Kendra Wilkinson Isn’t Ready to Sacrifice Social Life for Second Child

02/27/2013 at 08:00 AM ET

Kendra Wilkinson Celebrity Wife Swap
Courtesy Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson may be referred to as “Super Mom” by her hubby Hank Baskett, but she isn’t ready to take her powers to the next level.

Wilkinson, 27, who has already said she isn’t ready for baby no. 2 just yet, explains that it’s because she still values her social life.

“I’m not going to be going out and everything’s going to be at home,” the reality starlet, who appeared on Tuesday’s season premiere of ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap, tells PEOPLE of what having another child would mean.

“I’m not ready for that yet. I love having one kid right now — and I give him everything I’ve got — but if I have two, I know my little club days and going out once a week will be pretty much gone. I’m not ready for that kind of sacrifice yet.”

In the meantime, Wilkinson is basking in the joys of raising her 3-year-old son, Hank IV.

“He’s a great kid,” she shares. “He’s so nice. The teachers tell me he’s the one who always hugs and makes sure they are happy.”

But even well-behaved kids have moments where they’re less than fine, as Wilkinson can attest.

“He’s in this stage right now where he’ll get into this mean, mean, mean little spurt,” she says. “We tell him if he wants to yell, then he’s an adult now. We’re taking all his toys and he has to cook his own food and bathe himself. We don’t punish him in any other way. He listens to that. He’s like, ‘I’m a kid again!'”

The proud parents just had a memorable outing with their little one on Thursday, when they took him to Disneyland for the very first time.

“It was so fun,” Wilkinson says. “Oh, my gosh. We had front-of-the-line passes, so we got to meet Woody, Buzz and Mickey Mouse. Hank was so shy.”

— Dahvi Shira

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AmandaC on

I do love her honesty! I felt like that when I had my first, not the clubbing, but, giving up what the little bits I kept to myself cause I gave 99% to my new baby!

Sandy on

Super Mom my A$$!

Awww, poor Kendra isn’t ready to give up her social life for another child- what a self-centered, self-absorbed child who needs to grow up!! Your a mom now- wa, wa you can’t go to the clubs as much- how pathetic. How about a nanny one night a month so you can go out and dance you little butt off. She obviously was not ready to have kids.

I feel sorry for Hank- and her poor son can’t have a brother or sister. By the time she’s ready- if ever- there will be to much of a gap between ages.

AS on

I’m confused Sandy. So you’re saying that Kendra HAS to have another baby? That her personal reasons for having another baby right now aren’t acceptable by you? Isn’t that a personal decision?

I think that it’s very honest, which Kendra seems to be, and she is considering her lovely boy because she enjoys all the attention she can give him. More people should be this honest and more people should be less judgemental. She’ll have another when she’s ready!

gin walker on

Whatever Sandy! I think Kendra is an even better mom because she admits she doesnt want another child rite at the moment. I myself think its way more selfish to bring a child into this world wen ur not ready to give ur all to him/her. Good for u Kendra for being honest with urself, ur family, and the world.

Amy on

Hey Sandy, at least she admits that she’s not ready. It’s better than her bringing another child into the world and then deciding she didn’t want another child after all.

gagirl on

Omg could you be ANY more judgemental Sandy?!?!! Kendra’s just keeping it real like she always has. I know people who have no business being married or parents yet they are. At least she’s honest with herself.

And who are you to say her kids will be too far apart?!?? My brother and I are almost 7 yrs apart and could not be any closer. People envy our relationship. Let people live THEIR lives and you live YOURS. Opinionated people like you are so annoying. You can’t even spell but you have the nerve up talk……

C on

So Sandy, I’m guessing you don’t have a life outside of your children? Or maybe you’re so high and righteous, judging others for their choice of lifestyle that you have no friends and your husband (if he hasn’t divorced you by now) has absolutely no interest in a narrow-minded woman like you?

Since your children are probably the only ones you spend time with, it’s no wonder you don’t let yourself have any time for yourself because once you are alone, you’ll realize you are the only one in your sad little world.

I appreciate Kendra’s honesty and I’m glad some women, even after baby still have a life.

Amanda on

Well, at least she’s honest. I actually think it would be more selfish if she had a second child just because society expects it.

monicaandrea2012 on

I am with you Sandy! Well said. She will always be a S L * Twho became famous for having sex with a disgusting old man!

M on

How is she a bad mother because she is being honest and isn’t ready for another child? I call that being a good mom and bein responsible. Sow hat she wants to have a party life still at least she isn’t creating all these babies and then leaving them with nannies. Grow up and stop judging sandy

Jennifer S on

She admitted in a recent interview that she does have a nanny for Hank Jr. So nice try sticking up for her and not knowing all the facts. Kendra’s honest alright. Maybe a little too honest.

Cat on

So Sandy she HAS to “have a sibling” for her first child? How dumb is that. So no one ever wants additional children, they’re just presents for their first kid. You sound so ignorant.

Sarah on

So kids have to have siblings? Cause I believe that there is a rise in families having only one child. If she doesn’t want another child then that I her choose. And you can get off you high horse.

Louisa on

Sandy – What is wrong with having a big age gap between siblings? My sister and I are fifteen years apart and we are closer than ever.

Kristin on

Actually, I really appreciate her comments. With one child, there is a way to find balance with having a personal life. Being a mom does not mean you have to sacrifice yourself completely. To be honest, the few times I am able to get away for a girls night or date night help make me a better mother. When my son is napping, I can get chores done or even watch a few of my own tv programs. When he goes to bed, same thing.

But when two babies are in the picture there is a lot less “me time.” It is a huge sacrifice. And it is 100% ok to not want that- whether it be now or ever. I think its very mature of her to recognize that- as opposed to so many people who feel pressured to have a second one too fast just so their kids will be “perfectly” spaced.

Lila on

While I didn’t not have a second child so I could go clubbing, I do understand where she is coming from. With one child, it is easier to manage having a life outside of being a mom. Some women actually enjoy having outside interests, and there is nothing selfish about that. You shouldn’t have more kids that you don’t want and aren’t ready for.

And there is nothing selfish about having an only child. Children don’t NEED siblings to have a happy life. I am an example of that and so is my daughter.

ecl on

It really bothers me that women who express interests outside of their children are automatically labeled selfish. Just a good example of how we try to regulate each other in the “only one good type of mom” competition.

One child allows for better life balance. And I would hardly say that going out one night a week makes her a terrible mom. Amazing how dads are allowed so much freedom – more leisure time, huge amounts of time spent at meaningless jobs – yet aren’t judged as selfish parents.

Women are expected to be for themselves by being for the family and men are expected to be for the family by being for themselves.

Stacey on

This girl is SOOOO immature. No time for a social life with two kids, give me a break. I’m a mom of 6 and I have a life outside of being a mom.

Good for you on

Good for you that you’re able to have a social life AND have six kids, Stacey. She was being honest about how she feels, that she personally wouldn’t have a social life if she had a second child.

I’m sure she would find a balance if she did have a second child, but at least she’s being honest about herself like so many people aren’t.

Why is it okay for moms to judge each other so harshly?

Jayda on

The bashing against her is just ridiculous, I know so many people that only wish to have one child so they can balance their pre-baby lives with their parenting ones. I would love to have more kids, but my career takes up much of my time. Does that make me selfish? Maybe, but I feel like I have the perfect balance.

Cat on

ECL – I totally agree. Any time a Mom wants to do something for herself (GASP! SHOCK! HORROR!) she is a terrible parent who needs to grow up. My daughter is three and her baby sister is due in June. I love my girls more than anything but it’s so important to have me time.

I don’t feel like I would be a good Mom if I was with my girls 24/7. It’s not fair to them or to me. And you need to maintain a relationship with your spouse as well and I appreciate Kendra’s honesty in trying to do just that.

KO on

I really think this girl did not expect what she’s gotten out of the parenting experience. I also think she had some serious PPD. However, I think having a child is an eminently selfish choice, not the other way around, so I’m glad she seems to know her limits.

Jennifer on

I appreciate her honesty.

While I don’t go clubbing (had to chuckle at that), my husband and I have one child and aren’t planning on anymore for a variety of reasons – my husband’s age, our finances, and, frankly, because we are both of a personality that does better with one child. Some people are meant to have lots of kids, and some people aren’t.

I would not be a very good mom with more than one – I need a lot of quiet time and I don’t handle lots of stress and chaos well. Neither does my husband. I think a child would rather have a happy, stable set of parents than a sibling their parents felt forced to “give” them. Not to mention the poor kid who was born strictly because you “need” to have two (or more).

There are lots of ways to make a family, and one-child families are one of those ways. Not better or worse, just one way.

Alissa on

Whether or not I agree with Kendra on this one, I am happy that she is self-aware enough to not have another child if this is how she feels about the idea today. And I can appreciate her age on this matter also…she did have her son at 24, so she may be concerned with missing out on something.

This is another case where one mom says what works for her and all the other moms vote with yea or nay. How about we all support each other even when we don’t agree? Whatever works best for the mom/family/dad is the BEST choice for that family-period.


You give Hank everything you got??? Dayum….not much is it girl? Selfish Celeb Parents make me SICK!

Kathy on

She is a sickening, selfish person (I cannot use the term lady and she is not mature enough to be a woman)!!

Did any of you watch celebrity wife swap?! It was SO apparent that she doesnt have a clue what its like to be a mother!! Her 2 1/2 yr old is in FT school, she has a nanny, and Hank Sr enqbles her selfish ways. It is all about KENDRA! And what an example she sets for her poor son.

I think it is AWESOME that she isnt having another baby. I hope she never does. She is and will always be The Whore Next Door. Barf!

Rachel on

I watched the episode last night and while I think that she seemed a bit lazy I also think that maybe her husband was also trying to pamper Kate a bit knowing that she has eight children and doesn’t get any time to herself. I don’t really agree that Hank jr. needs to be in school and then come home and spend time with a nanny instead of mom – he does need quality family time… and the teachers shouldn’t have to tell her what her son is like 😦 she should know that about him… but honestly seeing her with Kate’s EIGHT children which I think would have been daunting for most people, she did amazingly well.

However, she thought Kate was too strict and rigid and her children seem to be thriving (surprisingly) even after the divorce. I do think it seemed pretty immature to say she was unwilling to give up her partying/social ways for her son… it was the wording that bothered me most (I will still go out and get drunk.. ugh), but I do think she learned something from being with and bonding with Kate’s children.

Lisa on

“We tell him if he wants to yell, then he’s an adult now. We’re taking all his toys and he has to cook his own food and bathe himself. We don’t punish him in any other way. He listens to that. He’s like, ‘I’m a kid again!’”

That has got to be the most ridiculous parenting technique I’ve ever heard! Put the fear of being an adult into him and teach him adult responsibilities are a punishment.. that makes sense! Pretty much sums up Kendra’s life as an adult with no accountability. This girl is a total train wreck! She shouldn’t have more children, she is completely oblivious!

powerJohnson on

Completely agree. I’m surprised that comment is not more of an issue here over her comment about her not being ready for a second child yet… That horrified me. Her boy is clearly trying to communicate something for which he does not yet have the ability and that is their response to him. Wow.

Bella on

While she did come off a bit selfish saying she’s not ready for a second kid because she doesnt want to give up her clubbing that’s her personal decison. I am not ready for a second child because I dont want to give up my sanity. I know that a second child will be double the work and with my husband traveling, second child is not an option right now.

I like her honestty. At least she’s not popping kids left and right then leaving them with a nanny like many other celebrities do.

Holiday on

So she is doing hobby parenting by just having one child. I guess if her priorities are clubbing it’s smart she has just one kid. Only children are always so spoiled, selfish and over indulged. Ask any teacher and they can point out the onlies right away. Also holidays, vacations and the special sibling bond is something every child should experience. Moms who choose to use one kid are just lazy!

Lilyflower on

Just because she only has one child does not mean she’s lazy or “hobby parenting” Holiday. At least she knows her limits. Just because you feel like you need to have more than one child doesn’t mean everyone has to. You’re ridiculous.

Guest on

Only children are always shellfish, spoiled, and overindulged? Really Holiday? Sheesh. I love the relationship I had with my mom. She did spoil me by giving me all her time and attention. I am so lucky I didn’t turn into a judgemental person like others did by how she treated me.

You would think I got to where I am by working hard, being intelligent, and being a good person but apparently I’m just one of the many selfish only children in this world.

mimi on

my goodness Holiday, could you be any more judgemental and wrong?

your attitude seriously disgusts me. hope you don’t pass that down to your mini van full of multiple children.

Jj on

“Mom’s who choose to [have] one kid are just lazy”

Holiday, that is, hands down, the most ignorant statement I have *ever* seen/heard. People who know their limitations should be praised, not insulted. I have to say I truly pity you for your narrowmindedness.

And, by the way, I am a mom of three.

Traci on

That’s her choice to have one child right now who cares, Holiday?

I have 1 child and I don’t plan on having anymore I don’t see that as being selfish. I don’t see my son as being spoiled and selfish or over indulged. I’m a single parent and it’s hard raising one child by myself let alone 2. Haters please shut up.

TLC on

That is a rude comment Holiday. Choosing to have one child does not make you a lazy person at all. I have one child, my mom had one child, my grandmother had one child, not one of us is lazy. That is an ignorant comment.

Not all “only children” are selfish and spoiled either. I feel bad for you knowing that is how your mind works. If you read up on recent studies, more educated and affluent adults are CHOOSING to have only one child.

It’s a personal choice for people and you as we’ll as others should not feel the need to condemn people that have a different idea of “family” than you.

Sam on

This is a stupid comment Holiday. Sorry tried to use a gentler word, but ‘if the shoe fits….’.

My daughter is an only child. Not by choice, thats just how it was. She is 26, a social worker in a busy city, just bought her own condo in that city, volunteers at a clinic, runs in races for charities, has lifelong and newer friends, was a gifted student, read at 3 1/2, and the love from this girl, for everyone in her path is pure and about as unselfish as they come.

She grew up knowing she was loved, treasured and an important part of our family. That’s right, we told her every single day that we love her. GASP!! SPOILED BRAT!! Ha! Don’t catergorize people. It makes you sound…stupid.

Sam on

P.S. Just to be more clear….holidays and vacations were spent with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Her best friend is her 25 year old cousin, who were together their whole lives so the could learn about sharing and caring and taking turns….cause otherwise, whew, she would have been a rotten kid! Uh huh! lolol Me, lazy……I shall refrain now.

Natalie on

I can’t believe that in 2013, we are still judging people for the choices they make. I am not an only child but I see nothing wrong with people choosing to have one child or no children at all! I actually appreciate someone knowing what they want and not having children due to society pressures.

I find Kendra’s honesty refreshing and wish it wasn’t such a bad things for women to say they want their me time. If a man had said that, people wouldn’t have an issue.

only child on

Personally I’m offended by your statement that all only kids are selfish and over indulgent, Holiday. I’m an only child and I can say that I didn’t miss out on childhood experiences not having a sibling. Spoiled is what you make of it…

Yes i was given whatever my family could afford to give me but I grew up knowing limits and boundaries and having respect for all walks of life. That’s a lot more than I can say for families with more than one kid. moms who choose not to have more kids aren’t lazy.

That’s the most incredulous part of your whole comment! Some families function better with one kid. Having that option is a God given right. To judge them for it is not.

Shocked on

Wow Holiday you really don’t think before you comment! Secondary infertility is a real issue and while I recognize that is not Kendra’s issue judging families with only child so harshly is inappropriate to say the least!

My family is an only child family not by choice but those are the cards we’ve been dealt. I’m not less of a mom because I only have one child and my son is a wonderful, bright and caring boy. It’s attitudes like yours that make secondary infertility so frustrating!

Ama on

I can’t believe what Holiday wrote… If a mom has one child she’s lazy?? That’s a very brazen statement to make. I know plenty of spoiled, selfish, over indulged people who were 1 of 2, 3, + kids. You clearly have had a bad experience somewhere in life to be so ill-willed towards only children. Hopefully one day you grow up and gain an open mind.

Anonymous on

Lila- I couldn’t agree more! I’m not an only child, but I am the daughter one of, and I HATE all those “only” stereotypes! Plenty of only children (including my mother) have perfectly happy childhoods and grow up to become very respectable, loving adults!

Don’t get me wrong, siblings are great, and I can’t imagine life without mine! But being an only child is okay, too! I don’t get why so many people act like it’s a death sentence!

Teena on

Lisa…my thoughts EXACTLY.

Weird parenting style.

Guest on

Holiday – I take offence to your comment.

I am a parent to a single child AND I’m a school teacher, and let me tell you, single children are some of the most appreciative, social, imaginative and loving children in a class. Being a single child does NOT mean they’re spoiled and over-indulged; just because a child has a sibling does NOT guarantee a “special sibling bond”. Some of the most volatile and hateful relationships I know are between siblings…

As for vacations, my son has gone on some really MIND-OPENING vacations and cultural experiences already at age 4, and has a VERY inquisitive mind about the world around him.

As for your comment about parents of single children being lazy – that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Some people, such as myself, are parents of one child through circumstance, not laziness… Please keep your outrageous thoughts to yourself, thank you!

Amaryllis on

Whether she wants one child, two children, or NO children (I know, too late for that), it’s her business and no one else’s. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a bit of fun even if you’re a mom, and one night a week is not too much to ask for some “time off”.

Anonymous on

my grandmother babysat for over 40 years for a living, i saw it continuously, these young women going to the club practically every weekend and the not paying her at the end of the week because they were short on money, many women today are having children for the wrong reasons, to keep a man, or so they can sit on their butt and be supported by taxpayers hard earned money.

At some point when you are an adult, you have to assume responsibility girls. Im not saying dont have fun at all but most of you from what i have seen with my own eyes now days want to keep partying and acting like no one depends on you and take lightly your roles as mothers.

And by the way if you go out drinking and clubbing even once every week, you are pretty much a borderline alcoholic, don’t deny it, i have done it, i know how it is. there is no way you would be doing a good job as a mother. you know when you hit that point you’ll do whatever to have that drink at the end of the week.

Jennifer S on

The best honest comment I’ve read yet. Can’t tell the rest of these people on this board. They don’t get it so they get defensive. Welcome to the new generation where no one gives a rats butt have no integrity and decency and they assume they are entitled to everything.

Sherry on

Oh stop with the “cookie cutter” approach to life. No one thing works for everybody! Kendra is 27 not 57 so she’s not ready for more kids. I admire her more for KNOWING that about herself. I know so many women who settled down too young and popped out an entire family and as they get older harbor resentment towards their family b/c they feel like they never really lived their own lives.

Jessica on

I love Kendra so don’t jump down my throat for saying this, but if she wants people to respect her as a mother (people who are not fans of her’s) than maybe she should hold back on saying some things in interviews….

Melissa on

To SANDY….I’m an only child and did fine. My parents chose to have just me. And I waited 6 years into marriage to have a baby. I was too young to be a mom and chose not to give up my youth to be a mom. Is that selfish? And my kids are 6 years apart. Is that TOO much of a gap? Yes, the word is TOO, not TO. Get a grammar lesson.

Stop judging her! And people need to quit judging her techniques. All kids are different. Maybe it seems silly to you but if it works for them, then why not let them parent their way? He doesn’t seem deprived. And an only child is not deprived either. It enabled me to have the things I wanted in life.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to go out sometimes. Parents need that. I recall seeing her panic over leaving him to go on a date with her husband. But he’s 3 now so that panic has worn off. Give the girl a break! Are you perfect?

Jamie on

After watching her on “Celebrity Wife Swap” the other night, she isn’t even ready to have one child. Her husband does everything!!! and the nanny takes care of the little boy. Kendra lounges by the pool all day.

Thank goodness she was swapped with Kate Goselin, who surprisingly seems to be a great mom! Kendra said she is not ready to give up her nights of going out and getting drunk! WOW!

Sara on

Sounds as though she views having children as a burden and not a blessing. While I appreciate her honestly, I don’t think she deserves to have another child with that mindset.

joan on

Grow up already Kendra! You are an attention seeking brat who probably didn’t want to be pregnant to begin with. No one is saying to NOT do things that you enjoy, but when you mention “clubbing” you portray yourself as trash. Show some class. Is that what your mom did ?

Tracey on

Sandy, she sounds like a grown up because she knows she is not ready or willing. Not everyone has to be a baby maker shooting them out every couple years. That does not make one selfish. Knowing what one wants and can handle equals BALANCED.

Who cares if there is a gap between ages. Who died and made you queen of what is right for every mom? Idiots like you are the worst part of becoming a parent.

6453 on

Some people must live such miserable lives. I bet if she went ahead and had that second child and she went clubbing that one night a month you speak of, she would still be self centered in YOUR eyes!

I’ll give you the REAL self centered definition. THe mom that put a plastic bag over her 8 month olds head and now he has brain damage. OR lets talk about the mother that placed her hands over her two new bours mouth and nose and suffocated them.

Why doesn’t everyone wake up and stop bashing each other and start showing some love and respect???

I’m sick of hearing how God should bless America more and God shouldn’t let bad things happen. God BLESSED America a long time ago! And America shunned him! Lets bring him back around… I think you’ll LOVE the outcome!

Eli on

Once again, these comments prove that there is no one more judgmental on earth than Internet moms. Good Gravy.

She recognizes she is not ready for a second kid and is therefore not having a second kid, which is the responsible thing to do. She is not required to give her son a sibling, especially on a timetable that satisfies judgey mothers who have nothing better to do than to spend all day on the Internet judging other mothers’ parenting skills and life choices.

Maybe you should get off the Internet and parent your kids instead of complaining how she does it. (oh and that child looks so sad and miserable and deprived in that picture!)

Gigi on

Wow, Holiday. You are a piece of work. Moms with 1 kid are lazy?! You are rude and judgmental.

Poppy on


She doesn’t do anything or give anything to the *one* kid she has. That is what her husband and nanny/housekeeper is for.


Sandra on

Good for you Kendra, it is very refreshing to hear someone tell the absolute truth about not wanting more children because they are not ready. I have two and always thought that I would have at leat four, but I realized that two is all I can handle and remain effective as a parent and a person. on

I think her comments are not selfish or self-centered. She is making a choice for herself and her family that values and reflects how they want to live. I can’t relate to “clubbing” but I can appreciate her wanting to give her time right now to her one son and to have some “me” time for herself.

My two kids are 4 years apart and it works well for us b/c I can really give each child attention and time and have my moments I need as well- which while don’t involve crazy nights out does involve me needing to study and have an occasional glass of wine with a friend or dinner out with my husband.

I say, good for her to make a decision that will be healthy and keep her sane FOR her family. It is OK as women to put our needs first and actually can benefit our families, too.

Kim on

Anybody watch her on that celebrity wife swap show earlier this week? The woman does NOTHING. Her husband does everything the housekeeper doesn’t do. All she wants to do is go out and party and get drunk with her girlfriends. Her kid probably thinks the housekeeper is his Mom.

Kathy on

How can people say they LOVE Kendra?! What do you love about her? The selfishness, the drunk, the absent parent that uses her.child as a prop and photo opp? Of course Kate was shown as a good mom. SHE always has been. Kendra is NOT a mom. Who punishes their child by telling them being an adult is bad? She needs help. And not the massage, catering to her every need enabling help Hank Sr gives her.

Did anyone watch her True Hollywood Story? She was a selfish spoiled drug abusing brat back then too. She even ‘attempted’ suicide. I feel SO bad for her child. Can you imagine THAT as a role model?! Yeah – Mommy never liked to work so she lived with an old man and got naked to make her money. And now she has no time for you because she never grew out of her selfish whoring clubbing lifestyle. And daddy doesnt care either. Poor child.

joan on

go fuck yourselves people

amy on

Good for you Kendra , if that’s what you want that’s all that matters.i put my life on hold had 3 kids raised them, educated them, and one got married, do i get a call once in a while to say are you alive. I regret that i did that to my self , don’t take me wrong i love my kids,but it’s not worth it.and i was a single mother too.take care of yourself.

Angie on

Holiday, you’re ridiculous! All only child are “always so spoiled, selfish and over indulged”…That was incredibly ignorant, judgmental and quite rude. I’m an only child and I was far from those things! I was very kind, always shared and had a great childhood and treated everyone with respect.

It is a personal decision on how many children you decide to have. Being an only child, I knew how lonely I always was (especially being raised by a single dad) so I decided to have 3 but I would NEVER say someone with ONE was “hobby parenting”.

You need to grow up and stop being so self-righteous. Your way isn’t right for everyone.

Renee on

I couldn’t have more than one for some unknown reason but in retrospect I’m kind of glad except I feel badly sge didn’t grow up with a sibling. I gave my all to the one I have and still had a personal life. I recently remarried and now she has an awesome step brother.

If Kendra had said “playing golf” or some other activity instead of clubbing would some of you still label her selfish and immature? I totally appreciate her feelings and honesty in knowing her limitations.

Shannon on

People is so good at writing headlines that are designed to infuriate/provoke the judgmental mommies at home!

Suzi on


I am an only child, and I take great offense at your comments. I was raised by two loving, accomplished, moral, other interest parents, who raised me to be the same way. I turned out just fine, and am not spoiled and self absorbed. Guess your theory for ‘onelies’ just got shot out of the water!

Tasha on

@Holiday-So what if people choose to have one child. Why do they have to be lazy and why do only children have to be selfish. How many children a couple or how they choose to raise them is THEIR business! I actually think that is the reason so many kids have issues-not because they are only children but because people feel compelled to have kids when they are not ready or don’t want them. When are we going to stop judging people for THEIR choices???

Sandra on

You do not bring children into this world that you are not mentally, physically, emotionally and or financially ready to handle. If Kendra recoginzes that she is not ready, who in the hell are any of us to call her anything but Honest and Responisble.

Based on some of what I have read so far, some seem to think that she is being selfish because she doesn’t want to have another child that she is clearly not ready for. I

have two, I always said I wanted four; however, and thank God, I realized that four would have been way too many and beyond selfish. To bring two more to this world that I would not have been emotionally able to handle would have been a travesty.

Give credit where credit is due, she is owning her stuff and making a responsible, adult decision.

Anonymous on

At least she knows her limitations! And being in her twenties still, she should be able to have some balance – mommy, wife and friends. She is lucky to be rich enough to have this fantasy life though!!!!

Sandra on

And another thing…For the person that commented that a teacher should not tell you what your child is like is complete BS…Accomplishments and personal growth that your child will undergo while outside of your view is exactly what you want to hear from a teacher or caregiver. Your child will accomplish milestones that you will not always be able to see first hand, that doesn’t necessairly mean that she did not know that he is a hugger and a comforter.

Marie on

Every child does not need a sibling. There is nothing wrong with only having one child.

Regina on

A Kim who willing and openly discusses her limits when it comes to kids is a better mom than someone who is closed minded and follows societies having kids at a closer age. There its no right time at having kids. Its her choice to make. people just need to quit being so judgmental.

Lisa on

Well, at least she’s honest. Better than mom’s who keep having babies just to ignore them and worry about running around all the time. She’ll have another baby when and if she wants to.

nadia on

Lazy for only wanting one kid? I guess I am downright evil for wanting none and I dont even go to clubs! Women should really look at themselves when they comment on stories like these….they would really be ashamed of themselves.

ALL only children are spoiled and selfish? Wow, ok. Must be nice to know it all.

tina on

@Sandy, jealous are you? At least she knows what she wants and if she isnt ready for a second kid it doesnt make her selfish but smart.

Bonni Conley on

I have 3 kids and when I need some me time I take it. I would never go “clubbing” its too much noise when my me time is about calming down and regrouping. After each additional child I wasn’t worried about my me time I was thrilled to have double and triple the joy I get from my kids.

If that’s all she is considering when it comes to more children then good, don’t have anymore. You’re doing the world a favor. Lord knows we don’t need more parents who don’t want more kids yet keep having them. Your children are about completing your family and raising them to be responsible adults who benefit the world. Also leave the clubbing to the younger crowd. You’re 27 and have a kid grow up!

Jennifer S on

Exactly Bonni, she will be hitting 30 soon and she’s still interested in clubbing. Really? Please she will be the old cougar at the bar before you know it. I use to work as a Bartender at a club and you always had the bunch of older chicks trying to act young. They really don’t realize how ridiculous they look. Grow up Kendra.

tina on

a second child is better off then – I too respect her honesty. parenthood requires major sacrifice – and if the person is not ready, it’s best to not have a child.

personally speaking, I think there’s no greater job in the world and there’s only so many years a woman has to take on that role. I would feel it a huge mistake if I chose partying over parenthood. we all can make time for ourselves, even if it’s 10 measly minutes a day…I’m sure people with money have no problem with it at all.

Tiffany on

She probably should not have ever had kids.

Rosy on

I don’t go clubbing, but I do have my other vices as do all my friends who are moms. I love socializing, and I love my kid. Sheesh

Mandy on

At least she is honest & knows her limits. I waited to have a child & even when I got pregnant, it was a surprise. I was ready though & had already gotten all my “wild” days out of my system long before I had my daughter. I do want another child, as I grew up an only child & hated that I was the spotlight of my parents’ life & didn’t have a sibling to share things with, but my parents’ couldn’t have anymore.

I’ve always wanted a large family, but I know I will stop after having 1 more & we aren’t planning on that happening for at least a couple more years. I want some one on one time with my daughter. I haven’t gone out since she was born, but between a full time job & her I am beat. Once she gets a little older, my husband & I will resume some of the things we used to do like going to concerts & little weekend getaways every now & then. That doesn’t make us bad parents’ or selfish.


I say more power to her,she knows what works for her and if she’s not ready for another child then she’s not. It takes alot of work and it’s nobody’s business whether or not she wants to expand her family or not. I’d rather her give all to her one child and husband then to have more kids and neglect them!

jane tyler on

Holiday: You are operating under some BIG stereotypes from the 1950’s on only children. Virtually ALL studies done on only children show that they do better in school, have higher achievement levels, etc… And the studies have shown that there are no social differences in only children.

KT on

I really appreciate Kendra’s honesty. It is refreshing.

I have one child and a very busy career, and I truly feel like I would be doing a diservice to my daughter if I were to have another child any time soon.

Making time for yourself is super important as a mom (or dad). The fact that she goes out clubbing is great- if she has fun, good for her! She is probably a much happier mom for it!

Brooke on

Good for her!! She is still young,and all mothers deserve their time!! Plenty of time to have more!!

Sandy on

She is the opposite of selfish by wanting to take care of one child well and very mindful. However, going to the front of the line at Disney World is incredibly selfish unless your child is disabled. Why should others wait because you are a “celebrity”.

colleen D on

Does the reason Kendra isn’t ready for another child right now really matter? Actually, I’d have a lot less respect for her if she had another child when she wasn’t ready!

Anonymous on

It appears she wasn’t ready for the first one. I couldn’t imagine my mother saying well…It’s club night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooohooooooooo!

Anonymous on

i think they are an adorable family, and she’s grown up alot actually. why would she even feel she needs another child?

mommaof2 on

Ok…to Holiday…how dare you say moms who chose 1 kid is lazy!!! That is so disrespectful!! Just because people don’t want to have but 1 child that doesn’t make them bad parents.

If they just want 1 then that’s up to them. You don’t HAVE to have a sibling to have a special bond or a good family holiday. As long as you love your child and give them the attention they need any side family is fine.

And as for an only child being spoiled? Sounds to me like you don’t know what you are talking about. I am a teacher and there are a TON of children who have siblings and they are more spoiled than ‘onlies’

You need to get off that high horse and face reality and realize you are being a big turd!

Jessica on

At least she is being honest and not bringing another child into the world to just leave him/her at home. Wish more people would stop and think about that before having a child. Doesn’t mean you need to give up your life, but your child should be number 1!

TEM on

For all of you who are criticizing her for her “club days,” they are not days at nightclubs—she goes to the country club to play golf. If you watched Wife Swap, you’ll see that Kate Gosselin went golfing at the country club w/ Hank one of the days.

Mom Of Twins on

Why is she called self-center for knowing she’s not ready to have a second child? It’s better she knows it now, and not after she had a second child. I see nothing wrong with what she said or how she feels. She’s only 27 yrs old, and have a husband that supports her decision.

klutzy_girl on

Wow, Holiday you can’t be serious? You seem like a very nasty and judgmental woman, what terrible traits to have.

You can’t say what works for one family should work for all families. Everyone is different and everyone has the right to choose how big of a family they want. The number of children you have does not classify you as lazy or not.

The same goes for spoiled children. I have seen many multiple children homes have spoiled kids while some with single children homes did not.

The way you stereotype children like that is very peculiar for an adult. Live and let live, try not to be so nasty. The sooner you figure out what is wrong in your life that makes you so rude and angry the sooner you will be a happier person.

Sandi on

I really like Kendra but am very disappointed in her. I had no idea that she was out every week getting drunk with her girlfriends.

When I saw her on Wife Swap, as much as everyone hates Kate Gosselin, she was the one that looked good that night NOT Kendra. Kate didn’t come off as the rip roaring witch that she has the reputation for.

Kendra sends her child to pre school and then has a full time Nanny when he isn’t in school. Wow. Don’t have any more Kendra until you grow up. I was your biggest fan but am very disappointed in you.

Also to CAT below, NOBODY said that Mom’s don’t deserve “ME” time. I was a full time caregiver to a sick parent so I KNOW about needing me time, but honey, me time to Kendra is 24/7.

You should have watched the show on Tuesday. Hank her husband is an Angel and she will NEVER meet anyone like him!

jaci on

so many things i dont agree w her on i dont know where to start. i dont applaud her honesty, i see it as an excuse. you can schedule nights out no matter how many children you have.oh yea, and grow up already….. and what kind of message is it sending her kid to say that if he wants to yell and scream, he’s an ADULT?? i see what they’re tyring to do, but do it another way — he’ll be a screaming maniac for someone else to handle.

Leslie on

Party on Kendra…heaven forbid that motherhood get in the way of you having a good time !!!!!

Missy on

Kendra is a crap mom. I was shocked at what a good mom Kate is!

Ini on

Oh Sandy, I preferred Kendra as a mother every day. I despise women who feel they have to give up everything when having children. They usually come across as unhappy and bitter. And they love lecturing others because they are envious.. If mothers are happy, children are happy. You can be a great mom and have a social life, too, you know?

Christy on

Why would she get front of the line passes? I though everyone had to wait in line at Disneyland! How fair is that?

Charlie on

If Kendra doesn’t want more children right now or ever, for whatever reason, that is her choice. What stood out more than anything in the article was the fact that she is telling her 3 year old son that if he yells, he’s an adult which means he has to cook for himself and bathe himself. So is she telling him that she will refuse to feed him if he doesn’t stop yelling?

I have to say that I have never, ever, heard of any parent using this behaviorial tactic on a child. What’s going to happen when he gets older and does more than just yells? Does anyone else find this more alarming than whether or not she wants to have more children?

TinaC on

Holiday, your comment is extremely rude! Mom’s that only have one child are not selfish in anyway. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t make it wrong.

I am an only child, my mother is an only child, my son is an only child. There is nothing wrong with being or having an only child. Not all of them are selfish, spoiled and over indulged. I actually feel sad for you, you actually sound a bit angry about what you’ve been handed in life.

If you look at recent studies, more educated and affluent adults are choosing to have only one chiled. This is their personal CHOICE and you have no right to tell anyone it’s wrong.

If you happen to have 5 children then more power to you. I give you credit as parenting one child is tough let alone 5 or more, you get my drift. Just remember that because other people don’t believe what you believe doesn’t make them selfish or any worse of a person than you.

KW on

Good for her. She knows her limits and what she wants. We already have plenty of women who don’t know what they hell they want (or have a need to create a brood to satisfy the need to be loved/wanted) and continue to populate the world with unwanted people.

Anonymous on

I appreciate what she’s saying because all she’s saying is that she doesn’t feel like she’s responsible enough to have another kid. Everyone wants a social life, she feels like if she has another one that she’ll be stuck at home all the time worrying about her kids all the time instead of taking days to enjoy herself without worrying about everyone else.

Alli on

I am just shaking my head. Why cannot someone be honest in an interview and not get crucified by all of the mother of the year candidates on here? She said she wasn’t ready yet for baby number 2 because she didn’t want to give up here social life. So what?!? This woman’s livelihood depends on her social life. I know the do-gooders on here won’t approve, but I suspect there is just a bit of jealousy.

Also if she had said, like many other mom celebrities, that she wanted another child soon after the first was born, she would have been berated for that. The same selfish comments would have popped up about her not giving enough time to her other child and blah, blah, blah. The nay sayers really need to get a life or perhaps write a pregnancy and parenting novel since the rest of us apparently do not know what the h*ll we are doing.

kd on

Amen! At least most here can appreciate her honesty, agree or not.

Anonymous on

In response to “holiday”, I have never been more offended. To say that having only one child is like having a hobby, and that only children are spoiled, selfish and overindulged is so insulting.

I have only been blessed with one child and we work very hard to ensure that our blessing is not as you describe all only children to be. Nor do I believe myself to be lazy because I only have one child – I work just as hard as my friends that have multiple children.

I hope that you will reconsider your misguided perceptions about only children.

nacho mamma on

She’s being as honest as she can be. She’s not coming up with BS excuses, she is telling it like it is. I am a little selfish and I still want to go out and have some fun.

Nothing wrong with that. I’d rather have her be honest with herself and her husband that come up with all other kinds of BS. She is only 27 years old. Plenty of time to decide if another baby would fit in their lives.

Shannon on

She isn’t selfish. Having more than 1 is difficult, I have 3 and know its hard. She is young and has plenty of time to have more children if she chooses to.

Megan on

Even in the 21st century, people want women to sacrifice all of themselves for marriage and kids, and if they say they aren’t ready for more kids, there is something wrong with that. You old fashioned people still think of women as broodmares.

Friend on

I totally appreciate her honesty! Having babies and raising kids is a 24/7 demanding responsibility and an extremely PERSONAL choice. I don’t view her choice as selfish; I see it that she knows who she is and what she needs. She’s not neglecting Little Hank but realizes one might be enough for her. We shouldn’t judge her for that decision nor would we want other people telling us how many children to have.

marie on

I Love Kendra, tha girls next door show I watched every weekend And every rerun. For the record, one (only ) child is great. You can give one child more of your attention and one is certainly cost efficient. BUT… in MY only child sitution my only child, passed as a young man (22 yrs. old). What avoid in my life, all be I chose too be selfish. ” One child, is easier to care for” I have many regrets for making that statment.

Susan on

It’s great she’s honest about it. I’m sure they’re both concerned as well about how they’re going to earn a living now that he’s retired from football.

Mike on

I saw celeb wife swap — Kendra’s husband is little Hank’s dad AND mom … When the nanny isn’t taking care of him. At least she’s self-aware enough not to have a second child — or that child might be deprived of “mommy and me” time, too.

doodledoosmama on

Why on Earth are people calling her selfish?? She’s being honest. As a mom of two, I love my kids so much but it was so much easier with one. We took our oldest everywhere. With two, it’s harder to go places with just me to watch them. Our second is more difficult and really pushes the envelope.

So I applaud her for waiting until she is ready. If she doesn’t have another, that is their decision and she shouldn’t be made to feel bad about that. Her one child will receive love and attention and will not be deprived just because he doesn’t have a sibling.

Seriously people… why have another if you aren’t ready and just because society thinks you should. I have no time for just me. No dates with my hubby, no girls nights out, no going to the store by myself. Adding another child was hard on our budget. I wouldn’t trade her for anything but I wish we had prepared more.

Kathy on

Just to clarify – I am not calling her selfish because she doesnt want another child. I am calling her selfish for not being a mother to the beautiful child she DOES have!! She is a selfish girl period. aAnd yes I said GIRL. Women take care of their responsibilities!

Did any of you watch Wife Swap?! Did you hear her bitch about touching laundry? Spoiled selfish clubbing drinking whore. Giving birth does NOT make you a mother. Her child didnt even know simple table manners or how to pick up his toys.

And did you notice at the end of the swap, Hank Jr is sitting on the step with his nanny and he didnt even get excited or run to greet Kendra?! THAT is a child who is used to ‘mommy’ never being around.

It is so sad that there are women who want a child more than anything but this selfish girl cant even appreciate the one she has. As for the person who asked why they got to the front of the lines? She was a whore who posed naked and slept with Hugh Hefner. Thats societys idea of a celebrity. Sickening.

Ottoric on

I saw the show… Kendra is a spoiled Brat. She’s somehow stuck in a Junior High mentality. She does not deserve her excellent family. She takes advantage of a great situation and refuses to grow up. My advice… Grow Up… and reduce your Junior High tendencies to once a month!!! P.S. (Never been a Kate Gosselin fan in the past… However, after seeing this show, I have developed a brand new respect for her current maturity level…

Friend on

Stacey, your choosing to have six children doesn’t make you more mature or better than someone else who chooses to have one. Don’t put your personal choices on someone else who has the smarts to know they’re not cut out for it.. I have neighbors with 5 children, and they are neglected, dirty, run unsupervised all over the neighborhood, etc. According to your standards, though, I guess the mom must be sooooooooo mature.

Anonymous on

Admitting that she doesn’t want a second child because she still wants a social life, is pretty selfish. Even if she felt that way she shouldn’t have admitted that, it makes her look really bad. Honestly, you are married and already a mom, that should be first on your list, not about going out to clubs.

Brooke on

Sounds to me like Kendra needs to grow up. She sounds very immature and selfish. Please give the little boy a haircut!

pamela on

She is no different than most celeb or wanna be celeb parents, they like the idea of being parents, not what is actually involved in being a parent. She is very immature and lazy. She has not missed out on anything, she lived in the Playboy mansion for a time, what has she missed!!!!!!! I thought she went away anyway, now she is back, making stupid comments about how selfish and self absorbed she is really!!

smc on

People are so judgmental!! Why is she being called selfish for not wanting another child yet!! At least she recognizes it, and isn’t pregnant with an unwanted child like so many others. This poor girl is damned if she do, and damned if she don’t!! Let’s not forget she had a miscarriage, and that may be another reason why she isn’t ready to have another baby… Get a life people. And focus on that one.

Real Momma on

Maybe it’s just me, but when you make the choice to have a child, you tend to want to give up the little clubbing days and worrying about social outings and immature stuff like that. I understand what she means, it is important to keep part of you, but she acts and talks so immature, grow up.

mamay on

At least she’s aware of it & making the right choices. Some people go ahead and have the kid, semi-ditch it and hang out at the clubs anyway. Or don’t go to the clubs but resent the kid for being a burden. She knows her mommy-limits. That’s great.

Cinder Lou on

For those who are calling Kendra selfish (and other things), how about giving her kudos for being honest, for knowing where she stands in life, and for keeping a bit of herself just for herself. She better keep some of herself to enjoy her adulthood away from her child. Once you give that part of yourself up, you have – and are – nothing, and are no good to anyone.

Deborah on

What a mean thing to say….before you have kids, you have to think of EVERYTHING you will have to ALTER! And people who are WELL OFF like her, like she couldn’t get a nanny for some “date nights?”, yup SELFISH.

Tracy on

I read in a different article that she stated she has a full time nanny and housekeeper so I’m sure she gets plenty of “me time”. She sounds selfish and immature. That being said, I do respect the fact that she isn’t having another child just to please others or because it’s what she thinks others expect her to do. Not everyone is meant to have more then 1 child or can handle more then 1. It’s better to see that in yourself then to have another child you don’t want. I have 2 and I’m so glad they have each other. I never wanted just 1 but that’s me.

Pam on

I watched Celebrity Wife Swap and was amazed at Kendra’s lack of mothering skills. She spends barely no time with Hank Jr and sends him to school and gives him to Hank and the nanny!

He is clearly not attached to her like he is to Hank and the nanny. When she returned after being gone a week – i watched as Hank Jr had no reaction to being reunited with his mom — didn’t faze him a bit that she had been gone so long. Sad, really sad.

Hank on the other hand seems like a real hands on father. Kendra needs to grow up and by grow up I don’t mean give up her social life. But begin to realize what a precious gift Hank Jr is and spend that quality time with him. Kate is right, you don’t get those years back!!!

Pamela on

After watching Kendra on Celebrity Wife Swap, I had to laugh when Kendra said she gives all she has to little Hank. He goes to school full time and she lounges around the pool or whatever else she wants to do all day. She also has a full time nanny who takes care of him when he isn’t at school.

When Kendra came home after being gone for the show, he didn’t smile or react at all. I have to wonder if he even realized she was gone since it seems that she spends little or no time with him. There is nothing wrong with wanting to go out with your friends once a week if you are otherwise taking care of your children.

In my opinion, Kendra has some serious growing up to do. I feel bad for her son.

Kristin on

I get why people are upset about the fact she goes clubbing, I respect her for understanding she is not ready for a second. She’s being honest with herself, and she’s not bringing a child into the world she doesn’t think she’s ready for. I do not have children and a lot of people don’t get it. I understand that children are a big commitment, and it’s super important to wait until you are TRULY ready.

Alma on

She certainly does sound immature. The only reason she gave for not wanting another baby, was I can’t go clubbing anymore. I think it’s very weird when you have a baby to HAVE to be in a club once a week. There are other activities you can do with the girsl, go to a movie, grab dinner, go shopping even go get a drink and gab away. She’s just a professional party girl who needs to learn she’s not 21 anymore. She will never have another because the first is not the kind of work she enjoys. If she can’t shake her A$$ at if it’s not fun.

Kim on

I don’t care if she has one child or ten, she needs to learn to tune in to what she’s got. Watching Wife Swap I was amazed at how little interest she seemed to have in her child. Her husband seems way more in tune with what is going on around the house. Apparently she thinks kids should do as they please, when they please. No rules, no schedule, whatever they want.

I’m no fan of Kate, but she is a thousand times better mother. Her kids will grow up knowing something about responsibilty and will know how to take care of themselves. All Kendra’s kid is going to learn is that money will buy you a housekeeper, a fancy car, and party time down at the club………sad.

SLS on

Well at least she is aware of it so she isnt having a second child right now. Maybe she never will, who cares? Lots of woman only have one are done, I am one of them. It just worked out that way.

And Sandy, do not feel sorry for poor Hank having no brother or sister. There is no right or wrong time. My Mom and her older brother (12 years older!) were as close as can be…sooo age gap be damned.

Melissa B on

We females judge each other harsher than anyone. Just BC you are a Mom doesn’t mean you can’t have a life. Going out once a week is not only healthy for you but your kid. Let him/her spend time w/grandparents or other people. Get out and have your own life too.

Lisa on

I think she’s more worried about weight gain than party schedule.

Julie on

Lets see, she has a full time nanny who does all the chores and child rearing….she goes out once a week and gets drunk……she lets her hubby pick up any slack that nanny hasnt got covered….and her 3 year old baby has been in daycare full time for some time now?….and she does what all day?…oh yeah, she works hard having a reality show!….I hope she is prepared for her child to read all of this press some day……she will have some “splainin” to do

haven on

I have two kids one almost 3 and one 7 months and I quit my job to be stay at home mom to take care of them because to me I didnt want miss out on their baby years. These are the moments where I know I can never take back so each day that I’m with my kids I cherish. They Wont stay this little forever.

As far as me going out I could care less. If I’m not with my kids I’m not happy. m most happiest when I’m playing with them, reading to them, or whatever. Once in a while their grand parents would babysit for us If my husband and I wanted to go out for a few hours or if I had a doctor visit. Even when I was out I would miss my kids and couldnt wait to come home to them.

That is just me though. I can’t imagine going out every week clubbing. I would rather spend those time with my kids. I guess everyone is different.

KatyLaRoo on

I think it’s admirable of her to know her limits, whatever her reasons are, and only children are no more spoiled than other kids…it’s all about parenting. The fact she stated it’s because she wants to still go out once a week is a bit much though. I don’t know many moms that can or want to go out once a week! I’m the mom of only one child and I’m lucky if I go out once or twice in a month with a friend, let alone once a week for clubbing.

Cyndi on

There are some on here who are “praising” Kendra for being “honest”, and yet, if she was being “honest”, she would tell the real reason- she is a self centered, spoiled brat who doesn’t want to go through pregnancy again. Furthermore, she doesn’t need to have another kid- she’s had the one that got a pro athlete to marry her, and insure a healthy child support payout when they divorce down the road!

Puzzled as to how Kendra’s life would be that much different if she did have more children? She already has a full time nanny/housekeeper who does everything that a typical housewife/mother does. She already shuffles the poor son off to school, every day,starting at the age of 2! It was painfully evident that he’s got more of a connection with the nanny/housekeeper than his own mother- when she got back from her “Wife Swap” , he was sitting on the steps,playing with the nanny, and did NOT move when Kendra walked in the door. He sat there, like,”ok, big deal, mom’s home, just like she always comes home after going out”. Pretty sad when your child doesn’t even jump up and act happy when you walk in the door after being gone for a week.

Can’t wait to see this kid’s behavior in the years to come, hope she and Hank have plenty of moved saved for the lawyers and psychiatrists that are going to be needed for this poor kid. But, in the meantime, Kendra, keep trotting him out for the photo ops of the “happy family”.

Deborah on

BS! you have children because you are ready to make it THEIR TIME. I have 2, and I am very fortunate to afford to stay home and hire a baby sitter when I need to have a date night with my husband, or he stays with the kids when I need to get away with the girls…which isn’t often because I CHOSE it that way.

When your kids get old enough to go to preschool and/or reg school, you have all the time for yourself, I clean my own home and go to the gym…because I MAKE my own time while they are gone for few hours. It will only work if YOU work it…some women just want to give up and complain. And for the women who work full time, week night for your family and when you are ready to hang out with just hubby or girlfriends, a Saturday night can quench your thirst for a social life…right now, YOU wanted the child, so it’s THEIR time.

PacificGirl on

I watched the show and she’s such a spoiled B$%#$. Her son goes away to ‘school’ all day and she get’s massages and tans? WTF? Her exactly words “I still like to go out with my friends, get drunk and act stupid. I’m not ready to turn the page on partying yet.” Dude why did you get married? And Hank is a loser for defending her and marrying her. I really have respect for Kate Gosselin after watching the show. Her kids are so well behaved and well adjusted.

Anonymous on

I watched on Celebrity wife swap and it looked to me like she doesn’t have to do anything and her husband does everything and she has a nanny that cooks and cleans and little Hank goes to pre-school on the morning. I am not saying she is a crap mom but from what I have seen she does not want to grow up and have responsibilities.

PacificGirl on

Kendra supporters – you guys are comparing her to your normal life. This woman doesn’t work and has nannies and housekeepers for a child that is gone all day, 5 days a week! It’s hard for you, but it ain’t hard for her!

Connie on

Wow what haters because she parents differently. The kid seems perfectly happy and no one knows how our kids will eventually turn out anyway until they are grown. Most parents/moms/dads, don’t do things saying “I’m really trying to mess my kids up”.

My kids are teenagers now and are doing really great but they are only 16 months apart and I needed me time. My husband takes our kids (babies – toddlers, kids, and now teenagers) away for a few days every few months so I have the house to myself, clean up after only myself, and cook (or carryout) my kind of food for myself. He has done this for 13 years now and it gives me my energy back to really appreciate everything I do for my family.

My husband travels about 25% of the time so he gets these breaks from the normal stuff. But I have to tell you we have been given grief from friends and especially my mother-in-law about this and we just don’t care. Am I selfish? Maybe. Does my husband resent doing this – no he loves planning little trips that interst him and the kids. Do the kids resent it – nope, they too love the extra attention from dad only and less structure that I usually enforce.

So I guess I’m just saying, everyone is different and let’s quite judging everyone so harshly.

Michele on

Too many people rush into having kids so good for her if she wants to wait. You can have a child and a social life. By no means does it make you a bad parent or self-centered. She may have a nanny and a hands-on husband but that doesn’t make her a bad mom. People usually dislike what they don’t understand or, in this case, likely envy.


Hey! At least she knows what she wants and what is important to her. I appreciate that.

Haters be gone!!! She can live her life how she wants and make the decisions she feel is best for her life. That doesn’t make her selfish, that just makes her self-aware.

Tina on

This article is giving off a different impression than the one on Celebrity Wife Swap. On CWS, her husband was doing more with the baby and cooking than she was. So, I don’t know where this “Super Mom” stuff is coming from. Not saying she’s not a nice person, but she always seemed child-like to me.

jaci on

How can anyone defend this girl?? She doesnt want another child bc she wants to go clubbing????? and screaming equals being an adult??? what the????

KSU1016 on

I think she is great – good for her for making the decision to only have little Hank right now and then think about another one in the future. A woman shouldn’t be defined by how many kids she has. Her son seems very loved and if she has another it will be loved too! She is only in her 20’s – give her time!

UmAnyways on

B.S.!! The kid is probably bad as hell and gets a spanking. I guess hank does that. And her whole ” not wanting to miss a night out” is a plea to the clubs and entertainment groups to hit up her people for gigs. Publicity article from a celeb who looks like an old mummy compared to girls like Kate Upton who took her spot. Kendra’s outings should only be going to Toys R Us!!

Maru on

To Stacy and Sandy: Its not kendras fault that you decided to throw all your little social life and i mean little, because its obvious that you guys are boring as hell, if you decided to have 6 its your choice, but in this time its gimme a break its almost imposible to raise 6 and give them all the love and attention that they need. so dont BS us!!!! i bet your older one is who takes care of half of your kids, so dont come here trying to look like your a super mom, because i bet you are NOT!!!

I totally understand kendra, as working mom its very difficult to find a balance with the little social life that you still got, having a baby takes almost 80% of your time, in fact i think its normal and healthy that once a week she wants to find a time for herself. Wise decision kendra i have a baby and ill definetly will be wait for my second child too. Just one needs my whole attention right now. XOXO

boohoobytch on

sounds like she’s on the “one and done” system like my mom….I have no kids and don’t want any b/c I like my life, freedom, quiet time with my husband, my body and all the traveling I can do at the drop of a hat…I have very little patience for people in general and while I think SOME children/babies are cute [to look at], I’m just not into all of that noise and tending to every 5 seconds…I only stay in child free resorts, it’s THAT serious lol

Melisa on

I don’t see anything wrong with her honesty. When are women going to stop pushing their own beliefs onto one another and embrace the differences between all of us?? I am with my children 51 weeks out of the year….but I take that one week with my significant other, always on a plane, always tropical, and remember what it is like to be someones friend and lover. It’s not selfish, it’s essential.

Momof3 on

Good for her for being honest about why she doesn’t want another child yet.

Tina on

“IF” she decides to have another child, that child will read all her comments, that should remain between her and her husband, on the Internet.

So, she isn’t ready to give up her social life for another child….I used to like her but she is a self-centered, self-absorbed child who needs to grow up. I would have thought she had enough social life with Hef and being a playboy bunny. Hank must be embarrassed by her sometimes as she never knows when to shut her mouth.

boohoobytch on

to the chick that said only children are spoiled, selfish etc etc – wrong…We’re quite independent and can manage life without needing the advice and guidance of 45 people, we do tend to be moody when we’re surrounded by a group for long periods of time but we tend to just find our way to the door and take 5 minute breather…I pity the people that say “I need to call my sister/brother and ask their opinion”…really? get a grip

duh on

good for her! don’t do it if you aren’t ready or really don’t want another!

Beverly Johnston on

I love Kendra but she really needs to grow up!

Darcel on

What social life?

alexandraconstantin2009 on

To all the moms that gasped in horror reading a woman doesn’t want a second child: having more kids doesn’t make you a better mom, it just shows you like kids and sex which is ok but doesn’t make you a better mom, not having a career doesn’t make you a better mom, it just shows you gave up on your life in order to build your kid’s life which is ok but is that what you want him to do too later on?…I don’t even know who this kendra girl is and I don’t go to clubs but I’m tired of women rolling their eyes every time I say I don’t want a second child… I want to afford everything for my kid (health insurance, best education and all the knowledge she can get including taking her in life changing vacations) instead of having 4 kids and barely paying their health insurance and living in a small apartment where they share a room…consider that before you make your comments

Tina on

@jaci, yeah, I caught the ‘screaming is an adult thing’, too. I said to myself ‘What?” That’s some stupid parenting.

soflabiz on

Absolutely nothing wrong with this. She’s being honest and one night a week for herself? Who cares – more power to her! I have a date night with the hubby once a week and hire a sitter. It would be selfish of her to have another baby when she wasn’t ready – I think she’s great.

Ivy on

Unlike crazy Sandy’s comments I love Kendra’s honesty. My husband and I have 2 kids and one on the way. My oldest is 16 while my second is 4 yrs old and we have another due this summer. I enjoy the gap between my two already as we were able to finish our college in between and have awesome careers to provide for more children and neither care about the HUGE gap. So again glad to hear Kendra’s honest

OTdina on

I think people should respect her for knowing what she wants and needs, and taking ownership and responsibility for that. How many sixteen year olds are out there getting knocked up and then leaving their babies home (hopefully with someone watching them, but you never know!) while they go out partying? At least she is responsible enough to understand that right now she wants other things out of life, and is taking steps to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Maybe at some point in the future she will be ready for another baby. Maybe not. It is not our place to judge. But I do respect her undertanding and acknowledging that this is not the right time in her life for another baby, and that yes, maybe she does not yet have the maturity for it (which ironically is a sign of maturity itself).

carlynn on

I wish I could say I am surprised by some of the response, but that would be lying. I always find it so funny that when celebrities put themselves out there to be vulnerable and tell us about what they think or how they do things the do gooders who are anonymous have so much advice of how it should be done right.

Kendra is being honest saying she enjoys going out and not ready to give that up, so what? I am reading how selfish this is, being selfish would be having another one and leaving it with babysitters so she can go out. Its not selfish for her to not have a baby, its her life. Let her live it the way she wants, she isnt hurting you or the family she has, so why do you care so much!!

catharine on


Lisa B on

I don’t necessarily see this as selfish. Selfish would be…having another kid your not ready for and never being around for them. At least she’s candid about it. Moms, such as myself, DO need some ‘me’ time. And moms of 1 child, such as myself, are content with the ease and balance of parenting and taken care of ourselves. She has every right to not immediately squirt out another kid just because others want her to. 🙂

Johanna on

people the whole point i think is that we as women has choices. Its Kenda life, she has the right to choose if and when she wants to have another child. we shouldnt criticize.

Melissa B on

Ha. All these judgmental moms aka WOMEN. We are so harsh to each other. Get of your soap boxes ladies. You can go out once a week and be a good Mom you fools. It’s healthy for you AND your baby to get some SPACE. Catty a ss women.

Deylia on

For the people who are complaining and saying she is such a bad mother because she isn’t ready to give up her social life for baby #2…. Really???? Have you really thought about this before judging this woman. How many celebrity moms pop out kid after kid only to have a nanny raise them? And isn’t it better that she is willing to admit she is not ready and wait until she is? She is being a responsible parent for crying out loud… but I guess the same ones who are bashing her for being honest are the same ones who are drawn into the mtv pregnant teenager drama.

Jen on

I like you Kendra. I think Hank is lucky to have you for a mom. He is absolutely adorable and nice too. Kendra you are doing something right!

Guest on

Darwinism is a farce. There needs to be an IQ test for people thinking of procreating.

Laurie on

Sounds like all the bashers are a little jealous.

Jenn on

Why is it that once a woman has one child, she suddenly has to become a babymaking machine and give up her life to have MORE babies?? There is no law saying that every woman must have multiple children. I have one husband, one dog…one child. A perfect family 🙂

kazumi on

to the perfect little moms out there who love to over-react on every little comment that a celebrity says which do not match their own, GET A LIFE! seriously, it doesn’t make anyone a selfish, immature person and a bad mother just because she still wants to have a social life, being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t have friends or have fun every now and then or have date nights with your husband, it doesn’t mean that your quitting being a parent, it’s just a breather that every person needs, and if she’s not ready to have a second child, then so be it, don’t judge her, and don’t start by saying that everyone has an opinion blah blah blah, an opinion is so different with passing judgement on others, again, GET A LIFE!

tc on

Doing whatever you need in order to be happy and present for your child or children is a loving responsible choice. While going out clubbing may not be everyone’s idea of what a mom “should” be doing, her intention is to be a good, happy, fulfilled mom for her son. I commend her in honoring her needs and her limitations and not being selfish in having multiple children that she is neither equipped or prepared to handle.

Jake on

I love Kendra, but was disappointed that she got front of the line passes for everything. When we went to Disney, the kids were constantly in tears because we would get in line to meet a character and then be told that it was that character’s break and we would lose our turn after standing in line. So so sad when it happened with Woody, Buzz, Ariel, Snow White, etc etc. I thought that was terrible on the part of Disney parks. It is really crushing to a kid:(

Kathy on

It is sad that regar workng class people who will probably only get to take their child(ren) to Disney once had to miss out but a ‘celebrity’ who was nothing more than a clubbing boozing Playboy whore gets the luxury. Shame on Disney. What family values does Kendra bring? None! We took our kids years ago and at the end of the day they all said they preferred our hometown Amusement Park because ‘We could ride more rides and 3 hrs of standing in line isnt fun.’ And look at the Disney pic. Whos holding their child? HANK! She couldnt be bothered to hold him even for what i am sure was a paid photo opp. May e she would break a nail 😉 And i am in no way jealous of her. I am a 30 yrs married, mother of 4 and grandma to 5. But if it acts like a whore, talks like a selfish whore and demonstrates being a clubbing whore. Its a whore. NOT a celebrity in my book.

Amy on

THis story just burns my butt in so many ways, I’m not sure where to begin. Her life changed forever with the birth of “little hank”, clubbing and such SHOULD have went out the window then. Weekly night out? As a parent of one, I consider myself BLESSED to get 4 hours to myself on a Saturday night. Kendra, it’s time to grow up, life is NOW ABOUT that sweet little boy and your husband, not clubbing, not partying one night a week!!!

Big Fan on

She can’t go to the clubs? That’s not something a mom should do anyway…..your life is your child now. Geez, grow up, I just lost respect for her.

Kim on

I really like Kendra, she seems like a such a down to earth person and I admire her honesty, it isn’t easy having children and you do need a life besides your children. I feel it isn’t right to attack each other whether we have one child or ten we are all doing the very best job and most important job and it does make you a better mom to have outside interests. I would rather a woman have one child and devote her life to it than have a bunch of kids and be miserable…I have two boys and most days it is tough I really admire women who can have alot but I know that isn’t for me,women let’s life each other up there is just too much I am better than you attitude out here. Let’s everyone have their own opinion about what works for them and their family.

Katia on

I have four children because I WANTED to. And raising them was my focus for a long time. But I loved it, because it’s what I wanted to do. It was hard and I could never imagine living that life if I didn’t want to and was forced to. This mom isn’t “selfish” because she doesn’t want more kids, and I wasn’t “unselfish” because I had more. We both did what we wanted.

Denise S. on

A person needs to know their limitations. Obviously Kendra does. I had a second child so the older one would always have someone after my husband and I were gone. They are only 22 months apart but they have nothing in common now that they are in their 20’s.

Having a 2nd child changes the whole dynamics of a family, not necessarily in a good way either. Good for her that she realizes this.

ejny on

I respect that. She is young, lots of time for the responsibility of more children.

Izzy on

People need to stop being judgmental and I will venture to say that those who are quick to judge don’t have any kids! Though I never was huge on clubs and bars, I do agree with her. It WAS a lot easier to find time for myself and then date night with my husband before we had our second child. And you know when you’re ready to have the second, if ever. Why force it? When you know, then you’ll know!

Sarah on

So they give “Front of the line Passes” to “D” level celebrities. That’s complete BS. Never going to Disneyland again.

Kate on

Seriously? Did anybody watch the wife swap?! She is obviously not a very good mother. Her husband or nanny does it all while she “relaxes” all day.

I am 20 years old and have a 2 year old. I don’t get to go out once a week, my boyfriend works hard for what we have and we take care of our kid. We don’t have someone else home all the time raising them. She clearly gets more than one day a week to herself… Not saying its a bad thing to make time for yourself but she is ignoring her own child in her home too. That’s wrong to me mama should be a big part of his life.

Sharon on

I respect what she is saying, but she will probably never be ready for another child. She can hire a babysitter to watch her kids, or have grandparents watch them while she goes on vacation or just needs a day for pampering..

kim on

wow. shes disgusting. time for her to grow up already!! “oh boo hoo, i cant go to a club and get trashed and whore it up cuz i have too many kids” WTF kind of parent SAYS that??!!!

gwen on

My thoughts are why did she have a child at all?? With ALL the birth control methods on the market, it did not have to happen..She’s being honest, but sounds extremely immature.

LC on

How can I get front of the line Disneyland passes?

Kathy on

@LC – Whore yourself put for YEARS. Party, drink and be Hugh Hefners wore, get a’reality’ show, marry a rich football player, have a child (but do NOT – I repeat do NOT) stop your bad girl ways and grow up and be a mother and wife. Continue your selfish ways and Disney (and other establishments) will reward you. SMH. Sad and sick.

stef on

Um, E! announced a few weeks ago she was pregnant with her 2nd child…??? And she said her New Year’s resolution was to have another child this year???

magatatattat on

Kendra’s kid obviously doesn’t know her…on celebrity wife swap they showed a clip of Hank on the step with the nanny when she walked in and you could quickly see hank reading a book with the nanny and didn’t even care mommy was home…so the camera quickly cut out. Kendra is obviously selfish and needs a priority check.

stef on

Seriously, Sandy? Self-centered, self-absorbed is the LAST thing she is! She doesn’t want to invest the time in having another kid right now…so she ISN’T! There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. Nothing at all.

Stop worrying about Kendra’s personal life and go sit down and study the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. You don’t know simple grammar, it’s more than obvious YOU’RE (note the correct use of ‘you’re’) not ready for kids.

Anonymous on

I watched Wife Swap, and all I can say is she doesn’t need another child!

As for only children being spoiled, I have an only child she is spoiled. but spoiled with our attention and love.

I couldn’t begin to even imagine or understand a person wanting to be out “getting drunk” instead of being at home with their child.My daughter is 9, we have never felt the need to be out clubbing.I love every minute with my kiddo and wouldn’t change it or give it up for anything!! When you have children they become (or should anyway) Priority.Good for her for not having anymore kids.Half the time she and Hank are having marriage problems anyway,so it’s probobly best that she doesn’t have another child.

Iam a little surprised to see so many here that feel that going out at night is so important to them.I get my “Me” time as you call it when my daughter is at school.I go out with friends during the day,Movies,Lunch, Manis/Pedis etc.And at night Im at home with my daughter and husband.Theres nothing more important than family!

Messiejessy on

@Sandy, you sound like a stuck-up, rude person with their head up their own a$$. She’s being realistic. She knows she’s not ready yet. Would it be better for her to do it anyway and then be unhappy and have the rest of her family suffer from it? I can only imagine what you would have to say about that!

I’m a mother of a 20 month old and I too can understand where she’s coming from. I am not ready for my second yet. My husband and I both work full time and the little time we do get with our daughter every evening is not only my favorite parts of the day, but realisticly are the most stressful. Children are difficult sometimes and I too value whatever ME time I actually get, which is practically NONE. Lighten up and don’t be so critical!

kelly on

Its none of anyones buisness if she choses to have 1 or 15 more kids but I can’t believe she makes these comments and acts like a mother who actually has anything to do with her child! She has a nanny and a husband who does everything from cooking to bringing the kid to school and spending time with him. After watching that Wife Swap I cannot believe she calls herself a mother, its like calling a sperm donor a father!

kelly on

As much as I think its nobodys buisness how many kids anyone else has, I find it a joke that she thinks she is a mother! From watching Wife Swap it appears she spends about as much time with her son as she does with her mail man! One child and you have a nanny AND a husband who does everything from cooking to parenting the little guy. You can’t really fault her though, like so many other people, if you can get away with doing nothing, you probably will.

Her husband seems to not want her to do much else than breath or doesn’t feel she has a brain in order to do so! Really Hank, if she is gonna leave you because she has to be an adult/wife/mother for doing day to day tasks then I think you might want to let her go! Calling her a mother is like saying the sperm donor a couple uses is the father!

tlc2013 on

I read through alot of the comments on here…no one put anything about Kendra getting paid to go out!! It’s called money! LOL Um, her husband is NOT a football player anymore! Aside from TV shows, there is no other way for her to earn $$ (other than her adult toy line) I’m sure you’d fly to Vegas in a jet for one night to earn some income too!

Kim on

Sorry but only children are spoiled and selfish. My daughter’s friend is an only and her mom is an annoying, helicopter parent in the worst way and thinks the world revolves around her “little snowflake”. My cousin grew up an only and hated it! She now has 4 kids, she said no way would she put her kid thru being an only. My niece is an only and she loves coming to my house where she plays with my kids, and then cries when she leaves because she says her house is so quiet and there is nobody to play with. When they go on trips and at home and holidays she only has her parents to hang out with, so sad.

It might be fun for the kids when they are super young but as they get older they will miss having a sibling around to share life experiences with and then when the parents pass away they will always have some family. Sorry if this offends moms with onlies but it’s the truth at least from my experience.

Kendra is so self-absorbed she can’t see past where she is getting her next drink.

Kelly on

It’s funny that Kendra considers a SECOND child to be the end of her “clubbing” and social life! Girlfriend, I gave that up when I had my FIRST baby! (I had my first child in my 30’s, so I was over clubbing, etc., anyway). The hubs and I will occasionally get a babysitter and go out to dinner and a movie. But no late-night partying for us, because we still have to be up with our little-one when she wakes up at 7 a.m.! It must be much easier when your a celebrity like Kendra, who can afford a 24-hour nanny for her son. So there’s someone to look after Hank, Jr. while she’s sleeping off her hangover (SMH).

LJ on

It isn’t good for adults to yell either. That parenting technique is rather strange. I did enjoy the show. I thought that both Kate and Kendra learned some valuable things!

jessica on

People are commenting on this article and have not seen the show. What you see on the show is kind of disturbing. Every mother needs “me” time and how much “me” time is going to be different for each mother. Kendra needs so much “me” time her kid barely sees her. Her husband is the primary caregiver and she parties every week with her friends. I do agree that it’s good she admits to not being ready for a second child but she is not ready for her current child either!

Kate on

Once you had the baby your clubbing days should have been few and far between. Super Mom my a$$.

Lynsey on

I’ve never been into the club/party scene so I don’t relate to Kendra on that. I am also not a mother, but spend a good amount of time caring for children as part of my job.

I can imagine that being a mother requires you to give up some of yourself which can be difficult. I think that it’s OK for Kendra to remain with one child for now, rather than have another and be unable to provide enough attention.

klutzy_girl on

Hey guys, Holiday is commenting over on the Miranda Kerr story about spoiled and bratty only children again. Someone needs some therapy……

gyl on

Believe it or not, having more than one child is easier. You are not constantly entertaining the one kid. They have each other. But she is correct to wait because little Hank was obviously not planned so kudos for waiting it out and being ready the second time around.

jenni perkins on

Why should she get front of the line passes at disneyland, stand in line like everyone else!

lukebandit on

Kendra, have you ever thought about when you said you like to go out and drink and get drunk that and I hope and pray this never happens. You go out with your GF’s and you get drunk bad. Your driver comes in to get you because there is an emergency with little hank. little hank has been taken to the hospital with a serious medical emergency. Your driver takes you to the hospital and you get to hank sr. but you are so drunk you pass out. You would not be able to make any medical decisions on behalf of little hank. Hank Sr. would have to do it. You never know what will happen. Life is too short, the Bible says “It is only a vapor”.

Also, I can’t believe you let kate Gosselin sit there and talk to you like that. You should of told her that she should be arrested for working her children like mules. And mention the manual how outrageous it was. That would maybe get the attention of CPS and they could come in and get it stopped. She needs to hire someone to take care of the chickens, not 3 little 7 year old boys. That is TOOO HARD. Hauling around big bags of chicken feed like MULES! Did you see the look of EVIL she gave you when you mentioned the treehouse and freedom? She almost lost it there. Please Kendra SPEAK UP FOR THOSE KIDS!

Erica on

Some of you people are sooo silly and immature and ridiculous!! I knew the minute I started to read I would have to read all the negativity!! I applaud Kendra for her honesty and for being smart enough to realize what she isnt ready for!! I dont have any kids and that is definitely by choice and no one is going to tell what and when I need to. This is my life and if my priorities are to have a blast as long as I can then that’s what I am going to do!! Hank knew what he signed up for and I can tell by watching that he loves it and loves her!! Go Kendra have your fun!! At least til you’re 30 lol!!

Erica on

Not to mention Kendra makes her money by clubbing so club onnnn girl!!!!!

AKP on

Good for her. She keeps it real. There are way too many people having children and forcing them to adapt to their lifestyle/schedule. I have seen so many hungry/tired babies at department stores screaming while mommy gets her shopping fix. It’s selfish. Why subject a child to that? If you aren’t ready, don’t reproduce.

joy on

I just have to say that I’m an only child and I always tell people that choose to have only one (not because of finances or fertility, etc), to think about the future when they are adults. I was fine as an only growing up. Never really cared. Now as an adult, it is HARD. You are the only person to take care of your parents. It would be very nice to have a sibling to help me with my parents as they age. Now, that I’m married with my own family, my Mom always has to spend a holiday by herself if it is the one I’m with my in-laws. It would be so much easier if I had a sibling or 2.

If I struggle to have another baby, I told my husband I want to adopt. I really don’t want her to be an only child!!! I want her to have a sister/brother to complain about me to in the future.

Just One on

Many people cite parent care as a reason to have more children, but the truth is that having more children doesn’t guarantee they’ll be helpful to their siblings, or that they’ll all be together for the holidays. I haven’t seen my sister in two years, and she can’t even find the time to Skype with my mother. We’ve both grown up and moved away to places that are 3000+ miles from our mother.

And regarding caring for parents in their old age, I’m 99% sure I’m going to be the one caring for my mother alone because my sister is flaky and somewhat irresponsible with these things. I love her but it’s the truth.

Don’t think just because they both (or all if there are more than two) grew up with the same parents that they’ll stick around to help or share the burden. Kids are not a reliable retirement plan.

Me on

I like Kendra and good for her for knowing what she wants and can handle. She is only 27. I am a single mom of twins and originally only wanted 1 kid. I just got the bonus kid with it. And even though I wouldnt give up my babies for the world. I look at my friends with 1 child and think gosh that has to be so easy. LOL. and people dont understand moms need their own time too. I am going out for the first time this weekend in almost 4 years and you wouldnt believe the people calling me selfish because my kids are spending the night somewhere else. Trying to make me feel bad. On Sunday I will be back to being momma again and all will be right with the world. But I am really looking forward to my me time without my kids for a few hours. Is that so wrong?

Alex on

The comment from Sandy is rather mean and pathetic, and that’s putting it nicely. Sandy, you feel sorry for Hank because he may not have a sibling? Is not having a sibling the end of the world? The worst thing a parent can do to a child? What if she can’t have another child? Should she adopt because everyone needs a sibling? What about my friend whose older brother molested her and she later killed herself? Her parents did her brother a big favor by giving him a sibling whom he abused, right? It’s okay to have one child. It’s not okay to abuse children. The latter is objectively awful. The former is not. Good luck with your nasty attitude.

Michelle on

I waited 5 years between kids because I wasn’t mentally ready – that’s the opposite of selfish. It’s selfish to just have another because other people are

Lia on

Why is a married woman in night clubs?

OKgirl on

I don’t feel sorry for her. She can still go out once a week with two children, she just has to wait probably a year to do it once she’s pregnant. Sounds like she’s very selfish.

Anonymous on

I just want to clear up some confusion for anyone who thinks that Disneyland offers a front of the line pass. As a Guest Relations cast member at Disneyland I can guarantee that we do not offer a front of the line pass, that if something at universal. We do offer VIP tours at more than $300 an hour but even that does not provide the front of the line access to attractions. Celebrities do get different treatment in order to keep them safe and to keep other guests from mobbing them.

kim r. on

Well ive read most of the comments and I also commend her on her honesty for knowing her limits. Maybe the show wifeswap was an eye opener for her to see that maybe she doesnt spend as much time with little hank as she should. So why would you want to add another child to not spend time with. Also I read that she suffered ppd and maybe that has a big influence on her decision as women who have experienced it can understand that its tough to deal with. I have one 2 yr old son and it was a huge adjustment for me and my husband. I cant say that I want anymore kids, but I feel its wrong to have kids to provide a sibling or to please others. Not all siblings grow up being close so for ppl to use that as an excuse it very naive.

Remy on

She’s really got problems in the judgment and common sense departments. Thankfully her son has one competent parent and it isn’t her. Go live at “the club” for all we care.

lynn on

Did you watch the wife swap? She does nothing. Hank is amazing and they have a nanny. She goes out getting massages, the kid was at preschool all day. He did not even sit at the dinner table with them for meals. She likes to party-then don’t have kids. YOURE too selfish right now. She should have waited until she was older.

IMO Kate-as crazy as she is was a better parent.

Karen on

Oh cool…parenting advice from an idiot.

Amy on

The way our president and government are ruining the U.S.A., I’m not planning on having anymore kids either. I don’t blame you!!! This world is getting more and more unbearable every second. I don’t want to subject anymore innocent beings to it’s nastiness!

Still Hate Kate on

You go Lukebandit! I watched CWS and for all of those saying Kate is a great better mom; how so? She’s still a controlling control freak whose kids will resent her one day. I’ve read that KG leaves her kids frequently with nanny’s and caregivers. KG is such a martyr.

I saw Kendra as a person who wanted to bring some joy and spontaneity to those poor kids. Yes, they are well behaved. I would be too if I had a witch mom like them. And it’s nobody’s business but if Kendra puts it out there she should expect ridicule.

Amy on

You all do know that’s ok to be a parent aaaaaand still have a life! My mother was a great mom while she helped my father run their own business. Not to mention that she stayed in awesome shape a plus for their weekly date nights! She also made time for things she enjoyed like yard work and home improvement projects.One day when I have a child I will do the same thing….be a great mother without losing myself in the process!

Awwwshucks on

There’s already two kids! If any of you saw Celebrity Wife Swap with Kendra and Kate (plus eight) big Hank is the Momma in that family ….Kendra and little Hank are the kids…big Hank is raising little Hank alone while…Kendra plays in her sandbox….all dayyyyy and nite. At least little Hank has one engaging parent thank goodness. No need to saddle big Hank with three kids right now. Not now!

Monty on

Well if kenedra was so selfish, she had not planned on getting pregnant, so one who was so selfish would of just aborted her baby and that would have been selfish—so here is for kendra and not be so selfish and have witnessed her with her son and it seems like a whole lot of love there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

I am so proud that Kendra admits that she is not ready for baby no. 2. And she is doing a great job with baby no. 1. There are alot of women who just keep having kids and they cannot afford to care for them. Kendra is giving her child everything, and that is what children should have, good parents! Kendra and Hank are wonderful parents, and that says alot.

Cheryl on

Good for her for knowing herself and her limitations. I respect her for that.

Summer on

She had Hank Jr. fairly young – really young by Hollywood standards. I’m just a normal person and just had my first at 30 because I didn’t feel ready until then. I understand what she’s saying. She’s not a bad mom for wanting to have some time to herself once a week. Women on here acting like their whole lives revolve around their children are pathetic. Harsh but true. Every mom needs some time for her sanity. You don’t stop being a person with separate interests and needs once you become a mom. Losing yourself in your identity as a mom is very unhealthy. My husband regularly gives me time for myself, as I do with him, and we also try to have a regular date night. It makes us better parents!

Erin on

she should have another, that little boy is gorgeous! I love his hair!

Snow on

@Holiday and Kathy (btw, why the hell has no one said anything about Kathy’s idiotic multiple comments? She said almost the exact same ignorant things Holiday said.) Go to hell, both of you and take your hatred of only children with you. STFU about how you think your personal experiences make you the #1 experts on only children.

I am an only child and I enjoyed not having to compete with anybody for my parents’ love! Just because the only children you know hate it doesn’t mean every single only child who ever existed will, so I don’t know where you’re getting your bullshit, ignorance, and bitchiness from. You’re both bitches who need to pull your judgemental heads out of your asses.

Also, how dare you criticize Disney, Kathy? You’re one to talk! They aren’t doing anything worse than you’re doing, so keep your stupidity and bitterness to yourself.

In closing, go fuck yourselves, both of you. I hope your children get taken away from you so they don’t have to grow up with awful bitches like you for mothers.

Anon on

The people who are judging this woman or calling her trash for going clubbing once a week need to grow the hell up. If she were going to a book club or a cooking class once a week, that would be okay, amirite? But because she’s a MOM, she’s not allowed to take part in the hobby she enjoys, because it’s not serious and MOM-like enough? How jealous and petty of all of you.

Myself on

Ooooooh, there are some jealous haters here making childish, jealous comments over someone else’s responsible decision making. You women need to grow up. You’re not perfect, no one is. Is she really going to change her mind and have another child just because you think she should? If she bothers you women so much, why do you spend your time reading articles about her? Spend your time doing something else.

Lisa on

My son and daughter died. I would give anything to spend time with them.

Nacole on

What is wrong with u people so what she only wants one kid for right now and so what she still wants to have a social life and go to the club that’s no different then u drinking your I’m to good for you wine and sitting like a prude in a Restauraunt. You want honesty ok here is some all you women that claim u don’t need to go out and your so happy we all no your popping Zanex and eating Benadryl then chasing it down with your wine otherwise you wouldn’t be so crazy to try and tell someone they r selfish because they don’t want another child right now and by the way since you r so complete and high and mighty why r u ready people magazine which is about other people’s life if u didn’t need a little excape out if your woulrld into someone else’s for a while!!!

Niko on

Typical narcissistic airhead comment right there*sigh*

Nacole on

Not an airhead just telling the truth but u and anyone else has a problem with it I can assure u will be just fine:)

Sasha on

I don’t think she’s being selfish at all.. it’s actually the opposite. It would be selfish if she continued to have more kids knowing she wasn’t prepared to give them all of their time. As far as we’re concerned she’s been a good mom thus far, keeps her family out of the spotlight, and is still married when people continuously bashed her for getting married pregnant and at a young age. Kudos to her and Hank.

Ann on

Its ok to have just one child which is their business so who are we to judge? She is still entitled to be a person with a life so going out with friends is fine. Do wish they would cut that child’s hair…..he is a boy afterall!!!!

april on

GROW UP and quit being so selfish, it’s not all about you any more once you become a mom.

And on second thought maybe Greg Louganis was right, it was all about getting attention again it’s back to the all about you.

Take a step back and re-think your life, the past is the past it’s time to move ahead and be the wife and mother you should be.