Holly Madison: I’m Checking Into the Hospital

03/04/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Holly Madison Delivering Baby Girl
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She was almost late, late for a very important date!

But, fortunately, Holly Madison recently placed the finishing touches on her Alice In Wonderland themed nursery — just in time for her daughter’s arrival.

“We have decided to induce the delivery if necessary. I will go in Monday afternoon or early evening,” she tells the Las Vegas Sun.

But Madison, whose official due date is March 5, warns baby girl’s birth at the Las Vegas-area hospital may take some time — “Up to three more days,” she says — which will be spent privately with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella.

“You’ll know when the baby is born, but I’m not going to be Tweeting during the delivery,” she shares.

The couple have already decided on their daughter’s name, but the former Girls Next Door star admits their tough choice may eventually send them back to the drawing board.

“It’s such an unusual and difficult name I have a feeling we’ll add something simpler once she’s arrived safely in our world,” Madison, who is currently filming a new television special, says.

Anticipating a quick bounce back after baby, the mom-to-be — who has plans to wed Rotella this summer — is set to start taking supplements following her daughter’s delivery.

“I’m totally planning on having my placenta turned into pills I can take after giving birth,” she explains. “I heard it helps women recover faster, and I want to recover as quickly as I can.”

In the midst of living “the happiest days of my life,” Madison, 33, is counting down the minutes until her dream of motherhood is finally fulfilled.

“I’m feeling very relaxed, very, very happy, contented, yet a little restless with anticipation, but all is good,” she explains. “I’m ready now for the delivery. I can’t wait to be a mommy, although I’m not giving up my career.”

— Anya Leon

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Vanessa on

I’m glad she’s putting her needs before her newborn daughter’s.

Sheesh, these celebrities need to stop thinking about themselves for once.

And a difficult name? Why does that not surprise me.

JCoolie123 on

Where did you see she was putting her needs before her baby’s needs??? I see where she notes she will not give up her career and she will take placenta pills.

I think all first time expectant moms don’t realize the true sacrifices that will be made once baby comes. Cut all of them a break.

whatever on

If she thinks that it is a difficult name why has she picked it??? I don’t understand. It sounds to me like she’s desperate be a part of the celebrity-unusual-baby-name-club even if it means she has to lump her daughter with a name she doesn’t like.

Brandi on

Did you ever stop to think that the name could be one that actually has meaning to her and her fiance? Or maybe it’s a name that honors a relative that has passed on or someone in either of their families? Pasquale is not a common name either when you think about it. I’m sure they didn’t pick a difficult name just for the hell of it and probably will explain it after the baby it born. But even if they don’t, oh well…lol that’s their daughter so they can name her whatever they want. There are plenty of Sues and Anns and Marys around already (and I am not saying that there is anything wrong with those names at ALL) so sometimes it’s refreshing to see something different, especially when the name is in honor of someone or has a story behind it 🙂 #LightenUp<3

Lyoness on

I thought she wasn’t due for awhile. Most hospitals now won’t induce unless medically necessary. Many hospitals are changing their policies to address these “super preemies” Maybe she has health issues like preeclampsia? (Just speculating…) As for the name, the father sounds like he may be Italian or something… Maybe they’re going with an ethnic name that isn’t very common in the US. Anywho… Best wishes for a safe delivery!

Kristine on

Lyoness, the article says she’s due on March 5!

Tina on

Placenta pills…lol..GROSS!! Where do people come up with these stupids things???

MomTo5 on

It’s not actually “stupid” Tina. It’s a homeopathic way to treat a range of things post partum. PPD, bleeding, milk production and energy are just a few benefits of placenta encapsulation.

Theresa on

No it’s stupid. And gross.

ChristineB on

LOOOOVE HER!!! Good luck Holly! ❤

Julie on

i’m honestly happy that she can have what most women her age want to have, instead of being attached to an 80 year old man. She deserves to be able to be a mom and have a normal loving relationship with a man.

aseret on

Why is anyone concerned with the name? My confusion is trying to figure out what her ‘career’ is.

jt on

She has been starring in Peepshow in Vegas for years so I would say that is her career

Carory on

I was thinking the same thing. What “career”?

Girl on

How is she thinking about herself? In taking the placenta she helps to stave off PPD a very serious problem, I see it as her taking steps to help the baby and herself… More power to her!!!

Embee on

Her hair looks sooo much better darker……

Navy Wife on

I totally agree Embee! I hope she keeps it that color

m on

It’s an ESTIMATED due date—-NOT an expiration date! WTF is she inducing a day before the “due date”?

HH on

She’s not, m. The article clearly states it could be another few days.

Shawna on

Getting induced for no reason? Way to set yourself up for a “necessary” c-section.

Claire on

Couldn’t agree more Shawna!!!

Miz on

@ Tina – While there is little medical evidence to support it, there are those who say that placentophagy can help ward off post-partum depression. Placentas are also currently used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Sarah on

Good luck Holly!

Mya on

Nothing wrong with placenta pills.. it’s nothing new. Most mammels eat their placentas.

Inducing is stupid and risky though.

Anonymous on

Let’s all jump down off of our induction high horses. There could be a MILLION reasons she’d need to be induced. Maybe she has some condition that people just don’t have to know the finer details of.

EVEN if it is elective, SO WHAT? How does it affect YOU personally? Go be awesome parents to your own kids, and stop worrying about what a pregnant woman miles and miles away is doing.

Alex Genie on

I’m sure once the baby is born all her ideas about ‘bouncing back’ and heading back to work ASAP will go out the window. She’ll be happy with just being with her new baby.

itznia on

I wonder how she will feel if her daughter takes after her and sleeps with a 100 year old man. I am willing to bet she will not be too happy.

anna on

why would you force a baby out when they are not ready to come out? Let the kid come when she is ready, and quit trying to play nature. Have you looked at our kids lately? They are all sick and so many with autism and other issues. Keep the drugs away from these small babies. You waited 9 months I am sure another week or two wont kill you.

Tiki on

Judgmental peopel strike again. Nicknames, Middle names can be used. Who wants to be names sue, amy or mary? So wahts its difficilt better than plain and boring.

Ava Kate on

Rude! My little girl’s name is Mary “Alice.” Sure, it isn’t the flashiest name (Audio Science or Pilot Inspektor) but it’s classic and not at all trashy. I’d rather my kid have what you call a “boring” name than saddle her with a made-up name with 56 syllables that is sure to get her made fun of or look plain silly on a CV down the road.

cheacheldy on

Im glad she goona have a child but she needs to calm down by the way i love the alice in wonderland thing sounds totts beautiful

Heather on

I was induced with my youngest daughter a few days before her due date because my blood pressure was slightly elevated and she’s a very healthy 2 year old. However I don’t understand this celebrity desire to give their children such unusual or difficult to pronounce names.

Cheryl Kelly on

What exactly is her “career”?

Mimi on

She’s not giving up her career? What career is that, exactly?

Jacqui on

Wtf is the rush?? Why on earth would she induce the birth?? She didn’t state there were any problems with the baby staying in utero. Two weeks on either side of a due date is considered NORMAL. The due date is just an ESTIMATE.

christie on

Just because she didn’t state thier are issues doesnt mean thier aren’t any . Sometimes people leave out medical info like that for privacy !!!! Dang do u need her whole life story nosey . I was induced a day before my due. Date and was in natural labor for 30 hours and still had to have a c section. But if I had known u bet ur ass I would have cut to the chase and just did the c section

LM on

Wow – a lot of judgement here. About a week before my due date, my doctor told me my baby wasn’t growing very much and my nutrients were not helping the baby. She said I could induce any time within the next 10 days and to pick a time that worked well in my schedule. I induced and had my baby on it’s actual due date. I’ve had friends tell similar stories and it sounds like Holly is probably experiencing something similar. No biggie.

Paula Martin on

I don’t understand the negativity. She’s excited and happy. Holly is a woman, a daughter, soon to be a mom. She could be your family. Wish her well or leave her alone. Good luck Holly! You look beautiful and I wish you luck and happiness.

Alison on

I don’t see the big deal in inducing in this case. Her due date is TOMORROW. Now, if she was inducing 2-3 weeks early for no reason, that would be risky.

Anonymous on

Let’s read the article more carefully before we jump all over her decisions. It said ” We have decided to induce the delivery IF NECESSARY”. All kinds of reasons why a doctor may have told her this may be the way to go. They can tell by the condition of the placenta and the amount of amniotic fluid whether she is further along than they thought and need to “encourage” the little gal to make her move.

lemur on

1. Doctor’s generally do not induce unless there is a reason, just because she didn’t share doesn’t mean she isn’t having some minor complications.

2) I did not see anything glaringly selfish in this post, most new moms plan to go back to work and think that they can have a career and raise a baby no problem… let them live in the fantasy for a while, the reality can be a mind blower.

3) while I am not chowing down on placenta and rice, many people find it beneficial, if it helps her feel like she is doing something proactive, who is she hurting???

4) You may no see what she does as a career, but there is no reason to be dismissive. She has paid her own bills for years, so I would call that a career.

I am glad she has found a way to be happy!!!

christie on

Thank u lemur thats exactly what I was saying can’t we all just say good luck holly we love ya and pray for a safe delivery. No need to be ugly . U have awesome points

Diana on

She is going to be a beautiful baby! Congrats Holly!!

Anonymous on

What exactly is her career?

Anonymous on

Leave her alone ! I was induced too. Clearly it’s for medical reasons and not cause she just feels like it

Ann on

I think she is in for a big wake up call. And, placenta pills???

OKgirl on

Haha, yes, what IS her career? The placenta stuff is really gross, but it’s her prerogative! She looks like she was ready to pop in the picture. Here’s to a healthy birth!

Me on

I love how people are whining about her being induced like it’s sooo early. She was being induced on the 4th but due the 5th. She can still have the baby on the 5th or 6th even. There have been celebs that induce a couple of weeks early to try not to have any/as many stretch marks…her one day is obviously not an example of this.

She obviously could have a medical reason…she doesn’t need to share that with us. I was induced and it wasn’t necessarily medical. My baby was fully developed and there was no need to keep me in such discomfort when the baby was fine.

You people don’t like her or don’t like how she’s famous (yet you guys clicked on the article and care enough to post) so that’s why you’re trashing her. Yet if it were your fav celeb…there would be nothing but positive comments. Just ridiculous!!! Maybe us normal people should have hundreds and hundreds of people critiquing every, single thing we do and see how we like it…and see how small stuff is blown out of proportions so bad/easy.

Boke7 on

I like Holly. Hope everything goes well for her and the sweet littlle one. Scary stuff but I hope everything goes well for all involved, especially the baby. Hang in there! Best, and my prayers to all!

Anonymous on

I’m sure she’ll have nannies that will do all the work so her body will “bounce back” quicker.

androcles on

Mistake mistake mistake. Don’t induce. Don’t induce. There is an intricate program in that organism that determines when it’s time to “come out.” Induction isn’t a good thing.

I was told I had to deliver at 38 weeks because of uterine abnormalities (contractions since month 4) and baby’s position and my age, etc. It still bothers me we pulled him out before he was ready. I should have said no, I’ll take my chances. (I never had the option to deliver vaginally, it wasn’t physically possible, I knew it would be a C-section). Doctor was worried labor would start and make it harder. I know that even another 24-48 hours “inside” would have benefitted him. Yeah, he weighed 8 pounds, but still.

guest on

personally after watching her on The Girls Next Door, I was surprised on how modest she has been with her pregnancy. She has looked great! Kim K should take some notes!

Karin on

Placenta pills??????? Ewwwwwwww

jfarmer on

Funny how all of you negative, judgemental people think that Holly even gives a crap what you think. Grow up. She’s honoring Chinese traditional medicine by taking placenta pills. They help the body post pregnancy naturally. Try to be a little more open to natural medicine versus nasty prescription pills with more side effects than the ailment you are trying to cure in the first place. Jeeze the world is turning into a terrible place.

Tara on

CongratulatiOns Ms. Holly, I hope you get everything you dream OG! Xoxoxo

Lisa on

The fame whore is probably referencing Hugh Hefner in this poor child’s name. Ugh, why do these wackjobs procreate!?!

Milky on

Do doctors in the US induce, or even agree to elective c-sections, at the whim of patients?? I know in my country they only do it if medically necessary. I would have assumed the US was the same, so there’s no need for all the outrage (but I do know there are some weird practices in the states that would never fly here – see Octomom for example)
Just curious.

Capmo on

Best wishes holly, congrats on the new baby girl

Anonymous on

androcles- It sounds like keeping your son inside you any longer would have endangered both your lives, so don’t feel guilty. Induction probably WAS the right thing to do in your case.

Also, the vast majority of babies born at 38 do just fine (including myself. Like you, my mother had a C-section scheduled due to uterine abnormalities, but I decided I wanted to pick my own birthday!). So stop being so hard on yourself! 🙂

ravenly on

…WHAT CAREER is she not letting go of? She is like a publicity whore with no skill or talent.

Anonymous on

I have to agree with those who have said that it sounds like Holly is having some minor complications. My guess is that she’s going into the hospital for observation due to whatever issues she’s having, and if the observations show that the baby would be better off out than in, the doctors will induce (note that she said they’re going to induce “If neccesary”. She didn’t say they’re DEFINITELY inducing).

believe it on

I encapsulated my daughter’s placenta & it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My father died unexpectedly the day after I gave birth & I truly believe it helped me stave off ppd–especially considering I was on antidepressants my entire pregnancy.

Sara on

For the fifteen or so of you all posting the same comment questioning what her career is, she was a Playboy Playmate, she has been a model, actress and is now starring in her own Vegas show. Why such a bunch of haters here? Regardless if her career is your choice or preferences, it’s probably pretty certain she is earning a lot more money than you and is in a relationship as well as financially able to support her child on the way, so why do you chicks care?

Addison on

Her induction may be necessary. I had an induction 2 weeks before my due date with my second baby.

Holly may suffer from pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes (I had both) or any other various complications. Some of you are just a little narrow minded.

As for the name, well it’s their baby, and they can name her whatever they want to, stupid or not. My kids are Cheyenne, Savannah, Clementine & Oscar. Again, I would tell people, they’re my children and you don’t have to like it.

We don’t have to like the name they choose. Remember Pasquale is not a ‘traditional’ American name but it is a traditional Italian name! So maybe they have chosen an Italian derived name for their daughter? Im almost certain they don’t give two shits what anyone else thinks.

Can’t wait to hear this bubs name. She will be gorgeous.

donna on

She has a career? Other than being arm candy for men like Hugh Hefner?…shocking!

Mandy on

It said she is due March 5th, which is today. Most doctor’s don’t let you go over your due date by too much anymore.

Mandy on

My doctor had told me that if I hadn’t had my baby by my last appointment date then we would schedule an induction. That would have put me only 1 day over my due date. I ended up delivered 3 days early & this was after being put on bed rest because they were scared I was going to have her early. Stop picking on Holly.

Sandy on

induced? your not even due until the 5th?!! let nature take it’s course!

Diana on

I was induced a week early, There was a legitimate reason but they said if things didn’t seem to be progressing they would have stopped and waited, so it would not have caused me to have a csection… I was 2-3 cms and 50% effaced so they said I was favorable for it to work… and 5 hours later my daughter was born. You have no idea what the reasons are so stop being judgmental!

Alycia on

Inducing for no good reason DOES affect all women! Its these induce & cut happy doctors and practices that make women have to fight for proper care and fight for the birth they want. Not to mention the higher insurance premiums and medical costs society ends up paying because a poor innocent baby is stuck in the NICU for weeks because they weren’t ready to come out and suffers complications. Due dates are estimates and unless you were tracking your cycle you really can’t know when you’re due and even inducing a week too early can make a huge difference with devastating consequences.

Medical inductions and C-sections are a different story of course. But the US having an over 30% C-section rate is appalling.

Placenta pills are a wonderful thing. I’m wary of her reasoning “so I can recover as fast as possible”. What about staving off PPD, keep your milk supply, and just feeling good? It seems like she just wants to rush back to her “work” (whatever that is) & body immediately after baby pops out and that’s her priority. Not baby. I hope this article took her words out of context.

Danielle on

I bet that Granpa Hefner is going to be happy with the news.

Jenny! on

I’m so PUMPED!!! I love holly and i can’t wait to see what her baby looks like! She will be a great mom…. and honestly she shouldn’t stop doing what she does for a career now and days many mothers balance out life and they don’t sit there wishing they could do things, a baby should never lock u down, that child should be the reason u want to make ur dreams happen

Woodsleegirls on

What career? Does she do anything besides strip?

J on

For those of you stating stuff like this: ‘It’s an ESTIMATED due date—-NOT an expiration date! WTF is she inducing a day before the “due date”?’ and ‘Getting induced for no reason? Way to set yourself up for a “necessary” c-section.’…..how do you know the reasoning?? I had to be induced for my baby’s well-being since I had no fluid and he was in distress. Don’t judge unless you know all the details. Pretty sure People didn’t supply you with all of the information.

happy on

Some people need to calm down! Geez, you act like the decisions she makes are YOURS to make! Just live your life and let her live hers. Almost ALL Celebs (or whatever you want to call her) take their kids to work ALL THE TIME. It’s not selfish so get off your high horses!

Yaya on

hahahahha!!! Idiot! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

Anonymous on

I hope Holly see how much more beautiful she looks with a tiny bit of weight in her face and the darker hair, she looks better than Ive ever seen her 🙂

Anonymous on

I think the article is a little confusing. I think she means if she goes over her due date they will induce, which is normal, for safety, thats what they did for me, at an older age, you dont want the fluid to dry up, or it could be 100 different reasons like someone else stated, either way, its non of our business, its not like shes inducing a month early so her tummy wont get as big or something unhealthy! dr.s dont do those sort of things anyways.

Karen on

Holly Madison has a pretty small frame and looks like the baby is riding all out front, which could mean her hip cradle is not accommodating the baby well.. It’s not unusual to induce delivery if there is any concern about mom’s ability to deliver a large baby.

Remember folks, in the final weeks of pregnancy the baby grows quite a bit and her doctor may have felt that she wouldn’t be able to deliver her safely.

There is also the possibility that she has gestational diabetes, in which case they will not allow a baby to go past the due date.

There are many reasons, all of them valid, to induce delivery so why don’t we all stop speculating and judging?

tattedmom on

I had to be induced with my 3rd child because he had a 2 vessel cord and having a “controlled delivery” was the safest way to get him out, although i did deliver him vaginally i still hated the fact of being induced.

suzy on

what career?? laying naked! wow such talent

blessedwithboys on

Holly will need the placenta pills to stave off the PPD that results from the trauma of iatrogenic c-secs, and the difficult recovery that follows.

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