Connie Britton: ‘Being a Single Mom Is Challenging’

02/28/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

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Channeling her Nashville character’s reign over the country scene was not a far stretch for Connie Britton.

Since her biggest break in Friday Night Lights, the actress, 45, has been shining in her own spotlight, from scoring major onscreen roles to welcoming a new baby — son Yoby — from Ethiopia.

And now, between her hit show and her 2-year-old, Britton is busier — and happier! — than ever.

“The schedule is insane to the point where I lose a lot of sleep at night worrying about how little time I have to sleep and mostly what little time I have to be with my son,” she says in MORE‘s March issue.

But Britton logging long hours at work doesn’t seem to bother baby boy in the least. “The flip side of that is, he’s doing great. He comes to the set every day,” she says. “As working moms go, at least I have that luxury.”

After the death of her father, Britton put the dream of a husband aside and began to pursue adoption. While idea of raising a baby on her own was daunting, the actress wasn’t willing to call it quits on motherhood.

Being a single mom is challenging, but never in a million years would that have stopped me. You get an idea in your head and you’re going to do it,” she says.

“People can tell you how hard marriage is or how hard it is to birth a baby, but we do these things. We want the journey of that.”

And her determination has paid off in a big way — Britton is completely smitten with her “incredibly openhearted” son.

“One of my favorite qualities is that he has an enormous curiosity about everything, but he’s not stupid about it,” she explains. “He wants to open and close doors, but he immediately learned that he’d better watch where his fingers are.”

With her professional and personal lives having recently reached all new highs, the new mom says her happiness has been a long time coming.

“My whole life has been building to all the good stuff that has happened to me in the last few years,” Britton muses. “I think — and this is ironic when I’m working harder and have more responsibility than ever before — that I now know the importance of grace and sitting back.”

She continues: “I have a deeper understanding of how most people are just trying to do the best they can.”

Connie Britton Nashville MORE
Peggy Sirota for MORE

— Anya Leon

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Mamsmom on

This is one classy lady. I have always loved see her in Friday Night Lights…now Nashville. She is not only beautiful on the outside but clearly on the inside as well…

pep on

Oh really what did she think it would be like ? I was 17yrs old , and no dad for my daughter .. I was blessed to have a good family who helped me .. My daughter who turned 29yrs old today !! Came out wonderful .Even though we had very little physical stuff we had tons of love …. This lady has money , nannies , and really does not have to struggle as I did .. She needs to button the pie hole .. if she got this child as an accessory she did for all the wrong reasons ..

kristin on

wow pep your very bitter and mean. Not all celebrities use nannies. Connie seems to love her child, she is just venting.

Anonymous on

Maybe you shouldn’t have gotten knocked up at 17 then, pep. Are we supposed to feel sorry for you because you didn’t know how to use a condom?

Steph123 on

If you had a child at 17, that was a choice. Even teenagers know how to prevent pregnancy these days. It’s hard work as you know. But it was a choice. Don’t diss others based on your life. It’s just an article.

Raya on

I’m a single mother and I don’t feel like you do, pep. Maybe take your situation out of the equation. not everybody has babies at 17. Some have good and bad experiences with being a single mother.

Torgster on

Sarah and Pep, crawl back under your rocks. Nuff said.

Nicole on

Yeah, teen pregnancy is just great. Teen girls need to stop focusing so much on their careers and education and develop active sex lives involving broke losers. Why actually work for a decent life when the tax payers and grandparents can foot the bill? It’s not like children of independent adults fair better in life… oh wait.

Anonymous on

pep- You don’t know that she has nannies. Obviously she has help with her baby, but that could be in the form of a family member or friend for all we know. And even if she DOES have nannies, how is that any different than “regular” parents who work and use daycare or have grandma, grandpa, or another family member watch the kids?!

Really, I don’t get the hatred towards nannies (unless, of course, they’re actually basically raising the children for the parents, but there’s no evidence that’s the case with Connie)!

Sarah- She might very well want to stay home with him instead of working, but when you’re a single mother that isn’t really an option.

JoAnn on

Think of the single moms who don’t have all her money and are struggling to raise a child or children. I have been there and I never remember anyone interviewing me.

Jane on

Big break in Friday night lights??????? Do people realize she got a big break in Spin City first, and she’s been in a variety of things LONG before Friday Night Lights.

gigielizabeth on

surprised she’s single! she had them all wanting her on nashville lol congratulations on adoption..i bet she’s a great mother!

LM on

I think the title of this article makes it sound like Connie is complaining but she really isn’t. Yes, it’s difficult to be a mother (single or otherwise), but she also says she feels very blessed.

I’m a single mother too and like Connie, very lucky. I have the means to support my child and he has a lot of love from our whole family. Although I wouldn’t call single parenthood the ideal, there are some wonderful things that go along with it. My son and I have a very strong bond and are as close as any child and mother could be. I wouldn’t give that up for the world!

I’m not overly familiar with Connie, but starting to like her more and more with each article I read.

Tracey on

Oh give me a fcking break. I like her but get real. You have plenty of money and help. Don’t act like simply having a man around things would be easier. I am single Mom. It is much easier than when I was married to her father and I make chump change. 😉

LM on

Nicole – this isn’t an article on teen pregnancy. This is a successful woman who is raising a baby by herself. She probably has more money than you do so quick complaining about your tax money.

6453 on

Love Nashville and she is such a great actress because I “can’t stand her”!! Ha! Blessings to her and her baby, she is doing such a great job!

Friend on

That pic of her on the couch looks pretty ridiculous, lol.

Denise S. on

I’m sure being a single mom can be challenging, less so when you have money. I hate when celebrities go on and on about how “difficult” it is to raise a child by themselves. Try it on a minimum wage job and then tell us how difficult it is.

Charli Mabriel on

You would never hear a man have this debate – do I spend enough time with my kids, should I stay @ home? Lord, why are we women so hard on ourselves & each other?! Life is short, didn’t your parents teach you to be quiet if you have nothing nice to say?

Anonymous on

I am sure it is such a challenge with lots of money to support her career and have help all over the place. She has multiple sets of hands helping her. She is not a single mom. That would be one set of hands. Give me a break. She could not handle being a true single mom. Give it a rest and shut up. That would be appreciated by the real single mom’s out there, Connie.

Michelle on

No, being a broke single mom is challenging!

ALM on

Sheesh, Pep, bitter much?

We all have different paths in life, and nobody’s path is better or more noble than anyone else’s. You made your choices, Britton made hers. Jealous judgement is not pretty.

Anonymous on

I read these comments on these articles on this website all the time – and it amazes me how many are negative. Why are y ou reading an article and then commenting negatively? Just don’t read the article! If we could all just try to send POSITIVE thoughts into this world, it could, just maybe, be a better place!

Bob Stuffings on

The woman in the cover photo looks great, but it doesn’t look like Connie Britton. What is the point? At least on TV they don’t try to pretend she looks 22.

miss ally on

Connie was AMAZING in American Horror Story!!!!!

Lolly on

OH, I love this actress in Nashville. She’s so cool, gorgeous, great actress and singer, did I say cool? I love Nashville too – storyline is fast-paced and full of emotional issues to deal with. Keep it up and thank you Connie!

Anonymous on

Love her!!

MomSF on

Wow, quite a few bitter ladies here today. Connie comes across as sincere & grateful nothing more, yet a few seem to want to smash her good fortune. So she didn’t have a baby in her teens but pursued her education and career. Yeah she has the financial stability and resources to offer a very comfortable life to her child as a single parent but guess what she earned every cent of it & deserves to have the reward of loving and raising her son just like the rest of us. Parenting is a full time and challenging job regardless of your status in life.

Kathy on

I must have read a totally different article than y’all. I didn’t take anything she said as woe as me, I need a man, whatever. She made a positive choice for her life and she was asked about it and told the truth. She acknowledges the hard work it is for everyone!

I actually appreciate and like her statement that she said she has “a deeper understanding of how most people are just trying to do the best they can”.. I actually thought to myself that I should learn to be like that. I sure don’t think that can be said for most of the posters on here. Everyone just seems to be so judgmental. Wish I knew why.

Anonymous on

When did it become the rule that everyone born in the world must have the exact same experiences and opportunities? Over and over, I read that people are angry because Connie Britton has some opportunities they didn’t have and therefore she should shut her mouth. Really? People seriously need to get over themselves. The world is full of differences; it is what makes life interesting. Stop grousing so much about what you don’t or didn’t have. If you don’t want to read about other people, put down the magazine and/or step away from the computer. But stop yer griping just because someone else got to do something/have something you did not. It’s childish and it’s ridiculous.

Anonymous on

I’m so tired of hearing these celebrities saying how hard it is to be a single parent. I was a single mom at 16, no family around to help me, little to no money, working part time jobs when I could, I managed all on my own and now my daughter is 20. Today we still struggle for money to pay our bills and buy groceries but we have each other.

Melanie on

^ Not to be rude, but that’s your own fault. I was having sex at 16 too but was on birth control and used condoms. I didn’t have a baby until I wanted to, at 32.

Really don’t get what the issue people are having with this article is.

veggiemama on

Hey, whether you’re rich or poor, we all have struggles. We all have highs and lows. She’s a lovely actress who adopted a child who needed a home.

Come on. Give her a break. Just because you were 17 and without a father for your child, had hard breaks, maybe that is what you needed. And she is successful and maybe that’s what she needed.

Envy and bitterness never helps. Try being happy for another person and stop carrying your past like a burden. You learned from it. Let it go. Be happy for others!

La La La on

You gals who are b*tchin’ and moanin’ because you had it so much harder than Connie Britton does, need to read the article again.

If anything, Connie is saying, “If it’s this tough for ME to be a single mom, imagine how much tougher it is for those who can’t afford nannies.”

You all need to stop whining about how hard your life is/was. You also need to acknowedge that your life choices played a huge role in your hardships.

Quynh Phuong Tran on

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww and poor Connie Britton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole on


I was responding to pep and others who are bitter towards a woman who didn’t become a parent until she was ready. My point was that just because someone is irresponsible enough to have a baby as a teenager(and too selfish to place the child for adoption so they wouldn’t have to struggle) hardly makes them superior to mature mothers.

kim on

hey connie, if you think being a single mom is challenging, try doing it in the ”real world” like the rest of us single moms, without all the perks, money, and everything else that comes with being a celbrity…

C on

Anyone peek at her weird looking chest?

Anonymous on

Anonymous (the one who said that pep and the other teen moms should have used birth control), Steph123, et. al.- How on Earth did you know that pep and the other teen moms that commented here didn’t use birth control?

I hate to break it to you, but NO birth control except abstience is 100 percent. Why does everyone think birth control is infalliable? I just don’t understand it!

Anonymous on

I also meant to say that Melanie, you didn’t have a baby as a teenager because you were lucky enough not to have your birth control fail, plain and simple!

Anonymous on

One more thing. I know most birth control methods fail approxamitely one percent of the time if used correctly, which means that the odds of concieving while on it are extremely low. But logically, in order for there to be a one percent failure rate, some people have to be part of that one percent, don’t they?

Melanie on

Anonymous/CelebBabyLover – no. The point I was making is that I used TWO forms of birth control. There’s no luck involved. If you decide you are mature enough to have sex, you need to make damn sure you’re mature enough to research, obtain protection (multiple kinds, if needed!) and learn how to use it correctly to ENSURE that you don’t end up pregnant before you want to be.

yikes on

let me call the whambulance – you chose it and so many others dont.

fnlfan on

WOW. Are you people serious? Maybe you don’t know how to read. NOWHERE in this article does she say she has it so hard or worse than anyone else. Sure raising a kid as a poor single mom is hard. At least your kid was healthy. I’m sure someone with a sick child would tell YOU that you have no idea what it’s like to really struggle. Everyone has it worse than someone else. That doesn’t mean your experiences or challenges have ANY less value.
Connie worked hard for her success and deserves everything she has. That doesn’t mean everything in her life is perfect.

La on

I LOVE her so much! Friday Night Lights was one of our faves and I am loving her in Nashville as well. Beautiful inside and out!!

darsey hughes on

i have known connie since her days in high school with my older sister. i always thought she had a lot of class. i love her on nashville. i know all of her old classmates from high school in lynchburg,Virginia are very proud of her success in hollywood.

JR Jake on

Anyone that looks that good and even moreso relaxed; I have to question why they are even single to begin with. Connie is awful cute, and being a single anything is tough; with or without child,

WOW on

@four is my favorite # – that is completely insulting! I am a single fatherand all I do is worrry about the amount of time I spend with my son and if I’m doing it right or not. He is my sole priority and for you to assume that only mothers care about their children is downright ignorant

Julie on

Valiant. But I have a hard time hearing someone call that challenging in comparison to what I have, willingly, taken on, but endured and not publicized. It sounds miniscule. I have an extraordinary situation I wouldn’t wish on anyone, but needs to be known, is sustainable.

Anonymous on

fnlfan- Exactly! I have never understand why so many people seem to think that having a lot of money magically makes your life perfect!

Amber on

Stop being so jealous! At least she had the decency to adopt a child and not have an out-of-wedlock child as a single person. Contests to her! Oh, and if you’re bitter about how your life turned out, start from today to make a change. We all have made mistakes.

L on

She knew what she was getting into when she chose adoption. She knew she was single and that meant adopting and being a single mom to a child was going to be hard (common sense). She chose this; other single moms who give birth dont have that luxury of CHOOSING to be a single parent whereas connie britton did. So, i think she knew what was going to transpire because other “normal” single parents dont have anything and she has everything there for her.

Anonymous on

L- Knowing it’s going to be hard and actually experiencing it ar two different things, though. For example, anyone with half a brain knows that battling cancer is hard. But unless you’ve actually done it yourself, you can’t possibly know just HOW hard the experience truly is.

Toro on

The bitter biddies strike again. Apparently, if you haven’t struggled financially as a mother, you are not allowed to speak of your experience.

Zoo Movies on