Second Child on the Way for Mario and Courtney Lopez

02/19/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Mario Lopez Courtney Pregnant Second Child
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From marriage to baby carriage!

Mario Lopez and his wife Courtney are expecting their second child in late summer, the newlyweds announced Tuesday on EXTRA.

“I am the happiest father in the world. We cannot wait to welcome baby Lopez number two into our lives,” the X Factor host, 39, said.

Two-year-old daughter Gia Francesca broke the news in her own way, appearing onscreen with a shirt reading, “Big Sister Gia.”

The trio was then surprised with a party by Lopez’s EXTRA family, featuring guests and gifts from Carousel Designs, among others.

Shortly after the couple tied the knot in December during a lavish outdoor ceremony in Mexico, Lopez made it clear that expanding their family further was a top priority.

“We’re working on that. Right after the wedding,” he said at the time. “We’ll wait for the guests to leave and then we’re getting right on that!”

Sounds like Lopez knows how to make good on a promise!

Mario Lopez Courtney Pregnant Second Child
Courtesy Carousel Designs

— Anya Leon

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jamiD on

i’m very happy for them, congrats!!!!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to the happy family- great news!

Denise on

Best Wishes, congratulations

Lisa on

Oh good, it is with his wife. Had to read the article to make sure. You never know with him.

Tammy on

It’s his second child with his wife. Who knows how many other kids he may have with all the ladies he has cheated with!

Anonymous on

He is just a pig! Once a cheater always a cheater!

Melanie on

Wow… you guys are rude. People can change.

aNON on

Sounds like she was pregnant when they got married. It hasn’t even been 12 weeks since they were married!!!

Brandi on

Does the article say how far along she is? No. This baby could have been conceived on their honeymoon which does happen. I never thought the day would come that I would defend Mario Lopez and his wife, but I can’t STAND when people like you make assumptions because they think they know the whole story!

Lady on

She may have gotten pregnant just after they got married. I am due late summer and conceived in early December.

Soma on

They already “celebrated with a baby shower?” The activle says she’s due in “late summer” so she’s probably only about 3 months along…I find that weird…

Lauren on

It wasn’t a real baby shower dummy. It was a way of breaking the surprise to the family. Oh and you don’t have to wait 12 weeks to tell people. I heard my twins heart beat as early as 7 weeks. You can have a miscarriage/stillborn baby at anytime during pregnancy

Carrie on

Hopefully he does not stray!!

Lauren on

Second baby shower? So tacky and gift-grabby.

Boke7 on

Man, is she gorgeous or what? Congrats to the happy couple. But why is his mouth always hanging open? Just a joke but best to all involved!

Holiday on

It would be so sweet if they have another adorable little girl!

Charli on

Congrats to them! He seems to really have grown up since his first marriage.

None of your fuk!ng business on

People can change yea right. The biggest predictor of one’s future is one’s past. Men like that Do Not change

Brandi on

So you’re telling me that a good friend of mine that was a former drug addict that did unimaginable things to keep her habit going and now has 15 years clean and sober and is now pursuing her master’s degree can never change? Choose your words carefully…although change is difficult and not typical, it does happen.

truthteller on

balloons are horrible for the environment. Celebrate by planting trees to compensate for the destruction yet another human will wreak

Tina on

Congrats! A shower so early though. Best Wishes anyway.

Julianna on


Edie on

Gia is the cutest little girl!

Char on

Wow Gia is already 2! Seems like she was just born

Lonnie on

A couple that pretty should have many babies.

FussyMadam on

I just can’t believe any woman supports him and his career. He is a serial cheater and way too vain and smarmy.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Hope he’s more faithful in this marriage.

Lauren Kaminski on

A baby shower this early? Congratulations!!!:)

stee on

what is up with celebrities having showers 6 months before the due date? First Kim Kardashian with a shower in January for a July baby and now these two? And it’s so tacky to have a second baby shower when your kids are that close together.

Brandi on

This wasn’t a real baby shower, Einstein…it was just their fun, creative way of breaking the news to their families and celebrating.

newgirl on

I am glad they are happy, but he just skeezes me out. He just seems so douchey and he always has to me. JMO. But again, at least they are happy.

KiKi on

What an idiot!

olgairiscolon on


Nicole on


Run away!!! on

In eighteen years, I guarantee you the Lopez baby and Kim/Kanye baby will be on a reality show together, and the next generation will be watching…and hating themselves.

katrina on

39?? he hasnt aged

lola on

I’ve actually been to 3 baby showers where the Mom-To Be is only 4 or 5 months. They actually seem to have more fun and just seemed so much more comfortable. Instead of being so tired with a huge tummy and just wanting the baby to be born already. : )

lola on

REPLY TO LAUREN……………………………….. No need to be such a bitch. I understand you probably can’t help it, but at the very least try.

Big Fan on

That was fast.

Anonymous on


jojo on

eva longoria is in a corner crying somewhere

Alissa on

Happy to hear the news! It seems like Mario has really matured and come into his own over the last few years. He seems really devoted and committed to his wife and daughter…I truly hope it continues and they have a wonderful life.

Sharon on

Congrats again to Marlo & Countney. Mother n new unborn will be health

Anonymous on

poor wife is home pregnant…gives him an excuse to go out and cheat again..

Anonymous on

Too much information. Did we really need to know what he was going to do right after the wedding? Congratulations – I hope having a family has made Mario an honest faithful husband.

weezer on

He’s a pig. She’ll probably have to keep popping babies out to keep him around.

ST on

surprised he hasn’t been outed yet!

charee on

People, don’t be so judgmental! I don’t know these people personally but I find it in poor taste to keep saying people are gay or whatever, if you are not the gay lover, do not perpetuate a rumor, it is evil! I think Mario was young and naive when he first walked down the aisle furthermore alcohol consumption can lead to unbecoming behavior. I have watch more than one of the shows that he hosts and I truly do not feel like he is fool of himself but then, that my opinion.
I am really sick and tired of judgmental people all in the name of freedom of speech. What gives someone the right to call another a pig. Life happens and if you are not a perfect human-being nothing gives you a right to judge others!

pep on

Glad to see he settled down and is not womanizing .. Kids will do that to you .. it looks like he is an awesome daddy I am happy for them ..

JEst on

Hey Weezer, is he a pig or was he a pig? The past predicts how things may be not how they absolutely are. Do you know which it is or are you just making an ignorant assumption? Not saying that you are wrong…just asking.

suzann on

I never realized how big Marios head is. I mean the
on his shoulders

CdnGuest on

It is extremely tacky to throw a baby shower for oneself, first of all, and secondly, who has a baby shower this long before a due date?! The best showers are just before, or just AFTER the safe arrival of the little one. Attending a baby shower when one is 36 weeks along is not tiring or boring…it’s exciting. I know. My sons are now 21 and 16! Mario is too “greasy” and “slick” and is a serial cheater.

Jane on

Ugliest couple in hollywood next to Tori Spelling and hubby. These two look so plastic and fake!!!

Paula on

Yeah, I bet! What fun for him

sharon on

Hmmmm and Eva Longoria just said the other day that Mario was the one that got away hahaha wonder if she was invited to the shower????????? and now that the wife will be putting some weight on again wonder if he’ll hook up with Eva, I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him, once a cheater always one

Ann on

Umm, that’s already been done! I recall Jessica Simpson daughter Maxwell announcing she’s going to be a big sister. I think these parents should be a bit more creative in announcing their second child instead of copying Jessica’s idea, which was all over the internet!

Isabel on

I hope she has a healthy pregnancy. He, however, is scum.

meghan on

Make up your minds, bitches, is he gay or a pussy hound? How about; you are not married to him, so it’s really none of your business.

orangekitty on

congrats on the baby. she has that kardashian vibe with all that black hair and excess makeup :-/

ella on

oh my goodness, so what if the baby was conceived before they got married? There is no law against pre-marrital sex and accidents do happen. So happy I am european, not too much of that old fashion thinking anymore. We´re in 2013 people.

lola on

i wish these two would GO AWAY. both are annoying, both are known for what???? him- saved by the bell- years ago. talk about one’s desperate attempt to hold onto any amount of fame. he is more famous for cheating. he needs to be to pasture and his wife- she is such a bitch. feel bad for the kids.

cathy on

I really didn’t think they would make it after their reality show…but luckily they quit doing that and they seem fine.
congratulations to them!

Marie on

So happy for them. People can change and apparently Mario did and as hurtful as what he did was, it was best for him and for the ex since all have moved on to better lives. Since Gia is just a duplicate of Mario, hope this next one takes after Courtney. So happy for Gia to have a sibling! She is absolutely adorable!

heather on

why all the pomp and circumstance? if they just announced it, how was there a baby shower already planned?

Bella T on

Whoo-hoo (she says with sarcasm). Anything to get publicity Mario.

D on


C on

“once a cheater, always a cheater” is not always true. meeting the right person can make you stop. he’s obviously found that. congrats for their family!

Catca on

My goodness there sure is alot of focus on something long in the past with respect to Mario’s cheating. He certainly seems to love being a dad and seems really happy with Courtney. What’s wrong with recognizing that they by all appearances are a happy family and wish them congratulations?

TwinMommy on

She was definitely already pregnant at the wedding…

tracy on

she is so ugly.. and its just a matter of time before he will cheat. wake up girl.

Sun on

Congrats! Daughter look like both of them!

Joanna Wilson on

How long do you think that hunk will be faithful to her…a year or two..maybe.