Penelope Disick Rocks a Baby Balenciaga – Thanks to Aunt Kim

02/22/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

Mom Kourtney Kardashian has one! Aunts Kim and Khloé own one too. And now Penelope Disick is the latest family member to add Balenciaga‘s chic city tote to her closet.

“Penelope is wearing the little Balenciaga bag that I got her for Christmas!” Kim posted on Instagram Friday, along with an adorable photo of the mom-to-be with her 7½-month-old niece and her mini yellow handbag.

Is Kim gearing up for her little one? If she has a little girl, we have no doubt her wardrobe will be the envy of the playground. Although the expectant reality star recently revealed that if it’s up to dad-to-be Kanye West, their baby will be wearing lots of “big chains and leather pants.”

And to be fair, Penelope wasn’t the only Kardashian-Jenner kid to receive luxe fashions for Christmas. Kylie and Kendall also scored during the holidays.

Kim Kardashian, Penelope Disick and Her Mini Balenciaga Bag
Courtesy Kim Kardashian; Inset: Rex USA

— Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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Missy on

It’s a keychain not a purse.

Goodstuff on

Yes it is a keychain but a keychain that cost 345.00

Vanessa on


Anonymous on

You took the word right out of my mouth!

Allison on

You took the word right out of my mouth!

joan on

and it costs more than full size purses. I have a leather bag which resembles it for under $100.

jojo on

ewwwwwwwwww very ugly..that color is gross..the kid cant even walk yet, let alone carry it..what a waste..kid got a chubby leg

meg on

its just sad that these babies r going 2 grow up thinking its normal 2 spend a small fortune on a nasty bag.theres mothers who have 2 watch their own babies starve 2 death let alone buy them a fashion house bag b4 they turn one

Cara on

Seriously, who cares what these people buy? I don’t care. They could buy whatever they want. It’s the fact that they are famous at all that is the most disturbing and disgusting aspect of them. If they were any other rich family buying a 700 dollar mini-purse for their baby to carry around no one would say anything. It’s sad to waste money on things so pointless but it’s their business. I am not standing up for them. I literally can’t stand them. I wish they would go away. But, really…we can do whatever we want with the money we make.

glam&bella on

Yes totally agree!!! I strongly believe people like that who never had anything would put something so corny like that…..

El on


Frida on

If you dont have anything nice to write, dont write at all. No wonder there is so much hate in this world when people are so nasty to people they dont even know.

Athena on

It’s adorable. Love those fat thighs, I love me a well-fed babe!

Isabel on

Talk about the most frivolous way to spend money.

Rachel on


emily on

LOL I think it’s hilarious. And cute. And I also think you all spend way too much time and energy fretting about how other people spend their money.

Lilyflower on

You are exactly right Emily! Also, the baby’s chubby thighs are so cute!

Ashley on

I buy my 2 year old niece purses but they cost me $5 and I get them off of the clearance rack. I can’t imaging spending $345 on a purse keychain for an infant…

Whitney on

looks like an overpriced keychain

Lynn on

this has got to be the ugliest thing i’ve seen. ick. and dated looking, not fashionable to me at all

MommytoanE on

I can not understand why some people buy the things they buy. But I guess porn stars have lots o money to blow on stupid keychains.

Minda on

Just ridiculous!! And a complete waste of money!!

Catca on

Jojo, babies that age are supposed to have chubby legs! But it is pretty stupid to buy a purse for a child who is not old enough to even carry it. Let her be a baby for goodness sake! It’s not the price tag, Kim can afford it and if she wants to indulge her niece and Penelope’s parents don’t have a problem with luxurious gifts for children and the message it sends about values, that’s up to them. They probably feel differently about values. It’s the impracticality of the thing that’s the problem with the gift.

lol on

if you guys would learn how to read it’s not a actual purse it’s a keychain.

Shannon king on

I don’t see where it says it is a keychain. But I do wonder what values these folks children can be expected to have. Love my children and grandchildren, but wouldn’t do that to them if I could

JoAnn on

Oh yes, we all want to copy a K. I am so very sick of seeing this womans picture everytime I check out People or Omg. She is worthless and so is her BF.

Ayla on

This is just as ridiculous as this whole family, but I don’t think anybody is surprised. People are entitled to spend their money in whatever they feel it’s important, so of course the Kardashian’s are going to spend it on useless accessories and embarrasing amounts of clothes for their kids. What did you expect them to buy? Books?

Tiffany on

WOW. She will do anything for attention. She looks dumb carrying that tiny bag.

Mila on

Awww so cute my baby girl has chubby thighs as well…She is too precious to me as I’m sure Khloes daughter is to her. I see her Aunties are spoiling Penelope..

Shar on

The hands r awfully wrinkled. no botox for hands?

KS on

Yeah because that is what every toddler needs…..a ridiculously expensive bag that serves no purpose. That whole family is so out of touch with reality, someone really needs to corral that group and shut off the %$^$ cameras.

Nancy on

Spoiled rotten brats . . everyone of them. So, Penelope will of course grow up thinking everyone spends money foolishly on “who cares who made it” items. Nice.

Jade on

Super cute although I don’t have near money to buy my own kids designer if I did I would!!!! Love it and her little thighs! Just ignore the Jelous haters.

Donna on

LOL so news worthy!! LMAOooo I almost spit up my cereal . lol

Dose anyone see the similarities with KIM and Octomom?? Her latest picture with them GAWD AWFUL pants and that dumb ass expression really look as though the two could be twins..just sayin

Sandy on

purses and shopping. that’s great things to aspire to in life!

Summer on

So many nasty jealous people.

Lori on

Another spoiled Kardashian brat in the making

anna on

whatever this is :), it is really and should not be news. However, it is amusing to see how many comments it got, including my own

Vase Line on

That’s Ok let them spend their money now they will be pawning it when no one buys their crap any more and they are unable to keep their fancy cars and houses . Time will be their enemy in all ways.

jsp81355 on

WE DON’T CARE!!!!!!!

Brandi on

Then why did you read the article and post a comment? How lame.

Vase Line on

The day will come when they will be saying gee wish I
hadn’t blown all that money now that I am flat broke and
selling off my fancy cars, clothes and houses.

pam on

OMG make it stop So shallow and materialistic. Come over to the real world side and see how most people live! Have these people no shame!!!!!!!! We really do not care!

Samantha on

OMG so cute!!!

And saying that the Kardashians should die is appalling! I hope no one says that about your family or your children. Shame on you!

interesting on

Interesting how so many people hate the family, hate how they spend money, hate their sense of fashion, etc. Yet, they read every story and comment. I’m sure if your life was played out in front of the world, we’d find some flaws, too. Live and let live. You get to.

Danielle on

Penelope is going to be some spoiled girl. but if I have the money I will do the same.we are only young…..once.

meme on

I did not even know what a balencia was, and my life is no fuller now that I know.

Brandi on

Lol like her or hate her, people are curious and interested in knowing about her and that’s a big part of her fame and success. The fact that you took the time to watch her sex tape and comment on this article only proves my point. It doesn’t matter how people feel about her…as long as there is an interest in her, her success and fame will continue and she won’t be going anywhere.

Me on

why not put the money in a trust? ijs…

tessy evelyn owharo on

Wow i love d kardashians every one of them ,be silent haters

LJ on

Meg, what’s sad is that your kids will grow up not know how to spell or write proper English.

Daisy on

I just threw up in my mouth.

Teresa on

When will People magazine realize that their readers are tired of reading about the gluttony exhibited by the Kardashians?

How many of you reading this comment agree with me?

Susan on

So sick of this family! They have no morals at ALL and are so ridicoulas. People are sick of them and wish they would go away! They are trash. And don”t care about their actions . Kim being the trashiest from person to person now being pregnant right off with someone else not even married to him. There is something wrong with this family of no morals. Make me sick

Mom to 4 on

I would so be willing to have any one of them come live with me for a week! See how they handle that. I am a stay at home mom of 4 living in a small Midwestern town. We aren’t poor by any means but it would be a shock for any one of them. Come on People! Make it happen!

Sandy on

First off, this is news???

Second, IF Kourtney is smart, she will keep KIM away from teaching her niece to strive to be materialistic, porn queen- like she is.

mona on

Will you stop putting that person in the mag? she has no redeeming qualities and continues to be a horrible influence on young girls. The only difference between her and a Trollop is the fact that her mom bought her boobs. Trollops buy their own. At least Bruces girls have some class thanks to having him as a father!

anna on

I am all for spending your money however you want to, but unless that key chain was free I wouldn’t even spend 10 bucks for it let alone 350 dollars. Maybe it was free or came gifted to her with her purchase of other hand bags. As foolish as these people are with their money I doubt they bought a 350.00 key chain for a baby. I bet it was gifted to Kim.

maggiemay1 on

Too bad they couldn’t do something more useful and less stupid with the money, like give it to a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen where it will do some good.

Kathy on

I love it. I buy Coach bag’s for my 6 year old granddaughter. She also has a Dooney and Bourke. I know Coach isn’t as high class but still a big deal to a little girl. This color may not be the nicest but who know’s what’s in with celebrities or fashion. Hard to follow when it changes weekly.

Edie on

Sad that this is what is important to them and to this magazine.

Teresa on

I think it’s obvious why people printed the story. Note below the picture that it was supplied by Kim herself. So people does not have to pay big bucks to some paparazzi and they have a filler story for their magazine. And Kim get free advertising for the Kardashian machine.


Kim has a few bucks she can spare so why not? She loves her niece so this is no big deal. I do have to say though that those fingers (don’t know if they’re Kourtney’s or Kim’s) need some major lotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

guest on

Imagine the amounts of money that could be donated to charities by their non-stop spending on material things that aren’t necessary!

J on

JoJo , babies normally have chubby legs…

Cinder Lou on

People who have lots of money and waste it often wind up broke and washed up. The Kardashian clan should take note: it could happen to you, too.

chelsea on

Kim probably got that for free anyway.

Meg on

No matter if this is a purse or a keychain, what does the baby need with it? All a baby wants/needs at that age is food, sleep, play/toys, affection and diaper changes. It’s disgusting how much money this family wastes on such superficial nonsense, especially for a baby who doesn’t know what an item like that is supposed to be. Appearances, fame and money are all that count to this trashy joke of a family. I can’t figure out why the the press kisses their rear ends or why they get any attention at all; it’s pathetic how low the media has sunk to even give people like them any thought.


whats $345 dollars…no biggie…lol

100%Tanisha-Li on

I WOULDN’T SAY I HATE THE FAMILY OR KIM. IM JUST SICK OF THE OVERLOAD ON THEM AS A WHOLE. PRIMARILY KIM. Yes it is her money, but when u live ur life as open as Kim & her family does it gives people relevance to speak on what the see & hear. I love their fashion sense. But it is overload. FACT REMAINS: SHE GOT FAMOUS OFF HER SEXTAPE WITH

Amy on

You know that People only posts this stuff because they know how we will all react…right?

Aud on

It’s adorable!

tom on

Ridiculous…and another example of these media ho’s that will do anything to get their name or mug in a photo. All the KarTRASHian’s just need to go back to their trailer park and disappear.

Brandi on

Lol I don’t think Kim bought the gift for Penelope with the intention of it being in the press. I think she posts a lot of what goes on in her life on her website for her fans and sometimes what she posts is picked up by media outlets and magazines and articles and stories are written about it. And while I’m not exactly a fan of the Kardashians, I have to say that your trailer park comment makes you sound really stupid as we all know that they can’t go back to a place that they’ve never been to. Smh.

guest on

I’m sorry…these people are SO out of touch with reality! I know they work, I know they earn their money but Seriously! Was flipping through channels & came across Kim & Kourtney in Miami, where Kim just stopped into a scooter place & bought scooters for the family! Who does that?

Renee on

The comments about this story are to funny. We all buy our little girls purses and girly things. who are you negative people kidding? My 2 year old has a Laura Bradley purse and suitcase. What ever I can find her that is close to what I have I buy.
just something nasty to write. I smell JEALOUS.

nicaw on

Why doesn’t she give this child a purse from their Kardashian collection? If you have a product, should you be promoting it?

ashlee on

what baby girl needs a purse when they can barley walk or talk and barley holding things what is Kim thinking

kelly on

the color looks like baby s#%#^&$^*&$..i guess now kourt will have to buy one for kim…its only 1445.

Alanna on

Omg I can’t wait for the new baby and that bag is adorable I love Kim Kardashian

kelly on

missy…its NOT a keychain..purse comes in different looks small cuz its for a kid!

betty on

that is a key chain you can see the metal ring on it, is this really news,please

Sloane on

I’m only on here to make a point. I don’t watch their reality shows, follow them on Twitter, buy magazines with them on the cover, or buy their crap on QVC or elsewhere. Join me and they’ll go away!

Kim on

Hey, if you have the money, why not? I’m sure some of you leaving nasty remarks would love to be able to buy stuff like this if only you could.

Faye on

Why do y’all hate Kim so much!! Geez what’s your problem buying that little purse is really no big deal!! It is a cute little gesture on Kim’s part! Give Kim a damn break witches!!

victory on

It’s an adorable little handbag, period. Little Penelope will probably never carry it, but it’s the thought that counts. This family has loads of money to burn, little Mason wears TODS loafers, most likely a pair in every color. My daughter is expecting baby #2, I’m hoping it’s a girl so I can spoil her w/ special gifts her parents may not be able to afford, for instance, baby UGG’s. When it comes to what the Kardashian kids receive as gifts or are wearing, it doesn’t make any sense to compare your lives to theirs.

Hilary on

That is the stupidest thing. Ugh, the crap people with money buy.

MrMonkee on

I got ripped off! I bought the same exact purse but brown at Neiman Marcus in NYC but paid $360. I want my $15 back or my Kartrashian discount!!!

egc on

how much money did she waste on this? Yeah, every baby needs a ridiculous purse. What a joke she is! If she would pull her head out long enough, she’d see there are people with actually needs in this country and she would help.

Kelly on

It seems like a huge waste of money to me and probably most people, but they do have the money and they can spend it how ever they want. It is a free country.

Cloboomper on

To all you idiots commenting about how Kim shouldn’t be buying this purse for her niece, its too expensive, you can’t imagine spending that much on your own niece, just shut up.

Obviously you people wouldn’t because you people don’t have that kind of money. To the person complaining about how some mothers can’t even feed their kids, shut up. Those mothers should stop having kids if they can’t afford it.

This family has money, and they take care of each other. Just because you are jealous that you don’t have that kind of money is no reason to insult Kim and her family. It might seem ridiculous, but its cute as can be, and I’m pretty sure that was the whole point.

Just stop hating cause you’re jealous.

bobi on

it’s the sweetest thing ever. it’s thoughtful. expense is relative to fortune. i am sure she will be a sweet, polite, young girl. there are so many reality shows, but this family thrives b/c they work hard & have are kind too people. they don’t hide behind computers and judge…they make things happen for themselves.

jmg on


s on

Who cares what you all think you are just jealous. I think it’s cute if she has the money let her spend it!!! Its her money!!! Im sure if you all made this money you would do the same!!!

Erin on

Don’t you find it harder to be angry and negative, than happy and positive? What energy you people put into being horrible. I don’t envy you at all.

Lisa on

Just so you know, saying “shut up, your just jealous” makes you sound like a 3rd grader.

Rosy on

Betty Draper from Mad Men said my favorite line… “stop counting other people’s money!”

janb55 on

and, if Kim has a little girl, she’ll be rockin’ a baby Birkin bag to top her niece’s Balenciaga bag.

Doreen on

What….$345 for this lil purse keychain?! That’s ludicrious!! I can think of much better ways to spend $345!! How about feeding starving children in third world countries?! Kim, get OVER yourself!

Peggy Smith on

Whatever it is, it’s just ridiculous to waste money on crap like this. Get real, Kardashians!

Aj on

Lol! What’s going to fit in there, a pacificer? Kourtney already carries around an ENORMOUS diaper bag, why the f*** does the baby need a stupid designer mini purse?

Anonymous on

What a waste. I’m not talking about just the bag, but the whole family as well.

Olivia on

you people don’t have a clue what you would buy if you were a multimillionaire. 300 dollars is like us spending 10 dollars to them. chill out. she travels and spends millions on charities, she has a right, like anyone else to spend her hard earned money.

Sheryl on

Seriously?? Who really cares?? This family is famous for??? And they’ve done?? Sad state of affairs when you are famous because your dad defended a murderer (OJ)! And your mom is married to a washed up 1976 gold medal winner, who by the way looks quite scary…..Bruce you look like Joan Rivers! Enough with the face work.

People on

Bruce Jenner was self conscious after a bad divorce, and he wanted a little touching up. The doctor messed up his face and he’s regretted it ever since 😦 maybe you shouldn’t be so hard on people.