Happy 1st Birthday Samuel Affleck!

02/27/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Samuel Affleck Turns 1

Look who’s growing up!

His father Ben Affleck (here with his little man in Beverly Hills on Jan. 25) may have won another Oscar (this time for Best Picture), but it’s Samuel‘s recent milestone — he turns 1 today! — that has his family abuzz.

Two days after his parents wrapped up a whirlwind awards season, the tyke headed out with mom Jennifer Garner and big sisters Violet, 7, and Seraphina, 4, to a Brentwood, Calif. toy store Tuesday.

Not sure what cool playthings the family picked up, but we’re positive Samuel’s birthday party will be a homey, low-key affair befitting the Garner-Affleck clan.

And however they decide to celebrate, Ben and Jen’s 1-year-old will continue to be one of their biggest fans.

“He reaches when he sees me and he laughs a lot,” Garner shared. “He thinks I’m super funny. What more do you want?”

PHOTO SPECIAL: Jen & Ben’s Close-knit Clan

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KO on

Wow he is gorgeous! Those kids are an interesting mix, I don’t think any of them strongly resemble either parent but they do look quite alike.

Whitney on

he is adorable
…I do think Jennifer had the dominant gene with all the kids….they resemble her a LOT. at least to me.

millie on

What a cutie! kinda of reminds me of Matt for some reason.

Sera is BEN ‘s mini me.They even have the same smile.

merry on

I love love this family, and Sam is adorable. I’m starting to see his sisters in him.

bb on

Most overexposed and photographed kids in Hollywood.

Ben will now be MIA because the Oscars are over.

They take their kids to known pap hangouts rather than to the pap free areas.

beth abbey on

I think Brad Pitts kids r the most overrated and overexposed kids in Hollywood. I love Ben and Jen and all 3 of their kids r adorable. Congrats 2 Ben on his oscar win. Proud moment.

Sheryl on

“Pap hangouts” seriously bb??? Libraries, grocery stores, dance classes, preschool?? You consider those “pap hangouts”?? I consider those normal, everyday hangouts that NORMAL parents go to. Did they bring them on the red carpet? Or how about putting them on the talk show circuit?? NO!! They are one of Hollywood’s best, normal families.

jd on

@bb if you hate them so much why do you follow them?

jaci on

love this fam! wish i lived next door!

Mia on

So cute! He looks so much like his mom – I see a lot of his Dad in this picture too. Violet + Him look like a mixture, but Sera is all Ben.

Cooper on

I don’t think he looks like either of them, or the girls.

Misty on

Beautiful boy!

Tara on

I think he looks like Jenn in the eyes. That’s where I see resemblance between parents and kiddos!

Megan on

He DOES look like Matt Damon a little!! Maybe Jennifer has a secret!!! Hahaha jk

muiltar on

Over exposed and over rated.

Anonymous on

Not a fan of the parents but that’s a sweet picture and he’s a gorgeous little boy. You can feel the love in the way Ben is holding him. He resembles Jennifer more except his features are still babyish–meaning they’re soft and rounded and just simply precious.

SAR on

He looks like Seraphina.

Julianna on

The most adorable part of his Oscar speech was his shout out for the kids.

And Sam looks so much like his mom! Vi and Sera look a lot like Jennifer too, but Sera’s growing to look more like Ben now.

Julie on

I’d forgotten they had a third. He’s cute all their kids look alike so much like mom.

Anonymous on

beth abbey- Are you serious? If anything, the Jolie-Pitt kids are some of the LEAST photographed kids in Hollywood these days!

Anyway, Sam is adorable, and I think he looks a lot like Violet as a baby…and a lot like Jennifer!

annachestnut on

to me it seems they are raising their kids in the right way with emphasis on books and learning per parents’ influence. Parents show a love and respect of learning.

Karen on

Love this family. So down to earth. Violet and Samuel look like Jennifer and Seraphine looks just like Ben.

jamo on

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Affleck!!! Whom God has joined together, let no man set it apart. God has joined you and your wife together, God bless you and your family.

jamo on

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Affleck!!! and God bless you all in the addition of your family. God is over all.