Ian Ziering: Why My Pregnant Wife Pole Dances

02/22/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Pregnancy does a body good. Then again, for Ian Ziering‘s expectant wife Erin, so does pole dancing.

The mom-to-be took up the sport following the birth of daughter Mia Loren, 22 months, when she found herself searching for a balance to all things baby.

“I think I got so wrapped up in the motherly world, I was looking for something to make me feel more womanly, more myself,” Erin tells The Bump.

After a night out with her friends, among them a pole dance instructor, the first-time mom — who was already pregnant with the couple’s second child — had her answer.

Ian Ziering Pregnant Wife Pole Dances
Courtesy Erin Ziering

“She was telling us that it will make you feel better about your body. It makes you feel more self-aware, and more confident, and that it helps with a lot of issues that happen after you have a baby,” Erin says, adding that while safe, she was still advised to check with her doctor first.

“It’s great exercise. I go once or twice a week, and it’s girl time with my friends. We go out to dinner afterwards,” she shares. “It’s been a great experience, and it kept me in great shape during my pregnancy with a lot of extra energy.”

But she’s not the only one seeing the results of her new talent; Former 90210 actor Ziering is also benefiting from the mama-to-be’s latest moves.

“I had some apprehension for Erin to be involved with that because, um, somehow in my past I’ve seen pole dancing, and I was concerned that a pregnant woman shouldn’t be doing those kinds of things,” he jokes.

Noting that her approach to the pole is “really from the workout perspective,” Ziering admits the pay off has been big in other areas as well. “It helps her get in touch with her sensuality, with her femininity, and with her sexuality, and this is great!” he explains.

“It helps her stay positive when she starts to feel [bad about her body]. Being like, ‘Yeah, I might be pregnant, but I’m making it look good!’ And on top of that, she just gets a little sexier! I think it’s great, and I’m really benefiting.”

With the couple’s second child due in May, Erin is ready for round two of baby bliss, determined to not let the anxiety of life with a newborn deter her from enjoying the experience.

“I felt like with Mia, I was always so nervous about everything, making sure I was doing everything perfectly and reading every book,” she says. “I think this time will be nice because I know what’s going on and I will be more relaxed.”

Ziering and Erin’s own childhoods allows the pair to be the perfect tag-team, although her medical background often tips the scale when it comes to making final decisions.

“We both benefit from growing up in very loving, nurturing environments. We come from similar upbringings,” he says. “Because Erin is a nurse, there’s a lot of credibility to her perspective of raising the baby that I really can’t argue with.”

He continues: “She’ll say, ‘I have looked into this,’ and explain it and I say, ‘Okay! You really have your finger on the heartbeat of child rearing,’ because she does. We go with it.”

Although he cherishes his recent role of a lifetime — dad! — fatherhood comes with its fair share of hardships. “I think the most challenging thing is keeping the stress level down during the times when the baby is inconsolable,” Ziering, 48, admits.

“But I understand that this is all a part of the work, and this is what I signed up for, and that it’s bond-building. I know that the view from the top is worth the climb.”

Joking that life with a toddler has left her less than prepared for the big arrival — “I could be pregnant longer, and it would be okay!” Erin says — she’s anticipating plenty of one-on-one time with baby after the birth.

“Mia will go to school for a couple of hours in the morning, and it will be a nice transition for her,” she explains. “She’ll be able to socialize, learn and be in a safe environment while I’m having bonding time with the new baby. We’re looking forward to that.”

Click here to read the full interview at The Bump.

— Anya Leon

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Kelly on

Good to know. I always wondered that about his wife. Now I can sleep better tonight!

Katie on

Seriously WTF!!! I have no clue why he felt the need to broadcast that private matter! Shame on him. How embarassing for her. Sounds like a real slut. HAHAHAHA

CCex on

Have a new baby and ship the other one to school at the same time. That won’t cause any issues at all.

Robin on

Ew! I’m getting a visual that I just don’t need to have…9021..0 no you didn’t!

Marky on

I do not presume to tell others what to do about things like pre-school, etc, but I will say my oldest child told me when he was a young adult, that one thing he always felt sad about was that he had longed for siblings, and when we adopted one child and had another when he was close to 4, everyone we knew was sending their kids that age to preschool.

We sent him, because we thought it was right for him, but though he never said anything about it then, he told me at 20 that he still remembered feeling so sad because he couldn’t be home playing with the siblings he had wanted and loved so much. He was never a whiner, and he wasn’t giving me a list of things he was po’d about, but had wished he didn’t have to go off 3 times a week. Everyone else was going, so he thought he should just go, and not complain……..

Sheri on

Oh please! They aren’t sending her to boarding school! She is going to preschool for a couple of hours. Look at it from the point of view of the new baby…who gets some alone time with mom and dad. And when their first born gets home from preschool there will be plenty of time for sibling bonding.

I swear, the posters on here are so critical of everything. I’m so glad my life isn’t scrutinized in detail the way celebrities are. They can have their fame and money…it’s just not worth out to have every word and action judged harshly by “perfect” strangers.

Jj on

Some people have nothing better to do you’re spot on Sheri. They come on a baby site and complain about the relatable content. They just need to jump on a pole themselves!

TK on

I just can’t believe Steve Sanders is 48!

Kate on

I know, right? He looks the exact same on 90210. But I thought it was silly him and Gabrielle Carteris were cast as high schoolers when both looked a little too old for high school. Like the actors in Grease!

Anonymous on

“I could be pregnant longer, and it would be okay!” Be careful what you wish for, Erin! 😉

All joking aside, they sound like a wonderful family, and I don’t think the preschool thing is that big of a deal. While it’s true that most experts advise against making any other major changes to your child’s life (including starting preschool!) right after a new sibling arrives, every child is different and I’m sure Erin and Ian know what’s best for their own family!

Plus, Erin never said exactly when Mia is going to begin preschool. They might start her a few weeks BEFORE the baby is born, for all we know!

jessicad on

“I had some apprehension for Erin to be involved with that because, um, somehow in my past I’ve seen pole dancing, and I was concerned that a pregnant woman shouldn’t be doing those kinds of things,” That made me giggle!

I think it’s great she wanted to do something for herself and her husband, it’s easy to get caught up in being a mom and forget all other aspects of life, good for her. Not sure why everyone is being so negative about it!

RKF on

It takes poles dancing to “feel like a woman?” What the hell?

KW on

Oh gosh he still looks great at 48!! Pole dancing for a “balance all things baby”? *eyeroll* Try having 3 kids, honey. I’m so over all these celebitchys that have a kid and then go “me, me, me!”.

Lily on


dudley doright on

pole dancing will get u pregnant…didn’t your mother tell u?!

MJ on

and why should we care about this story…..yawn

mama3 on

he is 48???? holy moley!!! time flies

Mommy on

Sort of a long article for someone who is not really relevant anymore…

MJ on

so you are an authority on raising kids b/c you are a nurse….whateva

BBB on

Pole dancing may make someone feel sexy but it’s not from the exercise. If it were they could go to the monkey bars or something in a jungle gym. The sexy aspect comes from thinking of what pole dancing means: doing erotic moves on a pole for the entertainment of men. So yeah, it’s definitely weird for someone to do that while they’re pregnant.

It’s okay not to be a sex object for everyone 24/7, let alone 9 months. Enjoy the baby, enjoy that your husband loves you, don’t worry about imagining being a sex object for any and all men. I think there are many other ways to keep fit and feeling confident without the underlying connotations of red light district activities.


I used to love him on 90210 back in the day! However, the pole dancing bit with his wife is TMI. The kids will be mortified to learn about this article when they’re older. Leave the pole dancing to the hookers in the sleazy clubs bcause it has no place in a classy family.

CJ on

He screwed over his first wife. TMI douchebag.

Glamslinky on

I don’t think pole dancing should make anyone feel better about their bodies….it may help you feel a little sluttier, but sexier? Eh, to some degree, I guess. Women who hire someone to teach them to pole dance, are really, REALLY vanilla.

E on

Proud to say that my husband loves my 30 week pregnant body and I couldn’t imagine doing anything with a pole at this point!

Bridget on

Wow, just wow. It’s amazing how many people are critical with regards to things they don’t know. Pole Dancing is NOT stripping. I am not a stripper, but I do pole dancing- I did it partially as exercise as you burn off a lot of calories and it gives you great upper body strength.

I also teach it at a sexual health clinic at a university to university women who have been sexually violated (however, they define it) as a method of bodily healing, giving them an opportunity to reclaim their body and feel good about themselves again. The women are completely clothed and it gives them healing and recovery that they cannot get by sitting in a counselors office or a support group.

I’ve had women who have struggled with body image approach me and ask me to teach them how to pole dance in hopes it will allow them to let go of their anxieties and discomfort of their own body… Pole Dancing is not all about strippers and hookers, good grief.

Jj on

Don’t waste your logic here, Bridget honey. Love your thoughts though!

tina on


Catca on

Ladies, pole dancing is an aerobic class you can sign up for at many health clubs (at least in big cities) and the ones I’ve seen don’t allow men in the class to watch. It’s actually a great workout for your core and the idea of feeling sexy with the moves is no different than why women wear make up. They are not doing it for an audience for goodness sakes.

As far as the preschool thing goes, while you can teach your children their abc’s and basic math skills at home to prepare them for kindergarten readiness, it doesn’t make up for learning how to handle a classroom structure, listening to authority other than a parent or other caregiver, and the social skills of having to learn to get along with multiple children that weren’t handpicked by your parents for play dates.

The story says Ian will be staying home to bond with the new baby and Erin will be at preschool with Mia (i.e. dropping her off and probably staying there to bond with some of the other moms and being right there when Mia gets picked up). Mia is with her mommy and school and Ian is with the baby. Both children getting attention from mom and dad. The criticisms are a bit extreme to be blunt.

AreKay on

Very educational…I had no idea pole dancing was a sport!

Beth on

All other things aside, that is sad that she would feel bad about her body while pregnant. That was the only time I loved my body. Pregnancy rocked!

Elisabeth on

CCex, Having a child go to preschool for a few hours in the morning will not harm Mia. It’s actually a very normal thing. Millions of moms send their children to preschool and have a newborn at home. Your comment made no sense whatsoever. Preschool is a great idea and prepares the children to attend school and gives them great opportunities to bond with children their own age.

Leigh on

My goodness – some posters are so prudish! Pole dancing is a very popular workout at the moment. And contrary to the critical responses by some, it really does help many woman to overcome their insecurities, and gives them a better self image.

Leslie on

Still calling himself EYE-AN is he? No, you’re EEEEEEAN. EEEEEEEAN. EEEEEEEEEAN. Learn you own name, Steve.

angela on

what an idiot saying this and what an idiot she is doing this… apparently the has-been actor needs attention

Anonymous on

Catca- Read it again. Erin is the one who says she’ll be staying home bonding with the baby while Mia’s at school, not Ian. They didn’t mention anything about what he’ll be doing during that time.

I DO agree with your point, though! 🙂

Anonymous on

Okay, I’m confused about something. Why are Ian and Erin enrolling their daughter in preschool so late in the school year? Or do some preschools stay in session throughout the summer, too?

Colleen on

First off, tell me if I’m wrong here, but is it ever “safe” when we send our toddlers into a building full of strangers?!?!?! I don’t care how many diplomas or awards anyone has…..at the end of the day, it depends on the individual. And like Ian says, that person TRYING to keep their stress level down when a toddler can’t seem to calm down. It isn’t like a toddler can come home and say “hey mommy, and daddy….. Mr and mrs smith lost their cool with me and said some pretty lousy things to me and hit me”!!!!! NOT that I am saying it always happens, but it does all over the world, even in the best of areas. I rather keep my 20 something month toddler at home for another 2 years and allow her to feel SAFE, make her feel part of the new home process, and god forbid but mrs. Ziering will have to “share” her bonding time with both kids……which is really code for breast feeding and changing diapers, and watching them sleep, or maybe her not catching a nap!

pep on

He must be in love if he thinks this ok … Any other guy would be thinking ahh no .. and why ? That is just weird ..

Anonymous on

Colleen- If you read the original article at “the bump”, it sounds like they were very thorough in their search for a preschool (Erin even hinted that they interviewed the preschool, saying that they were taken by surprise when the preschool interview THEM as well!).

I doubt very much that they’d leave their daughter in an environment that they weren’t sure was a safe, positive, and loving one. 🙂

Sandy on

she sounds like a wacko! um maybe you weren’t ready to have kids??! your over thinking things way to much!