Beverley Mitchell’s Blog: Showered with Love

03/05/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Beverley Mitchell Baby Shower Blog 35 weeks pregnant! – Lu Tapp Photography

Please give a warm welcome to our newest celebrity blogger, Beverley Mitchell!

Best known for her role as Lucy Camden on the long-running drama 7th Heaven, the actress most recently played Kaitlin O’Malley on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Mitchell, 32, and husband Michael Cameron have announced that they’re expecting their first childa daughter! — in April.

You can find her on Facebook, WhoSay and Twitter @beverleymitchel.

In her latest blog, Mitchell writes all about her baby shower — and shares photos and video exclusively with PEOPLE.

GALLERY: Beverley Mitchell’s Chic & Cheery Baby Shower

The most amazing thing happens when you’re pregnant — all of your family and friends are so excited, they want to shower you with love. It truly is incredible. And this little one and I have definitely been blessed with more love than I ever could have imagined.

I had an incredible shower in Boulder, Colo. with my mother-in-law and Michael’s family, a brunch with a few of my fabulous ladies, and a family shower from my mom and cousin. After all this showering, I was so excited to team up with Target to shower my incredible friends and Mom and treat them for once. They have been so amazing and it was quite a fun afternoon of pampering them with a few of my favorite things.

Beverley Mitchell Baby Shower Blog With my mama, Sharon – Lu Tapp Photography

And the best part about the day was everyone brought gifts for Teen with a Dream. It meant so much to spread the love and give back. All of my friends brought loads of books and toys that will be distributed to children fighting cancer — just a little something to help them in their healing process. My friends were so generous; they brought a ton of gifts for the kids. I can’t wait to take part in a drop after baby girl gets here!

We decided to do the shower in Westlake Village at the Zin Bistro Americana over looking the lake. It was the perfect setting and we lucked out with a truly beautiful day. We couldn’t have planned it better — a perfect day. I think it actually was close to 80 degrees. Gotta love the southern California weather.

Beverley Mitchell Baby Shower Blog The gorgeous set-up – Lu Tapp Photography

As you all know, dressing the bump can be quite challenging. Lucky for me I had stopped by Target and picked up a bunch of Liz Lange for Target dresses as I near the end of my pregnancy. I honestly wish I had done this earlier. The dresses are so incredibly comfortable and stylish and I LOVE the bright colors for spring. And the best part is they are affordable and I can definitely wear them after the little one comes.

I settled on a bright coral dress that definitely hugged the bump. I figured, “Why not rock it?” Everyone loved it, because it was one of the first times that you could clearly see how big I’ve gotten.

I paired it with my Stella & Dot Jolie necklace and my outfit was complete. I absolutely loved the bright and fun spring colors and I had no idea I would match the décor. When I got to the shower, I totally matched all the beautiful flowers and I swear it was not planned! My mom even showed up in a coral dress as well. I guess we were all feeling the beautiful day and all had the same plan to rock bright spring colors. Everyone looked beautiful!

Beverley Mitchell Baby Shower Blog With Amy, Lacey and Ashley – Lu Tapp Photography

I was super excited that the nice people at Crystal Light came up with a creative way for me to toast the upcoming arrival of my sweet baby girl with an exclusive mommy mocktail. We all raised a glass and had the “Baby on Board” Peach Bellini made with the new Crystal Light Liquid. SO good and all you do is add a little to your flat or sparkling water and there you go. It was fun and tasty and was a great toast.

In case you want to try one at home:

Baby on Board Bellini

– 1 squeeze of Crystal Light Liquid Peach Bellini
– 8 oz. of chilled sparkling water

– Fill flute with sparkling water
– Top with a squeeze of Crystal Light Liquid Peach Bellini

It’s that easy and super fun — perfect for parties! I suggest these as a fun way to toast your mama-to-be.

Beverley Mitchell Baby Shower Blog Secret to the mommy mocktail – Lu Tapp Photography

Most of the afternoon was spent chatting and catching up, just being silly, goofy girls and it was magical. I laughed so hard and loved every minute. We even had this amazing psychic named Melodie. Usually I am not so into that for fear of hearing something bad, but she was amazing and right on. The girls were lining up to get their readings and it was a hit!

It was also so fun to finally pamper these incredible women in my life who have been so supportive and amazing throughout my pregnancy and will certainly be there once baby girl arrives. To see their faces as I was able to share some of my favorite things was awesome; they were so surprised and excited. I am so blessed by my friends at Good Carma Studio for producing the best shower a girl could ask for!

Beverley Mitchell Baby Shower Blog Love Mabel’s Labels – Lu Tapp Photography

One of the goodies I shared was my favorite Mabel’s Labels Write Away labels, which are waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe! WHAT?! I love it! My friends know that I am super organized and kind of have a labeling obsession … add my nesting instincts that are happening right now and it is crazy. I don’t know about you, but I am in the most serious organizing mode as I head into my last few weeks of this pregnancy.

The girls also left with Babiators (amazing shades for little ones) — I have the pink pair for baby girl. They each got a bag from Galian — who doesn’t love a new purse? I know I do. The girls also picked out some bracelets from the Stella & Dot bracelet bar. I totally have a Stella & Dot obsession, so it was fun to share with everyone. So many amazing gifts, and everyone went home feeling like a princess.

Beverley Mitchell Baby Shower Blog Baby rocks Babiators early – Lu Tapp Photography

I haven’t been much for cravings but I do have one thing that I need every day — one sweet. So needless to say, I was a sucker for the Sweet Arleen’s cupcakes (two-time winner of Cupcake Wars).

We had my favorite flavors — vanilla, chocolate, and the ultimate — red velvet. I LOVE CUPCAKES! They were so good, and I totally stole a few to take home with me. Shh. Don’t tell.

Beverley Mitchell Baby Shower Blog Never can have too many cupcakes – Lu Tapp Photography

All in all, this whole experience has been more than I could have ever imagined. The women in my life have shown up for me and my little one and surrounded me with such love and support that I have no doubt that I can do this, because I know that I will have help from my amazing friends and family.

It is quite remarkable how much confidence it has given me as I head into the most challenging role of my life. There is not an ounce of fear, just excitement of the unknown and the wisdom that there is no such thing as failure — you just love with all your heart and do your best. Knowing that I have the unwavering support behind me is the greatest gift of all.

Beverley Mitchell Baby Shower Blog Everybody wants to touch the belly – Lu Tapp Photography

GALLERY: Beverley Mitchell’s Chic & Cheery Baby Shower

— Beverley Mitchell

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Beverley’s baby shower was a sponsored event hosted by Target and produced by Good Carma Studio.

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Melissa on

Her baby shower was one advertisement after another. I’m sure she’s really sweet but it’s SO unpersonalized when everything is “sponsored by” . Her blog just didn’t feel genuine to me.

Alexis on

I feel the same way! This blog post was one product placement after another. While I think it’s great that her guests brought donations for charity, the rest of the “shower” was one sponsorship after another. What a disappointment.

Jen on

Agree Melissa. Completely.

Jennifer on

I absolutely LOVE Beverly! She has always been a true down to earth “celebrity”. But, I have to say, why does she have her mouth open in every picture? Lol.

Nicole on

Wow! How many sponsors can you get?

Molly on

@Jennifer – I thought the same exact thing. It’s always open. Haha

Katie on

Kind of sick that you had a sponsor for every aspect of your shower and he by ‘donating’ you got a tax write off. Are you not able to afford anything on your own? Gross….

Kay on

that’s an advertisement, not a blog post.

lyn on

was that really her baby shower? it seemed like one big advertisement for target.

Mom too on

Advertising for an Aspartame-laden beverage while pregnant? Hm.
Beverley, please read.

Mom too on

Ugh to selling out your baby on aspartame! Real sugar is perfectly safe in reasonable amounts. Aspartame is not. Google the dangers. Especially in pregnancy… the risk to your baby is not worth it. Stop selling out as a commercial… Hopefully CL paid you to say that and you really don’t drink that garbage. How about real fresh fruit juice and club soda?

Jessica on

This was for charity, she already had her real baby shower. I think it’s great they donated so much to the sick kids. I’ve loved her since 7th Heaven!

Miche on

People Mag – this was not a blog. It was a long advertisement. No thanks.

Kelly on

there is no aspartame in Splenda…which I believe is what Crystal Light is made with now. Only sucralose….which is deemed suitable for even pregnant women.

I don’t like the idea of all the advertisement for Target though…but she did say she had another shower in Boulder before this one.

I bet being a blogger on she is obligated to do some kind of advertising for them and the different companies they work with.

Editor’s note: That is not the case – we would be legally required to disclose that if it was. Additionally, PEOPLE bloggers are unpaid.

Shannon on

If a celebrity can do this for a good cause that is what’s important! She is a great young lady and you don’t see that much in Hollywood anymore. Good for her!

starr on

This was not her baby shower! It was a shower/party for all her friends & family, for her to give them her favorite things. She wanted to do something nice for all of them being so supportative during her pregnancy!

Emily on

Beverley was showering her mom and friends with gifts and this shower was sponsored by Target….so why wouldn’t she be pimping the products and showing them off in every picture? That is how celebrities get to do that kind of stuff for free…

anna on

Was that a baby shower or a wedding reception? Seriously who has a sit down 3 course type meal at a baby shower? And two the whole thing was just her advertising random crap.

starr on

This was not her baby shower!! It was a shower for all her family & friends. She gave them all of her favorite things for them being so supportative during her pregnancy!!

susan on

She is a huckster for Target and this is a shoddy, insincere promotion. For some positive attention, give all these presents to families who really need them.

Anonymous on

Didnt enjoy reading this, very disappointing.

Missy on

Yep one big sponser post. It’s great that she’s giving to charity, but did she really need a fourth shower sponsored by Target to do that?

Shawna on

I’ve always liked Beverley and was excited to see she would be a celebrity blogger but after this post I likely will not read again. The entire thing was just one big ad. Very disappointing.

Abby on

WOW! How quickly most of you jumped in to give your opinion on her shower. Not one word about the reason for the shower, or the joy of the occasion. So what if she made some endorsements? The woman was glowing with happiness over impending motherhood!

Monika on

One huge Target commercial. All about stuff. Tacky.

christie on

Wow what a beautiful shower bev !!!!! And yes she advertised but she’s sharing all her favorite products online for us the people. She had a private shower at home this was all for donation !!! People are so quick to judge someone they don’t know !

marcfash on

This entire post is one big advertisement and publicity stunt. I follow Beverley’s personal blog and on Facebook and it’s never reflected such bad taste.

If you have a sponsored party, ok, but the entire article is a never ending “brand” message. I understand companies wanting to benefit from a celebrity (let’s face it, she has faded since 7th Heaven and has not been mentioned since) but what an overkill. Labels, cupcakes, Target, drink products, was anything missing?? I rolled my eyes too many times during this article.

Oh and let’s not forget the designers of Target, etc. I would love to know how much she was paid for all of this. Personally, this ruins the “special” factor of a shower.

Anonymous on

really people instead of judging her you guys need to leave her alone she said she already had 3 baby showers with her family and stuff like that so why are you guys complaining about a promotion she’s doing with target all you guys do is pick up on celebrities what kind of example are we setting for our kids would we complain or we don’t like something that somebody does I could understand if she was out there partying and doing drugs did you guys didn’t like it but she’s just having a baby shower back of this is how our kids learn to be mean and rude and pick up all the kids because the see grown adult picking on and bullying the other adults it’s just a cycle that needs to end dient you guys learn if u have nothing nice to say dont say it at all and I feel for her that she has to read ppl negativity and rudenese

Joan LaRose on

I don’t even know who Beverley Mitchell is, but this entire article seems to be nothing more than a bunch of advertisements. Really, PEOPLE? Can’t you do any better?

kimmylouwho on

wow, one long commercial for which she was probably paid! These showers that are thrown by the recipient are really tacky. What happened to some friends throwing you a shower because they love you and are excited for your baby?? bringing an extra little gift to give away is nice if people can afford it. Skip the sponsors handing out freebies to people who can afford to buy them!!

Meghan on

Um….why does she look like the joker in all these pictures? Its scary. Someone needs smile lessons….

Murphy on

Not sure which is more annoying….the product placement or the fact that she can’t smile with her mouth closed.

jomama on

who cares about the advertisements, the main goal of this particular shower was to give back to those in need, there needs to be more celebrities like and Beverly to help endorse Target and give back those who need it….so what if it’s a tax write-off….isn’t the most important thing is that these precious new babies are fed, clothed and diapered??? Amazing to me that some of you are so quick to judge and have no heart… pathetic.

Abby on

Talk about taking the joy out of a baby shower! So what if she was dropping a name or two,? That seems to be what most of you were focusing on. A baby;s impending birth was being celebrated, and the mother was beaming with happiness!

Kaycee on

I never realized she has such a wonky eye!

Sheri on

I agree with most of the posters on here. I won’t be reading any more blogs from her. She definitely gives the impression that she needed to advertise for Target and many, many other companies. I applaud her giving back and helping kids with cancer and I loved reading that part of her “blog.” However, I think most of us read these blogs to get to know the blogger more personally. I don’t feel I know her and I don’t find her “blog” believeable. I don’t doubt for a second that we’ll be seeing her in some Target commercials very soon.

MollyF on

You guys are rude and cruel, that’s all I have to say.

Melissa on

Wow did any of you actually read the blog? it said this is not her shower! It was a party for her friends and family that Target did for them!

Michele on

This wasn’t her real shower, this was a fundraising shower for children with cancer. In the beginning she said she had already had two showers, one with her family and one with her husbands… this was an extra to help others.
She looks amazing and sounds like a very sweet person!

Shhh on

So much product placement – it’s kind of a turn-off.

sarbear on

Yikes….did she actually mean for these photos to go public? How unfortunate looking. She’s always been, but these are just horrible pictures. How wonderful for her daughter to look back and see that her mom completely had her baby shower sponsored.

Veronica on

I love Beverley’s necklace in all of these pics. It is the Jolie Necklace from Stella & Dot! Beautiful shower!!

mytwocents on

She’s the Star Jones of baby showers…. Beverly Mitchell for Target. I do like her dress though 🙂

Beth on

This was horrible to read, and anyone posting positive comments probably works for people!!!

shell on

First, congratulations to Beverley on her baby-to-be!!

Second, did any of you actually read the blog? This wasn’t her actual baby shower (she did that privately!), she teamed up with Target for a charity close to her heart in honor of her friends and family. Who doesn’t like a fun brunch with those you love!!

Target and the other sponsors of the shower donated things to the charity and got their product/company name out there which is what “marketing” is all about. Lighten up people!!

MollyF on

I think most of you need to go back to school for reading, because this wasn’t her real shower, it was a fundraiser. She already had two showers. But of course people here just want to judge and not read the posts.

Beverley, sorry for the ignorant people here who don’t want to read the blogs and just read certain words like Target and think you’re a shallow person. I don’t think that. I think what you did was great for sick kids. Good luck on the birth of your little girl. 🙂

Anonymous on

One giant ad. And think again about those Target dresses. Looked awful.

Theresa Small Smith-Schwartz on

Congratulations and enjoy.

Sam on

Beverley is fugly,

christie on

Omg how rude !!!! If yall don’t like Beverly or if u have something negative to say why dont u just get off her blog . Why do u have to post mean comments to an emotional pregnant woman !!!!!! You are a bully and probably insecure about ur own looks !!! Shes beautiful and glowing and happy !!!

RKF on

This seems more like an advertisement, not a personalized baby shower.

Victoria on

Beautiful, congratulations on your girl! LOVIN’ you choice of jewelry, I am a consultant myself. ❤

Angie on

I think she id a beautiful person inside and out! I have a child with cancer myself, and have benefitted greatly from the services of Teen With A Dream. It’s not every day that you see a star giving back. Thank you Beverley!

Leah on

I understand that what she was trying to do was throw a party to thank family and friends for supporting her during her pregnancy, but this is just one long advertisement after another! I didn’t care for this blog post.

GracieLouFreebush on

Yall are just plain rude there is no need for such hateful comments against Beverley. I hope she will not read these comments and be tore apart by all of your judgmental and unkind words.

Be love and give love. This is what we need more of in the world.

Jem P on

I know I am late but I just saw this post and Wow that was a beautiful shower! And I loved her outfit. Coral and turquoise are my favorite colors!!

Diana on

These posts are whats wrong with todays society!! everyone attacks everyone, her reasoning, her clothing, her smile, her wonky eye. This is why friendships dont last anymore, everyone talks about everyone, everything, you cant trust anyone and everyone is jealous. Get over it. Step up and say “so nice that your happy” that you waited until your 30’s to have a baby and got married FIRST! JEEZ

nike europe on

You made various good points there. I did a search on the theme and found nearly all folks will consent with your blog.