Look for Less: Kim Kardashian’s Sexy All-Black Chic

02/26/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Kim Kardashian Balenciaga Bag Look for Less

Kim Kardashian wasn’t kidding when she said her pregnancy would be all about form-fitting pieces.

And Feb. 12 was no exception. While out and about in Los Angeles with boyfriend Kanye West, the mom-to-be opted for a monochromatic ensemble that accentuated her growing curves.

With a plaid shirt tied around her waist (and bump!), Kardashian wore an Express black tee, Kardashian Kollection‘s faux leather pants, Azzedine Alaia‘s black lace up booties, black sunglasses and gold cuffs.

The reality star also carried the family’s go-to arm candy — Balenciaga‘s Baby Daim Classic Velo ($1,545).

Love her grungy yet polished look? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar styles — all under $49!

Xhilaration Plaid Shirt
Courtesy Target


Looking for an easy plaid top that will work with your bump? We suggest Xhilaration‘s Plaid Shirt ($25), which features a cool (and convenient!) high-low hemline.

Old Navy Slub Knit Tee
Courtesy Old Navy


From the flattering side ruching to the scoop neckline, Old Navy‘s Maternity Slub-Knit Tee ($9) is one piece you’ll reach for over and over again.

Charlotte Russe Liquid Leather Leggings
Courtesy Charlotte Russe


Balance out your bump with Charlotte Russe‘s Liquid Leggings ($17). Not only do they feel like a second skin, but the sexy bottoms are a great way to show off your gorgeous gams while still staying covered.

Journee Collection Lace Up Booties
Courtesy Target


Pregnant or not, Journee Collection‘s Platform Wedge Booties ($40) will give you an instant (and supportive!) lift.

Remi and Reid Suede Satchel
Courtesy Urban Outfitters


Whether it’s for you or the baby, remi & reid‘s roomy Suede Satchel ($49) will easily accommodate all your essentials.

Forever 21 Wayfarer Sunglasses
Courtesy Forever 21


You may not have to dodge paparazzi like Kim, but it doesn’t mean your eyewear shouldn’t look just as stylish. Our pick: Forever 21‘s Wayfarer Sunglasses ($6).

Wallis Spike Cuffs
Courtesy Wallis


Take your maternity ensembles from plain to wow with Wallis‘s glam gold-toned Spike Cuffs ($9).

— Anya Leon

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Vanessa on




Anonymous on

She looks like a street walker, not a mom to be!!!!

Shannon on

I have been pregnant three times. I cannot understand why on earth she is wearing heels?! It’s so uncomfortable the bigger you get and it kills your back. The leather leggings? Hideous. Even more so when you’re trying to stuff your preggo behind in them. I’m not a Kardashian hater. I enjoy watching her show, but she has got to be more realistic about pregnancy and parenthood. I have a feeling she’s in for a rude awakening when baby arrives.

Really on

“mom-to-be opted for a monochromatic ensemble that accentuated her growing curves”, “Love her grungy yet polished look?”

Who writes this stuff,?I can only guess a fan. Accentuate her growing curves, polished look she clothes are a little more than form fitting. They look too little. Maybe her clothes will look better once she gets a bigger “baby bump” but right now she just looks like she’s just gained weight and her clothes don’t fit her good anymore. Although I don’t care for Kim K, this is comment is more about the ridiculous write up. Polished…..ha

Really on

“mom-to-be opted for a monochromatic ensemble that accentuated her growing curves”,” Love her grungy yet polished look?”

Who writes this stuff? My guess is a fan of Ms.K. Perhaps when Kim starts showing and her “baby bump” grows her attire will look different but right now her clothes just look too little. This outfit is not form fitting it just make it look like she’s gained weight and her clothes are now too tight.

Polished, accentuate, form fitting……laughable

Miche on

Who wants to look like an overstuffed pleather sausage when pregnant? Or any other time.

Peaches on

Her legs look like sausages stuffed into that leather. Not sexy.

It’s okay to wear maternity clothes. Just make sure they fit!

Lady on

Ever since Kanye started “dressing her” she’s been looking more & more like a mess than she already was. Nobody wants this look if it was free.

Sarah S. on

I do not understand why she continues to wear these hideous clothes to hide her growing baby. There are so many gorgeous maternity clothes she can afford, why not embrace the pregnancy to look and feel glowing and beautiful??

Torgster on

Funny how all the pieces in the story look so nice on their own. Then take a look at how Kim trashes them like everything else she wears. Money can’t buy class.

Missy on

Considering Kanye was supposedly behind her “makeover”, I’m surprised he lets her go out in all these ill fitting outfits. I get she’s in the awkward stage where nothing fits but your not quiet ready for maternity clothes but she always looks like she’s gonna bust out of her outfit at any second.

Camille on

I don’t believe she’s really pregnant. The picture shows off her muffin top from pouring herself into too small pants, that’s about all.

Anonymous on

I completely agree with Shannon!! I always laugh when I see celebs wearing heels when pregnant. It’s funny because, really, they are trying so hard to impress others. Not only are they super uncomfortable, but dangerous. Even if someone is used to wearing heels all day every day, at some point in your pregnancy your balance is completely off. Hopefully, when the baby comes, she will reevaluate her priorities, putting motherhood and the baby needs above her own selfish needs/wants.

Kim on

Why is she so hell bent on not wearing maternity clothes or only form-fitting clothes? I don’t get it. When she has this baby she will realize it’s not all about her anymore.

Hea on

Tight leather pants are not supposed to make your legs look like sausages. Sorry Kim but this is just…no.

Stephanie on

She needs to stop try so hard to be “fashionable”. She looks awful, and it seems every time I turn around, she looks more ridiculous than before. No matter how much money you spend on it, a clown suit is still a clown suit.

Brooklyn on

Oy vey. Not a good look. Those pants would be horrible on anyone!

taradawes on

Wearing super tight clothes while pregnant is actually a bit dangerous (it has a bad effect on circulation, and can cause other bad side-effects such as heartburn). It seems like when you are at a point when you probably aren’t that comfortable in general you wouldn’t want to make it worse by pouring yourself into some non-stretchy pleather pants.

Mrs. Winkler on

A woman can be sexy yet classy all at the same time and yes, especially when you are pregnant. She is such a beautiful woman and when I found out she was pregnant, I couldn’t wait to see her fashion style. But all I see is black this, black that (believe it or not black IS my favorite color) and it is like she just fell into her clothes. She needs to put her fashion skills at work and stop acting like she is still a young, partying 20 something girl.

rachel on

BEEP BEEP BEEP…. “WIDE LOAD” she is getting huge…

MommytoanE on

Dear People. Please stop posting articles in the CBB section about Kim Kardashian. NO ONE wants to see her. NO ONE cares that she’s knocked up. NO ONE wants to read articles on this pathetic little girl. Please stop posting about her. One would think the negativity in EVERY comment section where posts about the Kardashian’s are that they would take note. NO ONE THINKS A PORN STAR IS A CELEBRITY!!

Doreen on

It just looks like she has a gut NOT pregnant!!

Isabel on

Her wearing heels should be the least of everyone’s worries. Her fashion sense was lacking before but since she started seeing Kanye and, eventually, got pregnant, everything she chooses is hideous.

pep on

Is she really pregnant ? and if she is how many months is she ? if we knew then we might say wow she is small or maybe she is not even prego .. or is someone else having their baby for them ? A lot of questions ..

kaitiemac374 on

Ummm… do you see her legs? That is not how leather or leggings are supposed to fit. Yikes! At least wear the right size if you’re going to try to look good in them… not like some street walker.

p on

enough of these talented-free kardashians! I only read these posts because the comments are so entertaining. I fear for that poor unborn child. kim may have $$$ but she has nothing meaningful to offer as a “parent.”

Jessica on

I can’t believe CBB thinks anyone would want to look like this! Kim, who normally looks put together, looks awful in this outfit. I certainly don’t want to wear that ill-fitting and ugly outfit.

Rachel on

How pregnant is this chick anyway!? I mean seriously she must have announced her pregnancy two seconds after peeing on the stick because it feels like she’s been pregnant for months and she doesn’t look pregnant at all…

Indi on

@Rachel, When you are as big as Kim, you can reach 8 months and still not look pregnant 🙂

Milky on

Omg, I agree, she is beautiful but those pants are not doing her any favours! When I was pg I couldn’t bear any tight clothes, especially around my middle, otherwise it’s just so uncomfortable! I get she’s trying to stay body conscious but sooner or later she’ll surely put comfort before ‘style’. Surely?! I think she’d actually look better in maternity clothes because all she’s doing is highlighting her spare tyre 🙂

Andi on

LOL no thanks. She looks ridiculous.

Someone seriously fan-girled writing this article.

Andi on

I don’t know why we all fawn over this woman. What did she do? Did she like cure cancer or something while I wasn’t watching? She sticks a dick in her mouth now we are all fawning over her pants she’s wearing while pregnant? NICE! I remember the days where we used to look up to doctors, and heroes etc.

hope those pants are at least comfortable, because they look awful.

I’d apologise for being rude…but…sorry not sorry.

Jordyn on

All I see are thunder thighs and a spare tire.

LuvBigCity on

She looks uncomfortable and not a good look at all.

Sheryl on

Celebrity??!! Really? NOT! Let’s see….claim to fame 1) Dad defended O.J. “the murderer” and 2) Mom is married to a washed up, plastic surgery addict, former gold medal winner from I believe the 1976 Olympics! This is a celebrity?? YUCK! And she looks like a stuffed sausage!

kim on

So why does she keep trying to hide her baby bump? When I was pregnant with my first child I couldn’t wait for everyone to see! She needs to stop dressing like a tramp, we all already know she is one, and start dressing like a mom to be.