Meet Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose’s Newborn Son

02/22/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

They just welcomed son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz on Thursday, but Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose can’t help it — they already adore their baby boy.

The model and new mom, 29, shared a photo of her rapper fiancé cuddling a swaddled Sebastian with the caption, “Best daddy ever … Up with the baby so [I] can go back to sleep.”

“Thanx for all the love guys. Bash took his first poop, had a good meal now he’s peacin’,” Khalifa, 25, adds.

The couple, who became engaged last March, announced their son’s birth on Twitter as well.

Amber Rose Wiz Khalifa Son Sebastian First Photo
Courtesy Amber Rose

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Laura L on

Congrats to the new family! I really like these 2 together! They seem so in love, unlike when she was with Kanye…who’s a douche imo! Love the baby’s name!!

Anonymous on

Agree Laura.

CAM on

I wish them nothing but the best! They seem truly happy together!

Love the baby’s name!

Marcia on

Very nice baby name.

Indira on

Nice name choice!

DaisyMoon on

I’m always so touched by a photo of a dad looking at his newborn child.


Valerie P on

Looks like she couldnt have her home birth as they had planned. Hope everything is ok!! Wiz looks like a natural!!

rfh on

I don’t know much about these two but it’s always nice to see a new, happy, loving family. Congrats to Wiz and Amber.

Jennifer S on

What a beautiful picture! He looks like he is in awe! Congrats to the both of them! I also love the baby’s name. Normal for once.

Linda on

I recognize that look…it’s the look of a Daddy in total love with his newborn son.

m on

That’s not really a picture of the baby.

Liz on

@Valerie: I don’t think she was planning on having a home birth. She mentioned she was planning to have an all natural water birth which you can do at most hospitals.

Amanda on

Wiz posted a pic of himself in scrubs w/a mask ready to go in for a csection…def. Not a water birth.

Anonymous on

This kid has a normal name! CHEEHEE

Anonymous on

He looks so dirty….

JF on

That is one ugly dude ….

l on

very cute but on a more shallow note, what is wiz wearing???

Brandi on

Lol I was thinking the SAME thing!! Wiz is definitely a unique dude, even with his sense of fashion and I really admire that about him…takes a strong person to stand out against what is considered to be “the norm” 🙂 Even with that shirt, lol this is SUCH a sweet picture and I wish all the best for Wiz and Amber and their beautiful baby boy ❤

Tina on

I, too, think it’s beautiful to see a dad looking at his child so lovingly. Happy for them. On another note, is Wiz wearing a Garanimals hoodie. lol

Daisy Love on

Meet him? You can’t even see him!!! Nice blanket though!! lol

Wen on

All the best to the new family. They seem to be very loving with no egos. Ever since she announced her pregnancy they have demonstrated how much they looked forward to having their baby, unlike other “people” who only want to profit off of their baby. I love the name they chose and that picture speaks volumes. ❤

Wendy on

I love seeing a father so in love with his kid and the idea of being father. All the best to that family.

misspiggie on

Very happy for them! Congrats!

Anonymous on

I have to say these two totally shocked me by not falling into a stereotypical “rapper-video girl” relationship. He was very respectful and loving toward her throughout her pregnancy. And they picked a really nice name. Thank you Wiz and Amber for no Pilot Inspektor, Stereo, or whatever the heck Uma Thurman named her poor kid

Felice on


Nancy on

That’s not a BABY! It’s a BLANKET!

kim on

gotta say, not the most manly jacket..

Anonymous on

So happy for them. Congrats👍👍👍

Melissa on

What a great name! Congrats to the happy couple, they make a beautiful family!

Mel on

Precious expression. Horrific hoodie.

daniel on

Congrats wiz khalifa and amber rose… I love yuh both… *kisses*

Kelly on

Hope Wiz doesn’t save his girly, pink hoodie for Bash when he grows up. Maybe another tat for Wiz with Bash’s name?

mdniteowl on

You mean meet their baby blanket!!!!!!!!Stupid!!

olgairiscolon on


mayrabella on

People complaining about his hoodie. So what maybe he had to throw on something quick lol….. Congrats!

Mia on

He looks tired…. Love the name!

james on

the way he is looking down, his lips look like a duck!! hes a weird looking dude….. hope the baby looks like the momma……but he looks soo in love with his new baby!!!

julianna on

What a gorgeous name! The picture is also very sweet! Congrats to Wiz and Amber!

holly on

first photo,there not even showing the baby…………..really not to be rude but that dad needs a MAKEOVER bad

Kim on

Where is the baby?

nettrice on

I’m happy for them but I just came in here to read the racist comments… and I found some!

Anonymous on

i love that name. congrats.

Lady on

Absolutely love these two together, she really upgraded when she got rid of Kanye. Congrats on baby Bash!!

Amanda on

It says, “Meet their newborn”…all I see is a blanket…this headline is ridiculous!

Jane E on

I love his name, and they do make a cute couple. They also had a good balance of publicity and privacy. They shared enough to keep people satisfied, but not so much that it drove people crazy. Congrats to them!

emma on

Thank God they gave their son a NORNAL name! Congrats to the new parents

Georgia on

I know the picture is supposed to be of the baby but it’s not so you’re really left looking at the father and it’s a little scary. Between the bleached streaks in his father’s hair to the tattoos all over his face and other body parts and the teenage girl’s hoodie gone wrong that he’s wearing for the momentous occassion of his son’s birth, the picture of what is supposed to be a touching moment is painful to look at…

Awwwshucks on

Wiz Khalifa’s loving hands say it best….they’re….’Blessed’.

Anonymous on

For all you people saying all you can see is a new father holding a blanket in this photo, take a closer look! Part of the baby’s tiny head s poking out of the blanket! 🙂

Anyway, adorable picture!

Sandy on

he looks like he’s wondering what he go himself into!

ZsMom on

@ Brandi- Thank you!!! Congrats to Wiz and Amber. Now the fun begins! 🙂

T. on

love, love, love the name..Sebastian is a name my husband and I was considering if our 2 year old were a boy!! Love it!! Congrats to the new parents!

valeskas on

Love that couple, they looked great at the Grammy’s and he spoke lovingly about her. And for once a celebrity couple picked out a great name for their baby.

Anonymous on

Was expecting to see a pix of the new baby, not a blanket

Ayla on

Sebastian Taylor sounds great but Thomaz? Really? Do they think the z makez it cooler? So ridiculous.

Melanie on

Uh Ayla, that’s his LAST name.

rachel on

OMG!!! i hope they take good care of this precious bundle…. and not get him tatted!!! or bleached!!!