Baby Girl on the Way for Alec and Hilaria Baldwin

03/07/2013 at 04:30 PM ET

Alec Baldwin Hilaria Expecting Girl
Cindy Ord/Getty

It’s back to the baby name drawing board for Alec and Hilaria Thomas Baldwin — turns out they’re expecting a daughter.

“Alec and I are overjoyed that we are going to be welcoming a little girl into our lives,” the yoga instructor tells EXTRA, adding that with two female dogs plus two daughters — the actor’s elder child, Ireland, is 17 — the Orphans star will really be outnumbered.

Due in late summer, Thomas Baldwin explained that her husband had recently pitched the name Massimo for a potential son.

“It’s a lovely name, I just don’t know,” the mom-to-be said. “That’s a very big name for a very little baby.”

In the meantime, Baldwin, 54, is busy preparing for his Broadway role, as well as procuring pineapple for his pregnant wife. As it currently stands, the baby may not be named until she’s born, anyway.

“I think you actually have to look at it once it pops out and say, ‘Who are you? What is your name?'” notes Thomas Baldwin.

— Sarah Michaud

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babyname on

“big name”? Massimo has three syllables; Hilaria has four. So why is Massimo a “big name”?

I agree, it’s absurd to name someone until you meet him/her. Wait a week, maybe a month. The Native Americans waited a year.

SG on

Oh yes, waiting a year makes perfect sense……

Aimee on

I predicted it would be a girl after she said “I think it’s a boy”. Usually how it goes. Congrats to them!

fghjk on


Becky Diefendorf on

Hope she is not crazy as your last one

Denise on

Yeah, good luck!

stophating on

babyname..stop hating! she said its a big name NOT because of the syllables but because the name is in Italian..and means “massive, grand.” I’d suggest some culture before jumping on someone.

Kate on

I like the name Massimo…but congrats on the baby girl to come!

Julianna on

Since he clearly wants an Italian name, why not Chiara, Giovanna, Vittoria? There are plenty of beautiful Italian names for little girls. Congratulations to Alec and Hilaria!

launchingpad on

maybe she thinks hilaria is a big name and didn’t care for it. i have 8 kids and we had names that we liked, but we waited until we met them until we named them. my sister was having “michael”, until she and her husband met him. his name is “graham”. couldn’t imagine him as michael.

donna on

Massimo? sounds like the name for a Sumo wrestler!

Lori on

Poor Baby Girl.

PG on

I think that they should call the girl the Italian version of Hillaria which is Illaria (pronounced EE-La-REE-ah). Actually, since the like Italian names they should honor both of them with Illaria Alessandra Baldwin

jaime on

Shame on you haters, your lives must really suck! Congratulations to them , I wish them well

Lily on

My son’s name is Massimo and yes it’s a strong name. I love the name and so does he.

tami on

ugh, can’t stand him, and oh good, another girl to slap around……..

meghan on

Were Kate and Jessica getting too much attention Hilaria? Why this woman is constantly being interviewed is beyond me.

stef on

The poor kid. Alec has been cackling for a LONG time (even before marrying Hilaria) how desperately he wanted a son. Now this poor little girl will know she wasn’t what her father wanted. Here’s hoping he doesn’t call her a ‘thoughtless pig’ for being a girl and not a boy.

stef on

Uh oh…this news isn’t going to make Alec very happy…he was counting on having a son.

Marky on

My husband wanted a daughter so badly, but if we had had a son, he would have been fine with that. A person can think it would be nice to have a child of a certain sex for reasons of their own; my husband always said daughters can do everything boys can do, and look adorable doing it! That didn’t mean he would hate a son, or be mean to him. (We have girls, and he is a great dad).

People need to stop slamming Alec because he was frustrated with rude, thoughtless behavior on the part of a child old enough to know better. Thanks to a $&%*# of an ex, the world knew about it, and some of you are much less forgiving than others are with your behavior. Grow up, messy divorces are not good for anyone, and children don’t just belong to mom.

Danielle on

Let’s see what Hilaria does when he call her daughter a pig…..?

Anonymous on

because “Massimo’ means BIG.

Amanda on

Massimo reminds me of a cheap clothing line at Target

Tiffany on

Parents aren’t perfect and anyone who pretends to be is probably much worse than those who don’t.

ELC on

Well, well-Mr. Baldwin only does girls. Back to the drawing board. Please not another Country name. Who thought up Ireland? Remember the child has to live with that name for life.

I wouldn’t want Ireland to be my name. Than again, I don’t like my name either.

Anonymous on

Wow, some of you really can’t let it go can you?

Kids can be little shits sometimes, it’s a frustrating job but sadly his mistake was aired to the world.

To all of you judging – just make sure you continue to live a perfect life with no faults.

Shawna on

Marky – Are you kidding me?? Are you a parent? Ireland was 11 years old when he attacked her like that. 11! I have a 12 year old son and a 10 year old daughter and there is NOTHING they could say or do that would make me speak to them like that. They words he said to her were verbal abuse, plain and simple. I sincerely hope you are not a parent if you think there is anything a child could do to justify being spoken to like that.

Gayla on

I agree with Lily, from the antics of Baldwin, and facebook today , it doesnt seem as if he has grown up any, and the famous temper is still there. Remember Kim Basinger new wife. Baldwin is the typical type ‘A” personality. Donkey butt, to put it nicely.

shidley on

Why not put a twist on things and name the kid “Hilarious”….incidentally, Hilaria’s name is pronounced Ilaria, no H sound. Least, that’s how I’ve heard her introduced on TV.

guest on

oh good…another little girl he can scream at and call a pig.

trisha on

to those of you that say we need to stop slamming alex: we will when he gets continuing meds and therapy, and also a couple of anger management courses. then we will respect and stop hating on this disrespectful, hateful boy/man.

Torgster on

Soooo sick of these two. Hurry up and have the kid then disappear.

nikki on

I dont know why parents wait untll there baby is born to name him or her just because a name suits them as a baby doesnt mean the name will suit them as an adult. The name needs to ne suited for a baby and and an adult just because the baby may suit a name at birth doesnt mean it will suit them as an adult so why wait to see what him or her look like. If you like a name whike your pregnant then stick with it

Anonymous on

I think he really wanted a boy.

Joanna Wilson on

They are going to have Rosemary’s baby, as Alex is a mental case, and she is a golddigger from the highest order.

Joanna Wilson on

I remember when he was married to Kim Bassinger, and they stayed at a hotel and at night he would make her scream until they were asked to leave. Yeah, baby..

SG on

Get over it already. People say things that they regret and parents are no exception to that. It may not have been right or a good example of healthy parenting but then I’m sure you have said and done things you are not proud of but you wouldn’t want to be villainized for it the rest of your life.

Aileen on

I wish everyone would just keep their self-righteous comments to themselves! As if all of you never once raised your voices or did anything less then perfect during your child-teen rearing years? People make mistakes.Sadly,for AB,his ex-wife took advantage & aired it for the entire world to hear & judge! I am QUITE sure he paid dearly for it & learned a hard lesson from that serious misstep:(

These things are personal & none of our business! Just let them live their lives! BTw,HIlaria is my yoga instructor & is a lovely person! You should get to know a person before you start posting serious accusations about them:(

Marky on

Shawna, I not only am a parent, I have parented more than 40 children as a foster parent, and no, I haven’t called my child a pig (unless their room was a mess, lol), but I am saying that sometimes people who are in his situation–divorced from someone who is mentally unstable, who didn’t seem to think she needed to share custody of their child–end up saying something they wish they hadn’t out of sheer frustration at the stress of the situation. The difference is he didn’t have the opportunity to apologize and talk with his daughter about his words and behavior before his ex slapped it on the front pages, and on every TV station in the country.

Please, every child does not behave the same, some are much more difficult than others. People who work through all these situations with their child should not be having it thrown in their face every 3 seconds by those who are not part of their personal lives. I am highly trained and taught parenting classes, and I have also worked for years through DHS with children who are troubled to varying degrees; it is not whether you have ever said something you wish you hadn’t, it is how you deal with it and work out the issues.

As a person who dealt with a truly verbally abusive parent when I was a child, I can tell you sincerely, when my parent acknowledged the negative behavior and apologized, it was over for me. What mattered was the parent realizing it was wrong and apologizing. Ireland let it go; the rest of you need to do so as well. Do you really think you are helping her by perpetually bringing up something that happened years ago? Bitterness and hatred hurt the person spewing it far more than it hurts anyone else, as a general rule.

Django on

Oh no . Alec is not going to swear and scream at her like his other daughter! Jeeze of all people to have a girl again.

Django on

Oh no not another daughter. He screamed obscenities at his other daughter. He’s not a good father. Thats too bad its another girl he can berate and belittle. Poor thing!

Lauren on

Babyname, “big name” doesn’t necessarily mean a ton of syllables. It can mean a powerful and strong name, which to some means a big name, like Massimo. We had our name picked out for our daughter at month 4 and we kept it. Not sure how that is absurd.

Anonymous on

@trisha You sound far more hateful than Alec does. At least he loses his temper around people who know him and/or did something personal to him. What’s your excuse?

dsfg on

“I agree, it’s absurd to name someone until you meet him/her. Wait a week, maybe a month. ”

What I think is absurd is that a name says anything about a baby. I definitely think the baby makes the name, not the other way around. So I never felt the need to meet either one of my children before naming them.