Michael Bublé: My Wife Is Craving Blood Sausages

02/19/2013 at 07:00 PM ET

Michael Buble Wife's Pregnancy Cravings
Natacha Pisarenko/AP

There’s nothing like sweet music to spark the romance, but dad-to-be Michael Bublé would take a bawling baby to heat things up with wife Luisana any day.

“I’m more in love with my wife than I ever was,” the singer-songwriter tells Entertainment Tonight Canada Tuesday.

But only recently did Bublé, 37, learn the real reason behind their successful relationship.

“I had my mom and dad over the other night and … I asked them, ‘How do [you] do it?’ My dad said, ‘I love your mom a lot, but the key is I like her,'” he says.

“We fight … but we like each other. Honestly, I never had a woman in my life where I didn’t need anyone else. I didn’t need to go on holiday with another couple — just with her, she drives me nuts enough.”

Currently pregnant with the couple’s first child, Luisana’s cravings are nothing short of crazy, says Bublé.

“Some women crave pickles or ice cream. My wife wants blood sausages. Sausage made of congealed blood,” he shares. “And I promise you, she hated it her whole life and now she said, ‘Mike, I want some blood sausage,’ and it’s like, ‘What the hell?'”

From keeping up with Luisana’s cravings to prepping for parenthood, Bublé has been busy with it all — thanks to a few changes to the singer’s touring schedule.

“I used to go for a month and a half or a month and then I would take a week off. And now the schedule is three weeks on, two weeks off,” he says.

Noting that while his career is “important,” the first-time father clarifies that his personal life will always take priority over any professional commitments.

“I just don’t want to look back and say, ‘God, I should have been there more,’ because I have a feeling that I’ll never look back and say, ‘Jeez, I should have worked more,'” Bublé explains.

— Anya Leon

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Nella on

I love Michael Buble! He seems so genuine and down to earth. I love how in love he is with his wife. Often couples may drift apart when kids come along and life becomes more chaotic, I hope that’s not the case with these two. Wish them all the best. Pregnancy cravings are so random sometimes, I remember when my sister was pregnant with her daughter, she would crave ice cream which is common, but she couldn’t eat regular ice cream just the butter peacan flavor,Haagen Dazs.

Marky on

Michael is so right; you don’t look back and say, “I wish I had worked more”, but many people look back and say, “I wish I had spent more time with my spouse and my children, just having fun”. Good luck to both of them…….

Swer on

i wish he would give me HIS sausage

Debbie on

He seems very down to earth and definitely has the right attitude toward marriage and family. Best wishes to them!

Lauren on

I don’t blame her. Blood sausage is delicious…pregnant or not.

Lis on

This article was so cute!!

Shhh on

Swer…that’s is so inappropriate!

Blood sausage doesn’t sound good.

Kelley on

She must be lacking in some nutrients or her body just needs more of certain nutrients that blood sausages have.

sookie on

Blood sausage is full of protein…good for growing a baby but ewww!

Jess on

Clearly, she’s having a vampire baby.

Gina on

She is beautiful..

MGM on

He should have mentioned that ‘blood sausage’, called “morcilla” in Argentina, is a common delicacy that is cocked with the famous Argentinean asados and -personally- is delicious!!

valeskas on

In many south American countries and also in Europe they eat blood sausages. I like it too.

Shannon on

Well at least she won’t be anemic during her pregnancy, lol!

Gabriel on

Luisana is from Argentina and blood sausages (a.k.a. morcillas) are very popular in our country; we have them in every sunday barbecue.

We also use the sweet ones, filled with raisins and nuts, as a dessert.

Lisa on

My hubby is Portuguese and he loves morcela with fried eggs. I can’t stand the smell or the taste. During my pregnancy I loved peperoni pizza and I hate peperoni.

Anonymous on

Entregale la morcillaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Danielle on

I just to love blood sausages until I found out how they make it…..The puncture the pig’s heart with a sharp knife and let it die at a slow and painful dead until they collected sufficient blood to make the sausages. Once i learned that. That was it for me…..no more blood sausages for me.

Kala on

She is lucky she can have blood sausage! All I craved was lobster and scallops and you can’t have shellfish (due to the mercury content) when your pregnant. All the best to you both!

PS on

I am a huge Michael Buble fan and thrilled to hear how he feels about fatherhood! Michael, you will be an amazing father and Luisana will be a fabulous mother. Congratulations again!

Memphis on

WTH?! A sausage link of congealed blood? How is that in anyway appetizing?! Ewwwwwww.

Bree on

It is funny the things that we start to crave while pregnant. For me it was very tart lime margaritas, which I definitely could not have!! I am not a drinker AT ALL, hadn’t had a drink in probably a year before I got pregnant (That includes at my own wedding!!) and I think I have had maybe two drinks in the 15 months since I had my daughter but for about 6 months all I wanted was a margarita. Thankfully when I was about 6 months pregnant my hubby found some frozen margarita mixers, not quite as good as the real deal but they helped!!

Can’t wait to see pictures of this little one, Micheal seems like such an amazing guy and so devoted to his wife, I am sure they are both going to make amazing parents.

ShaSha on

I love Michael more now than ever! What a man!

sk on

of course she does-shes from argentina!!

Alex Genie on

Love this couple and I feel exactly as his parents do. I think his Dad’s advice is fabulous and so true. My husband and I have been together for 5 years, married for one, and we’re a team. We do everything together, including work, and we really LIKE eachother. It’s always just the two of us and we love it that way.

319Mommyof2 on

I love blood sausage (Hungarian Hurka), pregnant or not it’s good stuff!

kim on

that is disgusting!! what is she, a vampire????

Leana Olivas on

Maybe she is needing more Iron. That is just disgusting. But I do love his music.

rose young-stewart on

My grandfather from Prince Edw. Island also loved them things. I couldn’t sit at the table when he brought one home.he boiled it and ate it with mustard.

Anniee on

There went my lunch.