Kristen Bell’s Baby Shower Doubles As Breast Pump Demo

02/27/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Kristen Bell Baby Shower
Courtesy Kelly Oxford

A few days before baring her bump, Kristen Bell, 32, celebrated her baby’s pending arrival with an A-list bash in Los Feliz, Calif. on Saturday.

“All my best girlfriends came to my baby shower,” she Tweeted along with a photo of herself posing with House of Lies costars Ben Schwartz and Josh Lawson.

Other guests included good pal Rachel Bilson and writer Kelly Oxford who shared a silly snapshot, left, of Bell wearing Isabella Oliver’s Tilda print maxi dress while opening some of her gifts (she can scratch breast pump off her list!)

“At [Kristen’s] baby shower and she’s totally trying to get me to put the next baby in her,” jokes Oxford.

Although we spy a purple (and pink?) theme at her shower, one thing the expectant actress — who’s due in late spring — and fiancé Dax Shepard, 37, aren’t divulging is the sex of their baby.

— Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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lovely123 on

“Marriage is about more than just a certificate”, I don’t think these two are committed enough to get married. People have a piece of paper of EVERYTHING THAT IS IMPORTANT in their lives. You have a certificate for your car, your child, your house, your insurance, child support, EVERYTHING. When it comes to two individuals – they don’t want to make a commitment to one another. In general, the idea that marriage is “only a piece of paper”. If people don’t care about marriage, why not make it AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE!

Lisa on

Classy.. duck face and all.

Lis on

I agree lovely. It is so sad so few people view the sacrament of marriage as sacred and important. 😦 I worry about the world we’re living in…

I will continue to live in my little bubble where people get married and THEN have babies and the divorce rate amongst my circle of friends, family, and acquaintances is between 5 – 10%… (And guess what? Our children grow up to be well-rounded, happy, and successful.)

Megan on

I think it’s funny she’s holding the pump shields upside down. #firsttimemom

Athena on

My thoughts exactly, she will learn soon enough Iol

sgtmian on

since when has marriage been sacred? historically speaking, marriage was a way for two famlies to join assets and power, money, moolah. so they sold off their daughters to the richest guy they could find. there’s nothing sacred or beautiful about the transaction of a human being, it’s vile, and you guys are morons.

thankfully it’s not like that anymore. thankfully those who want to celebrate with a party, a ring and a piece of paper do, and those who don’t need validation in the form of parties and rings and a piece of paper don’t have to. it’s allll good.

Julianna on

Am I the only one who’s shocked by how big her tummy is? I thought she was early in her second trimester, but she’s clearly late into it, early third…

Julie on

Considering you’ve never been married Ms. Bell how would you know what marriage is and is not?

Take it from someone who has been down the marriage is just a paper road and our baby means we are commited, and later married, marriage is different from being boyfriend/girlfriend, engaged, or coparenting. It is different and( better) in my opinion not a bad thing glad I did it.

Lauren on

She and Dax Shepherd have been very clear about their marriage stance. They have a lot of gay friends in their community, and they feel like it would be hypocritical to marry in a state where their friends are not afforded the same rights. Not unreasonable! They are a committed couple!

Anonymous on

Julianna- No, you’re not the only one! When I saw the picture of her “baring her bump” (as PEOPLE puts it), all I could think was, “Where the heck did that belly come from?!” It seems like just a few weeks ago she was barely showing and now all of a sudden she looks ready to pop!

That being said, why is everyone talking about her stance on marriage? This article has nothing to do with that (unless it originally included a quote from her about marriage that PEOPLE later removed, that is!).

Anyway, cute picture, and it looks like, despite the fact that she and Dax have both made comments suggesting the opposite, they might just be having a baby girl! 🙂

AmandaC on

I never realized how tacky she was, lol. Oh and your holding them upside down & marriage is pretty awesome! These 2 will never get married – they never do in Hollywood.

Danielle on

I love this woman! So funny. All the people who are judging the marriage status should try to open their minds to the fact people are all on different paths. I know some amazing parents who aren’t married as well as some who are. Your marital status doesn’t guarantee you will be a good parent.

Anna on

Calling it an “A-list” bash is being really generous, don’t you think?

lovely123 on

I just wish people were able to commit to each other BEFORE having a child. Growing up in two homes is never fun for a child.

Anonymous on

lovely123- And who says their child will grow up in two homes?! Being unmarried doesn’t automatically mean you’ll break up eventaully, just like being married doesn’t automatically mean you won’t!

And they may very well get married despite the long engagement. Christina Applegate recently married the father of her daughter, whom she’d been engaged to for a few years. And a lot of people didn’t think Nicole Richie and Joel Madden would ever marry but they did!

Anonymous on

I also want to say that I, for one, commend them for supporting their gay friends in such a public way!

lovely123 on

Regardless of what you say about marriage being a “piece of paper”, if something bad happens to your home, car, self, what do you need to do? Show a piece of “piece of paper” that makes everything better. I just think that having kids BEFORE MARRIAGE is the best for a child. I am sure everyone wants the very best for their flesh and blood. Perhaps I am wrong for wanting only the very best for a child, but I don’t think so.