Justin Guarini Welcomes Son Asher

02/28/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Justin Guarini American Idol Welcomes Son Asher
Jeff Ballard PR

A very sleepy-sounding Justin Guarini is a dad again!

He and wife Reina Capodici welcomed their second son, Asher, at 6:40 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 25. He weighed in 7 lbs., 8 oz.

“He’s the sweetest little boy you could ever ever ever ask for,” the American Idol season one runner-up, tells PEOPLE on the phone from the hospital in his hometown of Doylestown, Penn. “He made his way into the world nice and easy.”

And, notes the proud papa, “He is a ravenous eater! He would probably spend 24 hours latched to his mom if he could.”

It’s still not clear if his newborn will be the mini-me his 22-month-old older brother William Neko was.

“My first son looked like exactly like me,” says Guarini. “We don’t know who Asher will take after. He’s a mystery right now!”

Still, William was very happy to meet his new sibling. “He came to see Asher when he was a day old and all he wanted to do was lean over and kiss him.” (Justin is also stepdad to 8-year-old Lola, from his wife’s first marriage.)

Guarini says he’s busier than ever these days — almost too busy to watch American Idol.

“It’s really crazy,” he says. “I’ve got three kids, I’ll be going back to Broadway soon and I’m still writing new music.”

Still, he tunes in when he can. “It’s so different than when I was on it,” Guarini admits. “It was simpler. I feel like an old man watching it! But my heart goes out to the people on the show. They have to work unbelievably hard to get there.”

He’s not rooting for anyone specific just yet: “I’ve been prepping for the baby,” he says with a laugh.

Besides, he’s got more immediate concerns at the moment — like sleep!

“Well, I’ve gotten more sleep than my wife,” he concedes, “but no more than a few hours. We’re gonna take Asher home today. I can’t wait.”

Justin Guarini American Idol Welcomes Son Asher
Jeff Ballard PR

— Liz McNeil

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Julie on

Congratulations Justin and family!

Momof3 on

That’s just fantastic… what a beautiful little boy!

Italy on

Huge congrats to Justin and his growing family. Also, glad to read you’ll be back on Broadway. You were impressive in ‘American Idiot’ and ‘Woman on the Verge’.

Joizze on

Congratulations to Justin and his growing family!! Baby Asher is precious.

janette on

congrats Justin and family. Hey here is an Idea Justin move back to Doylestown, Pa and I can be the kids nanny. I saw your performance at the Sellersville Theater a couple of years ago, You were awesome and right after your season of American Idol I met you at the Warminster Pa Walmart. Best day of my life.

Yes on

LOVE the name!

theonewithkatie on

Congratulations to two of the most wonderful people I know! Asher is beautiful and I was thinking the same thing – Will looked EXACTLY like you when he was born, but Asher seems to be maybe more of a mix. You guys make the most beautiful children!

pep on

Sweet pik ..

scorpionglow on

Congrats! Love the name Asher too. It’s uncommon, but classic.

Jennifer Mathis on


Anonymous on

Congrats Justin! I am still a fan. Blessigs to you and your wife and children.

Jane on

OMG – I live 5 minutes from Doylestown Hospital. I can’t believe he had the baby here in his hometown. Didn’t see any paparazzi around town……..lol.

Lisa on

Congrats to you and your wife, Justin. Asher is beautiful! Became a fan of yours back when you were on Idol and still try to keep up with what you are doing. It would truly be a gift if we could hear you sing again. You truly have one of the best pure voices I’ve ever heard. Best wishes always!

theonewithkatie on

Jen, did you even read the article? It says he’ll be going back to Broadway soon. Also, keep in mind…just because YOU don’t see him doesn’t mean he’s not doing anything. He has been perfectly successful. It’s not all about fame.

Anonymous on

Jen- In addition to what “theonewithkatie” said, his wife may very well work, too! It’s not just men who can support their families, you know!

Anyway, congrats to them! The baby is adorable!

Julianna on

I love the name!

Becky on

Cutest. Pictures. Ever. Warms my heart! Congrats!

Becky on

Jen-You couldn’t have been any ruder to type such BS on this happy story. Why don’t you try a little thing called Google or Wiki before you spew your ignorance?

A few projects he’s be working on over the past few years: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (2010–2011, Broadway) as Carlos—American Idiot (2011, Broadway) as Will—Rent (2011, Regional) as Roger Davis—Chicago (2011, Regional) as Billy Flynn—Ghost Brothers of Darkland County (2012, regional) as Drake McCandless—It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play (2012, regional) as Jake.

Now, does that satisfy your judgmental arse that he is not receiving public assistance and is working to support his kids? Good grief, woman! Mind your own business or at least try googling something before showing the world what an arse you are!

Amy on

Congratulations Justin and Reina, and big brother and sister – William and Lola on the birth of baby Archer…

theonewithkatie on

Becky, you warm my heart. 😉

Becky on

Awww, thanks, theonewithkatie! 🙂

Niko on

Justin? What happened to “the Guarini hair”?…LOL Congrats!

WiddoMouse on

It sounds like he has a very full and successful life. It’s nice to read about people who are living happy and normal lives instead of those who will do anything to get their names in print.

Lauryn on

What a beautiful baby, and a seemingly “normal” family! Congrats to all

Jax on

he doesn’t have 3 kids– he has 2 kids, the other is his step child. I hate it when people that are not the biological parents step in and call the other child/children “theirs” FYI Justin– u didn’t create Lola. I’m happily in love with a woman that has a son and as much as I love the little monkey, I never refer to him as “my son” –I don’t care if his real Dad isn’t around, I didnt create him, I dont get the privilage of calling him my own.

Lucy on

well Jax maybe you haven’t gained that right but he has and maybe you don’t have it in you to love your wives child as your own but he has it. It is in the child’s best interest that the step parent loves him or her like that and in now way makes them feel different from the other children in the family.