Kim Kardashian: I Always Thought Marriage Came Before Baby

02/25/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Kim Kardashian Pregnant Cosmopolitan Cover
Courtesy Cosmopolitan

When sister Kourtney announced she was expecting her first child without having tied the knot, Kim Kardashian was quick to call her out on her family plan.

“I was like, ‘You’re not married! How could you do this?’ I was really firm and strict,” Kardashian, 32, recalls in Cosmopolitan‘s April issue.

It didn’t take long, however, for the reality star to see that the couple’s commitment didn’t need to be cemented by a certificate.

“But she was like, ‘Marriage isn’t what I want.’ And later, I realized she had a better family life than I did,” Kardashian says.

Excited to start her own brood, Kardashian — who says kids have “always” been in her cards — looked at sister Khloé‘s marriage as a model and put herself on the fast track — only to realize good things come to those who wait.

“[Now] I say give it a good six months before you commit. Feelings change, even if it seems so lustful,” Kardashian, whose divorce trial is scheduled for May 6, explains.

And now, four years after she confronted Kourtney, the mom-to-be finds herself in the same situation — and happier than ever.

“I used to think, ‘Well, can you really have it all? The truth, the excitement and the passion?’ Now I know you can,” she shares.

Expecting her first child with Kanye West in July, Kardashian is looking forward to her growing family and — eventually — taking their relationship to a whole new level.

“This is where I probably always should have been … [marriage] is something I know that we both want in our future, but I don’t have this sense of urgency about it,” she says.

“I have this best friend who understands me and helps me through all my tough experiences, and vice versa, you know? It just feels like this is it for me.”

— Anya Leon

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Jacqueline on

Technically she did get married before getting pregnant – Just not to the father of her unborn baby. People like the Kardashians continue to set a back example for young women. Just completely and utterly disappointing.

anonymous on


Pauline on

She is married, just not to the baby’s daddy.

Anonymous on

😦 boo

Mia on

Irony – and I don’t understand how people enjoy “acting married” and being in a committed relationship….but don’t want to get married……

Amanda Camm on

I understand where your coming from Kim, but you are not your sister’s keeper and you can not tell her what to do with her life. So what if she had her baby’s first then she will do marriage. If Kourtney is Happy with her life then keep your comments to your self, just support her!!!!!!

Anonymous on

I see….yet again this woman gets more stupid my the hour and shares it….so in miss Kims eyes its like this: its ok to have sex before marriage as long as u dont have a baby?? Or I guess as long as u tape ur sexual activities, it its all good?? Oh wait she DID get married before she sexed it up just not to the same man but shes having a baby by this man and in a commited realtionship, whoops my bad, THATS not the same man either, …..SMDH WTF…Kim K was a hypocrit before this article came out and a even bigger one now.This gave me a good laugh for the day!!! This womans moral wrap sheet has way too many stains on it to be giving advice and passing any kind of judgment, as do we all but i wouldnt even take urinating advice from her…Lawdy Lawdy the heffa’s crazy.

Alyssa Ramos on

Get over it you don’t even know her so who really cares ? Stop wastin your time on someone whom you don’t know, won’t ever meet or even be close too.. Try focusing on yourself an your “perfect” life because I’m sure you do nothing wrong always have the right answer and your an all around saint whose throwing stones right??

Brandi on

Lol you’re calling her crazy…your entire post looks like one big crazy rant. I know that people sometimes look to these famous people as role models, but it’s really not their job to parent America. I’m not defending Kim having sex before marriage, I’m just saying that she has the right to make that choice for herself and make decisions and mistakes in her life. I personally waited until I got married and I didn’t make that choice because people like Britney Spears declared that they were waiting (we’re the same age, and turns out she admitted later on that she had lied about being a virgin anyway)…I had made that choice long before Britney became famous and it was because it was what I wanted. And when I’ve talked about my choice with people, it wasn’t with the intent to influence them or the expectation that they do the same because it’s the “right” thing to do…it was the right thing for me to do and only they can determine what’s right and best for them. I can understand people picking up fashion trends and positive things they like from celebrities, but at the end of the day, they aren’t perfect gods…they are human beings just like we are, with flaws and all. People need to stop looking at celebrities and trying to model their lives after everything they do. Be an individial…make decisions and determine what is best for you based on your own best interests and not because it’s what Kim Kardashian does.

Brandi on


Anonymous on

Marriage DOES come before babies you no talent tramp!

Denise on

Sorry, marriage should come first then baby! Great role model for our girls today!!!!!!

Dims on

Who cares???????????

*Singing* NO ONE…. NO ONE….. NOOO ONEEEEEE :-p

Congrats tho! 😉

Sarah S. on

Such a dim wit. Why even bother posting the story.

Suzanne on

Marriage is about more than just a certificate.

KO on

She looks like she’s wearing a diaper. Kim has some serious peepee kink going on.

Shut The Hell Up on

Why don’t you concentrate on YOU being a good role model for your girls and not scripted reality stars? Or better yet, get your own tv show and preach to the world. I’m sure folks would tune-in, *eye roll*

megan brown on

marriage DOES come before baby you knocked up whore

Kayte on

Gag. It’s like watching a train wreck. You know its going to be gross but its difficult to look away.

Guest on

Haha!! So true!

Jade on

Don’t even know how to respond to this! And what a winner Kanye is – he’s Jelous and pathetic.

Nikki R on

It makes me sad/ frustrated that people want a certain thing and then do not do what it takes to make it happen (or not happen). If you do not want a baby outside of marriage, do not do what it takes to have baby outside of marriage. It is ok to not have sex.

Katelyn on

Stop judging her and every other in married person who has or is going to have a baby without first being married. Don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s entertainment, and you are not required to read it.

Allison on

Every thing she says makes her sound like a twit. She just says whatever she thinks sounds right at the time. Trust if she were divorced from Chris and Kanye popped the question, she would roll her behind down the aisle in a minute. In a way I feel like she has no mind of her own.

MommytoanE on

I always thought sex tapes came after marriage too. But I guess not everyone follows that rule. For someone as naughty as she is…I can’t believe she says she’s “Prim and Proper”. Usually “Prim and Proper” ladies don’t have sex tapes, or babies with their lovers.

pep on

Oh really ? Did she also hear some people believe marriage before babies and Usually , they are not separated from their REAL husbands … when they decide to have a child with a guy they have only known a few months …

Rosefyre on

Facts check: Kim and Kanye have been friends for a number of years. And, although not a fan of either of them, they certainly stand a far better chance of long-term commitment due to the friendship foundation they had in place, before falling in love.

Romy on

and now that Kim is pregnant Rob went on to say that marriage should come first, and that is the way HE will do it…

Claudia on

HAHA photoshop much

jane on

i don’t care whether people get married or not before having kids, but good grief, everything that comes out of kim k’s mouth is delusional. a committed relationship is not a few months of rebound dating while going through a divorce – there is virtually no similarity between her situation & kourtney’s situation. it’s not an issue of judgment as much as its an issue of the totally dumb rationalization she tries to offer here. having a kid with someone you haven’t been with for very long is risky (if your goal is a stable family life with mom & dad together). hope it works out like she thinks it will.

Nicole on

For those of you saying that Kim is not a great role model for young people, due to how she thinks about things – including marriage.. Can I just tell you that us young people also have our own brains?

I’m 21, and I know I definitely want children at some point but I am definitely undecided about whether or not I will get married. This is not because of Kim at all, but because I’ve seen too many marriages end and the divorce rate is far too high for marriage to mean today, what it did over 20 years ago.

So yes, marriage did previously always need to come before babies, but times are changing.

I can imagine I’ll probably receive a lot of hate regarding this comment, but no comment can be stupider than others blaming celebrities for young people “doing it the wrong way around.”

NickyAngel on

Could someone pls shut this women up, because she’s talking crazy

Cara on

Nicole: Good for you for having a mind of your own! I think that is awesome for a young woman your age to have! A marriage license does NOT certifiy a happily ever after like some people think. It’s smart to know what you want and to go after it with your heart and not just because people think it is the societal “norm” to do.

As for Kim…she’s an idiot. She has her priorities all messed up. I am actually quite surprised the girl hasn’t gotten herself knocked up before. She has hopped around from one man to the next and exploited each relationship to her benefit. She’s a fame-whore. Her entire family is. They are a disgusting group of people and I don’t respect anything they do. The mother is the worst of them…she pimps each and every one of her kids out regardless of how it effects their growing up and living happy, mentally healthy lifestyles.

I honestly just want them all to go away! I can’t stand seeing them everywhere and I get sick when I hear people calling them “American royalty” . ICK!

ella on

Let’s see there’s Kim K husband # 1, don’t know his name, there’s Ray J, (for all the world to see), Reggie Bush, Miles Davis, Nick Cannon, Kris Humphries (her still very much legal husband) and now knocked up by Kayne West, her boyfriend of a year, maybe? And there are many men I left off the list. She’s a trick! On what planet does Kim K get to judge anyone? Kourtney on the other hand has been in a longtime relationship with Scott and he is the father of her two children. So what she’s not technically married? She’s stable at least and not a whore. Kim has no perception of how stupid her comments come across.

Doe on

How about waiting until after divorce is final? Her and her family should fade away from the news.

jess on

Stop passing judgement on her take a look at ur own lives she’s human everyone always acts like they r perfect we’re not babies r blessings from God don’t take her joy away

K on

Um….Like everyone elses comments…she IS married…Just NOT to ber baby’s daddy…And Yes THEY ALL set a BAD Examples!!!

Talea on

Generally, that’s only a guarantee when abstinence comes before vows.

poi57 on

Guess Kanye shoulda kept it in his pants!

Lizzy on

“Kim Kardashian: I Always Thought Marriage Came Before Baby”

It does.

Laur on

She looks like Lea Michele on this cover

Lisa B on

Well, guess what Kim…..

Mary on

Who cares what Kim thinks. Who cares what ANY “celebrity” thinks.

Guest on

So, let’s see. Kim K is going to give us advice on, as the cover story says, “The money, the man, the baby. How to get what you want!”. Isn’t the answer “Be a whore, be a whore, and be a whore. Just like me!”

m51662 on

and we respect this woman because why…she is what our youth have to look up too…and her ridiculous mother-money monger…kim you are nothing but a publicity hound along with most of your family…the only decent one is khloe…

Melissa on

But its ok to put out a sex tape

Anonymous on

Who is she to judge her sister Kourtney? Wasn’t she the one who put her vagina out there for everyone to see?!?!?! She really needs to just sit down and shut up for once. She is having a baby with a jerk and she is a slob.

Alison on

Marriage DID come before you got pregnant. You’re still married. Just not to your baby daddy. Trashy!

Looloo on

Really, Kim??? Maybe you should’ve stayed on the birth control a little longer then, til your divorce/annulment was finalized….

Charli on

but Kim is married…to Kris Humphries but still married. lol It serves her right for beingso judgmental with her sister.

Denise Simpson on

I only clicked on this to read the comments….I still dont understand why this family is still on tv…isn’t their 15 mins up already??? I hope Kim gets so fat…!

tilly on

She is a horrible role model for young women today, in more ways than one!!! I really wish the magazines, blogs, paps would stop giving her the negative attention she so obviously craves. Sickening!

Daphne on

Yeah, technically she got married before she got pregnant and technically she is still married, so she managed to comply with his inner compass of morality, I guess… Just hilarious and despicable at the same time… This article reads as she were someone who has strict moral code and who is generally a person with some virtues… and Kim is none of those things. For me she represents everything worth loathing in our modern society.

ellie on

Typically marriage does come before baby – but typical is not what I would call Kim.


in the eyes of GOD it does Kim..dont you go to church? maybe you should pay attention!…remember all of this when your daughter is old enough to google you and find all the trashy things you did..and you are proud of it. remember what comes around goes around..hopefully your daughter wont turn out like you!

Brandi on

Um when did Kim say she was having a girl? I think you need to worry a little less about how Kim’s family turns out and worry more about your own family!

Annie on

Did you also think that sex tape came before marriage?

Mommy of 2 on

Gross. Why doesn’t our society focus on people who are classy and make good decisions? What’s wrong with honoring marriage as something good? For the love of Pete…

Bee on

GO AWAYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……………… You are a no talent worthless human being who will birth another narcissistic entity into this world. Enough already…

Jacquie on

It is not a diaper, it is her Depends.Depends who she will take them off for next

Gina on

I agree Allison. In fact Kim is pretty dumb..

Zokmie on

Then maybe she should learn to keep her legs closed until she’s divorced!!

Ini on

Lighten up, people! A relationship can be strong without a marriage and marriages actually fail. Women nowadays make their own decisions, no need to lecture them. Why are you so focused on girls to comit? Afraid they have a freer life than you lead? I don’t get it.. And I am about to marry but don’t care how others lead their lives

sherry on

What’s funny is she said ” eventually — taking their relationship to a whole new level!! Well having a child together is a whole new level!! She is a moron!! But they deserve eachother they both seem so infatuated with themselves!! There are some excellent comments on here today!! She is such a poor example of a woman! I wonder if any of the Kerdashian’s have any idea what morals and common decency is?! Don’t think and everytime time she opens her mouth she just looks more and more foolish!!

Tiffany on

Good advice would be to wait until your divorce is finalized before jumping into another relationship and getting knocked up by another guy. It all seems pretty trashy to me. She rushes into everything. See how long this thing with Kanye lasts.

Lauren on

Stop hating, I have friends that are not married and have kids. To each his own, just cause they’re in the spot light its wrong when regular people do the same thing everyday. Move on people cause if it was that big of a deal then you wouldn’t be commenting on it.

Angie on

Anonymous (the 2nd one from the top), I see that your morals are in order..Calling someone a tramp is so very classy and Christian-like behavior, right?

Marcia on

Not a good look for her. At all.

Tina on

I don’t understand WHY she is constantly in the news. Every fckn day, a new stupid comment, a new photo spread. I’m believing that she is paying for all this publicity herself and gets a cut of whatever the magazines sell. Kanye and Kim! Aargh! All the rooms in their new homes are probably wall to wall mirrors. Two narcissistic opportunists.

Lisa on

Well, you can’t get her for hypocrisy; she had TWO marriages before baby…with a third man. lol Even with all her money, I would never want her life.

Carol on

Can you say…Whore..

DJ on

We keep giving K. & her other K.’s too much attention..we watch the show, comment, as I’m doing it, hate her, call her stupid & dumb, which she is, and THEY LOVE IT!! If no one gave them so much air time, maybe the K.’s would go away! And maybe not. You’re all right, who has babies before marriage, what a dope and the dope who got her knocked up!

Today on


steve on

Who are you Kim to say anything about what your sister might do. You are sure not any role model for anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

Why is this news? She is pure trash!! There has to be more meaningful news to report :-/

Anonymous on

seriously Kim? you are a piece of trash with some dough and a pretty smile all from surgery…you are a terrible role model for young girls and come off as some nice person when talking to the cameras…kanye& kim= talentless narcissists

mg on

when was the sex tape supposed to come? before or after?

Brooke on

You guys….Don’t come down on Kim. She IS married! Oh Wait…..

ginaG on

Such a pig….and THIS is what young women reading Cosmo are supposed to strive for? This family is an embarrassment….a bunch of whores.

p on


Gia on

I could care less about this non talent tramps “views” on marriage and relationship, because its not like she could give anyone insightful advice on either. I’m wondering why she’s still not showing. Yea she’s only four month, but she’s short and curvy too, so she should be showing more. And she didn’t look pregnant in the at white dress she wore to that Oscars after party.

ginaG on


Dmd9675 on

Marriage does come before baby! They make me sick. What pathetic role models.

Carrie on

Yeah whatever, if you thought that you would not of gotten pregnant! Plus you are married not to your daddy’s baby!!!! Maybe you should say I should get married to my baby daddy first!

Thursday on

@Shut the hell up……I agree with you.Denise should get her own reality show and show young women that lying on your back isn’t the only way to get famous.You see there are still those of us with certain values and morals.With a name like”Shut the hell up”I suspect that you yourself lack certain virtues and morals.And before you go screaming and wailing and cursing me out.Please remember that like you I too am entitled to my own opinion……even when it doesn’t correspond with yours….now shut the hell up…he he he he

Mary Ann on

There’s just no fixing stupid.

kristy on

Well, you are married REMEMBER just not with the baby’s father. Think before you do this Kim, you’re not hurting yourself, you’re hurting that lil baby girl.

Morgan on

Wrong. First comes sex tape.

Granneez on

Kanye & Kim’s relationship is doomed and now they are bringing a baby into the mix? Her Kris Humphries divorce drama will seem amicable compared to the child custody battle she will have with Kanye West!

Anonymous on

who cares….

Melisa on

Kim Kardashian is a pillar of wholesome family values. And what’s the big deal. She is having a baby without being married, and Kanye opens his mouth without thinking. It’s a match made in heaven!

Lori on

Oh my goodness, this vapid woman is inspiring millions through her antics; what a sad state of affairs (no pun intended) for those who see her as a role model. She seems to serve no discernible purpose — why not use her money to focus on charitable endeavors and inspire people THAT way? I quote: “[Now] I say give it a good six months before you commit. Feelings change, even if it seems so lustful.” Of course feelings change — lust may be what brings us to the relationship, but feelings mature. This woman acts like a child and responds to her impulses like a 3-year-old would. Ugh.

smartgirltoo on

You think young girls looking for a role model, think “wow” be do “sex tapes” “do “Playboy” , get married…. get preggers by another man…is a good role model?? BRUCE JENNER is the worse, he should have those daughters of his locked UP, so as NOT to be around KIM. ONE does not need to be married to have a child, but ONE DOES need to be a responsible parent… something KIM nor Kanye will be. Glad that child will be raised by Nannies!!

Brandi on

Lol SO tired of hearing “the bad role model” line. If our young girls look at Kim and see her as a role model, what kind of young girls are we raising? Teach them to be leaders and not followers…choose what’s best because it’s what’s best and not because everyone else is doing it. #BeStrongMinded

mom of 3 on

well kk (as you like to be called) maybe you should be kept your legs crossed(if that is possible for you) and then maybe you would have been married first(again) and then having a baby !!!!

Tina on

Morality in this country is non-existent. Gays being able to marry gays (or even thinking a gay relationship is fine) and people having babies out of wedlock are thrown out in front to be “normal and healthy.” Next on the list? Have enough people want to marry their dog or cat and have babies via incest, and soon that will be considered “normal and healthy” too. As the ole’ saying goes, if one sees enough people jump off a cliff, they’ll think it’s alright and follow suit; i.e., a normal thing to do. Pretty pathetic….

Maerilyn on

You r married and your a very bad example for young girls. That’s is why your program is not allowed to be seen by our girls.

Christina on

WHY WHY WHY, aren’t her 15 minutes up yet WHY!!!!! She is so stupid it is maddening!

nacho mamma on

Well Kim – actually you ARE married. Has she not also said she was going to cut back and stay out of the spot light. She is a bad example any way you look at it. Her dead father is surely rolling in his grave.

Sandy on

I have NEVER commented on anything here before, and honestly I can’t believe that when I finally do, it’s about a KARDASHIAN. I just feel sorry for all the girls in that family…the older ones AND the teens. They’ve been pushed to be fame mongers all their lives and never had a decent role model to teach them morals. They do and say whatever they think will bring them the most attention. So sad. I especially feel sorry for this one’s unborn baby who most likely will grow up without a dad in the picture, since their relationship isn’t even to that “whole new level” yet. Me thinks they’ve got the whole meet/fall in love/marriage/baby thing a little mixed up.

nacho mamma on

No morals, no values, no class, no talent, It must be a kardashian.

Sheri on

At least Kourtney was not married to another guy well having two babies with Scott lol.Kim preaches a lot to her sisters or her brother about doing things the right way yet here she is still married and knocked up by a guy who thinks he is God but with a anger issue lol.

rosegresskar on

Oops, seems she got confused and just got pregnant with the first mans he could find.

biscuit on

I really don’t care one way or the other whether she’s married or not.

I do care that she’s GROSS.

mrsodell on

Some people hate to just hate. Kim is a successful business woman who is also an actress and model as well as entrepreneur. She is an adult and a woman of independent means. All the rest of you judgy and ridiculous people can bite her richness. God bless Kimye!!!

Lani on

She got married and is now having a baby…just married to another man and got pregnant by another. Oooopppsss!!! She’s so lost and has her priorities in life completely twisted.

WhackJobs on

What an odd outfit and pose.

Puddytat72 on

She is such a hypocrite. If she really belives in marriage before babies, then what about marriage before sex? Get real, pee pee face.

Brandi on

Pee pee face..? Super mature. You’re a MORON.

Anonymous on

No morals the whole family

tina on

she did get married before getting pregnant. Twice!

guest on

Suddenly we are supposed to believe she has morals? Thanks for a good laugh!

Jane Peach on

I used to think the same thing about a porn career before adulthood, but it’s a mad, mad world!

Kim on

Nasty is, as nasty does…

Nicole on

This pathetic pin head actually thinks that knowing someone for six months before deciding to marry qualifies as waiting a long time. What a shallow, self-involved fool.

Julianna on

I think I’m a minority here but I like Kim and Kanye as a couple. They were always very good friends and in my opinion relationships that are born from friendship are the best kind, because you already know how the other person is with their flaws and qualities.
Kim made a mistake marrying Kris Humphries, and now she’s paying for it – if only he just let go of his resentment long enough to see that dragging this won’t do any of them any good! If one person doesn’t want the relationship to work, then it won’t, and trying to postpone what’s inevitable won’t change anything and will just be more harmful to them – mostly to him, because she clearly wants out of it and he keeps hanging on. How can he move on when he can’t let go?
I wish Kim a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery, and both her and Kanye many years of happiness with their bundle of joy!

Anonymous on

Ha Ha, you are married silly woman. Oh? you meant to the guy who knocked you up? Uh, yeah…….. Maybe you should have got a divorce from Husband #1, got remarried to Mr. Douchey and then had a baby (just a thought)

Sylvia Tarvers Weston on

Check out her decision-making abilities. Anyone who is involved with Kanye West can’t have all the brain matter one needs to navigate a great life. LOSERS.

Sophia on

“I say give it a good six months before you commit. ”

Six months??!? People don’t even act like their true self in the first 6-12 months. That’s still honeymoon phrase, sexual passion is still strong, you still don’t see all bad things about each other.

Stay in a relationship for two years or more, THEN you’ll see if you’re really compatitable or not.

elysummers on

Well that’s the answer, apparently she’s not even smart enough to know how it happens.

mrsodell on

Some people hate to just hate. She is no worse than your darling Jennifer Lawrence who curses and flips the bird. She’s human. She never pretended to be a role model but she choose to live her life in front of the cameras and the public choose to watch because she’s still on TV. She is a woman of independent means. She’s an entrepreneur, model and actress. She’s a successful business woman and yall can kiss her richness. God bless Kimye!!!

Anonymous on

That is such an unflattering picture of her – lol.

Amy Wag er on

She is a PIG, fat fuck who has nothing

Lori on

Yeah, right Kim.

Al on

Sick of these no talent, media hungry Kardashians making their brainless statements. Marriage IS important before having children and marriage ISNT just a piece of PAPER! Is there NOTHING sacred anymore? “I don’t have this sense of urgency about it (marriage)”, but you have one about having a child without commitment!? ” It just feels like this is it for me”….haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

lica on

OMG i thought America was stupid to idolize such a whore , but after reading the comments I changed my mind. THe only thing that I do not get is how this people make so much money, who is buy any product with their face on? This family are the worse model could be on TV. And please Cosmopolitan you went really low with this pig on your cover. I hope a this girl move of planet I cant stand see such a stupidity making so much money when hard working people , talented, intelligent… makes nothing! about time everybody stop buying anything related to this family.

Guest on

well you pretty much can’t get married until you get divorced so it doesn’t really matter if marriage is important to you or not.

So Mommy was actually married to someone else when I got pregnant with you. And by the time you were 3 I was pregnant with your brother – but his father is not your father but next time…………………

valeskas on

KK is a ho, who should have kept her legs crossed, until she got divorced.

KB on

Does anyone else think she looks nasty in this picture? Totally gag me.

Lady on

We’re never going to get rid of her are we? *siiiiiiigh*

Autumn on

I am beyond lost with this family. Perhaps the maternal example has shown her daughters that money is the most important thing in the world.

M on

Spoken like a true tramp. Congrats on being a sloppy whore!!!

Anonymous on

Everytime I read an article about her pregnancy, I do not know if she is excited and just wanting to share her thoughts or there isn’t enough publicity for the family to make some cash off of it.

But, either way, she needs to stop the comments on marriage, divorce, etc. It is not exactly helping her image or the publicity.

Dawn on

That is exactly why you can not pass judgement on anyone. You never know what will happen to you. Just go with the flow and don’t judge

Denise S. on

Baby will come after marriage if you wait to get married before having sex but I guess nobody does that anymore. Virginity should be a gift you give your partner on your wedding night.

And Kim, 6 months does not a stable relationship make. You and Kanye will be just a memory in 2 years.

Lb on

I think I’m going to vomit.

Tina on

@MrsOdell, no one on here is questioning whether Kim K. is an adult, or whether she is a woman, or whether she is rich or whether she is independent. You picked everyhing that these comments are NOT about. You sound REALLY young.

Kim on

Well, she IS married……..just not to the kids father. LOL! I was always taught not to screw somebody other than who you’re actually married to.

meghan on

mrsodell, get a shrink.

meghan on

mrsodell, get therapy. This “successful business woman, entrepenuer, ‘actress’ is famous for getting PISSED ON. Nothing else. She has no talent, unless taking it up the ass is a talent.

Anonymous on

she’s a dumpy, short, fat troll with a big ass. why is this skag famous again??

Lolabean on

She looks like she’s wearing a diaper

liarlairpantsonfire on

sex tape. with someone peeing on you. you don’t get to judge anyone else’s doings.

i pity this child.

cris on

Here’s a thought…..keep you legs closed until you are divorced…but then again, i find it hilarious that her and her loser sperm donor will be stuck together for life after this….

did.u.notice on

Did anyone else notice the magazine cover says Kim Kardashian..”get what you want” lol but she just cant seem to get that divorce!!!!

Jamie on

To those who say she’s a whore and should have kept her legs shut you must never have been separated from your spouse had a friend, sister cousin or what ever been divorced cause if you did you would know people date while going through a divorce and when you date most likely there would be some sleeping together involved and maybe just maybe a baby would be conceived . Would you be so quick to call that friend, sister or cousin a whore? Would you say that your sister, friend or cousin was not a roll model?What about if it was a male would you call him a whore or just oh he’s being a male? Don’t get me wrong that whole family is a train wreck and I can’t stand the show, but maybe some thought should be put into what you say before you say it. Just my opinion….

Lisa T on

It does come first you filthy ho bag

Guest on

Let’s all take a breath and remember her humble beginnings lol. Before the cameras, she made it evident that she isn’t smart, talented, or genuine. She is a whore. Plain and simple. She has a reckless love life and trades her morals on TV for her meal ticket. She knows her 15 minutes of fame are almost up, so she she gets pregnant by the richest idiot she could find, and now the whore is set for 18 years. She isn’t smart, she is just good at playing fools. So before another idiot starts talking about how successful she is, ask yourself. Are her brands breaking grounds in fashion or the arts? No, they are in the Sears and Wal-Mary bargain bin. Her brands and herself will all phase out soon enough! Can I get an amen?!

Carrow on

At least she believes in the institution of marriage…in theory…..not so much in reality.

Holly’snewjob on

I’m no fan/defender of Kim but will Kris Humphries let go of his 15 minutes of fame and just divorce Kim? I think he’s actually more pathetic and has LESS self-respect!

rene medina on

Live and let live.

Norah on

There is no sense of urgency about marriage because she is already married to some one else! This girl is a real piece of work — she has no shame, and she makes no sense. Her lack of moral integrity really makes me ill…

lovely123 on

“Marriage is about more than just a certificate”, here we go again about marriage is not important. People have a piece of paper of EVERYTHING THAT IS IMPORTANT in their lives. You have a certificate for your car, your child, your house, your insurance, EVERYTHING. When it comes to two individuals – they don’t want to make a commitment to one another. I am not speaking about Kim K. and West, but just in general, the idea that marriage is “only a piece of paper”. If people don’t care about marriage, why not make it AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE!

Mel on

All these celebs love to play house and pretend to be committed but when it comes down to it all they are doing is producing children who will one day grow up and be more messed up then themselves. She should focus on divorcing her husband first before bringing a child into this world. How does she not feel disgusting in her own skin?? Such lack of morals to be pregnant by another man while still being married to someone else. How sad is she?? There’s always the right way to do things and this is not it.

Whi on

I know people love to hate on Kim, sometimes she does say or do stupid things… But people who are blaming her and other celebrities for being bad role models need to take a step back. If your children are being so influenced by Kim, Miley, Rhianna, etc, that they are making poor life choices, then maybe YOU are the one not doing your job. Regardless of who kids are watching on TV, the role as a parent is to teach them what is right and wrong, and not letting someone else do it.

kim on

So you thought marriage came before babies, but it’s okay to have another man’s baby while still married to another man! What a moron!

sally on

And for some people, they have sex after marriage……

And there are some that aren’t paid for s3x

Zippo on

Umm excuse me Ms Hoebag but you are married! Can’t stand her. She’s an ignorant person who obviously has no morals.

lori on

This girl has no idea what she’s doing….I’m sick of how people sit there and act like being married is a joke.she was married for 10 seconds and probablly cheated the hole time…I’m going to laugh my ass off when this kid comes out and the dna test proves its not kanys…she’s a sex crazy tramp who had so much plastic surgery done barbie has less plastic then she does..

Dana on

I wish more people would give as much thought into whether or not they want a child as they do about whether or not they want to get married. You want to preach about divorce rates and how hard it is to have a marriage that lasts? How about how tough it is to raise a child? To feed them, clothe them, send them to school and all the extras that entails. The time and attention they need and deserve. My husband and I can’t just “stop trying” and get me pregnant. If we ever decide we want a child we need to see a doctor and really work at it. As a result we’ve had to sit down and think about things and decide, are we REALLY ready? I feel like not enough people have this talk. It’s just “Oh shit, ok, well here goes nothing!” It’s much easier to divorce your spouse than to struggle day to day with raising a child you weren’t prepared for. So for those ladies out there saying “I definitely want kids but not sure marriage is for me.” If you’re not sure you can/want to commit to a marriage then PLEASE don’t consider committing to raising a child. After all, that’s a much deeper, tougher commitment.

Nicole A. on

Am I the only one who finds that she doesn’t even look pregnant?!
I find that she just looks like she’s getting wider in every picture that I see.