Josh Duhamel and Fergie Expecting First Child

02/18/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Josh Duhamel Fergie Pregnant First Child
Eric Charbonneau/WireImage

There’s another pea joining the pod.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel are expecting a baby, the singer confirmed on Twitter Monday.

“Josh & Me & BABY makes three!!!” she Tweeted.

Her husband adds, “Thank you for the outpouring of well wishes! We are grateful and blessed.”

This will be the first child for the couple, who wed in January 2009 in Malibu.

Both Fergie, 37, and Duhamel, 40, have been clear about their desire for children — but kept the timeline open.

“Not right this second,” the Black Eyed Peas frontwoman said in May 2011, while her husband added, “We’ll go there at some point.”

It seems the time has arrived.

— Sarah Michaud

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kaitlyn on

Yay! Great news from them! I have always liked her.

Katie on

Congrats! She looked pregnant on NYE!!!! Happy for them. He’s so hot but they seem like they’re mismatched! Opposities attractive though. GOod luck to them.

Ponderous on

I agree! I thought she was sporting a small baby bump on New Years Eve as well! Especially when she changed into the bright yellow dress. So happy for them both. How exciting!!!

kjc on

Glad to hear it. I was wondering when it would happen for them, as they’ve been together for quite awhile.

Gosh, he’s dreamy!

Kim on

wow she is starting late…but good for her.

Miche on

She looks beautiful in this picture. Congrats to them!

Lady on

Finally! So happy for them, I have a soft spit for Josh since he’s a Vikings fan. Best of luck on their new journey!!

Doreen on

About time!!! Congrats!! Cut your nails Fergie…they’re too pointy! 😉

Hea on

Kim – Perhaps they only want one or two?

Crystal on

I am sooooooo excited!!!!! Fergie and Josh will make excellent parents. Congrats to the Duhamel family. I remember him as Leo on AMC!!!! :)))))

Susan on

Eye roll at starting late – having a baby when you are in a good place in 10 times more important than doing it when you are 22.

Kim – not everyone gets to have the perfect life you had. I’m sure your husband is so perfect and involved with the kids and it was all laid out for you at 22 but that’s not the same for everyone of us. She’s not 57, she’s a healthy 37 year old.

I’m sure she will have a perfectly healthy and loved child.

Kelsey on

Congrats to them! Thats going to be one beautiful baby!

Sharon on

So happy for them!! Congratulations!

Kim on

to Susan: Excuse me?? Where did I say I had the perfect….did I hit a nerve? Having your first child after 35 is techinically “advanced maternal age”..not according to ME but according to doctors…sheesh…..the risks are more inherent after 35 and that is a fact whether YOU like it or not..

Jealous! on

Just ignore her!! She’s obviously mad because she’s old with no kids and can’t find a husband. 37 IS old to be starting but apparently it’s young to this bitch who is even older and still single.

Susan on

Kim – if you read the studies – yes they are higher but marginally so. ideally we should all have kids at 16 but birthing a baby and parenting a child are two different things. so 16 year olds should be making babies even if they are at the right maternal age.

they are a lot of dumb folks like you who think that fertility changes so much in a two year period (everyone is different; for some it can and for others it doesn’t). there are 28 year olds who have reproductive problems and 42 year olds who have healthy eggs.

the studies that say 35 advanced maternal age don’t have a proper sample size and again the drop off is marginal – after 40-42 it changes more dramatically.

So her two years that make her “advanced” are not that big a deal. But folks like you shame women into bad relationships because of some clock that may or may not be ticking – that’s the nerve. and for all you know she froze her eggs at 22 and her gestating her own child is no big deal – but that’s a private medical decision.

Jealous! on

Ok then go have a baby this year at 47 and prove us all wrong! Get a life!!!

Amanda on

Damn…people can fight about anything! She is 37 ! So what! I had one at 23, my second at 25 and a surprise #3 baby last summer at 36. All three of my children were 8 & 1/2 lbs and healthy! That’s all that matters!

anne on

Happy for them……….however she has had so much plastic surgery there is no way to tell who the baby will look like.

Ivy. on

Aw! That’s exciting! I”m not HUGE fans of both, but I like them as a couple. The seem like they don’t fit together, which makes everything more endearing.

Kim on

Calm down lady! I didn’t say there was anything wrong with starting to have babies late…..and I am not shaming anybody into anything….she is starting late that is a fact..

Monica on

Man if it’s aboy and looks anything like his father he will be HOT!! Lucky kid either way.

lily on

oh so happy for fergie and josh, met fergie shes so sweet n down to earth, and josh seems like an awesome guy, they’ll make awesome parents, hope she has a girl!!!

Anonymous on

Kim- I just want you to know that I didn’t see anything wrong with your first post (or any of your subsequent ones), and it baffles me that people felt the need to jump on you.

How something as simple as “wow she is starting late…but good for her.” can be seen as an attack or b*&tchy comment is beyond me! Really, people on this site need to just take comments at face value sometimes instead of reading stuff into them that probably isn’t there!

With that out of the way, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

By the way (and Kim, this is in NO WAY directed at you. It’s just a general statement!), I would like to point out that Fergie and Josh may very well have been trying to have children for years but just didn’t feel like broadcasting their fertility issues to the entire world.

Infertilty can happen at any age, unfortunately!

dsfg on

Kim, it’s not at all unusual for celebrities to have children at 37 and 40–I’d say they’re more “on time” for a celebrity than starting late.

Anne, Fergie was a heavy drug user when she was younger, and that, especially the meth, may be what happened to her face rather than plastic surgery. It could also be that she tried plastic surgery to fix the damage the meth did to her face.

MollyF on

I love it when people say their too old. My brother and sister in law didn’t have my niece and nephew until they were into their early to mid thirties. My brother was 38 when my niece was born, that was ten years ago.

Nee on

Seriously some people will pick an argument over anything. Like Susan is the spokesperson for Fergies vagina.

Congrats to both of them. “I got a feelin'” it’s gonna be an adorable kid.

Kara on

I agree, Kim. 37 is late to start. People are so defensive. But facts are facts. I don’t think it’s ideal to wait until 37 to have your first baby. I had two in my mid to late 20’s, and two in my early 30’s. Yes, that’s 4 in 8 years. It was by far more difficult to physically be pregnant with the second two I had than the first two.
I’m sure I’ll get bashed for this. Let it begin…

Torgster on

Susan – you seem to be quite the authority on the subject, even though your information is bogus!. You must have got your obstetrics degree at a community college.

Tam on

Congrats to them. He must have had a really good 40th birthday celebration 😉

Lauren on

Congrats!! What great news. A new baby is always a joy 🙂 Between them, Kim, and Kate Middleton it really is an exciting baby season!

cory23 on

Congrats, wishing them all the best.

Angelica on

Kim. I didn´t like the way you worded your comment either. If she had been 19. Would you have said: Wow she´s staring too young? Can´t you just be happy for them without the judgemental comment?

Mellissa on

The problem with Kim’s statement isn’t what she said, it was that it was a passive aggressive statement. Don’t diss then give a pat statement in the same breath. Being double minded is bad.

Breanna on

Finally so very happy for them. That will be one beautiful baby.

Anonymous on

Jealous!- And how do you know all that? Do you know her personally?

Susan- I suggest you link to those studies you’ve read. Then perhaps people would go read them and get the facts before bashing you!

ella on

Yay baby news!! I have been waiting for these two to have a baby. I am so curious about the name, they might do something different and crazy. I love it!

lola on

really Lauren? you are adding Kim K into the mix of an “exciting baby season”. i think the news of Kate middleton expecting is wonderful. her and the prince seem like nice, young couple who, despite their riches, have their heads about them. Kim K on the other hand is the only person in this world whom i’d like to see go away, disappear….well, actually her entire family! but adding Kim and Kate in the same sentence is offensive to most intelligent people. if you are really excited about any of these rich people having babies, get a life. if you are especially excited about kim k….get into therapy. Boo to the kardashians!

Kim on

you know, I really don’t care if people didn’t like the way I worded my comment. It wasn’t that big of a deal – but people can sure blow it out of proportion. No I am not a baby momma and yes I have children of my own and am married and am not a lonely spinster, so stop with all the stupid assumptions! All I did was state a fact, that she is starting late, which is technically true. I’m sure her baby will be healthy. I did not say that everybody should have kids at 16 or whatever so chill out all you catty ladies!

Anonymous on

lola- Maybe she’s excited about celebs having babies because she’s a baby lover and is excited to hear about ANYONE having one!

Also, you wish Kim K’s entire family would dissappear? Even Khloe?!

jade on

Congrats to Fergie & Josh!!! I was wondering when they were gonna have a baby. So very happy…how exciting:)

Kim needs to keep her comments off this page and to herself. Calling people catty because she can’t deal with comments is sad. If you say something, whether fact or not, who cares. If other people respond, just ignore and don’t add anymore. Enough said…

jade on

Congrats to them both…so happy and its about time. That baby is so lucky & gonna turn out so cute.

Kim- Keep your comment off this page & to yourself. Who cares if its true or not…AMA is a stupid term to begin with. Women can have babies at 16 or 40, its up to them. If you don’t like other people commenting, calling them catty isn’t the way to go…just don’t respond and ignore.

fegulaters on

yay i love them together such a good lookin couple, it was about time!

annachestnut on

Dear Kim:

I have to say I am with you. This is coming from someone who had two children post 35 (pre-40). You can’t argue with biology. It helps if the older mother has tons of cash. Most of us do not.

Jen on

Late? Not at all! I had twins naturally at 37, turned 38 the next month and they were/are perfect. Women can have children into their 40’s. Was much easier than when I was in my 20’s and trying to do everything myself, that was nuts.

Anonymous on

Is it gonna be a boy or a girl? 😀