Josh Duhamel Has ‘Full Conversations’ with His Unborn Child

02/28/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Josh Duhamel Talks to Unborn Child

Daddy-to-be Josh Duhamel is so excited about welcoming his first child that he’s begun to bond with wife Fergie‘s belly.

“I’ve had full conversations with the baby already,” Duhamel jokes to PEOPLE at Tuesday’s Nickelodeon upfront presentation in New York. “I’m trying my best to communicate from beyond the womb. Whether it can hear me, I don’t know, but I’m talking to it a lot.”

In addition to enjoying his chats with Fergie’s baby bump, the Safe Haven star, 40, admits he loves the Black Eyed Peas singer’s pregnancy glow.

“She looks so beautiful,” he says. “I look at her now as not only as my beautiful wife, but also as the woman carrying our child. That takes our relationship to a whole new level.”

As for dealing with the sleepless nights, diaper duty and constant feedings, the actor claims he’s up for the challenge.

“I actually look forward to that stuff that people warn you about,” he says. “I don’t mind waking up and dealing with the middle of the night stuff. I wake up early anyway. So I’m definitely ready for it. More so than I’ve ever been.”

There is one task Duhamel really wants to be ready for: “I hope to be a great dad.”

“I have a lot more life experience than I had at 24. I feel like I’m a little more patient and more wise than I was before,” he explains. “It’s easier said than done, but I’m just looking to raise a good person.”

He adds, “When we saw the ultrasound, that thing was moving around a lot. So I think we are going to have our hands full.”

In the meantime, Duhamel will be busy preparing to host Nickelodeon’s 26th annual Kids’ Choice Awards, airing March 23 at 8 p.m..

“It’s truly bonkers what this show is going to be,” he says. “I’m trying to do things as a host that people would never expect me to do. So if people didn’t take me seriously before, they definitely won’t take me seriously now.”

— Paul Chi

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Monique on

I’m certain he is being completely sincere and earnest in his enthusiasm to get up in the middle of the night. But, he has no earthly idea what he’s going to be up against and the utter exhaustion that a newborn brings to your life.

I wish them the best. I’m sure they will be good parents – and exhausted ones like the rest of us.

Lil on

Pretty boy will be changing that comment within the first week…

erica on

They all move around a lot in those early ultrasounds. lol. Doesn’t mean a thing.

Heather on

“Hey little fella, it’s Daddy. Just want to give you one of the best pieces of advice you’ll ever get in your life…NEVER be stupid enough to get caught cheating through texting. We’ll talk about that more in a couple of months. You get some rest and think on that awhile. Goodnight little guy.”

Jessica on

Wow how about something nice to say?

When my daughter was born.. I was so in love with her that I looked forward to waking up all night. I was tired but it was every bit worth it and I never complained once. I don’t plan on looking at it any differently with my new little one on the way!

Everything he said was so sweet of him and he seems to be genuinely excited for his little one 🙂 Congrats to them!

Nicole on

Those words will come back to haunt him when he’s a zombie who hasn’t slept in a week. But it’s cute that he’s so enthusiastic about it.

Tara Patenaude on

That’s not necessarily true. My son was the BEST baby. He’d wake up to feed once or twice a night, and rarely cried when he needed his diaper changed. Hopefully he will be just as lucky.

Mila on

Awww how precious..the sleepless nights is all well worth it when u have your little bundle of joy right there.. I’m sure u both will be great parents. Good luck and enjoy the baby when he or she makes their grand apperance.!

Ellen on

When my daughter was an infant, I looked at getting up as time to marvel at how wonderful she was. I didn’t resent getting up. I wanted to savor all the moments. Like most things in life, it’s all about attitude.

I wish Fergie and Josh all the best. He sounds like he will be a great dad.

American Mom on

I find it sad that he calls his unborn baby “it” and “that thing”. It’s a baby! It’s a person! It’s your child! If “it” weren’t, you wouldn’t likely be talking to “that thing”, now would you?

Kat on

I hope they give their kid a normal name, not Jferg, Jerg Fergo or some doofus name.

onya on

maybe he should concentrate on talking to agents so he can have a better acting career to actually support this kid!

Jessica on

American Mom, I am pretty sure he is referring to his baby to remain ambiguous about “its” gender. Don’t be so literal.

American Mom on

Jessica, I see your point about being unsure of gender but I still find it sad when people do that. And he called the baby “that thing”! That wasn’t to be ambiguous about gender. Those kind of remarks dehumanize the unborn, and that is precisely why I don’t like them. There’s a line I love from the children’s book Horton Hears a Who- “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” And it’s true.

davidarchuletafan on

Josh and Fergie are going to be amazing parents I can tell already based on his comments, and based on how he interacted with his “kids” in Safe Haven. (I highly recommend it) It is sweet to see he has so much love for this little one already.

I wish that he hadn’t gone through so much about the love he has for the child and then said “that thing” was moving a lot in the ultrasound. He needs to make the connection that the “thing” he saw moving was his BABY the same baby that he loves and speaks to daily. The noises are that babies heartbeat, the movement is the baby swimming.

It’s clear that he has a deep love for the unborn children, and I wish that his statements had made more obvious the connection between the baby inside of a woman and the baby on the ultra sound projection. Everyone needs to see the miracle that the unborn baby is, just as Josh does.

American Mom on

Thank you! So very wonderfully stated david.

arijana on

i think he’ll make a good dad but it’s odd he keeps calling the baby “it”

mary on

Have you seen the movie ‘Christmas in Connecticut’? “it” needs a bath? “it” needs to eat? Lol lighten up folks. If you can’t find any humor the next 9 months will be treacherous.

American Mom on

Mary I’ve had three children, I’m raising them with lots of love, faith, and laughter, as well as profound respect for the unborn. Suggesting that people not use dehumanizing language about unborn babies doesn’t make me humorless. Usually the PC crowd is the language police but God forbid someone ask that people be referred to as human beings!

Juliette on

Uh, to all those complaining about him calling the baby “it” – they JUST announced the pregnancy, they probably don’t even know the sex yet.

American Mom on

That wasn’t the only questionable comment he made that some of us took issue with, if you read the comments more closely you’ll see that Juliette.

Juliette on

If light-hearted, joking comments made in jest offend you, I really don’t know what to say. Must be hard to get through life.

Sparkle on

That is very sweet. Josh will be such a great daddy!

Val on

Let me begin by saying that Josh is a North Dakotan and life is precious here. The fact that he referred to his unborn child as “it” means nothing. Josh comes from a very loving family and will be a great father.

People, keep in mind, that Josh is one of the young generation that uses language that the young do. Us old folks need to learn to accept that. Congratulations Josh and Fergie. Minot loves you both and will love you children too. 😉

P.S. Thank you for all you have done for Minot after the devastating flood in 2011.

Anonymous on

American Mom DOES have a point, at least when it comes to referring to the baby as “it”. Even if they don’t know the gender (or know but don’t want to share), he could have said, “he or she” instead of “it”.

I don’t get the uproar over him saying, “that thing”, though. He may very well have been saying it in a laughing, joking manner and not meaning it to be insensitive at all.

I think his comments are adorable, and he sounds like a doting father already! BTW, someone should tell him that there are plenty of books and websites out there that will answer his question about whether or not the baby can hear him! 🙂

Marky on

I do NOT understand why there is always a group of posters who can’t wait to jump on what is obviously a light-hearted statement, a joke, a happy comment relating to others how excited Josh is to become a father, and the posters then turn it into “he doesn’t realize how what he saw on the sonogram is a real baby, so he won’t “, or “he’s really going to be miserable because the baby will never sleep, ever, and it will just be awful!”

What would be wrong to just enjoy his excitement about becoming a father, and drop the idea that it’s your job to teach everyone what to think and how to feel? And He and Fergie have worked out their issues obviously, so how about the rest of you drop it, seriously….

merry on

Omg, I was thinking how lovely a comment this is, how interested he sounds from the very beginning, but some of you guys can find something negative in anything and ruin it, can’t you?

Jordyn on

Anyone else think that he will be the primary parent to the child? I just don’t see her as being very motherly.

JustMe on

Any man who is excited to become a dad is a good guy. They’ve waited so long, I cant imagine they’ll be anything but loving, terrific parents.

Kim on

I’m only 10 weeks pregnant, so I obviously don’t know the gender yet…but I call my baby “it” too sometimes. Forgive me, but it’s a lot easier sometimes to say “it” than “he/she” every time I want to talk about the baby. OMG, that must mean I don’t love my baby!!! 😉

Melissa on

Love him!

Amy on

People you need to get a grip! He calls the baby “it” because they do not know the sex. I have heard many people refer to their babies in that way until they find out. I did and I love my children. Seriously, this is what people are taking away from the conversation? Wow.

Sandra on

Oh Please….Whether he calls it “It”, Cousin It, The Thing, He, She, Them , They or whatever, its his thing to do. You don’t have to like it, but you do have to get over it.

Angel on

Geez!!! Why can’t everyone just be happy for them? Too much negativity in this world already!

klutzy_girl on

What a sweetheart! I am genuinely happy for these two, they seem to be in the right place to take on this miraculous event. Good for them!

Ellen, I couldn’t agree with you more – it IS all about your attitude and your approach that makes any situation’s outcome what it ends up being. 🙂

Jean on

after seeing how natural you were in my all time fav movie, Life as we know it” I know you’ll be a good dad….”Messer” could be nothing less than fabulous

Guest on

OMG people, get a grip…..who cares what he calls “it”. Does it mean he loves his baby any less? Are you so perfect, you know EXACTLY what to say, and how to word everything all of the time? It’s an article, it’s on PEOPLE. It’s not made for you to dissect, just read and enjoy or get off the website and stop buying the magazine. It’s not like they’re sitting at home watching this website, waiting to see what all of you have to say. I for one, say Congrats! Awesome to see he is really excited to be father, and ready for the challenges “it” brings. 🙂

Anonymous on

I am so happy for the two of them. I believe that he is going to make an amazing dad!!!

Lady on

You people are ridiculous. So sad what a negative world we live in. Try spreading LOVE instead of vile hate filled comments. Let him have his moment and be excited good grief…..

Anonymous on

I can’t believe people are really taking issue with the use ofthe word ‘it’. Go back and read – he first refers to ‘the baby’ and then says it. It would have been a completely awkward sentence if he repeatedly used ‘the baby’ or ‘he or she’ instead. Are you just searching for things to complain about? I called my baby it for 9 months, because I thought it would be ridiculous to use ‘he or she’ every time I wanted to say something.