Shiri Appleby Bares Her Bump In a Bikini

03/03/2013 at 12:00 PM ET

Go big or go home!

In a photo posted to Instagram FridayShiri Appleby — sporting a turquoise bikini — happily shows off her latest and greatest asset — her burgeoning bump! — while enjoying some downtime along the sandy shores.

“T minus 20 days!” the Girls guest-star and former Roswell actress, 34, captioned the snapshot of herself soaking up the sun, complete with a picturesque beachy background.

While Appleby’s willing to put her belly on display, the mom-to-be is keeping the baby’s sex under wraps. She and her fiancé Jon Shook have opted for a delivery surprise.

But it won’t be long until the secret’s out. With Appleby due mid-March, the countdown to Baby Shook’s big arrival is officially on.

Shiri Appleby Pregnant Bares Her Bump
Courtesy Shiri Appleby

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Zoey on

Her IMDB page doesn’t list her as having been on “Girls”?

Nicole on

She looks so youthful! More like 25 than 35. Wow!

Beth on

She’s huge! I loved Roswell.

Melanie on

Zoey, she appears this season.

Looking amazing Shiri! Can’t wait to see what you have. I was a huge Roswell fan back in the day.

haven on

Oh she’s about to pop. I wouldn’t show all that but that’s just me especially how far along she is. I would cover up with a sarong or something. I know she’s proud of her pregnant belly but that’s too much skin.

Brandi on

Now I could see if she were pregnant and walking around in a g-string bikini bottom and a mini-triangle top that only covered her nipples, but she’s wearing a regular bikini that fully covers what it needs to and shows off her beautiful belly. She looks to be in great shape otherwise and luckily seems to have gained all of her weight in her belly. A pregnant tummy is beautiful and is absolutely nothing that needs to be hidden or ashamed of.

You knew from the title of the article that she is pregnant and wearing a bikini, so if you are these such uptight prudes that are so offended by this, why bother taking the time to read it and post negative comments? It’s not rocket science, Einsteins…if you don’t want to see it, THEN DON’T LOOK and keep your whiny ass comments to yourself. I think she looks fabulous and wish her and her fiance all the best with the upcoming birth of their baby ❤

hmmmph on

Modesty has nothing to do with being ashamed, Brandi. I love my body, but feel more terrific in clothing or a swimsuit that covers me up. If I could get pregnant, I would be ecstatic but still cover up.

dana on

I can hear that bottom bikini string screaming all the way to my house ! !

Indira on


Stacey on

I just do not get this wearing a bikini while 9 months pregnant. It’s ridiculous and doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that.

Heather on

You people are rude!! She’s pregnant and at a beach, how is she showing too much skin? Rude!

hmmmph on

Because you can wear a one piece at the beach too, Heather. Why is it such a terrible idea to respect yourself?

Eric on

Shiri looks amazing. Jon Shook is a lucky guy.

Shiri will be on tonight’s (3/3/13) episode of Girls. It’s not listed in IMDB but she was in the preview for tonight’s episode.

J on

More power to her for wearing a bikini at the beach. Don’t like it, don’t look.

Mary on

It is 2013…Can someone please explain to me what is so different between wearing a bikini sans pregnant belly and wearing one with pregnant belly? It isn’t the 50s anymore! We should not be shamed into hiding our bellies. I am always so confused by the aversion to women proudly showing off their baby bellies and by the naysayers demanding they cover them up. It’s just so ridiculous.

Nicole on

she looks great!

Nicole on

Loved loved loved Roswell. Wish i looked like that when I was that far along! She’s anything but an eyesore!!

Anonymous on

she looks beautiful! haters stop 😉

Eve;yn on

She’s definitely having a boy. She would look better if she were wearing a tankini.It’s bad for the skin to expose too much.

Raya on

I would have walked around naked if I looked that good pregnant lol

mandi on

Seriously such haters on here. I wonder if you are just jealous that a pregnant woman looks better than you in a bikini. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and I can tell you at 6 months now and living at the beach, I will be damned if i am going to throw in some god awful uncomfortable tankini or one piece just to satisfy a bunch up tight prudes. I think she looks beautiful and more power to her!!!!

Renee on


Cover that up. Nasty.

snarkette on

Her belly button’s an outie, so I think the turkey’s about done.

Suzi on

I don’t get it. Why do celebrities feel the need to wear a bikini while they’re pregnant? And why does the media insist on saying “baby bump.” It’s not a bump, morons…it’s a baby… so either say baby or don’t say anything at all. (Preferably nothing at all)

LS on

She looks great! I think it’s always best to go the modest route when you are pregnant though.

michele on

Wow, she looks amazing. Keep rockin’ that bikini, girl. Hope all goes according to plan in the delivery room.

LuvBigCity on

I understand wearing a bikini and being pregs but this looks totally uncomfortable. A string bikini? There are very cute bikinis out there this is not one of them.

Deanne on

Honestly People, How can you think a body growing and producing life is disgusting?!?!?! I wore a two piece during both my pregnancies and have never been complemented more in my life. Why would you want to cover up something so beautiful??? I find it way more offensive seeing size negative zeros strutting around in string bikinis looking like skeletons. It’s no wonder young women in society have such negative body image issues!! Bring on the healthy curves, booties, boobs and prego bellies!!

RiaGiselle on

She looks BEYOND GREAT!!


Addison on

Im a mother of 4 and one on the way & I’ve worn a bikini all pregnancies, including my twins! What the hell is wrong with some of you?

She’s pregnant. She isn’t spreading germs. You can’t catch it.

So many ignorant and narrow minded idiots these days.

Being pregnant is the most natural thing a woman’s body will do. Why not embrace it? I sincerely hope that someone calls you a fat ugly cow next time you wear a bikini, pregnant or not.

bee on

Her baby belly is beautiful! I think her top is a little small, though..

dana h. on

u know I never comment on these things, usually happy just reading others comments. but wow, I mean too much skin??? um, she’s at the beach and the sun probably feels good on her stomache. Jeez, so many harsh remarks. She looks fine, healthy, and most importantly happy! There is nothing to eewww and be grosed out about. It’s a shame so many of you feel that way.

tattedmom on

She does NOT look like shes about to pop! She looks 5 months, tops.

Gracie on

How sad to think you’re a mom spouting such hateful comments. Hope your kids don’t take after you.

ktanne2639 on

She looks awesome for being 9 months pregnant. More power to her! Personally, I’d opt for a more flattering/comfortable bikini top, but that’s just me. Congrats!

freya on

If you got it you flaunt it. SCREW THE HATERS I bet they don’t look look as good as Shiri when they were pregnant.

Hilary on

She looks so good, and it looks like she must think pink 😀

Diva on

I hate when pregnant women expose their pregnant bellies! It shows no class! I also hate when it is called a baby bump also!! It is a baby!!

Elisha on

If I look that good in a bikini at 9 months pregnant I would wear one too! Show it off!

gay on

How could anyone think that wearing a bikini while pregnant is anymore offensive that someone wearing the same thing not pregnant? She is sufficiently covered….it’s at the beach, where it is appropriate to wear a bikini. What does class or pride have to do with being pregnant and wearing a bikini? For those of you who would rather not wear one while pregnant…that’s ok, your perogative. But you shouldnt hate on someone who wants to wear one while pregnant.

Helen on

Nasty jealous trolls on this site. Drop dead already!! She looks fab!

Lauren Kaminski on

She is huge! I liked Life Unexcepted.

Anonymous on

April- She’s on the beach. Last time I checked, virtually no one wears clothes there. 😉

Eve;yn- It’s only bad for the skin if you don’t use sunscreen. If you do, AND you make sure to apply the right amount, it’s perfectly fine!

Anyway, to all of you posters saying she should cover up, honest question here: Would you say the same thing if she were a man with his huge beer belly hanging out?

I personally don’t see the issue with her wearing a bikini while pregnant. I wouldn’t do it, but that’s because I don’t wear bikinis period. I don’t like the way they feel, nor do I like showing that much skin. But a lot of women do, obviously, and I’m fine with that. To each her own! 🙂

Anonymous on

Suzi- No, the baby is hidden away in the belly. What we see is the bump made by the baby, hence a baby bump. 🙂 I suppose they could have said “Shiri Appleby Bares Her Belly”, though.

freya on

I think she is the antithesis of what your saying about her April SHE’S ALL PRIDE AND CLASS. SHE’S A VERY CLASSY PERSON AND SHE HAS PRIDE ON HER GROWING BUMP BECAUSE SHE LET YOU SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY SHE IS. And I bet even with that bump she’s still getting some. Why even my guy friends thinks that she made pregnancy look so sexy.

veggiemama on

Looks like its a boy.

Tara on

by the looks of her, it doesn’t seem like she’s been out in the sun her whole pregnancy.

Ayla on

Women who see other pregnant women’s belly and say things like ‘ewww’ or ‘nasty’ make me really sad. I hope you never get pregnant, since you’ll never be able to appreciate your body for what it’s able to do.

This lady looks fantastic being so far along, and you know what? Even if she didn’t, if she wants to wear a bikini, she should wear a bikini. Probably those of you critisising have wonderful perfect bodies, but there’s way too many people with body issues that the last thing they need is to have other women on their back telling them what they should or should not wear. Shame on you.

Lauren on

Only classless one here is you, April. Scurry off, troll. Your opinion doesn’t matter.

hunny on

I think she looks good. Also a lot more comfortable than I did when I was pregnant 34 & 36 years ago. I wasn’t aware if there were even beach attire for pregnants back then so I was covered and suffered the heat. I hope she enjoys every ray!!!!

Katie on

She looks amazing! I really don’t get why people think pregnant women shouldn’t be allowed to wear bikinis. There’s probably dozens of women on the beach Shiri’s at wearing bikinis that reveal way more than Shiri’s does! Since she’s due so soon she’s probably going to the bathroom a lot & a two-piece sure is easier to manage than a one-piece in that regard.

Kris on

Geez people, quit being so prudish. I think she looks amazing.

Lianne on

Cover yourselves up, for God’s sake, why do women parade around like this when pregnant. Keep it covered up.

Dona M on

I think she looks beautiful! Congratulations!

I loved Roswell and just watched it last week.

Colleen on

I can just imagine the women making these “cover up” comments sitting behind their computers in their XXXL sweats. She looks beautiful.

Susan on

Not too great a look when you’re that big, but she’s at the beach, not sure what else you can do.

Claire Grace on

GROSS! Hollywood has gone so far past trashy! Keep your bump covered up! No one wants to see them. Kate Middleton has chosen the classy bump – everyone should follow. If you want to gross everyone out, show your stomach the day after you give birth!

kim on

A bikini while pregnant would not be my thing. But if she feels good–then great!!! I have no issues with the bikini–just hope she has sun screen on is all i can think of..

MommytoanE on

Zoey, IMDB isn’t the best resource. They are often not updated to what everyone has played in. According to Wiki tho, she’s in an episode called “Its Back.”

I think she looks adorable, tho she seems to be carrying high. High generally means girl, but with a woman as tiny as she is…it couldbe anything. I think the bikini is perfect! A tankini would have just made her look like she’s stuffing a beach ball up it. I would have gone with dif bottoms tho…but that’s my personal prefrence. I can’t wait to hear the baby news tho!

maddie on

I see nothing wrong with this photo. It’s actually easier and more comfortable to wear a bikini while pregnant than a whole piece. When I was pregnant, I loved to go to the beach and lay there and let the wind blow on me. It seriously is the best feeling as clothes can sometimes make you feel like you want to jump out of your skin when you are that pregnant.

Stephanie on

I have no idea why people are so hateful towards pregnant bodies. Nothing wrong with it, and nothing wrong with nudity. She looks great, healthy, and happy.

Sandy on

that’s nice and all but must she share it with the world???

Sandy on

FYI- they DO make pregnacy bathing suits!!! I had one that I lived in the last weeks of my pregnancy in JUNE (Florida!) It totally covered by bump and was really cute! Although it’s was a purple/blueish color and my husband called me his little blueberry! lol

Lj on

So the big deal with baring her belly is?? It would only be okay if she wasn’t pregnant? That makes absolutely no sense. I think a pregnant woman is one of the most beautiful things in the world and I think she looks great. The only reason I would say that she should cover up a bit more is to protect the unborn baby, as I’m sure that much sun can’t be too good for him / her. I think she’ll have a girl!

Jen on

Roswell was my all time fav. show! Good for her. I wish her all the happiness

keilanisma on

i’m 7 months pregnant and my belly is quite big already. I live in hawaii and wear bikinis often. I flaunt it and am proud of it!!!

gaelle on

WOW, I love Shiri !

I hope my mom is right, about she is having a baby girl.

Mellissa on

Funny. It’s perfectly acceptable for a woman to wear a bikini while not pregnant, but the moment she is it’s gross, unattractive, and “too much skin.”

h on

she looks adorable! i’m 6 months pregnant and cannot imagine wearing anything BUT a bikini to the beach. i don’t think i can deal w/ a 1-piece or tankini and all that extra fabric when i’m already hot, itchy and getting bigger by the week. bikinis are just more comfortable!

Lena on

Yeesh, cover up a little bit woman! That bottom looks like it is barely hanging on.

nicole on

Ugh, seriously, wear a cover up. Totally inappropriate to wear a suit that small while pregnant.

trixie on

Anyone else think she looks like Shannen Doherty in 1993? Guess that look is coming back….

Stella Bella on

“I can just imagine the women making these “cover up” comments sitting behind their computers in their XXXL sweats. She looks beautiful.”


Kristin on

I’m completely confused about what makes a pregnant body gross or more in need of being covered than a body that is not pregnant. That is such a bad message to send to women. Pregnant bodies are beautiful and pregnant women are just as free to make decisions about what they put on their bodies as any one else. If she feels good (which it looks like she does) then more power to her. Not to mention she looks great. There are better things to be concerned about.

Angel on

Omg, I’m jealous! I’m 9 months pregnant and I wish my body looked like that. I have stretch marks all over my lower back.

Anonymous on

It looks like she needs a bigger bikini!

crazy4dara on

That is one huge baby bump. Still pretty though.

suzy diamond on

UGH! WAAYYY TOOOO much information and VISUAL!!!!

Anonymous on

Katie- Very good point! One pieces are a pain in the a&* when nature calls (particularly when they’re wet!)! The relative ease of a bikini in that regard probably IS a big part of the reason so many pregnant women choose them. 🙂

Anonymous on

Lj- The baby will be fine. The womb is buried under several layers of fat and muscle, so very little sunlight penetrates into it (in fact, from what I’ve read, even that is just a guess at this point. Scientists still aren’t completely sure if sunlight can penetrate into the womb at all!).

Ayla on

Once again, the cliché of women being the worst enemy of other women becomes true. Insulting a woman’s body because she’s is pregnant is one of the lowest things you can do. I hope you are all rotten inside and never get to have biological children.

Sarah on

She needs a tan!

Erin on

Really don’t like this double standard that some people have that it’s okay to wear a bikini if you’re not pregnant, but if you are pregnant you better cover up! Uh, this is not the Regency era where women went into “confinement” from the time they started showing until they’d delivered. Get over it! No one’s saying you have to wear one.

N on

So, I hope all of you commenting on her “showing too much skin” would say the same if she weren’t pregnant? It’s the bathing suit? Not the fact that she’s pregnant? I hope it’s not because she’s pregnant because that’s the oddest thing I’ve ever heard. Cover “that” up? Why?! I think she looks gorgeous! Perfect.

Sarah on

Congrats to her. Never heard of her, but I wish her well.

Sam on

Woah, I didn’t know she was that pregnant. That baby is coming soon.

Indira on

I’m a big girl, I know nobody wants to see me in a bikini. Pregnancy isn’t gross, but you have a huge swollen stomach area. I don’t want to see a fat girl in a bikini for the same reason. It’s not flattering. Wearing a bathing suit that flatters your shape don’t pretend like your shape hasn’t changed. Accomodate it. Also, I reject the notion that wanting to cover up is a 50’s concept. Some of us are progressive and appreciate modesty at the same time.

It just looks jarring to me.

jenny on

Most women who aren’t pregnant cannot even pull off a bikini themselves.It is only sexy when you have a tight and fit body. Bikinis are meant to flaunt a sexy fit body so I can see why some people think it is strange that a pregnant mother – to- be is wearing one – but I can also see why this girl in particular can look good in one while pregnant because her body is tight and fit.