Taye Diggs: Why Walker Is Roaring in Our Got Milk Campaign

03/05/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

Taye Diggs Kellogg's Got Milk Campaign
Courtesy National Milk Mustache โ€œgot milk?ยฎโ€ Campaign

Cereal? Check. Spoons? Check. Matching milk mustaches? Check!

Former Private Practice star Taye Diggs has teamed up with Kellogg’s and the Got Milk? campaign to provide over one million breakfasts to kids in need.

And the doting dad is sharing the spotlight with someone special: his son Walker Nathaniel.

“Being able to shoot the Got Milk? ad with my son was one of the better times in life just because, obviously, the ad is going to last forever,” Diggs, 42, tells PEOPLE.

But while Diggs was more than ready to flash the camera his stellar smile, his 3ยฝ-year-old son needed a little more prompting from his parents.

“We had to constantly make up games and excuses just to keep him occupied,” the actor shares.

“So when it seems like he’s smiling, he’s actually roaring because he wanted to be a tiger.”

When he’s not posing alongside his famous father, Walker is busy brushing up on all of Michael Jackson‘s best dance moves.

“‘Smooth Criminal’ – he has the entire video memorized and acts it out, which is awesome to see,” says Diggs.

— Anya Leon

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Shhh on

So cute!

azdaizey on

I love this family!

RP on

That man is gorgeous! Inside and out.

LC on

What a cutie! The little boy looks like a great combo of Idina Menzel and his daddy.

Marcia on

So cute. They should have another one.

Jo on

I agree Marcia. Give us a girl! If I was married to that man, I’d be baby makin’ all the time.

Ninnie on

Awwwwww, so dang cute! Can’t look at that photo and not smile.

stillicantbesilent on

They are adorable!

ct on

Made me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

Brooke on

Beautiful little boy and my-oh-my Daddy is SMOKING HOT

Denise S. on

That is one great looking guy.

nandika on

yeah cute but a shame they are promoting consumption of another animal’s breast milk. i.e. Milk taken away from another animal’s newborn. messed up!

derbot on

And I guess it’s better to have him asking for his mommy’s breast? I have to disagree with veganism except in cases of where it is necessary for health reasons. Sorry but animals are not on the earth solely to look cute. There certainly is reason for them to be treated more humanely than they are…I agree with you there. Animal protein sincerely helps me feel better…I just eat it in moderation. Plant and legume proteins don’t cut it. To each their own.

amy on

That is darling!

Julianna on

That’s an adorable picture!

Anonymous on

You just know that he is going to grow up to be one talented person someday

Anonymous on


Sheryl on

A Freakin’ Adorable!! Both of them!

epmmrp on

They are just way too cute

Erin on

Oy. Once a cow gives birth, as long as she is consistently pumped, she will consistently give milk – long after her calf is grown. Armchair farmers on people.com.

Also, that man is so beautiful, as are his wife and child!

Pam on

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Taye Diggs and this is an adorable picture; but unfortunately it sells the myth that dairy products are healthy. Dairy is one of the most unhealthy things you can put in your body – do the research. I would much rather see celebrities endorse a healthy lifestyle instead of endorse unhealthy habits. Educate yourself!

Beth on


Tricia on

So so cute!!! But is the comment about taking milk away from another animal serious??? Umm its an ad for milk, humans have drank cows milk for centuries.. Why does it seem like this is the day and age for people to attempt to make a controversy over everything??? Relax people…

Lilly on

Ding dang cute!

Jac on

What a cute little boy (and family, too!). He has his mother’s eyes.

hotty on

Girl, bye.

bon on

Simply Beautiful!

Monica on

That is so sweet. I loved the video and how he talked about the Private Practice finale and how respectful he was of Shonda Rhimes. Class act guy. And, yes, that boy is going to be one good looking talented human being!!

Elise on

I’ll never understand why people feel it necessary to consume the breastmilk of another species……

Marci on

Beautiful souls indeed.

Becky on

Cute picture and as Brooke Daddy is smoking hot..Yum, yum..

jennifer p on

they are such a sweet family.

jessica on

Yes, it’s cute, I love Taye Diggs. However, like others have mentioned, milk does NOT do a body good. We drink the most milk of any country, yet have the highest rate of osteoporosis. This is because the acidity of milk actually takes calcium out of the bones. You can get more calcium from dark leafy greens.

I know people find this kind of talk annoying, but we have to educate ourselves! I grew up drinking milk at every meal, we thought it was healthy. Yes people all over the world have been doing it for hundreds of years, but the whole industry has changed now for the intense demand. Cows are treated brutally and their calf ripped away from them right after birth. Hooked up to a milking machine all day.

So I think we need to ask ourselves why is so much advertising $$$ going into convincing the public that milk does our bodies good? That is all ๐Ÿ™‚

Curious on

It blows my mind how some people will find any little thing to complain about. It’s a great picture with a beautiful family! If you don’t like it, move on.

jessica on

it’s not about complaining, it’s about educating yourself and seeing the truth behind “cute” advertising. Look into how much the dairy industry is financially connected to our government. I’d rather think for myself and feed my family the healthiest diet possible ๐Ÿ™‚

Shea on

Too Cute!!!

Sandra on

#1- Taye and Walker are the best!
#2- Thos whining wandas can talk a long walk off a short pier.
#3- Did I mention that Taye is hot as fire!!!!!!!

Rhonda on

He’s an adorable little boy (just like his daddy), but they need to do something with that child’s hair!

Michelle on

ADORABLE!!!! What a cutie pie his son is…….

Mary on


Do you REALLY think there are starving calves lined up being denied milk? Do you even know how dairy farms work? Seriously?

Stephanie on

Drinking milk also subsidizes the veal industry. While female calves are slaughtered or kept alive to produce milk, male calves are often taken away from their mothers when they are as young as 1 day old to be chained in tiny stalls for three to 18 weeks and raised for veal. Calves raised for veal are fed a milk substitute that is designed to make them gain at least 2 pounds per day, and their diet is purposely low in iron so that their flesh stays pale as a result of anemia. In addition to suffering from diarrhea, pneumonia, and lameness, calves raised for veal are terrified and desperate for their mothers. Humans produce breast milk for their babies, cows produce milk for their calves. People are stealing the milk that is intended for them and forcing them to live horrible, lonely lives followed by brutal deaths.

Logic on

Beautiful picture and you can just feel the love for his son.

Those of you whining about milk…seriously?????? That isn’t even logical. Why does a mother produce milk to feed her baby if milk is unhealthy? Seriously, save your new age crap for someone buying your hokey garbage.

Anonymous on

lol this is the perfect article to play “spot the vegans” on. still though it’s true, dairy is actually bad for you. the human body has trouble digesting dairy products as we age. also it’s a myth that milk is rich in calcium. milk actually leeches calcium from your bones so they enrich it with calcium to compensate. this is coming from someone who is 100% not a vegan.

Marissa on

“yeah cute but a shame they are promoting consumption of another animalโ€™s breast milk. i.e. Milk taken away from another animalโ€™s newborn. messed up!”…………..Are you serious? Do you know nothing about dairy cows?!?

DeAnna on

Guess we also missed where this ad actually helps feed kids a breakfast, something some don’t get on a daily!

i need a name on

OMGoodness – too adorable guys !

So Cal Country Girl on

He has got to be just the cutest little thing!!!

evlove on

ugh taye diggs. I WOULD.

Susan on

So cute!!!

Jazzy ga on

there are stylist out there that will teach them how to comb his hair… good grief!

susan raymon on

where’s mommy in this picture?

Anonymous on

Looks just like his mom, fun picture of them smiling!

Teri on

mmmmmm…. Milk and veal….

Melanie M. on

Beautiful family!!!! For those of you who commented on Walker’s hair, Shane on you. Walker’s hair is beautiful just the way it is. Stop picking on a little child; pay attention to what the ad is really about!!!!!

Marky on

The ongoing argument between those who are vegan, and those who are not, is irritating because there is 0 tolerance for the view of the person who is not vegan. Vegans seem to believe everything they read and the believe it so strongly, there is no room for tolerance or for discussion–if you don’t agree, you must be ignorant. My nephew was vegan, and extremely well-read and educated regarding how to eat the vegan way. He collapsed during a run incoherant and even he realized his perfect vegan diet wasn’t keeping him healthy. He added dairy and eggs, and now, after continuing his research, he has chosen to eat 30-30-40, and is much healthier in every measurable way, let alone how he feels. My son found the same to be true. I do not, however, criticize those who chose to be vegan or vegetarian. Your life, your choice, but please, please, do NOT assume anyone drinking milk or yogurt is a stupid person who hasn’t done their research. Maybe they just made a different choice. Like a said, your life-your choice, my life-my choice.

Anonymous on

Logic- Human milk is healthy for baby humans because it’s specifically designed for…wait for it…baby humans. Cow’s milk, on the other hand, is specifically designed for baby cows. It was never meant to be consumed by humans, hence why it’s not neccesarily the healthiest thing for us.

Mary- No one said calves are designed milk. They said that calves of dairy cows are ripped away from their mothers right after birth, and that’s the truth in a lot of cases (but not all! Not all farms are the same!). Of course they aren’t starved when that happens. They are fed a type of formula designed specifically for cows, just as women who can’t or choose not to breastfeed their babies fed them formula specifically designed for human babies.

Rhonda- Nothing needs to be done with Walker’s hair! Those are the curls that God (or nature, if you prefer to use that term instead) gave him…and they’re beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

DeAnna- Click on where it says “one million breakfasts”, then click on “learn more”. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

Jazzy Ga- Just because they leave his hair au naturel rather than styling it doesn’t mean they don’t comb it or know how to do so! Geesh!

Charli on

Soooo cute!

Renee on

Nandinka…. you do not know squat about dairy farming so get over yourself! Those of you who jump to judge all farmers are nuts! What a great add for promoting milk!!!!!

Guest on

Nice ad and i love Taye he is cute and i really respect him as an actor.

And with regards to the comments on milk and cows, drinking milk doesn’t prevent osteoporosis but help minimize it. And if you drink loads of milk drink loads of coke and other stuff that rips the calcium from your bones you will have osteoporosis regardless of how much milk you drink. Plus, cows are made to serve us as humans. Every single part of the cow can be used in various things and i’m not saying we should treat them brutally i’m totally against tutoring these helpless animals but we are allowed to eat it as it’s our nature to feed on such animals.

meghan on

Jazzy, maybe they like his hair that way.

Cathy Pickett on

Another celebrity endorsing cow’s milk. This is so sad. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Mellissa on

It’s amazing how many people can look at such a positive image and try to stir up controversy. If you don’t drink milk, THAT IS YOUR BUSINESS. While we’re on the subject, did you all not breastfeed as well because you didn’t want your child drinking the milk of mammals? Listen to yourselves. It’s been proven a million times over that drinking milk is good for you. Damn, even if you’re vegan you’re using a resource on this planet. Get OFF YOUR HIGH HORSES!

A. on

@Marky, I couldn’t agree more with you.

Alice on

Melissa, but it hasn’t!! That’s the whole point, nobody’s trying to shove their beliefs down your throat, just saying that if you looked for PROOF you would find that dairy is, in fact, not the miracle healthy thing you are led to think it is. Of course it’s not poison, rather like candy, you shouldn’t have too much if you can help it.

As for babies, human milk and cow’s milk have a different composition, that is why babies who are not breastfed need formula. They cannot digest milk from other animals.

It’s sad that the Got Milk campaign spreads misinformation but here they are helping to provide breakfast to kids from poorer backgrounds and that’s a great thing. Milk is better than no breakfast, that’s for sure!

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Teri on

Great Photo!!!!! Definitely a Keeper for Them Both.