Tamera Mowry-Housley: It’s Important to Let Post-Baby Body Pressure Go

02/27/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Tamera Mowry Tia Mowry Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon
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Stunning in a white dress by Black Halo, Tamera Mowry-Housley returned to the red carpet Thursday for the first time since delivering son Aden in November.

“I have all of these curves I didn’t have before,” the new mom — with twin sister Tia Mowry-Hardrict by her side at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards Luncheon — tells PEOPLE. “I wanted to show them off!”

However, she admits her new figure did take some getting used to.

“When I see people like Claire Danes and Megan Fox I think, ‘My body won’t do that!’ My boobs are in my face, I have stretch marks,” Mowry-Housley, 34, says of the post-baby bodies of her fellow actresses.

“There’s a lot of pressure, but you just have to just let it go.”

Adds a Rachel Roy-clad Mowry-Hardrict, “After I had my son [Cree, 20 months], I looked at women like that and I questioned myself. I couldn’t understand how people were on a beach in a bikini two months after they had a baby. I went to my OB-GYN because I thought something was wrong with me. I decided to look up to women like Pink instead. She took her time.”

One of Mowry-Housley’s tricks to feeling more comfortable is channeling Christina Hendricks. “She’s a woman who knows how to show off her curves in a very positive and beautiful way,” she notes.

My husband [Adam Housley] keeps telling me to own my curves because he thinks it’s sexy,” adds Mowry-Housley. “I just birthed a human being and that was hard, so I am enjoying this. I want to represent a normal woman who just had a baby. This is who I am.”

— Jessica Herndon

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Shannon on

I love her SO much for telling it like it is!

seila on

she looks like she’s pregnant again

Anonymous on

both sisters look stunning. it’s wonderful to read a normal young woman’s thoughts. with so much post partum depresssion etc.. it’s wonderful to read about young women who have their heads on correctly. I think young women like Megan Fox are genetically programmed to stay slimmish during pregnancy.. a girl with great curves may have her curves larger a bit.. both girls should be applauded for the love they show their boys..

interesting fact one may not read or know, identical twins, when they have children, their children are 1/2 brother/and/or sister(s). most people don’t mention tihs..

Congrats to both women and thank you for this article.. as a mom of two adult sons whom I love more than anything.. it’s always wonderful to read about mother love from anyone.. thanks.. 🙂

Samantha McCoin on

I love this! You see and hear about so many celeb moms looking like they never had a baby so soon after giving birth. It’s good to hear someone taking things slow.

And this is towards the comment by anonymous saying if twins have kids their kids are half bro/sis. I don’t see how that could be true.

J on

identical twins have the same DNA. If you were to compare their DNA, you could not tell them apart. Kids of identical twins, on a genetic level, have the same parent.

Marky on

Samantha, it is true because the identical twins share the same DNA makeup, therefore Tamara has the same DNA as Tia, but the fathers are different, so they are genetically half-siblings.

Love Tamara and Tia; they are level-headed, and try very hard to do the right thing as well just being humble and caring. They have been good examples to others.

Jennifer on

Marky, this is most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. They do not have different fathers making them half sisters. They are one egg that split. Maybe you need to research before posting such a stupid comment.

anonymous on

wow Jennifer! aggressive response to something you didn’t read properly! He was talking about their children being half siblings because identical twins have the same DNA but obviously their children have different fathers; not Tia and Tamera!

Sophia on

Jennifer maybe you should read before posting such a stupid comment!

Anonymous on

they have the same dad

Hero on

I applaud Tamera for telling the truth about how hard it is for the majority of women to lose weight post their pregnancies. It takes a lot of work to lose the weight but it is so very worth it in the end. I like that Tamera wants to lose the weight in a healthy and timely manner.

However she gave birth 4 months ago. It was not just yesterday. But she still looks 7 months pregnant. It looks like Tamera is carrying an extra 35 pounds of weight which is not healthy. The weight also ages her. I hope she realizes that the longer she takes to lose the weight the much harder it will be for her to lose all of it especially if she ends up packing on more pounds in the process.

She does not have an acting job at the moment. And has the money to afford a nutritionist, a trainer, and a nanny which would enable her to eat healthy along with at least getting in one or two hours of exercise per day. The weight loss would be healthy and slow but it would also be an ongoing process which would see steady results.

We can all say stuff like owning your curves, beauty is on the inside, etc. but it is just not true. Let’s face it no one if given the choice wants to be fat, overweight and out of shape because it is not healthy or attractive. Those are the facts that everyone is just too diplomatic or afraid to say to someone’s face.

Being lean and in shape is the way to go. When someone is fit they feel good about themselves.

I’d suggest that she stop making excuses and become self disciplined. She needs to do the hard work to get herself back in shape. She can do it. The weight will come off at a steady pace. And it will take a few months to get it off. But she has to stop deluding herself and make up her mind to get it done.

Emily on

The fact is, Hero, you don’t get to decide what is appropriate for anyone except yourself. Being judgmental and sanctimonious doesn’t give authority to your post, it only makes you seem like a jerk.

Karen on

You can’t personally comment on her when you don’t know her, only what you read. Everyone is different and for all you know, she could have a medical reason as to why her weight isn’t coming off as quickly as you deem appropriate. You shouldn’t pass judgement or your personal opinion on something you aren’t personally associated with. It reflects poorly on you and comes across narcissistic.

Every woman’s body is different and it took her 9 months to gain the weight. Your post sends the wrong message out to other women. It is between her and her doctor. I know her personally and can assure you that your opinion doesn’t matter one bit to her. And for the record, you don’t know her schedule or if she’s working or not or anything relevant to her life.

Bottom line, you shouldn’t judge someone you know nothing about and that goes for anyone else posting negative comments on here. Just be supportive that she has a healthy baby and I can attest that her priorities and health are in order with her health care provider, not yours dear. Just something to consider before you comment before others.

amelia on

In no way shape or form does she look 7 months pregnant. Also, how do you know she has no acting jobs right now? Maybe she doesnt want a nanny to watch her son while she works out. And since when is lean the only way to go? Tell that to the millions of curvy people out there. You have quite the opinion of a mere stranger. She should be applauded for keeping it real unlike most of hollywood.

Hero on

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are identical mirror twins. But I don’t think Tia and Tamera are identical twins. I think they are fraternal twins. When they were younger they looked very identical. But now at their current age of 34 they no longer look identical at all which is why I feel they are fraternal twins.

I wonder if Tia and Tamera have gotten their blood, DNA, etc tested to see if they are true identical twins? This could be featured on their reality series. Not that it takes anything away from their twinship, but it would be interesting to see if they were. I know that many twins have gotten the test done to confirm what type of twins they were.

Dia on

Actually, Mary Kate and Ashley are fraternal twins…

Heather on

Mary Kate and Ashley are actually fraternal.

fkd on

Mary Kate and Ashley are actually fraternal twins. Tia and Tamera are identical. Look it up.


Hero, your comment proves that “freedom of speech”, doesn’t demonstrate freedom of intelligence… Tia and Tamera are identical twins- genius! They don’t need a DNA, because when you give birth- they can tell based on the placenta (if they didn’t already validate through ultrasound)… And the Olsen twins have always stated they are fraternal.

Tamera just had her baby which may be why they look different?! Weight shows difference in appearance- but they’re still identical twins!

megan on

“*She* took her time.”

Way to be bitchy. Some people do bounce back easily, some people don’t. It’s rude to call out specific celebrity moms the way the twins just did.

NickyAngel on

You’re either going to loose the baby weight quickly or not at all…some celebrities (while still pregnant) already focus/ or planning on how they’re going to loose the weight.

Anonymous on

Hero- I’m pretty sure Mary-Kate and Ashley are fraternal, not identical (and their younger sister Elizabeth looks like she could be their triplet, so I think their parents just tend to make kids that look very similar, twins or not!).

As for Tia and Tamera, if they shared an amniotic sack, a chorionic sack (the “outer” sack- there are actually two!), or a placenta while in the womb, then they already know for sure they are identical, as only identical twins can share those things!

I also want to point out that it’s not all that uusual for identical twins to look somewhat different, especially as adults. DNA, after all, is only part of what forms our looks. The environment and the lifestyle choices we make (not to mention what we purposely do- such as putting on makeup- to alter our appearence!) play a big role, too!

Anyway, about the article: Good for Tamera! I don’t think she’s going “too slow”. It took nine months to put all that weight on, and, from what I’ve read, most doctors agree that it should take that long to take it back off (in general. Obviously, just like with everything else, there ARE exceptions!)!

I also don’t think it’s right for us to say that Tamera is unhealthy or making unhealthy choices. In my opinion, that should be between her and her doctor!

joy on

if u read tamera’s tweets u’ll see she’s working on d weight,she’s only saying here she’s not giving in to pressure.of course who wants to be too fat,but one shouldn’t die trying.and i don’t think twins stop being identical.its just that as they grow older and we see their twindividual personalities more closley,we see them differently.They are REAL people.what i love about them.

Guest on

Like that Tamera is taking her time. It took nine months to gain the weight so its gonns take months to take it off.

haven on

I know its hard to not compare yourself to someone else but you have to stop and just be like whatever I’m healthy and I’m happy my baby is healthy that’s what’s counts. I know I have two kids and getting back to that body before baby takes time and patience. Just enjoy your time with your baby and eat right exercise and your body heal itself.

Anonymous on

I absolutely love what she said because she is most certainly telling the truth. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

Kat on

Thank you PEOPLE!!! It seems you are finally listening!!!

Kat on

Selia, you are an idiot.

dancer92136 on

All women need to stop putting pressure on each other to lose the baby weight.

I applaud Tamera for being real. Her sister looks great but she took months to lose the weight. There is nothing UNHEALTHY about carrying an extra thirty pounds for a few months.

People on this board need to relax…I am sure all of you didn’t leave the hospital in your size 3 jeans.

marimor86 on

This is in reply to samantha mcCoin.. the reason that the children are half brother/ half sister is because tia and tamera have the same DNA because they are identical twins so in essence the babies have the same mother but different fathers

Darcel on

Believe me if she had dropped the weight super quick, she woudl NOT be advocating the healthy way and curves…Fake fake. She and her sister were on their show freaking out about the weight gain with pregnancy, etc.

She should have been truthful and simply said “look I wish I could lose the weight and be a size 2 like everyone else in hollywood and I tried but like Jessica Simpson I realize food taste too good and my will power is weak so I will have to sit back, take my time and hopefully my career will not suffer…That’s why her sister starved while on The Game to get back into shape.

linda on

totally agree Darcel.

Patti on

Thank goodness someone in Hollywood is keeping it real!

librababe on

People will *always* have something negative to say. To Hero, you’re so judgmental for someone who doesn’t even know Tamera personally. Please give it a rest! Really!

I’ve never been pregnant but I’m sick of magazines touting how quickly women shed their baby weight. Why does the media feel the need to come up with new imperfections for women to worry about? who cares if someone has a few extra pounds—how is it the end of the world?

Carrying a child and life in general takes a toll, give people a break! Stay sane, Tia and Tamera! Your personalities are really refreshing in this day and age.

Mandy on

While there shouldn’t be all this pressure on women to lose baby weight fast, some of us don’t do anything & the weight just falls off. I think if you stick to only gaining the recommended amount of weight by your doctor while pregnant, then you won’t have too much of a problem losing most of the weight. They both look great & happy & that is what matters.

Sarah on

Tamera you go girl! Don’t read these ignorant comments from people. You are beautiful and you own your body. People try to hurt you bc they envy your positive outlook on life. Enjoy you family and continue living your life the way you do !!

June Park on

So she shouldn’t worry about her body, fine by me, but she was worried about her son’s foreskin? SMH Keep your babies whole and stop being a hypocrite. Human rights are for ALL, not just women.

bluone68 on

I want a dream vacation because I haven’t been very many places and for sure NEVER been on a “real” vacation – can’t afford and don’t see me being able to anytime soon…

Edie on

Such a POSITIVE role model. Amen to all the REAL new mothers out there…enjoy your new life…there is plenty time enough to lose the weight…it’s all about the baby and hubby now!

linda on

Glad you are happy but it is not normal to look that pregnant 3 months later. Hopefully you are ok and no other issues like a hernia. I’m not surprised she still looks big, was always a fluctuater who obviously overdid it on the pregnancy and post eating.

Just_Jasmine on

YES!! Most people don’t realize that you’re pregnant for nearly 12 months. Losing a dramatic amount of weight in 8 weeks for most is unrealistic and at times unhealthy. She looks like a woman who just had a baby … she looks great!

Kira on

@ Hero Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are fraternal twins even though they look alike whilst Tia and Tamera are identical twins.

Dee on

They are fraternal twins. They have commented on it before. You can see the differences in their faces.

Holly’snewjob on

Both women look GREAT with curves! Women I know that were thin before pregnancy always gained more weight than average-size women because they took it as a reason to overeat. Two of them had the double-whammy of quitting smoking, so they gained a lot of weight. Breast-feeding literally takes a lot out of you, you’re both young and just give it time.

gyl on

Enjoy your baby. The American way is have the body back in two months. In most other cultures it is more like one year. My first baby who was a demanding one allowed me to lose all 50 lbs in a month because I was constantly rocking and carrying her and not eating much. The second child was easier and I breastfed so that took almost two years.

Tiki on

Her child is only 3 months old the weight will come off. For the dummy questioning if they are identical twins. When you get older your individuality shows more so you look different. I am an identical twin.

rosegresskar on

I don´t think it´s fair to name names. People who are slim and don´t go crazy with food during pregnancy obviously have it easier after giving birth because they don´t have as much weight to lose. This girl looks overweight I understand she gave birth 4 months ago but she still looks pregnant. I´m not saying she should have a six pack, because she obviously didn´t have it before but she has no excuse to still have 35 of extra fat in her body.

Hero on

I’m not bashing Tamera because I do like her a lot. She is a doll. I’m just being very honest though. If Tamera wants to continue being a working actress and having a career then she needs to lose the weight. I did not make the rules. That is just how showbiz works. If she is not careful and does not get on her grind then she is going to be one of those women who are still overweight 2 or 3 years after having their babies.

I just think she comes across very defensive when talking about her post baby weight. She sounds like a defeatist who is only making excuses as to why she still is carrying almost 40 extra pounds of weight on her body frame. In my opinion she does look like she is still 6-7 months pregnant and the weight makes her look much older than she is.

She gave birth 4 months ago. And it should not take her 9 months or 12 months, or 18 months to take off all of the weight she gained because she has the financial means to hire a trainer, nutritionist, etc to help her. Tamera is not a normal overworked working mom who can’t find the time nor has the money to lose the weight like most women. She is a celebrity who has lots of money and time at her disposal to get the weight off. And truthfully no one wants to hear of celebrities having struggles with weight when they have the means to drastically change their circumstances.

Also it is very true that the longer she takes to lose all of the weight the harder it will be to lose all of it especially if she puts on more weight in the process. What does owning your curves mean? It is meaningless. It is the go to excuse or saying someone says when they know they are not happy about their weight gain. In reality being overweight is not healthy or attractive. And like I stated no one in their right mind if given the choice wants to be fat, overweight, obese, or out of shape. No one. That is a fact.

She needs to stop being defensive and insecure. She needs to stop making excuses. She needs to do the hard work to lose the weight. When she finally makes up her mind to lose the weight then it will happen because she will do the work it takes to make it happen. But she needs stop complaining and to just do it!

I know she and her sister are re-branding themselves as adults. Also I hope she and her sister realize how annoying and extra they can come across when they act like they are experts or the gurus of motherhood, healthy living, etc. The way they go on and on about motherhood you would think they were the first women on earth to ever have babies or be working mothers. I understand what they are doing for their careers and it makes sense, but I’d suggest they tone it down a few notches in that area.

I just don’t believe that Tia and Tamera are identical twins. I would love for them to have the test done to see if they are true identical twins.

rosegresskar on

Hero says it like it is. I don´t understand women who gain enormous amounts of weight during pregnancy. just like the rest of your life, it is a period to be healthy.

Stormy on

I think a mother’s curves are the sweet reward for giving birth. Think of it this way you find out you’re expecting a baby and are blessed. Then you start to gain weight and get stretch marks and think oh my body will neve be the same again, while this is correct for the most part. Your body can be better than before you got pregnant give yourself permission to look however you want to look. It is about loving yourself inside and out!

rosegresskar on

she still looks pregnant and overweight. probably took advantage of those 9 months to eat everything in sight and now of course she´s going to have a hard time losing the weight.

Hero on

I also agree that Tia and Tamera need to stop all of the annoying name dropping. Why call out Megan Fox, Claire Danes, Pink, Hillary Duff, etc. The twins sound very defensive and insecure when talking about Megan Fox, Claire Danes, or any woman who is thin in general. So what now women like Megan Fox, Claire Danes, Drew Barrymore, Camilla McConaughey, etc. are not normal women and can’t be role models just because they took initiative to be healthy and get back into shape for themselves an their children? Get out of town? They need to fall way back in my opinion on that front.

OB on


You’re an idiot. I have never read such crap in my life. You write as if you’re an authority on female self-image, but your writing actually reveals a great deal of low self-esteem on your part. These women look great. They looked great pregnant & they look great as moms, period.

Kate on

@seila, have you had a baby. It takes 9 months to get in that way, it doesn’t go away right away. Grow up.

Dee on

The other day I read comments hating on Camila McConaughey because she lost all her baby weight. The women were scolding People to highlight real women who can’t lose weight that quickly. Now, Tamera is being honest and she is being blasted that she’s not doing enough. Its sick. Give her a break!

Also, they are NOT identical twins!

Eire on

I think Tamera is beautiful. She was beautiful before the baby and still is. We need more positive vibes in the world.

missy on

Maybe she really does like her new curves. A woman who hated her body would not wear a dress that clingy, especially when it makes you look 6 months pregnant.

kim on

@ JENNIFER, I think you misunderstood what marky was explaining. he wasnt saying that tamera and tia are 1/2 sisters. he is saying THEIR 2 sons, aden and cree, are actually 1/2 siblings being their moms (tia and tamera) are identical twins. are ya following me, or do i need to go a little slower…??

kay on

I have 2 kids 3yrs and 5mths and I’m even smaller now than pre-pregnancy. It is possible to loose the weight quickly. I didn’t like the fact that they made megan fox etc. Looked like they cheated. I’m a regular chick and lost it very quickly so its possible especially with money. I do believe she is making excuses. We all do it at times but behind closed doors u “sigh”

Emily on

I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and clothes 3 weeks post-partum. I am completely NORMAL (though I guess she would think otherwise). I didn’t blow up like a whale while pregnant and ate sensibly/breast fed afterward. It works for someone women, for others it is harder. I get sick of the hate from women who simply jealous.

kay on

I agree emily. Just because I lost all my pregnancy weight fast I’m not “normal” I’m offended…statements like this is just sugarcoated jealousy. And the funny part is they think they r coming off as “keeping it real” and “representing” when u can smell the envy in such statement. Stop it!

Crystal on


You are a JERK! I hate resorting to name calling but it is true. Doctor’s tell their patients it took 9-10 months to put the weight on and it will probably take the same amount of time to take the weight off. Drew Barrymore still looks heavier than she did post pregnancy and so does Hillary Duff. That being said, she is taking her time and I commend her for that. Why live up to societies/LA standards??? She looks great. Get off her back and especially off your high horse! Ugh!

ceecee on

Absolutely. Real women take a few months. And what’s the hurry? She’s right to enjoy the baby and motherhood and her husband still lusting after her. I think she’s got it all. Congrats!

kay on

@ ceecee so what ur saying is women who lost weight quicker r not “real women??? My doc told me jus don’t fall into that “eating for 2 crap”, eat healthy and u will not have a problem with weight lost. Hey, u know what? It works. Maybe these so call “real women” should try that next time around. Smh

Judy on

Ummm…to all the women saying that Tia and Tamera are BASHING other celebs who lost their weight quickly, you clearly haven’t read the article correctly. WHAT Tamera said was was WOW! My body won’t do that.

She is clearly saying her body is different!! And that is a FACT !!! ALL woman’s bodies are different. Just because she hasn’t lost it quickly as some does not imply that she isn’t working out or over eating! Do you know her? Do you know her life?

Also, it’s clear that she is still nursing and that alone prior to ones belief can keep on to 10-20 pounds alone. Some woman lose; some women hold on to it!! Pipe down!!

And quite frankly, an OBGYN that I know said the people who bounce back just CAN and that’s it! But the MAJORITY of the human race doesn’t! It’s all about GENETICS!!

I think all you people beng judgemental toward the girls need to relax. I don’t see her making excuses at all!! I see her telling the TRUTH and it’s HER story. RELAXX! and to HERO! You’re the pompous ASS not the girls. I smell jealousy!

Rose on

Tamera looks great. She had a c- section due to complications during birth. After a c-section it can take 4 to 6 weeks before you can start doing any strenuous activities.

Hero you have interesting love hate ideations about Tia and Tamera. You obviously follow them religiously on their website and possibly their show on the basis of the info you are able to provide regarding info they share with their fans; however you also seem to have lots of feelings of resentment. You proclaim to like Tamera and that you are not bashing her but you are actually doing exactly that.

My best advice to you is to go see a therapist. Being emotionally unhealthy is a very serious issue.

Marky on

Jennifer, as others have pointed out, I was referring to any children Tia and Tamera have are half-siblings, because Tia and Tamera share the same DNA as identical twins (apparently they have had whatever tests necessary to prove they are). Their children have different fathers, not Tia and Tamera. SMH

Anonymous on

Rose- When did she say she had a C-section?

joy on

she said so dear on their website,she explained why.its there..

Gwen Smallwood on

I think she looks great! And the other celebs she’s talking about, are in their 20’s, I think it’s easier to get your body back the younger you are.

Amy on

I don’t see it as them talking bad about celebrities who do lose the weight quickly. I think that they want regular women to see that it’s ok to not go crazy with it right away. Enjoy your new baby, take it slow. You need to give your body time to heal for one thing. She will lose it. They are trying to help others that have trouble losing the weight. A lot of women are too hard on themselves and they want to give these women a boost.

On every post on People it seems so many people are negative…..Cheer up!

Hero on

Rose, I don’t follow their blog. But I used to follow them on Twitter until I got so bored and tired of them only posting links to stories about motherhood, healthy living, their lame lactation drink, posting pics of their sons to only get more followers, and posting about other things that they are NOT experts on.

I have watched their reality series and find it amusing because of their very one-sided and troubled relationship with each other. But mostly I find their reality show very boring since all they do is drone on about pregnancy, motherhood, breastfeeding, etc.

I also noticed that Tia and Tamera are constantly eating and stuffing their faces in almost every scene of their series which is why I guess it was to be expected that they both blew up like whales while pregnant. And Tamera wonders why she has not quickly bounced back 4 months after having her son? It is ridiculous.

Those actresses that the twins called out for losing weight quickly have thriving acting careers that they want to see continue. So those women did not have time to be slow pokes about losing their baby weight. Those women took care of themselves while pregnant and took initiative to lose weight after they gave birth. They could not afford to do otherwise.

I don’t have any beef with Tamera. She seems like a good egg who is unfortunately always in her sister’s shadow by her own choice. But I refuse to lie and coddle her about an issue of her own making. People need to stop making excuses for Tamera and she needs to stop making excuses too.

Most women and especially actresses in Hollywood have c-sections. There are many women who have had c-sections that went on to lose the weight in a rather quick manner and it did not take them 9 months, or 12 months, or even 18 months. Those women usually did not eat like horses while pregnant and had a plan while pregnant of how they were going to lose the weight post their pregnancies.

This is where Tamera made a big mistake and its why she is having a hard time losing the weight even after 4 months. And it did seem like Tamera and Tia called out those female celebrities as not being “normal” women because their bodies snapped back quicker than theirs did. The twins sounded defensive and insecure. What else could Tamera mean by saying she wanted to be a “normal” woman who just had a baby? What is normal? So those female celebrities who’s bodies snapped back quickly are not normal?

Never mind the fact that Tamera is NOT a normal stressed out working mother who can’t afford to lose weight nor have the time to do so. She is a celebrity who has money and time at her disposal so the fact that she still looks 6-7 months pregnant is ridiculous in MY opinion.

I agree with another poster in this thread that if Tamera had lost the weight quickly she would not be talking gibberish about owning curves, etc. She is only talking about owning her curves because it is a go to excuse to use when the media and public comment about her weight gain and ponder why she has not lost it yet. She knows that she is not happy and is stressed about still being overweight. And she should be honest with herself about that and honest with the media too.

I’ll continue to say that she needs to get on her grind and make up her mind to lose the rest of the weight she is carrying. When she does that then she will be on the road to finally losing all of the weight. But she has got to stop the excuses, stop complaining, and stop feeling sorry for herself. Lose the weight. Put in 110% to get it done. Just do it!!!

Rose and the others who don’t like my brand of honesty can just go get bent. Also save the name calling because I just don’t care. Your opinions of me don’t matter and won’t silence me. My opinions are my own and if you don’t agree then just keep it moving because it is NOT going to stop me from posting my opinions.

Furthermore if Tamera and Tia don’t want anyone commenting on their careers, personal lives, sons, etc then they need to stop using their lives as commodities in order to stay relevant and remain in the spotlight. Those girls are using their sons and personal lives to get some shine. It is what it is.

Tia and Tamera along with their fans should get that if they constantly put their lives on public display then they should not cry or whine when everyone has an opinion on it. They can’t whine or sulk over negative opinions coming their way when they are the ones putting their lives on a public platform.

If they can’t take the heat then they should go back to being very private people who just act for a living because they can’t have it both ways.

joy on

dear hero,i see your resentment is beyond just the weight thing.its their blog,their website,their twitter account,theirs..we post whatever picture we like or whatever opinion we have on our own accounts,so do they,but readers have a choice to read or not.

don’t let it stress you.you may be right but don’t take it personal.its their life,their body..i think we watch reality TVs too much and actualy assume we know these people personaly.NO…not so.don’t stress

Melanie on

Hero, it’s BEYOND odd how invested you seem to be, typing out these chapter-long diatribes. Get a life.

Linda on

All I can say is THANK YOU!!! It’s about time that we as women OWN our bodies for what they are – and stop aspiring to be someone we are not – Adam is a wonderful man to support his bride as she adjusts to her new shape – thank you to all the celebrities who encourage embracing womanhood no matter what shape that happens to be!

Athena6515 on

Hero- Both Mary Kate & Ashlee, along with Tia and Tamera are Fraternal twins. MK & A have stated their parents had them tested and they are the genetically fraternal but identical-looking sisters. TIA & Tamera also stated they are fraternal (per testing), not identical.

Besides that, you have a lot of opinion on people’s weight and how they should live their lives. It’s their lives and you have no idea what they do 24/7 or have a right to tell them WHAT they should do for any of that time during the day.

You seem to assume a lot. You assume their financial situation, their personal theory on lifestyle, child rearing, etc. Maybe she doesn’t want a Nanny, maybe she doesn’t have time to workout for 2 hours a day when she is breast feeding every 3 hours. 2nd of all doctors recommend losing 1-2lbs a week for up to a YEAR to lose the baby weight. They actual recommend against losing weight as fast as “celebrates” as they are more concerned with sleep and having mothers eat more healthy food for breast feeding.

Lastly, she had a c-section. You can’t just hope back in the gym right away. It’s usually not recommended for 6-8 weeks. So, technically.. she was just allowed back in the gym 8 weeks ago.

Kris on

Hero, since when do you think that you have the right to publicly criticize other people? We aren’t sitting here bashing you for being a disrespectful, judgmental, incredibly unintelligent blogger with no real grasp of the English language and a creepy over-investment in a set of celebrity twins. Maybe you should worry about yourself and less about someone whose baby weight loss has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Judy on


Clearly you are jealous of the girls and have some hatred towards yourself. Are you obese?! Why is Tamera’s weight and curves so much of your concern? You probably are obese poor thing. Usually people who troll and hate on others reflect their perceptions of themselves on others. Blog, lets seriously stop giving hero attention. It’s probably what she or he seeks. It’s obvious Hero is weird. Her facts aren’t straight. Moving on. Let her wallow in her misery. Negative people say negative things. I clearly see Tamera as a happy woman loving her self. Which I actually applaud. Why would people beat down positivity? Hero, let it go. It’s obvious your a hater. The definition of haters; confused admirers who can’t understand why everybody else likes you. Go bless you.

Pamela on

I admire a celebrity who doesn’t. CAVE to Hollywood’s version of a new mom. Real women won.t feel so bad about themselves for not having the money to hire someone to make them thin. Thanks for representing a real woman. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Anonymous on

joy- Thanks! I don’t follow their website, so I didn’t know that. And I apologize if I came off as snarky or sarcastic when I asked that question. That wasn’t my intent. I was honestly just curious, not trying to say that Rose couldn’t possibly be right or anything like that! 🙂

Hero- As others have said, how do you know Tamera does’t have a medical problem that’s preventing her from losing the weight quickly? Many new mothers, for example, develope an underactive thyroid after birth (thankfully, the condition usually corrects itself!).

And one of the things an underactive thyroid does is slow down your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight.

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