Jessica Simpson Accidentally Reveals She’s Having a Boy

03/07/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Jessica Simpson Pregnant Jimmy Kimmel
Courtesy Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is in fact expecting a baby boy, she confirmed — accidentally! — on Wednesday night.

The singer and actress, 32, let the news slip on Jimmy Kimmel Live that daughter Maxwell Drew, 10 months, is getting a little brother — then spent the rest of her appearance in shock that she’d done so.

“I just feel awful, I’ve been vomiting,” she tells Kimmel of her current pregnancy. “The crazy thing is, I never knew that a wiener could actually make me nauseous.”

After a gasp, Simpson adds: “Well, I guess I just told the world that I’m having a boy!”

Later, she explains: “I can’t believe I did that; that was not planned … I just did it so crude, too. That was awful. I’m talking about wieners.”

Simpson, whose show Fashion Star premieres Friday, reveals that she and fiancé Eric Johnson may well be done having kids after two.

“I really don’t want to be pregnant again, because this pregnancy is really rocking my world right now,” she notes.

Simpson, who wore a black lace dress from her maternity collection, spoke about how exciting it is that she and best friend Cacee Cobb are pregnant at the same time. When both children are born, it sounds like they’ll be spending plenty of time together.

“We want our babies to be best friends, because we are,” jokes Simpson. “We’re going to force them to go to school together, force them to eat sandwiches together. Hopefully it works out.”

— Tim Nudd

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Shannon on

I love her! Congratulations on your baby boy!

Karen on

I’m always amazed at the unnecessary and ugly negative remarks that others post. To everyone on here that had done this, it only reflects on you and depicts what insecurities and jealousy as well as ignorance, you harbor within. I’d say she’s doing pretty well as she has built a BILLION dollar fashion industry and continues to be a humble, unpretentious person while doing so. She is also extremely active in many charities. Some people just live to spend their time judging others. If you can’t say something nice, then maybe you should just keep your ugly mouth shut. Besides, do you honestly think you come across with any credibility? This does happen to be her story, not about you. Get over your narcissistic selves already, lol!

Kim on

Oh gawd just shut up Jessica. Shut your trashy pig burping mouth forever please!!!!

bb on

She actually revealed it on ellen yesterday first when she replied to a comment and if you listened well she said accidentally said “he”. But no one drew attention to it

dd on

Money just can’t buy class.

Kim on

Amen to that!

dr novi on

okay so I watched this and there’s no doubt she meant to “slip”… she said the same “weiner” comment about 4 times… ugh

gagirl on

Thank you dr novi. She’s so deep in her own stupidity that she assumes the rest of us are just as dumb. She tries way too hard with her “crude” comments that she thinks are so cute.

KrisAnn on

Okay Jessica, I know you’re know for saying “stupid” things but let’s try and keep it a tad classy.

R on

I gotta say i love her – she opens her mouth and the stuff that comes out is hilarious! Congrats to her and Eric on their growning family – and to you you haters that are going to post the shes this and that – please dont cause you’ll look really stupid! This should be all about happiness for Jessica!

Michele on

1) the “world” wasnt listening… 2) what are you going to name this one, Emily Nicole?

Guest. on

As long as she doesn’t name him Michelle ugh!!! What an ugly name that is.

TunechiGal on

Excuse me, my name is Michelle.

Nikita on

lighten up people. Seriously.

Michele on

1) the “world” wasn’t listening… 2) what are you going to name this one, Emily Nicole?

Cinder Lou on

What’s with her hair in the top picture? It looks like she’s standing in front of a mop.

Denise S. on

What a pinhead.

carrie on

I think you look awesome jessica. Good luck on baby #2.

Ashley on

Seriously, Jessica? You hit the nail on the head when you said you did it crudely. I mean, I have been known to use casual language in my everyday life, but I know when to keep it under control. On television is so not a place to be a classless lady. And I’m sure it’s rocking your world because your second pregnancy followed your first so closely.

But nonetheless, congratulations on your baby boy. May you and your family have all the happiness life has to offer.

Nichole on

I love her! She is so pretty, funny and down to earth.

boohoobytch on

hot pink is not her shade but she looks way better this time around

guest on

That was totally on purpose.

Anonymous on

She looks SO much better this time around. Congrats on staying healthy and the Weiner….I mean baby boy;)

kitty62862 on

She looks good. There is only one Jessica, she’s one of a kind!

Beautiful kids on

She has been trashy since she and Nick divorce and she is still stupid. Her preacher parents must be proud of what she has become. 2 kids out of wedlock , act and dress sluty from the once so called virgin and good Christian girl.

Guest on

Beautiful kids – And your parents must be so proud to read your filthy comments about a complete stranger. Apparently they never taught you to treat others how you’d want to be treated. Hope you have a fantastic day.

Guest on

What a dope…….

kitty62862 on

The hair do is what Adele wore to the Oscars. Not bad.

Elle on

I swear everytime she talks she sounds trashier & trashier. Try to class it up a bit Jessica.

Jennifer on

Jess, your hair looks SO stupid in this pic.

Anonymous on

Super cute interview! Watch all 3 parts, she really is lovable

rachel on

I wonder since she gave her daughter a boys name, will she give her son a girls name?

June on

Why is this news exactly? Why do celebrities think the sex of their child is some kind of state secret. Just don’t get the fuss (and not just with her but with others as well). Just don’t get it.

Kat on

“We” are the ones who look stupid by posting comments? Really? She’s the one who got pregnant – I didn’t know it could happen so fast. She’s the one who “accidentally” divulged the information. Etc. Etc. She’s stupid!!!

Brandi on

Lighten up, Kat…even though doctors do usually advise new moms of the timeframe in which they can become pregnant again after giving birth, I think Jessica probably thought that it wouldn’t happen to her. But it did…so what?? She’s in a loving, stable relationship and she and her fiance have the means to care for two kids. Lol I think she learned her lesson here and I doubt there will be a third pregnancy anytime soon after this baby is born, especially if she doesn’t want to postpone their wedding plans for a third time or walk down the aisle carrying baby # 3 😉 She’s just a unique kind of person for sure lol but I’m happy that she finally is living her dream and I wish her and Eric all the best with their expanding family ❤

gagirl on

That bottle blonde hair and makeup are tragic. She looks like a bootleg Dolly Parton.

Yaya on

Love her! What you see is what you get and I love that!

Brandi on

I think it was pretty obvious when she picked the “Little Brother” onesie on Ellen recently. No surprise here, although the way she revealed it on Jimmy Kimmel was in true Jessica style…lol hysterical! It was a nice change from all the traditional and stuffy prim and proper formalities of announcing things. Congrats and best wishes!

Snow on

Oh Jessica, if you’d just left it at the weiner comment, we’d all think you were just eating hot dogs.

Meghan on

Some of you really need to pull the stick out of your @$$. It is so refreshing to have someone who is down to earth and funny talk about things. So many of you need to realize that your lives suck and you are miserable and that is why you get SOOOO BENT OUT OF SHAPE because Jessica Simpson said Weiner!!! OMG HOW AWFUL!!!! Ya know what? If life is soooo upsetting to you, why don’t you go run in front of a truck or something?

Shawna on

What grown woman calls a penis a weiner??? I have not hear anyone over the age of 10 say that.

itznia on

Soooo cute – her baby is adorable!!!

missaaay on

She is super cute (if you watch all the videos)!!!! Congrats on the soon-to-be newest edition to your family! 🙂

Leslie on

I like her..yes she is a bit ditsey but so what !!!!!!

angie on

I don’t think it’s that she unclassy but rather she’s real. Why can’t she be a little loopy while at the same time be a successful fashion designer & whatnot. Who cares!!! At least she’s not nasty & directly rude comments about other celebrities anywhere. She seems sweet & it’s not like we’ll ever know any different!! Good for you Jessica!!!

Jess on

She is so real and honest. I’m awkward when I’m nervous too and she makes me feel comfortable about being myself and that makes me feel normal.

ruth2 on

Nothing is ever a mistake with her. She did it for pubclicity because on Ellen’s show she took the little boy’s onesie when Ellen tried to get her say–Jessica tries to be coy but she is so far it.

Jojo on

Jessica is so funny/down to earth that when she shares she does so the way you do with friends!

Stacey on

Is she going to give this one a girl name.

Norah on

Nothing is “accidental” with this girl…

Dayle on

Jessica looks really, really, good; a lot better then her last pregnancy.


She looks so much healthier this second pregnancy. Congrats!!

CanadaGurl on

And they’ll give him a girls name

Jessica on

Who cares, she’s still trying to stay relevant after all these years.

She must think people adore her like they did on Newlyweds.

NEWSFLASH Jessica: Nobody cares anymore.

The whole dumb blonde act is getting REALLY old, you sound like some stupid 15 year old high school student.

JB on

@ Beautiful Kids–I’m sure her parents are VERY proud! Her empire made almost a BILLION dollars last year! She is an extremely SMART business woman!

Sara on

Shawna- My MIL calls all her grandsons penis’s their “dinkey-doo” I wish I was making that up but i’m not. She had three sons too so its not like she’s never been around a penis before.

Brandi on

Stop being so bitchy. She is what…5’1″? Shorter people have it harder when it comes to weight gain and pregnancy because there’s less area for the extra weight to be distributed along so it shows faster and they look heavier than they actually are. I think she looks beautiful, a lot better this time around and definitely took better care of herself. I wondered if you have kids and if so, how you looked during pregnancy. For some reason, supermodel is NOT the word that comes to mind…smh.

Anonymous on

Maybe she should have saved the name Maxwell Drew for her boy…..just saying.

LaVetra on

I love her she is funny & cute best of luck..

Karen M. on


Vanessa on

She’s such an idiot! So glad Nick and her divorced!

Lisa B on

Congrats on the upcoming son! Now Eric can have his own little football player! 😀

And heck, when I got pregnant like 5 minutes after my wedding, I joked about my husband’s ‘super weiner”. Ligthen up, folks. And congrats to the growing family. 🙂

Brooke on

So maybe the rumours about her naming him “Ace” were correct after all. They called Maxwell’s name pretty early.

Heather on

She is gorgeous!!!! I love me some Jessica Simpson!

Brooklyn on

I actually like her, but not the biggest fan of that being the way you say you’re having a boy. Would’ve been better if she just picked one of the onesies on Ellen that said “I ❤ my baby brother".

Anonymous on

What a big fat joke….literally

Brooklyn on

Ok, just watched it..ummm you say you’re having a boy, and then try to talk about how Ace could be a girls name and then re-say that you’re having a boy? That was very odd!

Amanda on

I like Jessica and all, but she just keeps making herself look more stupid all the time. But congratulations to her on the baby!

Linds on

Sorry, but I don’t think that was a slip. Her reaction was much too delayed to be a slip.

LP on

Ugh… as my mother would say — “She is just so ‘common’.”

Rusty on

And they plan on naming him Susannah Rose,

KW on

“Weiner”? Poor kid. He’s gonna be more mature than his mother when he’s born.

Danielle on

I love Jessica and her baby Max, and now a boy will make the family complete….

Shawna on

When she said a wiener can make her nauseous she couldve covered it by saying she means hot dogs. What an idiot! Most of these “slips” and “accidents” made by celebrities are well placed and well rehearsed.

Anonymous on

Congrats Jess! You look great!

launchingpad on

once a pig always a pig

Kelly on

She’s funny. But I do think it was planned, her stomach was not going to come back after #1 so she figured hurry up and have #2 and get that tummy tuck over with!

Vroxx on

Congrats Jess! You look beautiful!

Tiki on

Yes she is dingy and won’t be admitted into Yale anytime soon, but she is a billionaire and could care less if people think shes stupid. I think she is happy and upbeat not stupid.

Karen on

I love Jessica! She’s so refreshing.

Julianna on

That’s so exciting! Congratulations to Jess, Eric and baby Maxie on the upcoming birth of their little boy!

DDG on

I think it is funny how so many of you are calling Jessica “stupid” when her bank account reads Billionaire! And by the way, it was not inherited.

jenny on

I luv jessica too!! so real n funny! congrats!!

lexy on

jessica is blessed with a wonderful life n she so deserves it!! she keeps it real and she is so refreshing.. luv her!

Anonymous on

nick lachey was SOOOO lucky he got out before she trapped him by popping out a bunch of kids! she is just not the brightest light in the room lol!

Lisa on

Weiner? Only this idiot. Great, she’s having a boy…that means we can expect her to give him a girl’s name, LOL!

kim on

let haters be haters, i dont care, i like her. shes down to earth and funny.

Kat on

She’s so annoying. She happened to slip the same day as the Duchess? Jessica is so stupid I can’t stand her.

ella on

HAHA I love Jessica! She is so funny and down to earth. Who cares if he said weiner, or that she´s not married yet? Obviously, she´s happy, healthy and her family is too so who are we to judge? I am sure many of you haters have done worse things than have sex with your finacé. Good grief…

Poopster on

Yay! Congrats to you and your family Jess

vinn on

accident my ^(*%

Susan on

Well, she gave the “wiener” story a few times according to an LA paper, which means her “outing” the sex of the baby, was a lie. The only thing she confirmed for me last night was that she’s a dumb tart, with no self esteem, who is desperately vying for attention, but being grossly overshadowed by the Princess, who actually possesses some class. Not too hard to figure out!

SLS on

That is hysterical…on purpose or not, it was funny. Take it for what it is people!

MarriedInLove on

Goodness people! Lighten up. I have always adored Jessica. She’s real. She has a sense of humor and can joke about herself. I was laughing along with her in these clips. She is always under scrutiny for something, whether it’s the way she talks, what she says, how her hair looks, how much she weighs etc. It gets old. She’s a person just like the rest of us. Maybe some of you should look in the mirror.

DDG on

i just love how so many people are calling Jessica “stupid” while her self made billion dollar bank account keeps growing! Say what you want as she is laughing all the way to the bank.

Anonymous on

oh dear god, can we at least hope he doesn’t get her brains- what little she has. WHY is she famous again?

Leila on

I don’t think it was an accident. It didn’t sound spontaneous at all. Anyway, I’m happy for her and Eric.

Jessica on

Jennifer Garner slipped when she was pregnant with Violet and mentioned she was having a girl during an interview, and everyone was saying how adorable, mom brain, oops she slipped…Yet Jessica Simpson does it and everyone is saying how stupid she is , and what and idiot..

Amy on

I think she’s adorable! I have always been a fan!

meghan on

Phony. Guess Duchess Catherine was getting too much press.

penny on

she’s so vulgar

ava on

She’s always been a bit of a truck driver, but she’s funny and I enjoy watching her interviews. She also seems like a great mom (surprisingly).

Sarah on

She is annoying and needs to go away!

Anonymous on

Jessica- (the one who mentioned Jennifer Garner) I think people are objecting to HOW she “slipped”, not the fact that she did! If Jennifer had slipped by saying something about, for example, a pussy making her sick, I’m sure everyone would have come down on her, too!

Anyway, congrats to them on their son! And to all of you saying they’re going to give him a girl’s name, their rumored name choice is Ace…which, last time I checked, wasn’t a girl’s name! 😉

Kay on

I love reading these comments. The world is truly divided when it comes to her!

I used to enjoy her and her stupid comments, but the ditzy blonde routine has gotten old – btw she isn’t even a true blonde. That blonde color is just awful. Someone really let her leave their salon with that? And the lips, yuck. She looks like a drag queen. You are not young anymore, dear. Start dressing and styling yourself like a real woman and not some trailer park hooker.

courtney on

Heidi Fleiss was a billionaire too, and “smart businesswomen” does not come to mind. Since when does Jessica’s net worth determine her true worth? She is vulgar, unintelligent, classless, a basic train wreck. If it walks like a duck, its a duck! I assume the women who think she’s, hilarious probably think jersey shore is where its at too. No self-respecting human being actually respects her.

Lexi on

Hopefully he won’t have a girl name.

Patty on


It looks yucky!

Britt on

I think she’s funny and incredibly sweet. Her naive nature is what makes her so endearing. I think it’s obvious that she loves her babies and that is all I could want for any child is to be born into love. Congrats to her and her fiance.

Stacey on

Moron breeding.

Anonymous on

courtney- I think what people are trying to say that in order to have made as much money as she has and be as succesfull as she has, she obviously can’t be THAT unintelligent! 😉

Jackie on

LOVE her!!!! She is so cute and takes his “jokes” so well.

Jack on

A”girl” can get away with calling a guy “your fiance” with one baby and no marriage. BUT>>Sorry JKessica, after the second baby and no marriage, you’re just his sex supplier.

Vee on

Since her daughter has a boy’s name I wonder if this child will be “A Boy Named Sue”? Money can’t buy taste, that’s for sure.. (For those who are too young to get it, that was a famous song by the late Johnny Cash.)

unreliablevampire on

yeah…. i am with the people who said that was no accident. she’s always been a pretty crappy actress, and that was pretty crappily acting like she was shocked and embarrassed

Cal on

She is so cute – and has matured so much since Newlyweds. So happy for her success.

Jax on

Why she plastic surgery is beyond me. She looked so much better in her “Newly Weds” days.

Samantha on

I absolutely love her! She’s so silly and carefree! I love despite the hate she gets about being “dumb” or “fat” she still laughs at it. She’s a sweet woman and deserves all the success.

Cynthia on

She’s cute, she appears to be sweet, but she is rather dim.

TT on

She is adorable!!!! Her brand is worth over a Billion. Yep, I wish I could be stupid like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruth on

Is it me or are these celebrities getting more annoying by the day. The celebrities that show off their bellies are mostly the ones that don’t have much going on so they draw attention to themselves by pimping their babies, even the ones in the womb. I love reading celebrity gossip but they need to come up with some juicy or scandalous gossip. I don’t want to read about pregnancies or how much weigh some lost, it is just so annoying.

Anonymous on

Is she gonna name him a girl name since her poor daughter has a boy name….Maxwell for a girl…..huh?

Jen on

People never seem to amaze me! In the world we live in today…I hardly think Jessica should be cruisified for using the word weener! Would you perfer D***, P**** or maybe C***! I’m proud to call her my fellow Texan! Wish you the Best Jessica!

Barbara on

She’s turning into Peg Bundy!

Anonymous on

She is such trash!!! It’s unbelievable she is considered a celebrity!!!

Anonymous on

i like it!!

KG on

Weiner? Seriously? Good grief.

Gina on

Dim wit!

6453 on

Bless y’all… you all are so perfect and look fabulous all the time and were super gorgeous when you were pregnant and just all around perfect. You must be so proud of yourselves!!! PUKE!! Give me a break!! Come down off your high horses, you’ll look much more attractive..

Stacey on

It'[s June and the woman is HUGE and once again having to wear a mu-mu!