Alec Baldwin Is Busy Fulfilling Hilaria’s Fruit Requests

03/01/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Alec Baldwin Hilaria Baldwin Pregnancy Cravings
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Fatherhood is nothing new to Alec Baldwin. But daddy duty later in life? Now that’s a whole new playing field.

The actor, already dad to daughter Ireland, 17, and his wife Hilaria Thomas Baldwin are set to welcome their first child together in late summer — and Baldwin is busy taking in the experience.

“Being around a woman when she’s pregnant and I’m older now — quite a bit older, actually — it’s just really … it’s amazing,” he joked with David Letterman Monday.

“Like my wife, the pregnant woman, the hormonally-charged woman if you will – uh, it’s thrilling. It’s a thrilling thing to observe.”

But the Orphans star, 54, isn’t just sitting back and taking it all in; The future father-of-two is doing his part to keep his yoga instructor wife relaxed, happy — and full!

“She’s been super fit her whole life and nutritionally very conscious. I’ll say to her, ‘You want to eat smart and keep up your nutritional values, but you gotta eat, you’re having a baby,'” he explains. “I’ll go, ‘Do you want me to go get you some pineapple?’ And she’ll be like, ‘I don’t know.'”

While Thomas Baldwin may be unsure of what she’s actually craving, Baldwin has been known to take matters into his own hands, heading out to the store to stock up on her favorite foods. And, as it turns out, his gut instinct that his pregnant wife could go for some fruit is typically proven true.

“There’s a container of pineapple that will probably serve four people. I put it on the counter [and] I go, ‘If you want some pineapple, here it is,'” he recalls of a recent episode.

“I go to the other room, I plug my phone in to charge it [and] sure enough I walk back — three quarters of the pineapple is gone and she’s like, ‘I was very hungry.'”

However, Thomas Baldwin is much more vocal when it comes to her constant bathroom breaks — or lack thereof. “My wife will be announcing, ‘I have to pee every five minutes, I can’t believe it!’ Then I’m like, ‘Well, we have four bathrooms in the apartment, so you’re covered. We got a bathroom in every quadrant of the house at the ready, clean and freshly papered and everything good to go,'” Baldwin jokes.

“And then the next day she’s like, ‘I don’t have to pee at all today. Something’s wrong!’ I’m getting whiplash here: pee, no pee…”

— Anya Leon

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Sarah S. on

TMI, Alec…

Kat1129 on

maybe he’ll talk better to this child than he did his first one. He’s a pig!

E on

She really does need to eat more than fruit though… We all aspire to stay healthy during pregnancy but it is not the time to deny some extra healthy calories.

anna on

Agreed. Hopefully she doesn’t deny her baby real food. Go on the celery stick diet after you give birth not while your pregnant. Hope she is eating more than just fruit and veggies.

Christina M. on

Wonder how long it’ll take him to turn his back on this wife and child?!?!

Anonymous on

lol how funny… i love him and what a good husband good father.. i feel for him everything in public you can’t just have a freakin bad day without being sued being taunted harressed i feel for him good job Alec doing ur thing

Tara on

Remember when women could just enjoy their pregnancies, without worrying if she eats something how it’s going to effect your body.

Cass on

Wow when you say before they had to worry about “effecting” their bodies you mean before they realized they were affecting their unborn child?

I assume you are referring to the good OL days when women could smoke and drink while pregnant.

Seriously?! Eat healthy, not like a pig

Anna on

She knows he married her for youth and looks so she is afraid to eat anything besides fruit..heaven forbid she should gain a pound or two…

Amy on


jen on

amazing journalism.

rubblebubblecake on

WAAAAY, TMI! I’m surprised he didn’t let everyone know when she takes her daily dump!!

Sophia on

Dear Men,
Go to a therapist when you suffer from mid-age crisis. Not to the alter to marry someone your daughter’s age. And no, “love has no age,” isn’t correct because sex DOES have an age and romantic relationship involves sex. Thanks.

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

I came here specifically to ask that you please stop giving press to abusive men and normalizing adult temper tantrums and abuse. Can we please stop treating abusive relationships and abusive people like they’re normal or, even worse, glamorous?

Bee on

Thank you! Enough Baldwin and Chris Brown!

Lilly on

I agree! He sounds like a controlling jerk in this article. She sounds very scared to gain any pregnancy weight, and he is calling attention to the amount of fruit she eats? I really feel sorry for her. Yes, you are supposed to be healthy during pregnancy, but worrying about eating fruit is obsessive. He’s a control freak and doesn’t want her to lose her figure.

Willy T on

Yawn!!!!! Baldwin is so boring he will make a $2000 suit look like it came from the Dollar Store.

WiddoMouse on

Hilaria Baldwin has a craving. Alert the media. Oh, you already did.

ldg on

yikes. not the first time Mr Baldwin has made free and easy with his new wife’s behavior in the.. privacy of their home- uh, privacy? not!

hopefully, she is ok with being made into light, late-night comedy riffs– (I sure wouldn’t be!)

Carmen on

The cravings come in the last months so better get ready grand-pa!!!

morrydame on

She looks like Marie Osmaond


People need to back off. @E, I’m sure that she is eating more than JUST fruit. @Kat1129, you only know the one side of the story…unless you have insider information. Do not judge. If his daughter is okay with the situation clearly there is more to the story than what we heard through the press.

To the Baldwin family, congratulations in advance for the newest addition to your family. I wish you the best!

Ann on

Abby, the new addition to the family, based on the genes it looks like it will get from both sides, is going to look like a monkey, at best. Will this one be an in vitro too?

KW on

Wow, he looks a lot better than he use to! Keep it up Alec!

lemur on

egomaniacs do not care if it is negative or positive attention, all comments, all articles feed their need for the limelight.

Ann on

Lemur, you just hit the nail on the head. You’re right — as long as it’s attention, it’s what they want.

jj on

*He* looks healthier, so she must be good for him… But, what is it with older men going for the uneducated, shop girl types? Yoga is great, but, seriously? I guess he needed someone at level of intellect to feel like he’s superior and his ego is being fed, like she looks up to him. Great role model for his teen daughter.

b on

Didnt he promise to leave the country if Bush was elected?Why is he still even here

Ann on

I’m glad someone just said that, jj. I got fed up with him when I saw the younger girlfriend he’d just met and already had introduced to his daughter back in 2002 — my first impression of her was “MTV kid” and it was obvious what she was all about. He’s oblivious to anything except what he wants at the moment. You’re right, too, jj, that the guys you mentioned want someone to whom to feel intellectually superior. But in this case, I think it’s a pretty even match. He’s not as smart as he thinks he or some other people think he is, he seems to think she’s smarter than he is, and they’re both idiot morons.

stef on

Poor Hilaria…too scared to eat anything for fear that the evil Alec will call her a ‘thoughtless pig’ just like he said to his daughter. Be safe, Hilaria!!!! Your man is toxic.

anna on

Wow she totally went all out and ate 3/4 a container of pineapple….eye roll. Please.

Carmel on

Yes we know you’re PERFECT Hilaria, only crave fruit during your pregnancy, yes you’re amazing can you go away now please

Danielle on

Hilaria doesn’t know where she is getting into……a man who fights with every body, even his innocent child……calling her some ugly names…….he is a man I won’t trust….so my dear, be strong and save some money……you will need it when you get tired of him.

GiveMeABreak on

My mom was right – I rolled my eyes so hard after reading this that my face froze this way. . . . .

Pamela on

Shes a gold digging woman. She’s set now. Got pregnant, right after being married. She’s 28 and he’s 54. He’s got lots of money and fame. DUHHHH!!! I give these two babbling idiots no more than 5 years….

Charli on

I’m sure this was better as a tv interview but it doesn’t warrant a written article as a follow-up. Why don’t writers actually find something to write about instead of transcribing other people’s interviews?

sandy on

That is pretty hysterical, actually, but primarily because he seems so out of the loop of female human beings: This guy clearly had no sisters growing up; it feels as if any move that is controlled by moods or hormones is very close to being ridiculed by him. I hope he works on eliminating his barely hidden sarcasm and irritation about people not doing things the way that he would. Although he may be a multifaceted, potentially true and loving man, he seems tilted in the direction of letting snarkiness and belittlement get the better of him.

Jia on

I wonder if he’ll treat this kid any better than his first one.

Sandy on

Make sure to eat protein!!! fruit is not enough and I hope she’s not worried about gaining the weight needed for a healthy pregnancy! He on the other hand sound like a doting husband- so lucky her!!

tootsy on

Alec’s having a ball–he’s gorgeous & hot…his new wife is gorgeous & hot, he’s being interviewed! for Christ’s sake on Letterman! Comedy late night- Alec shared a very funny real life story most people can relate too…back off of him! Yes we heard some lousy comments he made years ago-Hello? People improve their lives with those they drop and those they love- Renewal people. Try it! It’s never too late to love those new people you bring into your life! And become a healthier version of yourself-WE ARE ALL SINFUL!!

Bonnie on

Geez if I recorded everything my father said to me and released it to the media (not that anyone would give a crap) I would have been picked up by DHS. Now as a foster Carer I see the worst kInds of abuse. Lucky kid to be born with 2 financially stable caring parents.

Ohanna on

While his comments release a bit to much information..he is showing he cares. AND he did do the same with Kim. He got hateful during the divorce and aftermath. Who doesn’t? And his daughter forgave him his namecalling. So maybe you negative nellys should grow up and do the same..

MommytoanE on

If these comments had come from a woman, there wouldn’t be any “Oh that’s TMI” Crap on here. HE’s being honest. Pregnant women pee. He’s not talking about when she takes a #2 break, he’s talking about her frequent urination. Unfortunately, I remember those pee every 2 second days. It drove my husband crazy as well, and you can sure bet he joked about it.

So for those of you getting your panties in a twist here. Keep in mind, this guy is TRYING, and he’s going through the opposite spectrum of pregnancy and he deserves to be able to talk about it. Again, if these had come from a woman there wouldn’t be any complaints. At leat he’s not talking about HIS potty breaks.

Joanna Young on

She is carrying Rosemary’s Baby and the kid will be just as crazy as Alex. The marriage won’t last 5 years.