Miranda Kerr: One Child Is Good for Now

02/27/2013 at 12:00 PM ET

Miranda Kerr Entertainment Tonight Canada
Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Miranda Kerr is having a blast with her young child. But that doesn’t mean she wants another one — yet.

“I love motherhood,” the Australian model, 29, tells ET Canada of life with Flynn Christopher, her 2-year-old son with actor Orlando Bloom.

And by the sounds of it, she’s jumped into it headfirst.

“We have the schedule planned out for him,” Kerr says. “We make sure he’s doing his play dates, he’s doing enough reading time, he’s doing enough drawing and painting, arts and crafts and also a lot of fun time.”

The latter can get a little goofy. “We like to dance,” she says. “You know, turn the music up, dancing around the kitchen. It’s one of our favorite pastimes.”

Kerr says it’s important to her to fully engage as a mom — to be “present with him when I am there, phones off, like the bonding one-on-one time.”

Since she loves motherhood so much, will Kerr be giving Flynn a brother or sister some day? “Someday,” she says, “but not right now.”

— Tim Nudd

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Katie on

Wait for it… she’ll be announcing a new pregnancy soon. Always happens with celebs. No more kids for a while and BAM preggo a week later!

Molly on

I’m a little puzzled by her fame. She seems to be everywhere these days. Gorgeous girl, but she’s a model, not a celebrity. Why all this attention?

LisaG on

I think that’s code for “no more kids for now because we’ll be announcing our split by the end of the year”.

Penelope on

To Molly–She is a celebrity. A celebrity is someone who is famous or who has a prominent profile in their field. Thanks to Victoria Secret she is famous and is a top model.

Rosy on

I love the yellow dress and red lipstick look! But yes wait! I love giving one on one attention to my two year old!!

michelle on

Out of all the celebrity birth stories, Kerr & Blooms is the best. He had to pee, she said, “If I can’t leave this bed, YOU can’t leave this bed.” He had to wait until Flynn was born to pee. And it still boggles my mind that someone as itty bitty as her had a 10 pound kid. I remember when he was born, my first thought was The baby weighs more than his MOM!

Misstissie on

Itty bitty?! She’s a model! She’s probably around six feet tall. How tall are you if that’s ‘itty bitty’?! LOL

my two cents on

@LisaG I was thinking the same thing. I hope they make it, but it doesn’t look promising…. 😦

Amanda on

Why doesn’t it look promising? Does someone have a gateway into their personal lives? I’m not being snarky, just honestly curious.

Faye on

Umm…, you are 29 …. Chop, chop,…. You don’t have a lotta time!! Better get working on number 2 ,,, I can’t stand parents that only have one child. To me that is just cruel. I have five sisters and brother, I can’t even imagine having no one to talk to or that looks like me that I truly trust in the world other than my distant relatives! I just can’t even imagine it!!

C on

Faye: are you serious? How about the parents who are concerned about giving enough time to their one child while balancing a career and personal lives? Are they wrong for making sure their child feels so incredibly loved? Or on the other end of the spectrum, those parents who are concerned with being able to send their one child to college to ensure a brighter future for the kid… Are they bad people? The answer in both cases are HELL NO. THESE ARE THE RESPONSIBLE AND LOVING PARENTS who puts the needs of their child first. Think about the stuff that comes out of your mouth before you decide to share and shower us with unwanted stupidity

Monica on

That’s celebrity code for “I’m actually pregnant right now but we’re not announcing it just yet.” I predict an announcement in the next few months…

Sarah on

To Faye: You can’t stand parents who have just one kid? Thanks a lot. Many women cannot have another baby as much as they would like to for several reasons. Hysterectomy, infertility, illness. The list goes on. To say you can’t stand parents who have one child when you don’t know them or their circumstances is just a very unkind thing to say.

Marky on

Why do some keep saying this couple is about to break up? They’ve never been all over each other every second on Main Street. I think they both like their privacy, so I don’t get why the rumors…..she’s a bit cocky and “Ooooh, look at me!”, but then she is a model, so…….

Jen on

@sarah- right on!

@faye- you should be slapped across the face for saying something like that!

saying you cant ‘stand’ people who only have one kid is like saying you can only tolerate people who are a certain religion SMH

Jen on

I LOVE love love this couple! she is absolutely beautiful . flynn looks just like a mini orlando.

shes only 29 so she can wait a few more years to have baby number 2 if she chooses.

Holiday on

She will probably have a spoiled and bratty only child

Anonymous on

Sarah (the second one)- How do you know that? We see only a tiny fraction of her life! Plus, just because we see her alone places doesn’t mean that Flynn isn’t with her!

Sarah (the first one)- I’m assuming she was referring to parents who specifically CHOOSE to have one child. That being said, that doesn’t make her comment any less nasty and I agree with you completely!

Marky- I was just thinking the same thing! So what if they aren’t together all the time? For some families, that works!

Anonymous on

Also, to the people saying that her comments mean she’s going to announce a pregnancy in the next few months, why aren’t you saying the same about Kendra Wilkenson (who just made a similar comment about not being ready for a second child yet)?

Sherry on

I think Miranda is SO gorgeous!

klutzy_girl on

@Holiday – what’s your deal? You commented on the article about Kendra saying only children are spoiled there too. Me thinks someone is a tad bit bitter with how her life turned out. You are a vile woman, really.

lou on

I bet you anything it’s the nanny who is being handed that schedule. As a former nanny I can state first hand that being told to dedicate 2 hours a day to “arts and crafts” for a 2 year old is torture. It’s one thing to say “My child needs to read books, play outside, do art, be taught a second language” etc. and do it yourself, and quite another thing to devise a schedule you pay someone else to do and you just do whatever you want whenever you have time or feel like it.

Anonymous on

lou- Not everyone CAN do those things for their child themselves, though. Some people have to work to support their families!

Anonymous on

Also, where did Miranda say Flynn does two hours of arts and crafts every day? It might just be one hour, or even just half an hour, which is totally doable!

And to be perfectly honest, I feel sorry for you if you don’t enjoy arts and crafts. They’re fun, not work! 🙂

Anonymous on

klutzy_girl- It’s not just that article. She says that on pretty much EVERY article about only children. And I, for one, am sick of it! If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s generalizing!

lou on

@Anonymous That’s fine, I totally get that. But in this article is makes it sound like she’s doing all those things for him, and it just isn’t possible with her schedule and committments. I’m just saying it’s different to pay someone to do things with your child you think should be done, and quite another to do them yourself. I’m sure she loves her son very much, but I very much doubt there are many SAH Mom’s who create such schedules and spend 2 hours doing arts and crafts with their kid, following by and hour of reading, an hour in the park etc.

lou on

Ha ha ha ha ha. re: 2 hours of arts and crafts are fun and not work. Yeah, maybe if it’s your kid. If it’s someone else’s kid 2 hours every day of arts and crafts is boring. So is playing barbies for 2 hours etc. I find it highly amusing when parents assume it must be “so much fun!” for the nanny to look after their child. Sorry, but it’s work and often playing with children for 8 hours a day isn’t that exciting and it also isn’t something parents do for 8 hours a day.

Misty on

Honestly, it doesn’t matter how Faye meant what she said. You can’t possibly tell me that you can tell which parents of only children *chose* to only have one child, and which ones were not able to have another due to fertility issues by just looking at them. So to say that you hate people that only have one child is incredibly cruel.

Damoiselle on

klutzy_girl: as Anonymous said, Holiday makes that comment on just about every article about people with only one children. Not only that, she has some great comments about older mums, women without daughters are missing out, and how every girl should have a sister. Basically, if you don’t have her life and what she has, YOU’RE the who’s bitter.

katty on

@Faye: you cant stand parents with one child? not your business darling. glad you have a million siblings – some parents like to nurture just one, thankyouverymuch. and often, those children come out just fine just like children who have siblings. not a thing cruel about it.

Elizabeth on

Sheesh, can’t you people just understand that their regular people like us! Not all celebrities get pregnant to get A LOT of attention. That’s what some people do, they either get pregnant, get a marriage proposal but reject it, or they break up with their partners. As I was saying, NOT ALL celebrities need attention and Miranda Kerr is one of them, if she says she doesn’t want a child, then just imagine yourselves in her shoes, wouldn’t you get mad if someone said you were lying?