Hot Mama! Holly Madison’s 4 Best Red Carpet Maternity Looks

03/01/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Her pre-pregnancy modeling days were filled with itty bitty bikinis and barely-there ensembles. But even though she’s now sporting a bump, Holly Madison is still bringing the sexy.

In between taking a babymoon and decorating her nursery, the mom-to-be — who’s expecting a baby girl — has graced the red carpet in everything from beautiful patterned maxis to sleek LBDs.

Holly Madison Maternity Style
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And while the former Girls Next Door star chose Roberto Cavalli‘s stretchy maxis (a blue-hued number Dec. 19 and a playful pink capped sleeve dress Jan. 16) early in her pregnancy — lately, Madison has been heating things up with a new favorite.

On Jan. 26, the expectant mama glowed in Cache‘s Lace Shoulder Dress ($168) and black peep-toe pumps, before stepping out Feb. 22 in a red hot version of the very same dress paired with strappy platform sandals.

TELL US: What do you think of Holly Madison’s maternity style?

— Anya Leon

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AmandaC on

She does look beautiful! To bad she picked the baby daddy she did though ;(

lilla on

She looks splendid!Like a sun shine!

Sara on

She’s absolutely gorgeous. Love her! So glad she is finally getting the family she wanted that Hef wouldn’t give her. Hoping all the best for her.

Vanessa on

Gorgeous. She look so much better now than when she did when in the PB mansion….but how can she walk in those heels with the red dress?!

lovely123 on

She isn’t even married.

Sarah-Jenna on


Nick on

And…she should get married since she’s having a baby in seems to be committed it’s only right. There are plenty of people who still think that is right way to go. I know do, even still congrats to her.

hollyfenwick on

She looks fantastic. Especially loving her in the blue.

Lovely123: and? Being married does not equal a happy life for mother or baby? Get a life! And yes I am happily married and had first baby 4 years after getting married. Why don’t you just worry about you & leave her alone?

victoria on

Pregnancy really agrees with Holly. She looks beautiful!

Missy on

She looks amazing!!!! What a beautiful mom-to-be!

Liz Stewart on

Take notes Kim K you can looks amazing in clothes that are not three sizes too small.

Jessica on

LMAO that is so spot on! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

lafawnduh on

ditto! holly looks beautiful. KK makes every outfit look trashy

SLS on

She looks so great! Whoever said she isnt married…well it is what it is! I just despise the term “baby bump” its stupid and ridiculous, almost as dumb as people taking the first initial of a star’s name and the first 2 or 3 letters of their last name to refer to them (JLaw, JLo, LiLo) STOP IT! So stupid….these people have real names, use them, and please say pregnant, or pregnancy…its what it is.

Sara on

Please get over yourself SLS. We have freedom of speech in America and we have every right to use it.

Karen on

She does look beautiful! But would have to say with experience of 3 pregnancies, her back has to be killing her in those heels.. all for appearances. I wore flats and OMG it killed, moved to 2 inches, worse. And most pregnant moms will agree, shoes over 2 inches.. = pain!

Anonymous on

Her look is so much better since she has let her hair darken. Everything about her is softer and prettier.

Cdyana on

If being pregnant is the only time she looks like a lady and not a tramp…then she should stay that way.

Cdyana on

Sorry but I gotta snicker at Sara’s comment….’the family she wanted that Hef wouldn’t give her’…he’s damn near 100 years old.

Jana on

She looks gorgeous! Kim K needs to take a page from Holly’s book of style. And I agree with SLS, the term baby bump is ridiculous.

lisad on

She looks so much prettier without that fake platinum blond, overly dyed hair. I like the natural blond much better. She actually looks classier pregnant with her sophisticated dresses than when she’d wear those terrible almost slutty outfits with Hef who was 20 times her age, yuck.

rosefyreflannery on

She will most assuredly be a very fun mom. She always appeared to be ready to create an enjoyable adventure when she was on GND, and made it clear that motherhood was a life goal. And as far as the misplaced comment of lovely123, how outdated and negative you seem, in a very progressive world. Thousands of single women, and men, are choosing to raise children alone. We are well into the new millenium, lovely 123, catch.up!

Sue on

She looks lovely as always.

Sarah on

She looks beautiful and healthy, I love her style and can only dream to look that great when I’m pregnant!

808Momof3 on

It’s not often you can say Holly looks better than anyone, but she’s looking WAY better than Kim. . .

MayFlower on

I love how her hair has been a darker blonde during her pregnancy. So pretty on her.

Anonymous on

i can’t believe she’s finally pregnant 🙂
thats all she ever wanted, to be a mom

Guest on

I think she has looked great throughout her pregnancy. I love when expectant mothers embraced their new curves and still take the time to dress up and look beautiful even though they may not be feeling their best. Kudos Holly!

Anonymous on

Let’s just hope she can teach her daughter to keep her clothes on for money!

Me on

She could give Kim Kardashian some tips. She looks much more stylish than Kim!

aNNA on

Love her and love that she asked for donations for needy mothers, in lieu of gifts for herself at her shower. Take a note Kim K. She is such a sweet person.

dudley doright on

shes going to be a mom, she needs to get rid of the hooker heels (red dress photo)

Mac on

Love her!! so happy for her although I dont know her from what I can tell shes a great person and great things happen to great people.

WiddoMouse on

She looks like a beautiful LADY. She certainly does not need my approval on how she dresses, but since this comment section is available, I’m giving it. I would be poud to call her my daughter or my daughter-in-law.

Jennifer on

She is a beautiful mom -to -be.

emily on

Proud to call her your daughter? You would be proud of a daughter who was almost married to a pervert who was also sleeping with others women at the same time?? I am so glad I am not your daughter lol. Holly is just gross. That poor child is doomed.

Amber on

Kim kardashian could learn a lesson or two from her…her maternity style is terrible.