I can’t help thinking what it will be like though if she graduates from university and is looking for a job — “Hi my name is Rainbow” –s’ok if you’re in showbiz but hard to take a City Planner or Investment Adviser seriously if her name is Rainbow.

Cooper on

Rain is a pretty name. Rainbow is a hippy name. Although I have heard worse.

Anonymous on

My sister alway said she wanted 6, she had 5 and was told by her doctor no more, some women just know what they
want. Cong. Holly enjoy

jane on

OF COURSE SHE DID. bahahahahaha

Ronee on

This name is not at all surprising from a woman who lived in the playboy mansion, dating an 80 year old!!

Kat on

Is she confusing a girl from school with Rainbow Brite?

Mary on

I literally read this byline and closed my eyes like, “Oh boy” and tentatively clicked on the comments. I could just imagine the backlash from the name Rainbow Aurora. Personally, I would never name my child anything like that because my style leans more towards what I call the “Mayflower traditional” but knowing Holly’s personality, I can see why she chose this name. Rainbow’s represent a beauty after a storm, and perhaps that is how Holly sees this baby.

Lady on

While I’m extremely happy she finally got her wish to be a mommy…..Rainbow, really? Rain is super cute but Rainbow sounds like a stripper and a joke

Sara on

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! RAINBOW?

Anna on

Nice name….Rainbow? Yep, she will be naked in magazines just like her Mommy.

Sara on

Rainbow Brite 😦

sQ on

wow sorry but that sounds like the name of a vacuum cleaner

Anonymous on

kjc- My thoughts exactly! That being siad, I love the name Holly and Pasquel picked!

Ashley on

I knew a woman named Rainbow too when I was growing up. I wouldn’t name my child that but then it’s much better some weirder names in Hollywood like Apple.

April Gosa on

Rainbow Aurora is the name

Hea on

“Think of all the sin that baby has inherited.”

No, Allie. There’s can be no such thing as “inherited sin” in this modern world. As an atheist, it gets me terribly upset to see people completely judge newborns and almost count them out from the start just based on their parents choices before them. It’s rude, it’s awful, it’s very conceited and you should be ashamed of yourself.

We are all individuals. I am not my father nor am I my mother. I am me. Rainbow Aurora is a clean slate who will shape and create her own life with the help of two loving parents and a network of people who surround her.

Ella on

The name is so precious. Aurora is such a nice name.

Fatima on

I like the name. It sounds cute 🙂

Jill on

All I can say is poor child. But, guess you have to consider who named her.

Rachel on

Rainbow? Idiot.

Anonymous on

I love Aurora. It’s a beautiful, classy name, but Rainbow is terrible! It sounds like a stripper name. At least she has Aurora or Rory to fall back on if she ends up hating her first name.

Anonymous on

Well whats wrong with that name,some guy will evetually love it Rainbow Aurora and look at it this way if she is successful in the real world,she will always have a great stage name for the pole or for a porn name.

Rachael on

Oh brother….

winnie on

congrats but not a fan of the name…

Anonymous on

Ugh! What a horrible name! Poor kid:(

Jennifer on

Rainbow?? What is wrong with celebrities? I hope when her daughter gets beat up in the third grade Holly is reminded what a “cute” name they gave her! Kids are cruel and she will be made fun of for her name her whole childhood.

Samantha on

Congrats! Rainbow.. really not liking it. She can’t predict her own kid’s future based on someone she knew a long time ago. Her experience with this name could go both ways, good luck I guess.

Amy on

Congratulations Pasquale & Holly on the birth of baby Rainbow!!

Danielle on

I wonder if Grandpa Hefner send his congratulations…..?