BumpWatch: Maya Rudolph’s Undercover Belly

02/20/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Michael Bublé Wife's Pregnancy Cravings
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What baby bump?

Maya Rudolph, who recently told Up All Night producers that she’s expecting her fourth child with Paul Thomas Anderson, swathed her belly in an animal-print teal and black sheath dress for Tuesday’s Costume Designers Guild Awards.

Keeping mum on her current condition, the actress, 40, did repeatedly remark upon how out of breath she was once she made it up to the stage to present with her former Saturday Night Live costar Amy Poehler.

Rudolph and The Master director, 42, are already parents to daughters Pearl, 7, and Lucille, 3, and son Jack19 months.

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fiona on

I didn’t know that preganancy was a “condition”, duh People!

Callie on

For the love of all things good, PLEASE stop calling it a baby “bump”. There is no such term, and just continually saying it about every pregnant woman doesn’t make it a thing.

Zeze on

Calm down Callie!

boohoobytch on

she’s always pregnant lol

julianna on

I didn’t even know she was pregnant, congrats to the family!

Emily on

Did anybody else notice that she was considerably pregnant in some of the scenes from “Bridesmaids”?

Linda on

Lol, it was hard not to notice especially in that ugly wedding dress

Claire on

I don’t think she was. Bridesmaids was filmed during the summer of 2010. Her second and third kids were born on November 6, 2009 and July 3, 2011. (Before someone labels me a stalker, I just did a quick IMDB search. And before someone says I’m then calling her fat if she wasn’t pregnant, I’m not. I think she is incredibly beautiful!)

Alison on

She wasn’t pregnant during bridesmaids but she was pregnant during Grown Ups.

Tara on

She Rocks! Love that she wants a big family!

mcb on

She just keeps cranking out those kids!

Tiffany on

Holy moly…this woman is always pregnant,lol

lol on

Awesome! She is such an amazing actress.

sat on

yeah, go girl!

Mary on

I love, love, loooove her!!

Bree on

@Callie Baby Bump actually is a really common term, read a baby book, go onto pregnancy websites. maybe you have heard of one called thebump.com?? Yeah so clearly People.com made it up and are trying to force it on a protesting public!!

Congrats to Maya and Paul Thomas!! They seem like such great down to earth parents and people in general, love them!!

Can’t wait for this birth announcment, they have choosen such beautful names for their oldest three, I can’t wait to hear what they name this one 🙂

Callie on

I in no way implied it wasn’t a commonly used term. Thus the whole just because you keep repeating something, doesn’t make it an actual thing, portion of my comment. Much the same as using “haters”. Also not an actual thing, no matter how frequently it’s used. Ugh.

AngelsChilde on

Thank god you weren’t around in Shakespeares time… All the words he came up with and used so often they became a thing, bubble, etc, would all be stricken from the ditctionary since dear dear Callie didn’t like them and lord knows she’s Queen of the world.

Translation, get out the high horse. Your shit stinks too. As well as your own abuses of the English language.

olive on

I wonder if hormones are what have made her moles much more prominent on her face?

Some reports say they are married but i think they are not but what a happy couple, good for them

Guest on

Wow, this was definitely a comment you could have kept to yourself. Prominent moles? Unhappy marriage? Then you end it with “good for them?”. Wtf?


She’s awesome. Good luck to her.

momphoenix3 on

Claire…she said she was pregnant during filming of Bridesmaids in a couple interviews

Jayro on

I have heard that too.

momphoenix3 on

Sorry…she had just had her baby during shooting

Maren on

I hate her dress!! Am I the only one?

Anonymous on

Love Maya!

Beth on

Lordy, I have a 19 month, I couldn’t imagine being pregnant with another! Congrats to her and her family!

KRS on

Callie (and others who get so irked by the term “baby bump”), honest question here – what would you prefer it be called or referred to? Baby? Stomach? Belly? Something else? Baby bump, to me, seems like a pretty darn accurate description of the outwardly visible BUMP made by the BABY that’s currently growing in her uterus. Seriously, let’s hear something that works better!

Marky on

I have 2 daughters who are 15 months apart, and they were always close, loved to play together, and still are close as adults, though very different in personality. My sister and i are 11 months apart, and were also very close, though that was a bit tough on my mother, since my parents were very poor, there was a war and they didn’t have some of the conveniences parents do now. By the time we were 1 and 2, it was wonderful for my parents because we played together constantly, and shared a room very nicely. Good luck to Maya and Paul, and hopefully her children are as close as mine were!

Anonymous on

Callie- “Hater” isn’t a real word?! Then I’d guess you better tell that to the folks at Oxford Dictionary: http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/hater

People often use it incorrectly, but it IS a word. And “baby bump” is an accepted slang term that’s been around for years, whether you like it or not!

KRS- My thoughts exactly! A baby makes a “bump” in his or her mother’s stomach (and by “stomach” I mean the lower part of the torso that we call the stomach. I know full well that babies grow in the uterus, not the stomach!), thus the mother quite literally has a “baby bump”.

That being said, I think “baby belly” works just fine, too (and actually I prefer it, because it just sounds cuter and more endearing someow!). 🙂

Anonymous on

Wow! Great.

Colby on

Not sure why people are so harsh regarding Callie’s comments. She is entitled to her opinion just as you are to yours. As for baby bump…how bout just saying she’s pregnant? Worked for many, many years to describe a woman who is having a baby.

Ed.R on

Maya, you need to give that thing a rest before you cause yourself some damage!!!!!!!!!!! Geez!

olive on

i thought she was pregnant during Bridesmaids too. It was fairly obvious there was a bump hiding and her face was fuller than usual.

Anonymous on

Colby- But Callie wasn’t just stating an opinion. She was claiming that there’s “no such term” as “baby bump”…and that’s just not true! Also, saying “she’s pregnant” is all well and good, but what if you want to refer specifically to the woman’s growing belly? What term should you use then (not trying to be snarky, just asking an honest question like KRS did!)?

As I said last night, I tend to use “baby belly”, or even sometimes just “belly” or “tummy” (as in “Wow, her belly/tummy has really grown!).

Jordyn on

1. Bump is better than the term my midwife used once, which was “mound”. Totally creeped me out.

2. The more you complain about the term, the more People is going to use is. Controversy drives readership and sales.