Kate Hudson: Bing Has a ‘Natural Mullet’ Like Kurt Russell

03/05/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Kate Hudson Glamour Magazine Cover
Courtesy GLAMOUR

Despite a life spent in the spotlight, Kate Hudson has never been afraid to bare it all — and she’s not about to start now.

“The reason I trust so much is that I don’t feel like I have anything to hide,” the actress, 33, tells Glamour in their April issue. “If somebody betrays that trust, it could never be so bad, because I don’t keep any secrets.”

Noting she has had former friends lie and steal from her, Hudson remains unfazed by it all — until the damages hit too close to home.

“The only thing that gets me angry is with [people who invade the privacy of] the kids,” she says. “It’s the only place where I sort of go, ‘Is this worth it?'”

Recently the actress has been busy with her “wonderfully nasty character” Cassandra July on Glee, but in her downtime, Hudson does her best to keep up with her boys, Ryder Russell, 9, and Bingham Hawn, 20 months.

“[Bing’s] sprinting! And he’s got a natural mullet, which I’m cutting soon,” she shares. “It’s growing only in the back, so we in the family say he takes after my Gogie — you know, Kurt [Russell] — because Kurt was a mullet guy in the 80s.”

Equally smitten with the toddler is Hudson’s firstborn, Ryder, who has embraced baby Bing — and all his hair-raising moments.

“Ryder is the coolest cat — an amazing big brother, so patient and tolerant,” she says. “Bing pulls his hair, and Ryder just laughs. He’s such a good person. I couldn’t be a prouder mommy.”

The mama-of-two’s devotion to her children comes from her own childhood with mom, actress Goldie Hawn, who Hudson recalls always managed to effortlessly balance both her professional and personal lives.

“I always remember my mom saying that there’s only one thing in life she refused to fail at: raising her children,” she says. “It just shows you it’s very possible to do the thing that makes you happy and still raise a wonderful family.”

Following Hawn’s heartfelt advice, the actress is soaking up each moment with her sons.

“I have always been fiery; I go after things. But what I learned from my mother is to step back and actually experience things that are happening,” she shares.

Kate Hudson Glamour Magazine
Courtesy GLAMOUR

— Anya Leon

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Lisa T on

Great airbrushing boob enhancement. We all know she’s as flat as a board.

MMB on

Well Lisa, if you bothered to check your facts, then you’d know she had a breast enhancement a few years ago!

Agatha on

What boobs??

La-La on

Pretty picture but it looks like she only has one boob.

Anonymous on


Katy on

Lisa –

It’s fairly well known that she had a boob job. But, to her credit, they are well proportioned for her frame.

Anonymous on

she’s absolutely gorgeous! but who names their kid bing?!

Jacquelyn's Ramblings and Thoughts on

Who, indeed, would want to name their child after well known singer/actor Bing Crosby?! It was not his given name, but he was and is known by that name even today. I would say it is a moniker to grow into and be great like his parents, grandparents or the late great “Bing Crosby”

Tiki on

@Lisa Yes, because that’s what matters most about this article, her boobs. Get real.

KiKi on

Lisa, she had breast implant surgery back before she had her 20 month old.

Anonymous on

Some role model mother- pposing naked on a magaxzne cover..

Anonymous on

Sooo mothers can’t be sexy? Sexiness is the realm of the childless??

tina on

Love Kate. Love Goldie. And I have been in love with Kurt since the 70’s.

veggiemama on

I like the focus on family and the way her mom raised nice kids. It’s simple, and wonderful to not miss the amazing years of childhood. Good on ya!

fae on

@Lisa t. She’s given such sweet insight into her sweet boys and her own upbringing. All you got was that small bit of her breast might have been photoshopped? Really?

donna on

for the person that posted and commented about Kate’s youngest son’s name….it was reported upon his birth that Bing is short for Bingham which is the maiden name of Muse front-man Matthew Bellamy’s mother…so Bingham was named for his paternal grandmother…

nadine on

@Lisa T: She had a boob job over two years ago…

MD on

They couldn’t find her a shirt? She’s beautiful enough to still look ultra hot with a shirt. This isn’t even hot. It’s just awkward & weird.

Steph on

We’re all naked underneath our clothes! I took a class today about human sexuality and puberty. The North Americans polled said one of their biggest memories of sexuality/knowledge of puberty, was ‘shame’…being taught that it is all shameful! Kate is half naked, but she is not really showing any taboo body parts…and it’s not a sexual photo! The people complaining are probably those who God forbid, should see a mother breastfeeding!

Cynthia B on

Bing is also the name of Kurt Russell’s dad.

Anonymous on

She has always been an attractive young woman.

debbie on

To Lisa T..she got a boob job and not entirely flat anymore lol i think she is beautiful though.

Tammy on

What is wrong with posing with clothes ON? Are people in Hollywood that insecure they have to be naked all the time to get people’s attention.

Karen on

Seriously Media??? Women have to pose naked now on covers? Way to really drop our value down..

Bex on

Love this lady, their whole family is quirky but they seem to work so well together. 🙂 They just seem very real, which is pretty refreshing nowadays.

Siobhan on

Yes, she recently had a boob job but also a nose job in her late teens.

Bee on

Ugh not remotely good-looking. Don’t even care what anyone says. Blah

lauralee on

‘BING’…………..Short for ‘BINGHAM’……………………DUMBASS!

Mia on

To those questioning the name BING, that was Kurt’s fathers’ name. If you look up Bing Russell, you’ll find that he had a very prominent career in Hollywood appearing in Westerns alongside John Wayne, to name a few.

Anonymous on

Goldie was aways cute and a good actress. Kate was always “odd” looking–not hating–just a good publicist–overated. Enough boobs–on the magazine covers. What happen to the latest fashions being worn???

Anonymous on

First of all, she’s posing topless, not naked. And second of all, I think she looks fine. Third of all, the article is adorable! 🙂

Anonymous on

Karen- No, they don’t HAVE to! Some CHOOSE to! 🙂

Nannyto1 on

So sweet… you can tell she’s in love with her kids 🙂 She looks beautiful and she’s not naked!!!

Anonymous on

I would love to see her and Matthew M do a remake of Goldie and Kurt’s movie Overboard. I think it would be hilarious!

JJmom on

Why do women have to pose half naked to show off their body and beauty? Honesly, what are we teaching the young women in today’s society??? Like Kate, but please, have more self-respect..you do have a child!

Erika on

My first thought was “why is she naked on Glamour” – that seems unnecessary but in ready the article she comes across very real and like she has everything in order.

Jana on

While her closeness to her stepdad, Kurt Russell, is sweet, one has to wonder about her biological father and how he fits into Ms. Hudson’s life and that of her children.

Lily on

She looks great but, off topic, why is there a photo of a topless woman on a woman’s magazine. Not a great way to get me to pick it up.

Acorr on

My first impression of the first photo was that Kate looks kind of like an Avatar (without the blue skin). Onto the article, I enjoyed it, I’ve always found her perspective to be very humble and down to earth.

Anonymous on

I love her..she seems so down to earth like her mom.

Amber on

I think she looked better with her “old” nose!!!!

mary on

Colleen, I agree

Priscilla Campbell on

I can’t believe some of the mean comments about Kate Hudson. Too many haters out there! Haters ganna hate, potatoes ganna potate!

Anonymous on

Jana- From what I’ve read, Kate’s bio dad hasn’t been in her life since he and Goldie split.

karen on

Who is she wearing? Who is the designer?