See Nick Lachey’s Adorable Album Cover – Featuring Camden

02/26/2013 at 12:00 PM ET

It’s official! From his deep blue eyes to his thick dark brown tresses, Camden John is his father’s Mini Me. And now the world will see the uncanny resemblance with the release of Nick Lachey‘s new solo album, A Father’s Lullaby, which features an adorable photo of the lookalike pair closely cuddling.

A mix of 12 original tracks (“Another Day Is Done”] and kid-friendly covers (“You Are My Sunshine,” “When You Wish Upon a Star”), the first-time dad, 39, describes his new project — a partnership with Fisher Price — as a “special tribute” to his 5½-month-old baby boy, who was born on Sept. 12.

“Creating this album allowed me to further connect with Camden while also sharing the experience with families who are on a similar journey of welcoming a new life into their world,” shares Lachey.

Nick Lachey Fisher Price Lullaby Album
Austin Hargrave, Fisher Price

The singer also hopes these soothing songs help to strengthen his bond with his son. “Music has always been an incredibly significant part of my life and a meaningful way in which I express myself,” he reveals.

And Camden and Lachey will have plenty of daddy and son time later this year. The family (including wife Vanessa!) plans to hit the road in May for 98 Degrees‘s first tour in over a decade.

“Camden will be on tour for sure. I’m not going to spend 2½ months away from my son. That would be tragic.”

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Lady on

OMG how handsome is Camden?! What a beautiful father/son picture….love his expression!

Sarah S. on

How cute is Camden?! 🙂

Torgster on

Can’t say I agree about him being Nicks’ mini-me. I see all Vanessa in that sweet little face. Gorgeous boy.

AmandaC on

They both look amazing!

Good Tx Girl on

HOLY COW that baby looks just like him!

Justine on

Camden is such a doll! And he looks so much like his dad. I’m totally buying this CD for my kids 🙂

krah on

Wow! Those blue eyes!

vgl on


Kristin on

He has got to be one of the cutest babies I have seen. Just adorable!! I love how much Nick is involved in his son’s life. They will have a great bond as they get older.

Anonymous on

Sooo adorable

Deanna on

OMG- I had to post because Camden is seriously one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen. Looks just like his Daddy 🙂

Lianne on

I love this side of Nich Lachey, devoted family man!!! So wonderful!

Kim on

Ahhhhh, beautiful baby!

Marissa Miller on

He is a darling baby, however, it is very obvious both Nick and the baby’s eyes were brightened for the album cover as I have seen several pictures of both (and Nick throughout the years) and they are not even close to that bright of blue

Dany on

Nick, you are and always have been, such a Gentleman. Congrats on your little mini me!!! 😉

LPW on

Good for him! The real headline is that he has a new album. Cute kid, btw.

tina on

OMG, that child is beautiful.

seila on

omg, that kid can’t look soo much like him! if he was born in south america he would look like his mother… most of the people here who has one parent with blue/green/eyes and another with brown eyes , the 80% of the cases has the brown eye thing… lucky kid. only in the states.

Tina on

Aww, look at the baaaby. How sweet.

Brenda on

He is one cute baby!!

Lekili on


Abby on

Camden is adorable. Beautiful, expressive blue eyes!

lisa on

omg what a precious baby sooo cute

Alice on

heart melting !

April on

How freakin’ adorable is that?!?! Oh, such a beautiful baby!

Gigi on

Nick’s little “mini me”. So cute!

Karrie on

Holy.. Photoshopped much!!!

Ivy on

What an adorable little boy!

veronica on

“OH MY” He is the cutest little thing ever!

Anonymous on

wow..the baby is gorgeous!

Gigi on

This is so CUTE!!!!!!

Serah on

Camden is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. This photo is precious. ❤

hbear on

That is such a cute baby. Yay for Nick. I may have to get this for my kiddos.

Satin on

So cute he look like his daddy.

Nancy on

OMG…what a beau.ti.ful baby!!!

kristy on

OMG! I love it. So Precious. Nick’s such a great Daddy.

Denise on

Beautiful picture. Best wishes to all

Angie on


Mya Stone on

Oh my goodness….what a beautiful baby!!

denise on

What a cutie pie! Look at those beautiful eyes…..Wow

Alex on

Like father, like son! He’s so handsome, darling!

Jessica on

He is so adorable

Puckersbabe on

Awwww! Okay, seriously, that is ADORABLE!!!! And anyone pressing the frowny face button on the reaction is out of their mind!!!! Camden is too cute for words! Dad’s cute too!

Leigh Ann on

What a beautiful picture! One he can treasure forever!

teri on

I am so excitied for Nick Lachey and his album and his beautiful family, I sincerly adore him and Vanessa and their handsome son.

amy on

That is one gorgeous baby boy.

Nicole Rubye Wells on

What a beautiful baby!

Carrie M on

What beautiful blue eyes!

Lola on

That is one gorgeous baby!

tiff on

Omg he’s so adorable, he looks just like nick 🙂

kitty62862 on

Awwwww! What a handsome little fella! He’s sure got Daddy’s eyes!

GuestX on

look at those handsome baby blue eyes!

Courtney on

This is so beautiful! Obsessed!

Kathy on

Wow, the baby is gorgeous! Just like his parents. Congrats, know the lullaby will be awesome.

MyTwoCents on

That is one beautiful baby!! What a cutie… He has his fathers eyes for sure!

Jen on

O.M.G. – sooo adorable

JM on

The baby is his spiting image.

Lani on

Beautiful eyes. Just gorgeous! Vanessa is beautiful too. Perfect match!

guest on

omg beautiful baby-eyes blue like nicks but exotic shape like moms

Margo on

OMG Camden is so adorable! And his bright blue eyes are beautiful!

Natasha on

Hes so beautiful. Vanessa may have given birth to him, But I see nothing in the baby that resemble her yet…..all I see is Nick. I’m sure all that will changed as he gets older.

Anonymous on

Now that is a gorgeous baby

Anonymous on

STOP IT!!! This is just too cute for words!

Sunburn on


Amanda on

he’s gonna grow up to be a hearbreaker! Such a beautiful picture!

kris on

wow that is one cute baby!

Amber on

He is such a cute little boy!!!!

Anonymous on

What a beautiful baby boy! He looks just like his Daddy!

ds on

he is such a cute baby

Sharon on

They both have the most amazing blue eyes. He definitely looks like his daddy..

Summer on

That is one good looking family.

Just My Opinion on

Why 2 Sad Faces, and 7 Frowns?

Yeye on

that baby is cute with those bold blue eyes

Just My Opinion on


Mandie on

Camden is so freakin’ adorable!!! Awww! SO cute!

laurie on

that baby is his doppleganger!

Grace on

Wow! They really do look alike! Usually Asian genes are stronger, but not this time. So cute.

Being Me on

What an absolutely adorable child and such a great pic of the both of them!

Hea on

Nick looks like a robot.

Lynette on

Looks like his daddy!!!!

JJ on

Cutest kid ever! Look at those eyes!

Lauren on

OMG! that is THE cutest baby!! And his eyes <333

trish on

how cute is the little guy and he looks just like his dad

Kat on

They’re publicity wh0 res and every time they get an itch to be the news they’ll be making sure they get photographed with him. Poor kid!

drea on

what a beautiful father and son cover!

Heather on

What a gorgeous kid! He’s photogenic too!

Tara on

That baby is PRECIOUS!!!! Those beautiful blue eyes just like his daddy!! How sweet!!!

valeskas on

That baby is so beautiful.

Hello on

What a gorgeous baby! And looks just like daddy. Congratulations to the family!

Anonymous on

OMG! I need to buy this right now.

SamanthaJones on

that has to be the cutest baby ever!!!

Cappy84 on

OMG if that is not the most gorgeous lil’ baby boy I have ever seen! Beautiful father-son picture

Ellie on

That is a gorgeous baby!!!! What a handsome little man!

boohoobytch on

he’s precious

joy on

like father like son. i love that picture.

m on

Great picture.

kmoney on

In about 18 years Camden and Maxwell Drew with make an adorable couple!

Anonymous on

WOW!! I will take both of them!!

Anonymous on

He’s got Nick’s eyes, but otherwise looks just like Vanessa – beautiful baby!

Denise on


Anonymous on

OMG, What a beautiful Baby!!!

Anonymous on

Baby Cam so adorbs and the daddy is not half bad either.

Patty on

Oh those eyes!

ourdalyplate on

Yikes!! Those eyes are waaaay over-photoshopped! Very cute baby, but both of their eyes are freaking me out.

Cheryl on

Very attractive album cover. What a tribute to Camden who is soooo cute.

Lisa on

That is adorable. Very cool, Nick!

Me on

What an adorable picture. He does have his daddy’s eyes, but I think otherwise he is a mix of his parents. Photoshopped to, but still a great pic!

eyzwdeshut on

Looks like a lot of photoshopping…

Krystin on

Too cute!

Danelle on

Beautiful family! Nick has to much make-up on though and the picture doesn’t look “natural”. Too much photoshop, I think! Both fellas would look beautiful au natural (don’t mean nude)!

Tiffany on

cute baby

Kris on

So adorable!

Mandy on

He is one of the cutest babies, besides my own, that I have ever seen. I love the look of his face!

Haley on

One of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen!!

Molly on

Camden is a very cite baby, but I think Nick looks like Scott Disick (or however you say it).

Carrow on

Its amazing how people can look at the same picture and see totally different things. ALL I see when I look at Camden is his daddy’s face.

I bet Vanessa loves the fact that he looks just like daddy.

Vida on

Camdem is now the most beautiful baby in the celebrity world! Congrats parents, he’s gorgeous!

PacificGirl on

Absolutely GORGEOUS! So happy for Nick and Vanessa

Brooklyn on

Super cute!

AT on


lisa mancia on

How cute is that picture! Camden is such a cutie pie!

decapr on

This is so photoshopped it doesn’t even look right. Nick’s eyes are un-natural. It’s a lovely picture but they should have left it alone.

Marcia on

Very, very cute.

Steph on

Love this! He has such a soothing voice, I think it will be awesome! Camden is adorable! Nick isn’t too shabby either I suppose 😛

Jenni on

He is a beautiful baby and they look so happy!

taradawes on

OMG my ovaries – lil’ Camden is seriously one of the cutest babies ever!!! I see his mama and daddy in him, what a cutie (and daddy isn’t too bad himself 😉 )

Charli on

That’s an adorable picture!

maria on

omg that baby is the cutes in the world god bless

vada on

omg what a handsome pair. Those eyes are just gorgeous

Maureen on

OMG! So cute!

erica on

I think he looks just like Vanessa.

Rachel on

He is so cute!! (both Nick and Camden) 🙂

Anonymous on


Lisa on

Their eyes just POP! What a beautiful picture of father and son.

pep on

Hes a beautiful baby and he looks so happy and so proud to be his daddy ..

Kathy on

So freaking cute…both of them !!!

Beautiful family !!!!

CarolZ on

Eye color enhancement?!?

Danielle on

Okay, that baby is seriously adorable.

amal on

don’t post a lot but I had to after seeing this absolutely gorgeous baby, the pic is amazing, conrats to both barents and it’s not really surprising since both mommy and daddy are gorgeous, what a cutie pie!

Jennifer on

GORGEOUS pic!!! Love it!!!!!!!!

Stacey on

He has dad’s face shape, but his mom’s facial features. He is cute, but not the cutiest Hollywood baby. Harper Beckam is!!!!!!!!!

Amanda on

He has Vanessa’s eye shape but WOWWW, what a cutie!! That is the cutest baby boy I’ve ever seen. And I love his litle comb-over hairdo….just a beautiful baby. 🙂 Oh and of course Nick is a beautiful man!

Lisa on

OMG, might be the cutest baby I have ever seen! So often two good looking parents do not make a good looking baby. In this case, just adorable!

Anonymous on

Iam so happy that things have worked out for Nick, he was so broke over his split with ” that other heffer” He and Vanessa look so genuinely happy and they have that quality as a couple that you just respect them, they make BEAUTIFUL babies together, they def need to make more! 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS NICK AND VANESSA YOU MAKE THE PERFECT LITTLE FAMIY:)

Ty's mom on

What a handsome little man! He’s so adorable!

Que on

like him so much better than jessica….

TJ on

Wow, I thought he would look so much like his mother with her darker coloring but he’s so much like Nick! How adorable! I love his eyes!

Nate on

I wish he’d release another studio album 😦

Gia on

Things to cute for this world: Nick Lachey and this adorable mini-me son Camden. After all the drama with his first marriage, I’m glad he’s has founded happiness with Vanessa. Love these guys.

Wendy on

LOVE!! Beautiful baby boy who looks so happy!

chelsea on

He says, “I’m not going to spend 2½ months away from my son. That would be tragic.” Military members do a year to 18 months away from their children and families every single day. It absolutely is a tragedy, but it’s all about perspective, people…

Lizz on

Oh my LORD. That baby is GORGEOUS.

sm on

Just a precious picture.

hOoLyHoOp on

What a beautiful boy he is, but hey Nick, you really have a beautiful wife, which by the way, Camden looks alot like her, so didnt you mean you couldnt leave your wife and son for 2 months? Vanessas a beautiful woman

as on

he is so cute, he will have the lil girls calling for sure

Nicole on

Wow, those two make gorgeous babies. Camden is adorable!

Sandra on

OMG… Those eyes are just so beautiful.

dani on

OMG!!!he is soooo cute and adorable!!!I’m so happy he looks like his dad and not like Vanessa!!

Guest on

I think the baby is absolutely adorable, but I agree that their blue eyes seem very enhanced and as much as I love Nick, I think he looks like a wax figure in this pic. I’m surprised no one else has said that.

SLB on

Wow that is one attractive kid! Look at those eyes!

MJ on


Anonymous on

Wowzers! Look at those eyes! And that face! My goodness, that little boy is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.

Cammy on


tanya on

Camden is so adorable!

Anonymous on


Addison on

Those eyes :O amazing!!
That’s one gorgeous little boy! I want to have babies with him if thats what they might look like lol…
He will be a little heat breaker 🙂

rimy1 on

That is so cute!!!!!!!! Love that picture. Camden is so adorable. Nick really love his son.

rimy1 on

That picture is tooooo cute. I love it so much! Nick really love his little boy.

debbie on

Beautiful picture!! Camden is so cute and Dads not bad either!!!

lovely123 on

Even my pessimistic character melts when looking at that child. Now that is the way to show off your child.

Tara on

haha he is really beginning to become nick’s mini-me!

Lisa J on

This picture of father and son is adorable! If I were his wife I would have it framed and on the wall 🙂 Dad looks so happy and I am happy for The Lachey’s, CONGRATS!!!

Mel on

I’m seriously so happy that Nick has found the love he has with Vanessa and that they have created this wonderful family together. Divorcing Jessica was the best thing that could have happened to him. Camden is a little angel! God bless!

Rosy on

The cutest little doppelganger I’ve seen. Lol there are tears in my eyes!!!

Ashlee on

Look at those eyes!! What a cute baby!!

Anonymous on

He should be able to afford a very ncie life for his beautiful son with the amount of money he walked away with from Jessica Simpson!

foxychic32 on

Camden is GEORGEOUSSSSSSSSS!!! just down right cute cute cute…splitting image of his father!

itznia on

Absolutely beautiful in every way!!!

Marie on

Beautiful little boy!

Heather on

What a GORGEOUS baby!! He has such beautiful blue eyes like his daddy but I also see so much of Vanessa in him too. He has the best of both parents that’s for sure! Totally cute!

Jana on

That picture (album cover) gave me gooebumps. There’s something inheritently decent about a man who loves his child that much.

Kandyce on


Judy on

Wow, he is gorgeous…just like his daddy! Beautiful album cover!

Devara on

Lovely picture, such beautiful blue eyes. I’m glad he’s found so much happiness with his family.

jessica on

Cute baby!!!!!

Jen on

There is nothing more hot, than a man and his baby. My ovaries are doing back flips!

WTN on

What a little angel. He is such a beautiful little baby. Congrats to Nick and Vanessa on their little one. Such a beautiful family.

Sheila on

So cute!!!!

Julianna on

I always knew Nick would make a great dad. This picture is adorable, and baby Camden (thankfully) looks a LOT like his dad – I wonder if Nick’s mom flashes back to Nick’s baby days when she looks at her grandson.

Brittany on

“Uncanny resemblance”??? How is it uncanny when they share the same genes?

Ayla on

Using his (very photoshopped) baby to sell albums. Classy.

Jenny! on

That child is BEAUTIFUL.

Mindy on

WOWZA! That is a really freaking cute baby, and adorable picture, and what a treasure for them both. Way to go classy, and I mean that!!

Cathy on

WoW! That little boy is simply adorable. His eyes are so expressive. I love how he is holding on to Daddy!

Anonymous on

Wait…so he hugs his kid on a CD cover (that is so unnaturally photo-shopped it’s almost unnerving) and we’re fawning over the bond he has with his baby??

The baby is naturally beautiful so the need to photoshop the eyes is beyond ridiculous to me.

jackie2830 on

Sorry guys………that beautiful baby may have Nick’s eyes, but that’s beautiful mom’s face…….Nick, you’re beautiful 2!

Blanka on

OMG !!!! THIS BABY IS TOO ADORABLE !!! He is a spitting image of his dad, the person who says he looks like his mom is on drugs lol I have two sons and neither of them look like me either.

TM on

What BEAUTIFUL picture! Love it, love it, love it!! 🙂