Hilaria Thomas Baldwin: What Alec Wants to Name Our Baby

03/04/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Alec Baldwin Hilaria Baldwin Baby Names
David M. Russell/The Rachael Ray Show

The Christmas of 2012 will always be a memorable one for Alec and Hilaria Thomas Baldwin.

Not only was it their first as a married couple, but days before the celebration, they found out they were expecting a baby.

“It was something that we both wanted — I don’t want to say it was a surprise and we didn’t want it — we were very excited when we found out,” Thomas Baldwin, who is due in late summer, said Friday on the Rachael Ray Show.

“But we just got married in June … so it was a really nice Christmas present.”

With Thomas Baldwin busy satisfying her frequent fruit cravings, the Orphans actor, 54, has been preparing for his upcoming role as doting dad.

“At this point, before the baby is born, he thinks he’s going to be Mr. Mom,” the expectant yoga instructor, 28, shares. “We’ll see if at 3 o’clock in the morning when the baby is screaming and we need to change the diaper if he’s going to be Mr. Mom at that point.”

Although Thomas Baldwin has no preference whether she welcomes a son or daughter, her bets are on a baby boy. Her sneaking suspicions will be confirmed “in a few weeks” when the parents-to-be plan to find out the sex of their little one.

“Somebody gave me some really great advice which was, you’re going to find out eventually,” Thomas Baldwin explains. “It’s going to be a surprise eventually, so why not have the surprise sooner? It’s like Christmas sooner!”

And if her guess on the early gift is true and the couple are indeed expecting a son, Thomas Baldwin may have to negotiate on the baby names.

“[Alec] had the idea for Massimo the other day. It’s a lovely name, I just don’t know,” she says. “That’s a very big name for a very little baby.”

Explaining that they “have a different idea almost every single day,” Thomas Baldwin hopes to wait until baby boy’s birth to make the final decision. “I think you actually have to look at it once it pops out and say, ‘Who are you? What is your name?'” she says.

— Anya Leon

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AQ on

Lol watch the baby be a girl.

JF on

Name it custody battle … face it; we all know it’s coming.

Yup on

How about “Rude Thoughtless Pig”? That way, when the kid is 11, no one will question it…

Massimonogo on

Learning the sex when it’s born is the best way. I didn’t even want to know before baby was six months old, actually. It’s a person, not a sex. As for a name’s being too big for a baby, uh, you are creating an adult (and a teenager, and a senior citizen) so don’t think of “baby” names or you’ll name it Peanut or Cutie or some dorky thing. Alec’s daughter has an uncommon name, and that makes her lucky. Alec’s wife has a VERY uncommon name, which is also good. Massimo is not common in the U.S., so good for him. You could name it “Spawn of a Baby Boomer.” It’s funny, everyone is predicting divorce, but for some reason I think this marriage will go at least 15 years (so failure doesn’t really define it).

Massimonogo on

I’ve never seen that TV show, that Rachael Ray show. She looks bigger than I thought she was.

holly on

I craved fruit with my girls.

Massimonogo on

Why would the baby be screaming at 3 am? Mine never did.

Michelle on

Well that is great for you but it is not uncommon for babies to be up all night. The first month or so my son was up every two to three hours to eat. He also had no sense of time. We would be dancing with him in the living room at 230 in the morning.

Daffygrams on

Massimo?!?! Good Lord, no!!!!

ktanne2639 on

Massimonogo- are you sure you had a baby? I have 5 and every single one would scream at 3 am, at one point or another. It’s VERY common for babies. Weird.

Anonymous on

It’s probably not going to just “pop out.”

Nikita on

they should name it “Hilarious”

GG on

Wow Massimonogo, I have never posted a comment before, but people like you drive me nuts! “Why would the baby be screaming at 3 am? Mine never did” Right, because every baby is exactly like yours!? “Learning the sex when it’s born is the best way.” Its the best way because you said so?! NO one else gets an opinion? “It’s funny, everyone is predicting divorce, but for some reason I think this marriage will go at least 15 years. (so failure doesn’t really define it).” Again, because you said so, it must be true.

Erin on

It IS a person…and for some people, calling the baby “It” for 40 weeks just doesn’t feel right.

RD on

Can someone re-date their birth certificate? Way, way back in the day when Alec Baldwin married Kim Bassinger, it was stated that he was 5 years older than she. Kim is just about 60 or soon to be 60. So that would make Alex how old? 54?

Sue on

Massimo is a great name. We have a Masxsimo in our family, which is a little more difficult to spell, but he is special and it is a special unique name.

Charli on

She has a cute little belly. I wish them all the happiness in the world. Some of the mean comments suggest people need to get over things that didn’t even happen to them. smh

Donna on

Besides the fact that Alec Baldwin is a reprehensible human being with serious anger issues, I find the 27 year age difference pretty gross.

Jen on

People mag – I don’t understand why you find this woman so interesting. There are so many other celebrity spouses that I’d rather hear about. People who are more successful, are more beautiful, are more interesting, and who have done some pretty awesome things to step outside if their significant other’s shadows. I’m not saying she’s not a lovely human, because maybe she is, I just don’t know why you find her so fascinating? Sure, older men marring yoga instructors is always funny (as it is the punchline in many works of fiction), but to give this woman the coverage that you do is mind boggling? Perhaps give some coverage to a celebrity spouse who is actually doing something with their luck, instead of just getting married and pregnant very quickly.

stef on

Of course you were excited when you found out…this is your meal ticket for the next 18 years, Hilaria. Best of luck to you with this monster you’ve married. You’re going to need all the luck you can get.

Hope this is your first and last post here, GG. You won’t be missed.

Kim on

I always thought good advice was not finding out what the baby was before birth. The wanting to know what the sex of the baby is, was the only thing that gave me the energy to keep on pushing.

Pammy on

RD – I believe Kim is (and has always been as far as I know) 5 years older than Alec.

JustMe on

Massimo Baldwin… can’t say it doesn’t have a ring to it. But Massimo – italian and Baldwin.. .Irish? I don’t know. But who’s asking me anyways? 😛 Hope the best for all of them!

Bonnie on

I pretty much ate a pineapple a day and had a little girl.

w on

Gross….I used to have such a crush on him, but he has proved to be such a loser. I hope she takes him for all he’s worth, which I am sure is what she has in mind… give it 1-2 years

ginaG on

How about she names it “Goldmine” because that’s what it will be for her once they split up….before baby, she was nothing, after baby and divorce……well, let’s just say she won’t have to go back to working in some yoga studio because she has no education……

Cate on

Most of the commenters here represent the most useless members of society. Go back to junior high; you will fit right in.

Snow on

@stef, funny, I could say the same about you. Maybe you should get a life and stop bitching at people on the internet because they said something about the stupidity of another poster. Guess what? We don’t want bitches like you posting here either! I sure hope you never get to touch a computer again so we can be spared from your bullshit and stupidity.

meghan on

When did Trophy Wife become qualification enough to appear on Rachael Ray?

KMW on

She should just call the baby “set for life” cause she is clearly a gold digger. Let’s hope Alec can keep his pathetic mouth shut if he ever gets angry with this child.

Anonymous on

Why don’t they name it Hilarious? Since her name is Hilaria and he thinks he’s funny.

Capmo on

How about Scotland or Berlin? Ireland & Scotland.

Ayla on

@Sue: “Massimo is a great name. We have a Masxsimo in our family, which is a little more difficult to spell, but he is special and it is a special unique name.”

Masxsimo? Really? So adding random letters in the middle of the name is a new trend? But of course, he’s special, so he has to have a ridiculous name.

I’m not familiar with this lady, is she famous for anything other than being Baldwin’s wife? I mean, why was she invited to this program?

WhackJobs on

Rachael looks huge in that picture.

Kim on

Massimo reminds me of Bold and the Beautiful, and not in a good way lol

Jen on

I craved pineapple and oranges with both my girls and I craved fried chicken and anything mexican with my son. I actually based my having a boy just on how different my cravings were from my girls and I was right. So funny how that works.

Anyways, I also find it strange for a 28 year old to be with a man in his 50’s but I guess that’s just the way of the world. I don’t blame the yoga instructor though for being a gold-digger…I blame the older guy for being stupid enough to think she is with him for his good looks. I don’t understand these men. Don’t they realize these women are just out for their bank accounts??? Why are men so blinded by pretty young girls so much so that they will risk losing their financial stability? I am baffled by it.

Oh well…To each their own!


Oh I’ll bet little HELL-ALL-YEE- HAH was messing with her twitter thing. She married Alec to get her face all over the place. I’m sick of her – she’s all over the place but she’s a nobody. She’s a little stinker, boring as hell spoiled little Hollywood wife/nobody.