Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Welcome Son Sebastian Taylor

02/21/2013 at 05:15 PM ET

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Welcome Son Sebastian Taylor
Lester Cohen/WireImage

Wiz Khalifa better take any tummy troubles elsewhere!

The rapper and his fiancée Amber Rose welcomed their first child, son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, on Thursday, Feb. 21, the proud dad announced via Twitter.

“Happy Birthday!!!” Khalifa — born Cameron Thomaz — writes. “Everyone welcome this perfect young man into the world.”

After confirming the pregnancy while walking the MTV Video Music Awards’ red carpet in September, the couple posed for a series of intimate shots that showed off the model’s budding baby belly.

“I’ve decided that I’m going to have an all-natural water birth. No medicine,” the mom-to-be, 29, told XXL at the time. “I want those bragging rights! The next time Wiz has a stomachache … I’ll say, ‘I popped a baby out all natural!'”

It seems the couple’s son had other plans though, as Khalifa, 25, Tweeted a photo of himself dressed in hospital scrubs and a mask.

In January, Rose celebrated pending parenthood with a colorful baby shower surrounded by close family and friends.

Earlier this month the couple attended the Grammys, where Khalifa joked that he’d like his lady to “stay pregnant forever.”

— Anya Leon

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taradawes on

Congratulations to them – really love the name they picked.

miss annji on

I love the name nice and normal

valeskas on

She looked so radiant at the Grammys.

Dany on


They seem so happy and smiley together, many more GENUINE smiles from her since she’s been w/Wizz – — Not the case when she was w/Kanye – good for them!!

Beautiful Name as well, very Strong & Proud!!!

Aud on

Yay!! Even if the baby was born at the hospital, I think she can still use those bragging rights! 😉 Congrats.

klholzer on

I love the name! Congratulations on the new arrival. Welcome to the biggest adventure you’ll ever have!

Angie on

I HATE the name Sebastian! Yuck. I wish them luck but that’s an awful name.

kj on

OMG so happy for them and love that name.

seila on

what a beautiful name! strong, normal, yet unique! congratulations 🙂

Anonymous on

Congratulations! Beautiful name. I like this couple. You can tell they really love, respect and support one another. I like that.

klutzy_girl on

Ooh, Sebastian’s one of my favorite names. Congratulations!

Kacie on

Wouldnt it be funny if their son and lets say Kim K has a girl, and their two kids start dating.

Anonymous on

Congrats and great name!

Tara on

I’m so happy that she is with a guy who just adores her and doesn’t treat her like commodities. Love her!!!

Gina on


RKF on

Go figure – a man who goes by the moniker of Wiz Khalifa chooses such a beautifully unique, yet “normal” name. 😉 Congrats to them!

JJ on

This was the one time I expected a crazy name! Congrats 🙂

Marie on

Awwww so happy for them! I honestly thought they would give their son a weird name, but the name is absolutely adorable! Congrats to them!! 🙂

merry on

Cool name!

Sunny on

Sebastian is a cool name.

Lyoness on

Great Strong Name!! That’s my little cousin’s name and we LOVE it. Congrats Amber and Cameron!!

amanda on

congratulations ! what a beautiful name ! hope all went well !

Linda on

Congrats Wiz and Amber….love the baby’s name!

Sarah.S. on

Beautiful name! Anyone who complains about this completely normal, but not over used, name is just a sour apple.

Congrats Cameron and Amber.

Peaches on

I Love Happy People.

Bree on

I have to admit I was not at all expecting such a normal name!! I don’t mean that as an insult but when someone call himself Wiz profesionally you kind of expect something a little more unusual for their child.

That being said I LOVE the name Sebastian (It was on my list of boy names but hubby vetoed it 😦 His sister watch The Little Mermaid non-stop as a kid so he only sees a little red crab when he hears the name lol)

Can’t wait to see pictures of this little man, I am sure he is a totally cutie pie!!

Congrats to the happy new family 🙂

dianaivett on

Congrats to the happy parents!!…Love the name Sebastian…Very biased..I have a son named Sebastian…Great name!!!

SoopremeBeing on

Awww, it’s too bad she couldn’t do the water birth she wanted, but hopefully everything and everyone turned out safe!

Anonymous on

Nice name (the baby’s) but if my name had been “Cameron” I’d have changed it to “Wiz” also! I bet the baby is cute.

Yeah I wanted an at-home water birth too, no one attending. sigh. no such luck.

Sara on

Aww, congratulations to them! I think they are such a geniunely happy couple. I hope their happiness continues for a long time.

Latrice on

congrats to them and I love the name

Niko on

I’m actually stunned. I did NOT expect a normal name for their baby, at all…LOL. Congrats!

Brandi on

Congrats! They seem genuinely happy together and I wish them all the best with their new baby boy ❤

Anonymous on

Dunno much about either one of these, except that she dated Kanye, but WOW she has got the most gorgeous skin I’ve ever seen!

Andrea on

Im not going to lie, i figured they would pick a really strange name. i actually really love the name they chose. i think that they will be great parents.

Andrea on

Same birthday as me!

katiekillscandyx on

Whew! Its about time lol. Congrats and i absolutely adore The name they picked. Nice & normal unlike the rest of Hollywood.

m on

She’s very pretty.

MJ on

love the name!

Denise on

Love his name!!!!! Congratulations to everyone!!!

Wendy on

Congratulations!! Love the name. What a beautiful couple.

kris on

A totally normal name…..how refreshing

Anonymous on

Congratulations Wiz and Amber.

Melissa on

They were the last people I’d expect to give their baby a normal name, I LOVE the name Sebastian!

Jae on

Wiz is in scrubs because he delivered the baby. They had a home birth and he helped the midwife deliver the baby.

Diana on

Yay!!! Congratulations and best wishes from the Burgh!!

Kaylin on

Great name! Thank goodness they went classy and strong instead of cute and trendy.

jenlouto on

Happy they named him Sebastian. We can all agree that it could have been much, MUCH worse. AKA Gwen Stefani, Nicole Richie, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Emily on

Sounds like she didn’t get the birth she had originally planned for. But either way that baby is a gift and a blessing and congrats to them!!!

Kim on

I never really liked her she seemed to crave attention during and after dating Kanye. However she looked great pregnant and its nice to see a celeb carry a baby full term and try to do it natural. Many celeb moms sched a c-section at 36-38 weeks and dont want to just wait until their body goes into labor. I am happy for them.

I for real on

I love the name… And they say when a couple is together for a length of time they kinda look alike,,, amber and Cameron have similar feature mostly lips,, so I’m sure baby will be harmoniously handsome! God job getting rid of Kanye amber you did good girl!!! He is a total idiot!!

Leslie on

Welcome Sebastian Taylor Thomaz. Congrats to the parents. I hope that they have a long happy life together.

sat on

Beautiful name! Glad he made it safe and sound!

Lady on

I absolutely love them together!! Congrats on their little man, I’m sure he’s handsome, can’t wait to see pictures!!

Gia on

cool name congrats to the rents. Really thought they were going to go the strange name route, but happily surprised.

valerie on

I can’t believe it….only loving blogs!!

Angie on

Awww how cute love these two! Welcome to motherhood Amber!

Anonymous on

Love the name and I’ll bet he’s gorgeous, especially if he has her coloring!

Kelly on

Yay!!! (And I want to also say FINALLY 🙂 Didn’t it seem like Amber was pregnant forever??) Congrats to the lovely couple; they seem madly in love and were completely over the moon in anticipation of their little boy. I love the name and the fact that such a quirky pair ultimately went with really traditional one. Can’t wait to see the little guy 😀

Andrea on

Thats a really cute name! Congratulations to them!

Shhh on

They seem like a loving couple who respect each other. I’m sure their baby is beautiful.


BuckyBoyd on

It seems that celebrities are getting off the trend of ridiculous baby names. For a while there were some AWFUL names but lately very normal names have been chosen in 2012 and 2013.

Wiz and Amber choosing Sebastian, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner choosing Samuel, Kourtney Kardashian choosing Penelope, Gisele & Tom Brady choosing Vivian, Adele choosing Angelo, Megan Fox choosing Noah, Adriana Lima choosing Sienna, Snooki choosing Lorenzo, Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler and Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo both choosing Camden, etc.

I like the normal name trend SO much more than when celebrities were choosing names like Apple!

Cooper on

I like the name!

Lyndsey on

I love these two together! They look so happy and in love and genuinely enamored with one another. Congrats to them, such a beautiful name for their baby boy!

LaVonda Evans on

Congrats to the couple. I’m glad that their happy. I wish them the best.

Erin Courtney on

Congrats! What a nice, normal name they picked!!

Sherae on

Aww! I like his name! STT! 🙂 Congratualtions to them.

melissa on

Welcome to the world, little Sebastian! That’s actually my older son’s name…love it!!

Alli Ordaz on

I really love the name. For a couple in Hip Hop they have really represented that fame and normalcy can be accomplished. They are beautiful and the name is just wonderful! Congrats

Gigi on

Love the name!

Selfenchanted on

Best wishes to the couple! I’ve always loved the name Sebastian, too.

Tara on

haha so much for the bragging rights!

Rachel on

My 2 1/2 year old Sebastian Thomas is sleeping right next to me as I type this! Congrats on your baby and picking an awesome name!

Robyn on

Love the name!!!

If my nephew’s name wasn’t already Sebastian, I’d totally use it 😀

Anonymous on

BuckyBoyd- I don’t think we should include Adele in the list, as she hasn’t actually confirmed that her son’s name is Angelo. Other than that, I agree with you. 🙂

Kim- No doctor in their right mind would perform a C-section at 36 weeks unless it was for medical reasons. Among other things, doing so would probably be a great way for him or her to get his/her license revoked!

And while some celebs HAVE admitted to scheduling a C-section as early as 37 weeks simply for convience, we have no proof that that’s actually a common practice in Hollywood. Personally, I think the media leads us to believe it happens a lot more often than it actually does! 🙂

Jae- Where did you hear that? For their sake, I’m hoping it’s true and they got their natural homebirth after all! 🙂

Anyway, congrats to them!

kleinstfamilie on

what a suprisingly normal and beautiful name! congratulations to them!

Charlotte on

Ahhh such a nice name! Congrats guys 🙂

valeskas on

Great name.

Kat on

I’m pleasantly surprised. I expected a stupid name from these two. I love the name Sebastian.

boohoobytch on

congrats to them

Ally on

Congrats to them. What a nice choice of name!

Mirna on

There was a picture elsewhere with Wiz holding the baby (no face shot, though) in front of a hospital curtain. So I guess Amber didn’t get her home birth.

Anonymous on

Congrats! I love this couple!!

C-section4sure on

Great name. Just looking at her belly, it seemed impossible she would have a “natural” birth. As long as the baby’s healthy and O.K. there’s bragging rights that you had major surgery Amber!

Amanda on

Just curious…how does looking at someone’s belly give any indication of whether or not they will be able to have a natural birth?

TJ on

Good! A normal name. Was expected something NOT! LOL

Mary on

Congrats, I didn’t expect a normal name, I like the name though.

Tina on

Congrats to them. From what she’s said in interviews I’ve seen, he makes her very happy and treats her like she’s special. I’m happy she found true love. No more of Kanye’s narcissism.

lorelei51h on

Congratulations to both!

peaches on

They look wonderful and a blessing on their son.

Anonymous on

I just loved them at the Grammys. I know pretty much nothing about them but when I saw them on tv that night they just exuded such love and appreciation for one another. They were by far my favorite couple on the red carpet. Congrats!

Amy on

Congratulations to Wiz & Amber on the birth of baby Sebastian! Wasn’t expecting such a ‘normal’ name, I love them as a family…

Whitney on

Finally a normal name a cute little nickname

Anonymous on

Yes. Truly a “star couple.”

Mary on


i need a name on

I agree with Dany. Amber always has a smile since she met Wiz. I love the baby’s name too ! Picture, please !

Sarah on

Yea! ❤ them both…Congrat and I ❤ that name too!

Good luck and much health you all of you!

Anonymous on

lets hope baby daddy keeps the “pot” smoking out of the home. otherwise, baby doesn’t have a chance in his own home.

Jess on

I love the name they chose. I have a nephew named Sabastian and another nephew named Teylor.

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