Camila McConaughey Debuts Fab Body – 8 Weeks After Baby

02/25/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Camila Alves McConaughey Body After Baby
Emiley Schweich/PR Photos; Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Camila Alves McConaughey is the epitome of hot mama.

Over the weekend, the model, 31, made a triumphant return to the red carpet in not one, but two amazing outfits.

The new mom-of-three — son Livingston was born on Dec. 28 — debuted her gorgeous post-baby curves in a body-hugging black pantsuit at the QVC Red Carpet Style event Friday in Beverly Hills.

And on Saturday, she showed off a little leg in a coral embellished Escada gown paired with a white snakeskin clutch, blush platform pumps and H.Stern jewels while attending the Independent Spirit Awards with husband Matthew.

So is the busy mom willing to share her secrets with other expectant women?

“I’m writing things down because there’s so many things to know and products; [the] kind of stuff that you don’t find out until later,” she told PEOPLE.

Hmm, sounds like there’s an advice book in the works. But Alves McConaughey remained mum on the topic. “I’m not saying that yet.”

One thing she was willing to divulge: there’s lots of laughter in her house due to the funny antics of older kids Levi, 4, and Vida, 3.

“They [make me laugh] every day.”

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere with reporting from Gabrielle Olya

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Cammy on

Sorry People, but I’m am so tired of magazines showing how great Mom’s look after giving birth – i.e. skinny. We know these Mom’s have nannies, nutritionists, exercise coaches, etc… that help them get their pre-pregnancies bodies back.

Tara on

Agreed. If People Magazine wants to appeal to the majority of women, quit printing these stories. Some moms have to work 40-50 hour work weeks, take care of kids, do their own grocery shopping, cook the meals, and still find time to find time to shop for outfits and exercise.

Anonymous on

I’ll let you in on her secret; she has a team of nannies, housekeepers, in-home chefs and personal trainers as well as a hair and makeup team and a personal stylist. She most likely has an events coordinator that helps her to select her dress, jewelry, accessories as well as a driver to take her to all her appts. when the people don’t come to her. That’s her BIG secret to looking this great with 3 small children. Please.

Jennifer S on

Don’t forget liposuction and any plastic surgery needed for lifts, nips, and tucks.

Teresa on

Please. I am a normal full time working mom and after the birth of my first child I was back to pre pregnancy weight at 6 weeks. Same with my second and third children. If you want to do it having help or not is not an excuse b

lifeasahouse on

It’s her job to be thin and in shape, she’s a model. Good for her, but it’s neither realistic nor necessary for most of the world.

Shawna on

Share her secret? Really? Unlimited funds, nannies, nutritionists, private trainers – give me all of those and I’ll lose a ton of weight too!


Looks like Camila used the same diet that Matthew did for The Dallas Buyer’s club…ugh its not that hard to lose weight when your husband is an expert at starvation

The Redhead on

I’m really over these stories. This is not realistic for most women, so why keep putting this expectation out there? New Mom’s have enough to deal with.

s on

Yes, I agree, why do you keep posting articles to make us feel like crap when we can’t get back in pre pregnancy shape after 8 weeks. I was lucky to comb my hair and take a shower 8 weeks after my babies were born as they were a ton of work to care for and I was sleep deprived,

megan brown on

so what, for any celebrity it is easy to lose weighter soon after having a baby. I bet if i was rich and had people to watch my kid and hire a person trainer i would look like that too, i have two babies and i have been working my ass off to lose this weight but i am not rich and i actually watch and spend time with my kids…no one cares

larson810 on

Not impressed when these “stars” debut these skinny bodies after giving birth. I am when a woman that has a full time job, husband, other kids, dinner to cook every night, house to clean without help….Got my point? Live in the real world and then come talk to us right?

Angie on

While she does have an advantage of having trainers, chefs, and nannies to watch her kids, SHE still has to do the work to lose weight. No one can do that for her. She has to stick to the diet and she has to work-out however much she does..So yeah, she has options most of us don’t, but she has to work just as hard when it comes to exercising and watching what she eats as we do. Don’t insult her because she’s more fortunate than us. We can look just as good if we work hard too.

Nannyto1 on

For those that are so tired of looking at celeb Moms who look great after birth and think that it’s because they have nannies, nutritionists, etc., I’m so tired of your whining. Not only celeb Moms can look great after giving birth. I was back in my pre pregnancy jeans one week after giving birth… it’s all about being healthy and fit during pregnancy, then there’s not alot of baby weight to lose. My daughter was the same way. Camila looks fab!

Readthearticle on

Go tell this to someone who cares. ‘Real’ women are venting because this is a ridiculous article!!!!!

gennie on

Who cares? Really …..who is she?

Tara on

Everyone should react with the angry face, not against Camilla but for People for continuing these stories!

esymmons on

so what? The media likes you to dislike people as much as like them…it’s all dollars in their pocket. She seems to be a happy mom, loves the husband….good enough for me. Not like the so-called stars that marry for that instant of fame, shacks up with someone else, gets pregnant, can’t understand why the husband wants an annulment over a divorce (maybe she’s trying to beat Liz Taylor’s old record), whines about her body….the list goes on…..

JCoolie123 on

She kills in that pant suit. Love it.

I am 8 weeks PP and certainly don’t look like that! Of course, I didn’t look like that BEFORE I was pregnant either! 🙂

Missy on

In other pictures you can tell there’s a little pooch there still.

kim on

to everyone who is so bitter and negative…maybe in MOST cases, the reason for how/why these new moms looks so great is in part to all the perks they have/get. but not always. within 2 weeks of having each of my kids, i was down to less than 10 lbs from my prepregancy weight and back in my size 2 jeans. so really, its not fair to label all new moms completely immune to looking great so soon afterwards.

gennie on


gennie on


kim on

and p.s. i was (at the time) a wife, and a stay at home mom of 2. no nannies, or chefs or personal trainers. no special foods or gimmicks, no gym. you just cannot be lazy and stuff yourself like a gorged pig! THATS the secret….im tired of listening to women use their kids as an excuse as to why they are fat slobs.

Cait on

Thank you. Exactly what I was thinking.

Angie on

I don’t mean this to be harsh or rude Kim and I think it’s commendable that you were able to get back to your pre pregnancy weight so quickly. However, I resent the fact that you are insinuating that the women posting their outrage over the constant posting of celeb post baby bodies are “fat slobs.”. Maybe they’re simply moms who are tired of the constant media and public pressure to look a certain way to be considered beautiful. Unless you know every single person’s story on here, please refrain from hurtful comments. We all struggle and while yours is obviously not with weight, I’m sure you too have some type of issue you would not want unknown people to be critical of.

SKG on

I agree that she probably has help (nanny, chef, traininer, etc.) but she still has to do all the WORK as far as exercising and eating healthy is concerned. NO ONE can do that work for you! Sorry but all the haters on here are just jealous.

Guest on

Too bad her dress doesn’t fit properly.

Shauna on

it doesn’t matter how many nannies, nutritionist housekeepers or anything at teh house, if you don’t want to lose the weight or exercise they aren’t going to make you, and will power, no one can make you have will power, you do that all by yourself, so instead of judging the woman for working and having the money to have helpers why not praise her for having the will power and motivation to get back into her old clothes, geez

Ashley on

AMEN!! Too many bitter women read these posts to hate on these women! Even if you can’t get back in shape after 8 weeks what about the other 10 months left in the year?!

Sara on

THANKS for sharing…NOT! Not what most new mothers want to see/read. Most of us do not have the financial means to hire nannies, trainers, and nutritionists…but, yeah, I know, she naturally popped back within 48 hours of delivery. Kudos to her!

Mia on

Absolutely gorgeous, wow!

Mia on


Ck on

It doesn’t take nannies and nutritionists to do this just a firm commitment to eating RIGHT before and after giving birth. It doesn’t involve starving or working out 8 hrs a day. It’s possible for anyone, but most people in this country don’t have a clue how to really eat healthy. I’ve lost 60lbs in the past two years and its completely changed my outlook on these stories. A few years back I would’ve made all the same excuses, but now I know better.

Angie on

The fact that this woman looks this good 8 weeks after giving birth is because she is genetically lucky! Not every woman is a whale after she gives birth. I fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes 8 days after my first daughter was born and 10 after my second. I am not rich, I’m not a model and I don’t have a personal trainer or a nutritionist, nor do I part take in any sort of dieting/diet plan. When I was pregnant I chose to eat relatively healthy foods but if I wanted the occasional cheese burger and fries or dessert or chips I ate it. Stop whining about how you’d look just like these women if you had all the money in the world. Some women are just plain lucky like me.

Stephanie on

Go eat shit Angie

Ann on

She is very pretty. But, it’s getting beyond lame to hear how they have their bodies back weeks after having babies. It is a horrible message to send to women. Sure if you are wealthy, can hire cooks, personal trainers, people to dress you then you could look the same. Enough. Just enjoy your baby.

Angela on

She is Brazilian they are the queens of cosmetic surgery, Lipo and such.

Stephanie on

It’s called exercise and starvation People. If you had cameras following you 24/7 to catch a glimmer of your post baby body, you’d have the motivation to starve yourself too. It’s sad that celebrities have to live under that kind of pressure.

Tammy on

No one can expect to be back in shape quickly after having a baby if they were not in shape before. I am in my late 30’s and have a very demanding job and no nannies, trainers, chefs, etc. I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight in 12 weeks with my first child and in eight with my second (size 4). Nobody can deny that having perks help but at the end of the day nobody does the real work for you. Get inspired but these examples instead of being so negative.

Lily on

For all the haters out there…most of these celebrity moms look better (ie: in better shape, toned, fit, flat tummies, etc) than the majority of us BEFORE getting pregnant. It only makes sense that they look better AFTER as well.

smm on

Jeez everyone. Lighten up. Even if she does have help she still has to make a commitment to take care of herself. Not everyone falls apart after having kids. I was pg in Hawaii…rode my bike til 8 months, swam everyday, walked everyday. Gained about 30 pounds and got rid of it right away because I did all those activities as soon as possible. It would not have made any difference if I had help, I still had to do the work to get a result. Then once my son could walk…well run, he never walked…I lost more just chasing after him!!! Give Camilla a break…they are a beautiful couple with beautiful children. We should all be so lucky. Blessings on everyone.

levi on

It’s called Spanx people!

Rusty on

People magazine, please stop these unnecessary and harmful articles emphasizing new mom’s post-natal bodies.

pep on

Really who cares about her .. shes a nobody in my world

Victoria on

Within w weeks of birth I was at my pre-pregnancy weight and within 4weeks I was 10 pounds under. However, I am about 80 pounds overweight to begin with, BUT I still did it. lol

larsen on

Skinny or not she still butt ugly.

Lilah on

She is so gorgeous!

Kat on

Lol, it seems there’s a lot of jealousy amongst the comments. I know women- not celebrities, and without unlimited funds, no nannies, and with jobs- who just have the genetics that a week after birth you couldn’t even tell she had a baby. This isn’t realistic for most women, but it’s just as hateful to criticize and assume with these women who were “born lucky”.

Mimi on

I think it’s from running. If my husband didn’t wear deoderant as Matthew doesn’t I would be on the go all the time too trying to get away from him.

unknown on

she looks great. but it wont last. she’ll be pregnant again in a few months.

marie on

She is a freak of nature. Just beautiful.

Liz on

Maybe commenters should be held accountable for being bullies, like schools are trying to do with kids, but with adults making such mean comments do the kids really stand a chance when they see all this as an example?

rosanna on

Sorry, but I am not IMPRESSED!! If I had the money she does, I could hire a nanny to watch my kids, and a cook to make me special meals, and a personal trainer to whip my body back into shape. Instead, I am a mother of 5 who can’t get to the healthclub because I have no one to watch my kids, I can’t afford special food delivered to my door or a private chef, and I certainly can’t afford a private trainer! So there you have it. This rich and famous mama would literally die if she were in the shoes of most of us normal average new moms.

Mitzi on

Okay, Kim – I think we’ve heard enough that you were part of the minority who got back to their pre-pregnancy weight easily. Most mothers don’t, even if they are on healthy diets and exercising. There are lots of factors that play into post pregnancy health and most women are not like you and certainly don’t need to be called fat “slobs”!!

BBB on

On the one hand, yes she has access to unlimited staff to help her with both the baby and her body. On the other hand, even with all that help she still has to do the work herself to get that killer body. Jessica Simpson not only had access to all the help but was getting PAID to lose the weight and we all saw how much she struggled to do it. Some people are better at diets and fitness than others (whether it’s motivation, self-esteem, will power, lack of emotional food issues, etc. depends on the person). So give her at least some credit because I guarantee that every “normal” mom would not be super fit even if they had everything she has access to.

guest on

funny how people use money as an excuse. “I can’t be in shape I have kids and she has a nanny/driver/trainer”. Oh please, stop making excuses, get of your behind and do something.

guest on

Angie, genetics and luck has nothing (little) to do with it. Self-control is the key and not letting yourself go.

CW on

I like the comments about how she looked better than most of us before, so of course she looks better after pregnancy! I mean, come on. I don’t think it is healthy to focus on a woman’s body after pregnancy, but I don’t really think it is any worse than focusing on a woman’s body so much in general! Movie stars are famous in large part because they are genetically blessed with bodies our society deems “perfect.” This doesn’t change just because someone gets pregnant. We need to really stop glorifying one type of body as perfect and then we’d realize that pre-pregnancy and post-partum, we all look different and you know what–it doesn’t freaking matter! Feel good about yourself in whatever shape you come in; if you want, try to improve that shape through diet and exercise. If you don’t want to, don’t.

Charli on

The pants suit looks great but she looks amazing in the coral! She is a beautiful woman. I’m not mad at her for dropping the weight. My mom and her sisters were all able to drop their baby weight quickly. I only hope I will do the same.

Marky on

Mitzi, Kim is scarcely alone in the world when it comes to getting back into shape after having a baby. And I want to know when anyone announced that Matthew and Camilla had a nanny and a chef, and private trainer!? Half the time they live in a trailer on the beach, people! Where are they going to put all that help, and why? They run and play with the kids, and they cook out, and eat healthy (except for his role as an aids pt). Get serious, lots of people get in shape quickly. My 1st and 3rd are exactly 4 years apart, I had no nanny, chef, or personal trainer, and, in fact, I also was caring for my sick mother and dragging all those kids to the hospital daily for ages after my 3rd was born. I was back in my street clothes (sz 4) in 2 weeks, and though I was tired for a month, i got in the swing of a routine in that time, and managed just fine. All of you act as if you were/are single parents, for pity’s sake! Didn’t the father of your children help at all, or what? My husband knew how to change diapers, play with children, go to the store, and help with laundry, even though he worked. He helped when he came home, and we all ate healthy, There is no need to be rude about this couple; they seem happy and they seem to love their children. Stop with the hate……

Sarah on

I think genetic plays a small part in geting bk to shape after giving birth but self control and determination plays a major roles.stop hating people is not her fault that she is rich Congrates dear u look fantastic.

Mandy on

I have no nannies, chefs, or trainers & I lost all my weight fast through breastfeeding. I went back to work 6 weeks after giving birth & that was after having a D & C & 2 blood transfusions. If you don’t put on too much weight when you are pregnant, then the weight will come off pretty easy. If you don’t like reading about celebs who lose the weight fast, then stop reading the stories. No one is forcing you too. I think Camilla looks great. She’s not s stick, but a woman with curves.

lynn on

So tired of these stories!!! Yes,she is pretty and looks great. My guess is she gained 15-20 pounds and when you can afford a nanny and trainer it’s easier to get back into shape in 3 months. For Most it’s not that easy. This woman must go to the gym, her body/face is how she makes money.

kelly on

So unrealistic for the average woman!! I am sick of these images that women are bombarded with in society …. give me a break. I say to all women, embrace your bodies ….these stories are just ridiculous!!!

arlene on

Love the jumpsuit … where can I find this to purchase? She looks fabulous …

Carol on

Wow – bunch of haters out there. I didn’t have nannies, nutritionists or personal trainers but I certainly got my body back after baby. If you’re in shape before you get pregnant and eat right and exercise throughout your pregnancy, it’s not that tough to do.

Kat on

I hit the “angry” reaction button because I’m tired of PEOPLE continuously writing stories about these celebrity moms that make a big deal about how great their post-baby body is and how soon after baby. As other commenters have said, these people have teams that work for them to help them get back into shape in record time… because how they look is part of their job. That’s good for them, but many moms have an unrealistic ideal because of these stories. PEOPLE magazine, please stop with these stories. Are you listening?!!!

lizzy on

I agree with a lot of some of the posts on this board. It’s all about the individual. I gained 40 pounds during my pregnancy and 4 months after he was born I am currently back down , if not less to my pre-pregnancy size. I work full time and I don’t have nannies, nutritionist, etc. So all of the negative comments need to stop- Don’t be mad at her.. be mad at yourself for not losing the weight!!!

Ashley on

I love it! Camilla looks great. Look at the jealous women who say mean things on here. They’re the same women who say models shouldn’t be skinny and magazines should show “real” women. Ick. I’m not fat and don’t want to look at fat women.

Meg on

Camila you look gorgeous and congrats on the baby! You people really need to stop criticizing celebrity women for any and all body issues, its disgusting. Whether its Jessica Simpson weight gain during pregnancy and then inability to loose it right away. Hillary Duff working out weeks after giving birth, or Camilla, Heidi, or Miranda who are models by nature and lost the weight quickly. Many of you are so critical. In high school I had body image issues and it wasn’t due to celebrities it was from comments of peers…. And I was 5’4 and 125 lbs!

My best friend is a former model, gained 23 pounds for her pregnancy and looked the same as she did pre pregnancy within a week! I have an athletic build and am a size 4-6 and gained 24 pounds for my pregnancy. 2 weeks after giving birth I was my normal weight again. Now 17 weeks after I am 15 lbs lighter! I spend all my time with my son and have not worked out, my mother was the same way. It happens women are all different. We should be celebrating the fact that she had a baby not criticizing her for looking good. It is peers that hurt our body images not celebrities. Get over yourselves!

Lyoness on

She’s a model which means she’s also tall most likely. A 30+ pound weight gain on her isn’t going to look the same on someone who’s 5’2″. My mother is 5’11” and was pregnant with twins. She lost the weight quickly because she was in her late 20s and liked to walk around her block a few times. Matter of fact now she whines (lol) because she’s in her 50’s and weighs more now than she did then. Calm yourselves ladies. Work out, eat right, and drink water. The End.

haven on

That is just unrealistic expectation because most people don’t have the kind of money these people have hiring personal nannies, personal trainers, nutritionists and the lists keeps going. If I had that Kind of money yeah I would probably look like that too. In the real world most people don’t have that kind of luxury. Plus she is tall too and was skinny to begin with. She was blessed with being born attractive. I’m sure that’s one of the reason Matthew married her. Good for her that she’s taking care of herself and that her kids are healthy and happy.

Anonymous on

B*tch! 🙂

Anonymous on

I don’t know what the big deal is. What do you expect? All women should go back to what they looked like before having a baby. Being pregnant doesn’t not make you gain weight in your whole body, just your tummy. As long as you take care of yourself while pregnant and don’t over eat you will look like you did before you got pregnant. It has nothing to do with being a celebrity, it has everything to do with just taking care of yourself and not giving in to every craving.

Summer on

It’s true that if you stay fit and healthy during pregnancy, it’s easier to get back into shape afterwards. However, I only gained 20 pounds on an already fit frame and still haven’t gotten my pre-pregnancy figure back 11 weeks later. I probably never will. There’s only so much your skin can stretch, and my hips are definitely wider. Don’t bash women who don’t snap back into shape and assume they didn’t take care of themselves. Pregnancy changes many womens’ bodies for good.

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